Chapter 112 – An Accident


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All the women went back inside the house, joining together with the others that have been waiting for them.

Seemingly right on time, Max and Yu’er got out of the pool together with the remaining girls that were in the waters with them.

They gave each other a mischievous look when they saw that no one around them appeared to notice what they just did.

It was already quite late at night, and some of the girls were in their rooms taking a shower while some sat in the living room.

From their previous conversation the other day, all the girls simultaneously decided to stay one night at their house.

Max and Yu’er proceeded to go where Layla and Lydia were sitting, deciding to hang out with them for the night.

While they were a distance away from them, they could already hear their thought-provoking conversations.

“If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would definitely try him.”

One girl could be heard saying as she asked what the others thought.

“What about you?”

“I also wouldn’t mind!”

“Me too! Me too!”

Some of the girls added one after another. The other girls laughed along with them, including the sisters.

There was a carefree and comforting atmosphere around the room, making everyone feel calm and cozy.

Once they saw Max and Yu’er coming to their direction, the girls composed themselves like nothing much was happening, not wanting him to be aware of what they were talking about before this.

When Max sat with them, the girls treated him nicely and sometimes told stories that Max found interesting — at the same time, thanking him and Yu’er for the incredible and fun time.

Yu’er and Max had been able to converse with Layla and Lydia at one point. From their glowing faces, they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Layla never stopped teasing Max in every way she could, sometimes showing herself off, giving him an enchanting view of her exposed skin.

Like most other girls, she only had a robe covering her body, not having the time to change.

Her robe would sometimes loosen, showing Max parts of her inviting figure, forcing his dick to stand up in attention.

Some of the women got drunk that they were escorted back to their room after trying to flirt with Max, mouthing out some stimulating words.

Everyone mostly laughed it off, but the effect it had for Max was significant. It was surprising that those words could come out from such angelic faces.

Relaxing in the living room, they chatted around until it was late at night. While on it, they enjoyed a movie together and a lavish meal.

It was a great way to end the day. All of them became closer, spending a lot of time being with each other.

Overall, the day couldn’t have gone better. Max and Yu’er fully understand that every day couldn’t be like this and this can only happen occasionally, so they indulged themselves in fun activities.

After the pleasant incident in the pool, they completed their mission. Max instantly received 2000 Points, pushing up his Points to 4850, excluding the Points he earned from their session.

Their silly actions proved to be worth the risk, getting that much Points in a short amount of time, wishing that the System would give them more of such missions soon.

Max was on his way to visit Lydia in the middle of the night. All the girls should be in their rooms, doing their routine to end their day.

While Max and Yu’er were returning to their rooms to rest for the night, it suddenly came up to his mind that there was one more thing that he needs to accomplish.

Almost forgetting about it, Max went up to Lydia’s room. His goal was to see if he could try to find a way to add the remaining point needed for her Loyalty to reach 100.

Seeing the open lights in some of the rooms, Max figured that some of them were still not done finishing their stuff.

Now, he had to sneak in his own house, making as little noise as he can to secretly get in her room.

Finally, after numerous close calls, Max got into her room located at the farthest part of the floor.

It was the biggest one placed right above his and Yu’er’s room. When Max got in, he didn’t see any signs of her anywhere.

Only articles of clothing were left on the bed and shoes organized on one side of the floor. Before Max wondered where she was, he heard sounds of water flowing in the bathroom.

‘Taking a shower?’

Max, step by step, slowly inched closer to the door. His thoughts were running wild, having multiple perverted images of her showing up.

Surprising Lydia, while she was taking a shower, would be exciting. There was no difference if they were on the bed or not anyway.

Max had only done it once this day, and from the intense, steamy situation he was earlier, he still has enough energy for more.

‘She wouldn’t mind me joining, right?’

Max happily thought as he stripped all his clothes and carefully placed them on the side, needing it when he gets out later.

Layla and Lydia were in some hot swimsuits a while ago, giving Max a fascinating sight to look at.

Most of their skins were exposed, Max just had to feast on their stunning bodies for quite an amount of time.

The temptation they brought him was barely controllable. With each movement they made, he almost wanted to pounce on them.

That was his condition, while Layla and Lydia were around him. If there were no other people where he could change his focus on, Max would probably have it worse.

Now that they were the only ones in the room, Max didn’t hesitate to show his lustful personality.

When he moved in, what appeared before his eyes were the silhouette of Lydia’s back in the shower.

The room was fogged up, only showing the outline of her shapely body. Fire lit up in Max’s eyes as he advanced to her position.

His aroused dick showed what he felt as he got closer to her back, one step at a time.

Getting closer to the body before him, Max while hotly breathing, hugged her from behind.

Feeling her ass squeeze on his dick was heavenly. He slid his dick between her legs while his hands made their way to her breasts.

Max showered her shoulders and neck with kisses, feeling her body sticking on his.

However, after a few moments, he noticed that Lydia wasn’t responding to his movements.

Furthermore, her breasts seemed to be a little bigger on his palms. Moving his vision down, her ass became a size fuller, suffocating his dick in extreme pleasure.

At this very moment, Max started to feel that there was something wrong.

When her head turned around, surprise and shock reflected on Max’s eyes. The naked woman he was hugging wasn’t Lydia. She was Layla!

Silence permeated around them, and only the sounds of water flowing in the background can be heard.



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