Chapter 35 – Making Friends

[Lydia: 10]


‘Act normal. Don’t do anything weird.’

Max exhaled as he acted as if nothing happened. He then heard someone calling his name,

“Max! What do you think?”

Unknowingly, Layla came up in front of him without her shirt, turning around, showing off her seductive body.


Max froze up as he lost himself looking at her smooth unblemished skin, beautiful curves, bountiful breasts that were a little bit bigger than Lydia’s and lastly, her shapely ass.

He checked her entire body out like looking at his favorite food. He then heard a giggle sound out and realized that he just looked at her body for a long time.

“Layla stop that. You’re so indecent!”

Lydia was embarrassed by the action of her sister and seeing Max look at her body so intently made her feel unpleasant for some reason.

“I was just teasing him. You don’t have to be jealous!”

“What? I’m not!”

Lydia’s face was steaming red, hearing the words of his sister. But her shout was ignored by her sister as she walked to the side of the pool.

Layla did some stretches then dived straight in. Max was amazed by her athletic body that was honed being in the swimming team for years.

Layla swam for a few seconds. She enjoyed the pool that was surprisingly clean. She didn’t expect a home pool to be this well maintained.

“Quick you guys, get in here! The water isn’t cold, this feels just right!”

It was currently in the middle of the day. The temperature was so hot as the sun was high up the sky. This was the perfect time to play in the pool and there were some people who were very excited about it.

Lydia swiftly removed her shirt, leaving her in her white bikini. Max couldn’t bear the temptation, following her with his eyes as she walks to the pool.

Lydia felt Max’s gaze on her back but she continued walking, feeling shy that he was blatantly staring at her.

In her mind, she doesn’t really care. Max had already seen every part of her so seeing her like this was nothing.

Just like her sister, she dived in the pool. She looked like she was enjoying it as she swam freely like a fish in the ocean.

[Lydia: 15]


Max and Yu’er followed after her, all of them enjoyed the warm water as they played around the pool.

Layla tried sliding down the slide, giving Max a hard-on, seeing her opened legs while sliding down fast.

They did a lot of things in the pool, playing and chasing each other. Occasionally, Max was sneakily touching their bodies, including his sister as they were very tempting in their skimpy swimsuits.

All of them were having fun without caring about the time. Lydia had completely opened up, having the same energy as when she was with her friends or the swimming team at school.

Surprisingly, Layla and Yu’er became really close. They look like best friends, Max doesn’t understand how it happened but he was happy seeing his sister having fun chatting with her.

Yesterday, when Yu’er was telling Max everything that she knows about them, she also told him that their parents were dead.

Apparently, they died on a plane crash a few years ago but she also had some doubts whether they’re really dead. Because if the sisters are Awakened, their parents or one of them must be one as well.

In the end, that was just her assumption, she doesn’t have anything to back it up so they left it as a guess that may or may not be true.

After getting tired of playing, they got out of the pool to the patio in their yard. All of them wore a bathrobe that they got from their rooms.

Yu’er proposed that they should cook something while enjoying the heat from the fire pit that was built in the middle of the patio.

Eventually, they decided to have a barbecue and also heated marshmallows over the fire for fun. It was Lydia’s first time experiencing it that she was having a little too much fun compared to others.

There was a tranquil atmosphere around them as they were having the time of their lives. But there was one person who was feeling the opposite.

Max was having a hard time balancing Lydia’s Lust Meter. It’s already been more than two hours since they went to the pool.

If he didn’t stop focusing his Sexual Aura on her, she would have already been a horny beast right now.

That was why he was balancing it high enough for her to be horny but not too high that she would touch herself or show any signs that will make them suspect things.

Max also had the idea to do the same to her sister, Layla. He was doing a lot of things at the same time. Chatting with them, looking at their Lust Meter and calculating the time on how long he should use his Sexual Aura.

“This would be a lot of fun if there were a few more people in here right?”

Yu’er sighed as she looked at the empty yard that was too quiet.

“Yeah. I didn’t even know that you guys have a massive yard in here. I thought that since the house was big, maybe the backyard would be smaller as there won’t be enough space.”

What Layla said was true. Their parents were Awakened so they never had any problems with money. Most strong Awakeneds were the same, as long as they’re strong, money would not be a problem.

Their house was massive. They also have one of the biggest, if not the biggest land in this area. People can only guess how much money their parents spent to buy this.

It has a total of three floors and so many spare rooms in it. Yu’er was staying in the biggest room on the second floor.

The third floor was the room their parents were staying, but now that they aren’t here, no one uses that floor anymore.

“That’s right! How about we throw a party in here next weekend? It doesn’t have to be big, just a few groups of close friends!”

Yu’er had a lot of fun this day that she wanted to experience it again. She thought that if they invited more people, it will be better as the place would be livelier.

She also never forgot that by next week, Max would have bought his Status Checker already. At that time, they can easily discover Awakeneds among them, if there is any.

“Hmm, that’s a good idea! We could invite our close friends but they mostly just consist of swimming team members.”

Lydia and Layla nodded at the same time. They felt that this day was one of the enjoyable days that happened in their life.

Even though nothing much happened, they still think that for some reason, they wanted to do this again.

Max’s Sexual Aura was one of the reasons they thought like that. Their mind was being influenced that they would want to come back to this place again as Max was in here.

“Then it’s set! Next weekend in here. It’s going to be fun! It’s a good thing that our parents only come back periodically.”

Max was excited about having a lot of girls in his house, his mind was full of unrealistic events that have an almost non-existent chance of happening.

His sharp hearing also caught on to what his sister said. He looked at their reaction when Yu’er highlighted the word parents.

Just as Yu’er concluded, they never showed any reaction on it. It’s either they forgot or never cared about it.

But it further confirmed her suspicion that their parents might still be alive, only faking their deaths. They might just be somewhere else like their parents.

[Lydia: 60]


[Layla: 50]


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