Chapter 108 – Swimsuits


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Laughs and chatters filled the area around the pool as women in their revealing swimsuits were having fun with their friends.

From the looks on their faces, the drinks in their hands, and their joyous discussions, they seemed to be enjoying the event.

Beside the pool where a group of people was gathered, laughing and chatting with each other, Max and Yu’er were with a few girls making jokes, fooling around, exchanging a few drinks.

“You look even better than before!”

“Do I?”

Max acted as if nothing changed about him, passing the girl’s words off, taking it as pleasantries.

“Yes! Something changed, but I’m not sure what. But you definitely changed! This was better than the past, for sure!”

“You too, Yu’er! You also changed! I just can’t explain where exactly!”

The lively girl smilingly added, sitting on the opposite side of them, taking a sip of her drink. This girl had always been a talkative person.

Her cheery voice brightens up the atmosphere, evident from the carefree smiles of her friends around her.

Even Max and Yu’er were slowly influenced by her energetic presence, making them open up more to her and her friends.

Occasionally, her over-friendly character will be misunderstood by some guys, perceiving her words as her flirting with them.

As a result, many guys were asking her out, expecting her to agree to go out with them straightforwardly.

Though seemingly used to it, she will always skillfully reject them without embarrassing or upsetting them, earning her the hearts of many males at school.

This was not a good start for Max. Since the beginning, most of the girls here were already showing off in their swimsuits, only covered by a thin shirt never did anything to cover their stunning bodies.

Max was surrounding with shapely figures, slender legs, and snowy peaks that seemed to tempt him in every direction he turns to.

Fortunately, expecting this to happen, Max came prepared with tight boxers under his shorts. With it, his hard-on won’t be noticed aside from when it gets wet in the pool later.

The girl that just spoke wore a fiery yellow bikini inside her shirt. Her breasts jiggled with her every move.

Max only enjoyed the view with his eyes, sneakily looking at it from time to time, watchful of anyone catching him, not wanting to be labeled a pervert by violating them with his eyes.

The girl beside her, though was very familiar. After thinking hard on it, Max remembered seeing her at Xiao Ming’s party.

Back then, she wore an orange bikini as she spoke with Layla. She was the best one Max found at the party that was a stranger to him.

Max had to stare at her quite a lot at that time, finding her attractive with her long blue hair, plump bottoms, and long white legs.

She was also one of the few people that had a large group of friends to hang out with. Unlike others, who just came to Xiao Ming’s party to find someone to leech on to, with their bodies.

Currently, she was on a pair of pure white bikini, laying on her sides, giving Max an excellent close-up view of her curves.

It was incredible how she looks so beautiful and how she acted around him with no reserve. Max wondered what was going on in their minds.

Max was sure that they were not doing it intentionally, but it was still unbelievable for them to show themselves off like this.

This was only the beginning, and Max was getting aroused by the sights. It would be a real challenge for him to restrain himself, long enough to reach the end.

When Max looked at the other side of the open space, Layla and Lydia were in there along with most other women. They were having fun, enjoying themselves. Some already dived in the pool.

Water splashed everywhere as sounds of laughter can be heard. It was a breathtaking scene, seeing their swimsuits stick to their bodies.

Every move they made, chasing each other in the water would give Max an exciting show.

Thankfully, the women around him were distracting him from further igniting all the impure thoughts on his mind.

Max had fun chatting with them. This was the first time they get to speak with each other. In the past, their worlds would not cross at all, but now they’re here with him.

All of them gave the impression of being friends for a long time. No one would expect that this was the first time they talked.

The women chatted with Max and Yu’er about everything they thought of, school dramas, relationships, fun activities, and about swimming.

While talking about swimming, all of them were especially enthusiastic, telling stories about their experiences, hopes, goals, and achievements.

Even when they had to speak about a lot of things, smiles never wore off on Max and Yu’er’s faces. It was a great time to catch up and learn more about the events happening around the school.

And it was also these simple things that keep their mind off the usual ideas running through their heads.

After spending quite some time with each other, they went away with the excuse of getting some food. Those women then went to the others around Layla and Lydia; some decided to go for a swim.

“That went well.”

Max commented while refilling his drink. Beside him, Yu’er was finishing the bite-sized fruits that she got somewhere.

“Yeah, they were nice.”

Yu’er now had an idea why Max chose not to make his move on them even when she could see him running his eyes on their bodies.

Most of them were real beauties. They have a beautiful face and figure and have many people asking them out; some of them were even already with someone.

However, that was all.

Excluding their beautiful appearance, nothing makes them special or unique. Their disposition and the way they conduct themselves can be found on others.

And those were exactly what Max was trying to avoid. For those reasons, Max was now eyeing Awakened beauties with each of them having something unique from others, their skills.

Yu’er would not be surprised when Max would go for goddesses as those were definitely in his list of potential women.

“A lot of them were hot.”

Max lustfully smiled as he spoke to Yu’er. They were no other person here at this time, leaving them enough time alone to have a small chat.

“Hmm? Did you change your mind?”

“No, I’ll only look. Well, I still don’t think it’s worth it.”

Max shook his head, knowing what their priorities were. Those women were surely not one of their priorities.

“What do we do next? Wanna go for a swim with them?”

“Let’s go!”

Max’s eyes shined. He could already imagine the benefits he will get when he is in a pool full of women in swimsuits.

Before going, Max and Yu’er spend a couple of minutes taking a few bites of the fantastic food that they prepared.

After fixing his boxers, doing some slight changes for comfortability, Max, along with Yu’er, went back out.



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