Chapter 105 – Back to the Showers (R-18)


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Max’s lips brushed over Yu’er’s cheek, caressing her slowly, teasing her. The next instant, his lips connected with hers.

Their naked bodies rubbed against each other as they kissed, gently at first, to start it off. Yu’er’s hands settled at his waist as she kissed him back.

Soon after, they melted in each other’s arms as their tongues tangled and the kisses deepened. Max rubbed himself slowly, casually against Yu’er’s body. The friction was killing him.

Max was hard and slightly sensitive. However, he was dying to put it inside her. Yu’er seemed to have the same thoughts, grinding back, giving him more pleasure.

Yu’er’s naked breasts pressed against Max’s chest as her hands slid behind his neck. Max’s hands wandered down her back, finding her pillowy butt, pulling her closer.

The kisses went on and on. Max gripped her ass cheeks, massaging them, enjoying the soft and smooth sensation on his palms.

Max pushed her thighs open, running one finger on her lips. Feeling the damp and warm opening on his finger, Max couldn’t wait any longer.

At this point, they felt their heavy breaths on their faces. When their eyes met, they understood what both of them wanted.

Max lifted one of Yu’er’s slender legs on his waist as he held his dick which was now at its hardest and moved slowly forward.

Max felt the warm hole on his tip, uncontrollably thrusting his dick against her soaking lips. Max experienced it once again, the incredible feeling of wet and tight flesh on his dick.

Both of them softly moaned. Yu’er’s slightly blushing face looking at him, breasts and legs, looked entrancing. Max just moved his hand up her thighs, feeling it all over.

As Max slipped his dick halfway in, his hands went to her shapely hips and held her firmly. Max pushed deeper, stirring up Yu’er’s moans to sound out.

Max held her back against the glass wall as he pushed some more. Max could feel his dick completely sliding into the warmth of her body.



It was heavenly. Feeling their lower body connected as one, both of them were in bliss! The more they do it, the better it feels.

Max began to pump his member inside Yu’er. He held her ass more tightly then started to thrust his dick in as deep as he could with each push while simultaneously pulling her body back against him to meet his thrusts.

Max shoved his dick faster, adjusting his position for them to feel more comfortable. Max could feel himself getting right into the depths of her pussy.

Yu’er’s body clung to him and stuck around his dick. The feelings of her pussy sliding on him were extraordinary.

Max knew his orgasm was building up faster and faster. Max thought of anything to take his mind of the possibility of cumming to early.

He wanted to have it the same as Yu’er. Every time that happens, it gave them the greatest feeling, shooting his load while her tight, wet passage was squeezing him, spasming on his dick.

Occasionally, Max would fondle her exquisite breast while exchanging kisses and sucking her tongue.



Max gets more aroused when he hears Yu’er’s moans on his ear. An unknown amount of time had passed; Max was still thrusting inside her.

They could continue this for a long time with their current condition, only wanting a taste of the other.

“Your insides feel so good! They’re moving around me!”

“Like this?”


Yu’er managed to do it again. She was clenching her lower muscles, further pulling Max inside her. It was too pleasurable. Max pounded her beautiful blushing body.

As he continued to thrust away at her pussy, Max played with her ass a few times. This stimulates Yu’er to twitch her pussy on him.

Max also played with her clit as he pushed his dick inside her. Yu’er moaned from the fantastic pleasure Max’s finger was giving her as Max went on to suck her nipples.

Having to stand for a long time, they were beginning to lose the strength on their legs. Max hurriedly moved out of the showers, carrying Yu’er with him as they fell on the bed.

Laying Yu’er in the middle of the bed, Max lifted her legs, wrapping it on his waists while he positioned his dick that slid out of her dripping pussy.

This gave Max easier access to her entrance. Yu’er on her back, staring at him with a flushed face. Max could see her face melt in pleasure, moaning as he got back thrusting in a rhythmic motion.

His nearing orgasm slightly calmed when they moved back to the bed that Max was able to use the whole strength of his lower body to pump in her still squeezing tunnel.

Max can see the lust on her face as he got down to have a taste of her lips. Max didn’t rest his waist as Yu’er rubbed his back while kissing him.

The night could never have gone more perfect than this. Having Yu’er on his arms as they enjoyed themselves without care.

Yu’er moved her body enthrallingly, tightening her hold on Max’s waist with her legs. Her eyes glowed in pleasure.

Both of them got utterly lost in this beautiful sexual experience. Slowly, their orgasm crept closer and closer.

Max relentlessly thrust his dick deeper, reaching her deepest spots. Max wanted this to last forever; it just felt so good.

Yu’er was moaning even louder as Max moved faster and deeper. There was no doubt they were both getting very close to that mindblowing peak.

Max made his last few thrusts while Yu’er held her legs around his waist as tightly as she could. It was coming.




Yu’er’s body twitched, her mouth open, moaning out from the intense pleasure she felt as her arms clung to Max.

Max used his hand on her ass, pulling her right onto him, pushing his dick deeper.

His cum spurted directly into Yu’er. She gave out a moan as the first load fired into her body. Max was filling her up with his come.

Yu’er loved the feeling of his hot fluid deep inside her. Her breasts were heaving as they took their time to catch their breaths.

Max continued to release a large amount into her. When he finished, Yu’er had also got done with her orgasm. However, it didn’t stop her pussy from twitching on Max’s dick.

Yu’er looked beautiful, laying in front of him. Her naked body was still breathing heavily, but her face had a look of ultimate satisfaction.

Max laid beside Yu’er, his dick still hard, covered with multiple fluids. This night was truly amazing; only one of the many more nights they will share.



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