Chapter 28: The Changed Ava

Ava walks up to our table and stands beside me. The strange smile I momentarily saw on her face has vanished completely now.  

“Can I sit down with you two?” She asking a strangely polite voice which doesn’t belong to her in the slightest.  

Both me and Lily look up to her in surprise.   

We both know well how strange it is for her to speak in this tone… especially to me. And there is one thing I am sure about; this girl can never be polite.   

Opposite to this, it can be even said that her hobby is jeering at us— no, me. Just me.   

She never insults Lily….at least not on her face.   

Because no matter how much she hates her, Lily’s father is still the biggest donor of the school. And even that bastard gets real when it comes to Lily…   

But seriously, after what happened a few days ago, I don’t even want to see her face again… If that could happen, that is…   

“Why? There are many seats empty there,” Lily says while pointing towards an empty table.  

“Well, I also want to say something to both of you but… If you are busy talking something private with your boyfriend, I won’t disturb you,” she says while pressing on the word “boyfriend”.  

“You know we got together?” Lily asks with a frown.   


Ava knows about this because she saw me and Lily having sex the other day. No one else knows that we are officially together…  

“Oh, you are really together? I was just guessing! Well, I am not surprised, to be honest. In my opinion, you both are made for each other…” she says with a wink while sitting down on the seat next to mine.   

Lily turns slightly pink and does not reply.   

What is this bitch trying to do? There is no way she thinks that me and Lily are “made for each other”.  

And by the way, who told her to sit down?   

“So, what do you want to say? Speak fast and leave…” I say annoyedly.   

I really want her to get away from here fast. I am having a strange feeling that she is planning something bad…   

Ava’s face turns grave all of a sudden.   

“Oh, it’s just that I want to apologize to both of you…” she says in a low voice.  


Me and Lily say nothing but just keeps staring at Ava’s face in shock.  

“Especially you, Caiden. The things I have said and done to you are horrible. To Lily, I want to say that I am sorry for feeling jealous of you and causing Caiden, who was your best friend and now boyfriend, trouble because of it…” she says in an apologetic tone.   

W-What the fuck is she saying?   


Ava says my name again in a small, emotion-filled voice while puts her right hand on my thigh.   

“… I saw what you did this morning and also the unjust things which happened to you because of it. Do you even know why Johnny and Luke were fighting?” she asks with concern.  

Me and Lily look at each other.  

Sofia is still in the infirmary looking after Luke and we both haven’t asked or even talked to anyone else yet.   

But still, what the fuck?   

Ava is saying that it was unjust to me with a concerned look? She should be laughing her lungs out at me right now.   

And anyway, I didn’t even saw her standing anywhere near when the fight was happening. Something is not right here…   

“No, we don’t know that yet,” Lily answers.   

“Oh… I feel disgusted even thinking about it but I think I should tell you. You both deserve to know what happened. Sofia actually had early practice today because of the inter-school racing tournament coming in a few weeks…” Ava says.  

“Yeah, she told me about it. I was going to participate in it as well but then I took my name out… for certain reason…” Lily tells me.  

Well, I know those certain reasons very well…   

“Yeah. Though unfortunately for her, Johnny and his friends also came to school early, planning to set up some prank for someone…” Ava tells us.   

I can easily tell that that “someone” is me…   

But still, I don’t believe in the slightest that Ava wouldn’t have known about this prank beforehand. She is usually the one to give ideas to that stupid pig…   

“And from what I got to know from a girl who was practicing along with Sofia, Johnny and his friends arrived at the tracks after some time and started jeering at her…   

“At first Sofia ignored them, but then things got worse and they started body-shaming her as well about her small height and stuff. Finally, crossing the limit, they even started passing sexual comments…”  

Ava lowers her voice.   

“Like, about her breasts being small and they also said that the only reason why Luke made her his girlfriend is because his, you know, is really tiny and he can only feel with a girl as little as her. They even started asking her to let them have a go at her to show how real men will feel inside and well, some other nastier stuff I don’t want to say as well…” Ava says.   

What the fuck? That fat Pig said all that?   

I know, Pig has also said things like this once before to Sofia, but Luke and me were there with her at that time and Neustadt also came, so I guess, he couldn’t say much…   

But still, to target Sofia out of the blue?   

I don’t remember there being any big incident between Luke or Pig before like the case with me. And there is no chance it was Sofia who did something to anger Pig…   

So, why he did say all this? And why to Sofia specifically?   

I look at Lily hoping to find a similar confused face like mine, but instead, she is just looking extremely angry and listening to Ava’s every word intently.  

“Then, as you might have guessed already, Luke arrived and heard what they are saying. Sofia had also started crying by then, which might have increased his anger. And well, Luke attacked them without any thought…”  

I would have done the same…  

“And you both know what happened after that…” Ava finishes.   

Yeah, Pig and his bodyguards started beating Luke till I intervened…   

“How can a person be this bad…” Lily says with a voice filled with anger and contempt.   

Oh, you don’t know how bad Pig can actually be…   

“Yeah, I too realized today that how wrong I was to become friends with Johnny. I don’t want to be associated with such violent and abusive people like him anymore. I have actually decided to become a better person. And I am here because the one from whom I got the inspiration to do so… is Caiden,” Ava says while smiling.  

“Me!?” I ask, surprised.   

“Yes, you. The way you saved Luke so selflessly made me think about myself again and the person I want to be. You were just that cool…” Ava says with a little blush.   

What!? You thought of me as cool?   

And wait, what were you saying about being a better person!?  

You literally blackmailed me to have sex with you the other day and even planned to let Lily hear the ordeal!  

Are you saying that you regret that as well? Will you delete the photos of me and Lily having sex?   

I don’t believe that a person can change this fast…  

“And the first step to this change is, I think, befriending those whom I troubled so much because of my bad nature before. So, Lily and Caiden, will you both become my friends?” Ava asks.   

What the fuck!?   

See, I really doubt that is not but just a farce and that Ava’s intentions aren’t something else. But well, if there is even a slight chance that all of this is real, then I don’t mind making her a friend… only if she deletes the photos and promises to never talk to me again.  

Lily is also looking a bit surprised and confused from what Ava just said but in the next moment, a slight smile appears on her face as well.   

“Sure, if you really want to change, then I don’t mind becoming your friend,” Lily tells her with a smile.   

“Really!? I am so happy! And you, Caiden?” She asks me.   

Man, this really doesn’t feel right to me but if the photos are deleted…   

“Yeah, okay… I guess,” I say.  

“Wow! I just got two new friends! I am so lucky!” Ava says cheerfully.   

Instantly, she puts her left hand into her right pocket and takes out her phone.  

“Can you save your number here, Lily? It would really help me if you could answer some of my math’s doubts sometime…” Ava asks while handing out her phone to Lily.   

Hey, why did you using your opposite hand to take out the— wait, what is your right hand still on my thigh, Ava!?   

“Yeah, sure,” Lily says while taking the phone from her hand.   

I move my hand on top of Ava’s hand, trying to remove it but her grip tightens…   


I look at her face again and see the creepy smile there exactly like the one she momentarily had when she was walking towards this table of ours.  

Suddenly, her hand leaves my thigh…   


… and grabs my crotch.   


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