Chapter 16 – Sister (R-18)

Max felt that sister really wanted him so bad. Not that he minded, he kissed her back. He took the initiative to slide his tongue over his sister’s lips and dipped in tasting her.

His sister’s mouth felt so amazing, feeling his tongue slide over hers deepening their kiss sends shivers down his spine. Max arched his body into hers, feeling her pointed nipples against his chest.

Max felt his sister’s hips move listlessly wanting to mount on him. He didn’t stop her and moved his hands to her back rubbing her soft skin over her top, enjoying her hot body sticking close to him.

When her sister started rubbing her pussy on his leg, Max slid his hand down to her waistband and slip through it grabbing her ass.


Hearing his sister moan while kissing him, Max started grabbing her ass firmer, changing its shape to whatever he wants.

After a while, he felt that he should take it further and slowly removed her pajama bottoms, continuing until she didn’t have anything covering her pussy.

Not waiting for his sister to say anything, Max slid a finger inside her slimy wet pussy which made her moan, feeling the sudden intrusion in her sensitive wet tunnel.

He continued pushing his finger into her and added another after he felt that she was close, it was then he heard his sister moan out loud,

“Ahh Max, I’m coming!”

His sister’s legs went weak and she fell down on top of him. Max, wanting to deal with his rock hard dick looked at his sister and asked,

“Sis, please help me with mine too!”

Pointing at his dick after pulling down his shorts. His sister failed to respond after her mindblowing orgasm that was way better than her touching herself in the past.

After she caught her breath, she understood what his brother was asking him to do. Thinking about her brother makes her body hot, not having any problem with it, she complied.

Her eyes went down to look at his dick. She reached up and took his dick into her hands. She held it in front of her for a couple of seconds as she considered what to do next.

Without saying anything, she started running her tongue around the head of his dick. Max looked at his sister who was taking her time devouring his dick.

He felt really good feeling her tongue running all over his dick and thought that he wouldn’t mind doing this more frequently from now on.

Looking at how good she was doing working it with her mouth and with her hand, Max wondered where she learned it.

Max pushed his dick deeper in her mouth causing his sister to gag but she didn’t stop sucking it and even surprised him by descending on his dick by her own.

After a few failed attempts, his sister managed to press her lips all the way down reaching the base. She then slowly withdrew his throbbing cock from her lips.

But Max was again surprised by his sister deep-throating his hard dick a few more times and since he has been hard for a long time thinking about his sister, he exploded in inside her mouth spurting his cum straight into her mouth.

His sister swallowed everything Max let out inside her mouth and felt like she wanted more, tasting his delicious fluid. She continued sucking him, making sure that there wasn’t anything left.

Letting it all out inside her, Max felt that he still wanted more. He laid his sister down the sofa and spread her knees wide.

He moved between her open legs and carefully moved into her hairless damp pussy. His fingers separated her outer labia to reveal the glistening pink flesh underneath and his mouth promptly descended to taste her juices.

Max’s tongue moved around the crevices of her tender flesh, making his sister push his head down to go deeper.

Max continued enjoying the taste of her juices, kissing and licking her all over her pussy. He went up feeling her clit with his tongue and proceeded to suck it.

His sister felt the best, feeling Max licking her all over. While enjoying the sensation of his tongue playing with his pussy, she suddenly felt him suck her clit which made the feeling of wanting him inside her grow stronger.

Finally, giving in to the temptation of pleasure she shouted with her voice full of lust,

“Max, fuck me now! I want to feel you inside me!”

Hearing his sister demanding for his dick, he quickly positioned his dick on her pussy. Not wanting to wait any longer, Max got up and pushed the head of his swollen dick into her pussy lips and found her hole.

As soon as he started sliding into her wet slit, his sister arched up and let out a long moan of pleasure.

He slowly inserted about half his length and then started making slow, shallow thrusts to cover his dick with her juice.

Despite having sex with her before, her pussy was still nice and tight making her definitely feel his hard dick.

When he plunged his entire length into her for the first time, his sister gave out a long moan.

“Ahhhh, you feel so good inside me!”

Her hips grabbed his waist and it only took a few attempts before their movements synchronized.

Once inside her, Max lowered himself over her body to kiss and suck her nipples that resulted in more cries of delight and pleasure.

Both of them were in heaven and after giving her breasts enough attention, Max moved up to kiss her lips. She responded by kissing him back tenderly and lovingly.

The few minutes of kissing made his sister impatient and started humping his dick while devouring his tongue like a wild beast.

Her ragged, heavy breathing betrayed the excitement simmering inside her so Max stopped holding himself back and started matching her wild movement.

They fucked like crazy for a couple of minutes before she came with a loud cry of pleasure. When her pussy contracted on his dick, Max suddenly felt his dick reach the peak.

Not having the time to warn her before exploding deep inside her pussy.

After a few more deep, hard thrusts, Max laid down with his load of cum filling her up deep inside her womb.

He felt his sister snuggle in his arms sticking her body against him. His dick slowly slid out of her pussy showing her small hole with cum flowing out down between her ass cheeks.

Feeling their body drained of any energy, they snuggled within each other’s arms laying down on the sofa then continued watching the movie they were watching earlier.

Enjoying the moment and the feeling of their warm and soft body.


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