Chapter 20 – Trouble

Two people were seen eating their meals in the dining room. But the silent atmosphere made it really weird.

The other person didn’t want the unpleasant atmosphere to continue further and said,

“Sis, we’re together now, there’s no need to be embarrassed if we’re the only ones here.”

This person was Max. After enjoying themselves on the bathroom, they cleaned themselves up and went down to eat.

But while that what happening, his sister didn’t talk to him like she was too embarrassed to speak.

Max didn’t want her to always be like that so he spoke out his thoughts while worriedly looking at her.

Yu’er, his sister was just not used to this, that was why she was hesitant to say anything. She couldn’t believe that she was now in a relationship with her own brother.

A few days ago, that was completely unthinkable for her and in just a few days it already became like this. She felt that she was a bit shameless doing it with her brother.

Max seemingly understanding what his sister was thinking, went and sat beside her, not wanting her to isolate herself. He wanted her to be the same as she was in the past.

His sister nodded seeing Max’s worried expression but still asked while looking down,

“But is this really fine?”

“Yes, if you think it’s fine then it will be. Do you like me?”


His sister nodded and slowly focused her gaze at him.

“Then just do what you want to do! Quick! Give me a hug sis!”

Max hugged his sister not forgetting to slide his hand down her back to her shapely butt.

“Pervert Brother! You are always doing this!”

His sister shrieked getting away from his touchy hands and giving him a weak slap on his arms. Max internally heaved a sigh of relief seeing his sister go back to her usual lively attitude.

After they finished their meal, Max followed his sister upstairs saying,

“Let’s sleep together, sis!”

“No! Get away from here. I’m still sore from a while ago!”

“What? I just want to lie down together with you and hug you to sleep.”


Max pleaded, holding his sister’s hands. His sister, seeing his cute expression, reluctantly agreed as she didn’t mind snuggling in bed anyway.

They went straight to her room. His sister’s room was decorated nicely with pink walls and carpeted floors.

She has a table full of beauty products beside her big white bed. Her room is also the only one to have a walk-in closet in the whole house.

The wide space of her bedroom will make people think that she was the queen of the house. Of course, not minding all the stuff toys displayed all over her room, even on her bed.

“Come let’s sleep now!”

They stayed in the shower for more than an hour, Max felt that his sister must be very exhausted right now so he suggested for them to sleep.

“Hmm, I’m so tired, it’s because of you that I’m like this!” His sister complained, blaming him for her exhausted and sore body.

“Hey! I’m tired too because you shouted for more!”

Max teasingly said then laughed after a few seconds. He caught the pillow his sister threw at him and smoothly laid down the bed as if he’s been doing it for so long.

Max hugged his sister beside him and kissed her on her forehead saying, “Goodnight sis, I love you!” and closed his eyes.

His sister blushed, laying on Max’s arms. She thought that whatever he does, she can’t bring herself hate her brother.

She closed her eyes with her lips forming an attractive smile that only belonged to a Goddess and went to the dream world, still thinking about Max and their beautiful future.

While closing his eyes and feeling his sister breathing on his chest. Max communicated with Little Dou in his mind,

‘Little Dou, I was thinking of going back to the casino tomorrow for the last time. Do you think it’s a good idea?’

[It should be fine. But you should still be careful in hiding your identity!] Little Dou reminded.

‘Be careful? If I’m using the Face Mask, there’s almost nothing that can happen to me. There’s no way someone strong enough to fight me will show up and completely destroy me right?’ Max jokingly asked.



‘Little Dou, why aren’t you saying anything?… Wait don’t tell me?!’ Max got a bad premonition as if he was in the dark about something big.

[I… I can’t say as you haven’t upgraded the system yet! Just know that the Wish Card will be your greatest weapon if you still don’t have enough points to upgrade the system!] Little Dou tearily said, holding her dress tightly having conflicted thoughts of warning him of something and following the System.

‘It looks like she can’t tell me about it yet. Are there really strong beings on this planet?… It looks like I still don’t know much about this world. I need to get to know more information about this while being careful of anyone noticing me.’ Max grimly thought, hugging his sister tighter.

‘My sister is for sure on the Woman Conquered section already. I’ll check the details tomorrow. This whole strong people business just blew my mind that I don’t know what to think anymore.’

Currently, Max was in disguise walking on his way to the casino. Thinking about the things Little Dou cautioned yesterday, he couldn’t stop the headache he was feeling.

‘Why didn’t I notice? I had a freaking system in this world! I should have already thought of it. I will slowly figure this out, I don’t want to stay in the dark forever.’

‘When I go to school, maybe I’ll try to see if there’s anyone that can help me with this. I need something that can help me identify them.’

“Little Dou, can I have a Status Checker from the Wish Card?”

[Yes! You can. That’s a good idea, it will help you know more about them!] Little Dou sitting on his head, answered. She started following Max wherever he goes when she realised that no one can see her.

“That’s great! I just hope it isn’t too expensive.”

Max went into the casino. This time he tried to not get anyone’s attention. He just played poker and destroyed everyone with his time stops.

After that, he moved from table to table trying to play without using any skills. Just having fun and acting like a normal player.

But in the end, he still won a few hundred thousand RMB just by himself. This day, he earned a total of 40 million RMB from poker, giving his savings a total of over 60 million RMB.

“Ahh. This was another good day.” Max exhaled deeply walking in a relaxed way to the station at night as he enjoyed playing for so long that he lost track of time.

While walking through a dark street, Max heard footsteps around him. He looked everywhere and saw shadows coming closer to him.

It wasn’t too long when he saw their faces. Leading the group was the Leader of the Fire Snake Gang and beside him was his follower, the tall and skinny guy with tattoos all over his body.

Both of them were smiling confidently as if everything was under their control. One look at them, Max already knew that these people didn’t come here with good intentions.

‘What? These people were already targeting me only after winning twice? Where did I go wrong?’

[Max get ready to escape! I’m sure these people aren’t targeting you for money! They’re here for something else!] Little Dou frantically warned him.


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