Chapter 41 – Little Dou’s Teachings (1)

Max was dumbstruck, still looking at the direction they disappeared to.

Yu’er walked back to their house but after a few steps, she looked back as she wasn’t hearing Max behind her.

“Hey! What are you looking at?”

Yu’er shook Max as he wasn’t responding to her words.

“What are you doing?”

“I tried checking Layla’s Status and it was successful.”

“Oh! what Skill does she have?!”

Yu’er hurried him as she grabbed the edge of his clothes. She had been curious about the Skill of her new friend.

She made up a few guesses on what Skill would Layla have. What she didn’t expect was that Max would actually check her Status now. Max had a thoughtful expression, saying,

“Her Skill is called Target Charm, a Mental Attack Target Skill that charms people to walk mindlessly towards them. ‘Effect depends on their Mental Resistance’. That’s what it says.”

They returned to their room, discussing the new information Max found out.

“It’s a very strong Skill.”

Max said after returning to their room but Yu’er failed to comprehend why Max said that it was very strong.

“Eh? Why is it strong? It doesn’t do anything, it literally just makes people walk towards her. Mindlessly walk towards her probably means they will be in a daze or a trance state but the Skill is weak by itself.”

“No, I’m not talking about that Skill alone. I’m saying with that Skill combined with other Skills, it will be very strong.”

“If you think about it, with the Target Charm, Lydia’s Purple Lightning Skill would be a sure hit. As long as they are focused by Layla with her Skill, Lydia’s Lightning could not be dodged.

“And if Layla managed to trap her target in her Charm for a few seconds, that target will definitely die with just her sister’s Purple Lightning.”

“In the future, when our offensive power gets many folds stronger, it will be one of the strongest control Skill to exist!”

Both of then got shivers down their spine, thinking about the potential of Layla’s skill. They couldn’t help but think how both sisters have strong Skills with limitless potential.

Yu’er followed what Max was trying to convey but she also had some questions to ask of her own,

“Did you see her level? What’s her current level?”

Yu’er wanted to know her level to determine how close Layla was to ranking up and she also wanted to confirm something that was on her mind for a long time.

“She was level 18. Why’d you ask?”

“Well, when I got in your Women Conquered section, I went back to level 11. I’m sure I wasn’t level 11 or Rank 1 Early Phase before but it pulled me back down to level 11.”

Yu’er expressed her doubts that she had been thinking about. Max turned towards where Little Dou was, doing her own business and asked for an explanation.

[Yes, what she said was true! When someone gets in your Women Conquered section, they will be back to the Early Phase of their ranks but their strength won’t get weaker at all!]


[Let me give you an example when someone is level 15 and they appeared in the Women Conquered section, their level will do down to level 11!]


[But they won’t become weaker in any way! In fact, they won’t feel any changes. Why is that you ask? Because their energy is already in their bodies, it won’t go anywhere!]


Little Dou kept explaining what she knew about it but looking at Max and Yu’er with their face filled with confusion, she stood up to stretch her body, preparing for a long lecture session,

[Let’s get back to the basics. When you reach level 11, that’s the time you start having energy in your body. That is also the time when you get your first Skill. You both understand all that right?]


Max and Yu’er nodded their heads as they already know that.

[After Awakeneds get their first Skill and started using energy, they try to get stronger by getting to the next level right? Like level 11 to level 12 and so on.]


[If they level up, they would have more energy in their bodies. If they reached let’s say level 15, you would have more energy than a level 11. That we agree on right?]


Little Dou was giving them a lecture with a strict tone, pretending to be a teacher. Seeing them nod, she puffed her chest feeling good inside,

[But that’s the problem! They’re using their own way to get stronger. Some awakened use all sorts of pills and some other way they invented to get stronger faster!]


[Hurrying to get stronger by forcing energy to their bodies would waste a lot of potentials! Think of their bodies being a glass cup and their energy as pebbles!]


[A glass cup full of pebbles have a lot of wasted space in it or ‘potential’ as we call it. Now imagine a glass cup full of fine sand, that glass cap will be filled completely with no wasted space inside, that means there will be no wasted potential!]


[This is where the System comes in. Let’s say you are level 15. When you get to the Women Conquered section, you will then be back to level 11!]


[What the System does is that it would ground the pebbles to fine sand. After grounding it, you would be left with a glass of sand but the glass won’t be full! All the wasted space will then be evident on the top part of the glass!]


[So when you level back up to level 15 from level 11, that glass cup would then be slowly filled up completely with newly added ‘sand’, not leaving any wasted space!]


[The only way for an Awakened to have their body filled with energy without any wasted space is when they have a perfect way to level up, a perfect way to harness energy to your body!]


[But that is improbable. No Awakened can level up perfectly, especially with each of their body being slightly different from each other. Each of them would then have to invent their own ‘perfect way’ for themselves!]


[They could also have some miraculous encounter as you had with the System or something else that we currently don’t have any idea of but that is also very unlikely to happen!]


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