Chapter 27: Layla (Part-1)

{Master, I have recovered. And this time, I have a gift for you…}  

What fucking gift!? This mission!?   

{Yes, master. I know that you like Layla White very much. And now, I have given you an actual incentive to have sex with her.}  

Incentive? What incentive, idiot!?  

I have just started to warm things up between us and you want me to have sex already!?   

{Master, please try to understand. Layla is already 22 years old. As the other one told you before, tremendous beauties of her age don’t remain single for long.}  

But what about taking it slowly? I mean, it is the secret of a long relationship, right?   

{Taking things slowly? Master, those men who think like this…well, I can only say that their crushes are now with a guy who never takes things slowly… But well, my master is an intelligent and competent person himself. I am sure whatever he decides, it will be the best course of action.}  

T-That’s true… But…   

{And master, if you are worried about what Layla’s response would be…don’t. I think she loves you.}  

Wait, how can you tell that?   

{The way she took care of you yesterday when you were sick… I am sure she is deeply in love with you already, master.}  

Lyla loves me?   

{Yes, master. There are no women in this world who wouldn’t love an intelligent and handsome guy like you.}  

Really? Fufufu… That is true, I guess!    

You are so much better than that pink one who always insults me and my will- I mean, penis…  

I think I will listen to you and tell Layla that I like her! Then tomorrow we will have… Fufufu, I am already excited!   

{But master, only 6 minutes are left now to start the mission. You cannot do it tomorrow!}  

6 minutes? Damn! I forgot about the mission for a second there…   

But right now? It’s 5:30 in the morning. Layla must be asleep right now…   

{We cannot do anything about that, master… You have to go now…}  

Damn… This is such bad timing…   

I mean, it’s really early. Even if she says yes to me, there is no way that she will have sex with me just after…  

{Oh, don’t worry it, master. I have a perfect plan to make that possible. If you just follow what I say, you can have sex with Layla in just half an hour.}  

What? Really? Half an hour?  

If you can do that… You would be really amazing, to be honest…   

{I am just here to serve you, master.}  

What a nice system you are…  

I stand up from the bed and after quickly brushing up my teeth, I get out of my room.   

Mine, Layla’s and Maya’s rooms are adjacent to each other’s with Layla’s room being the first one in the row, then Maya’s and the last one is mine.   

Quietly walking past Maya’s room, I reach the other side.   

Here I go…   

Slowly, I turn the knob of the door to open it and to get inside.  

Layla’s room is nothing extravagant but still, it has a really calm feel to it. The cupboard, shelves, table, chairs… everything is elegantly placed where they should be and there is not even a speck of dirt anywhere.  

On the walls, there are photos of me, Maya and Layla together. There is also a photo of Layla’s deceased parents as well.   

My gaze finally fell upon the bed placed in the middle of the room where the sleeping figure of Layla is lying.   

Damn! She is so hot even when she is asleep…   

Layla is wearing a short red-colored nighty which has lifted up a little due to her sleeping posture and her plump white ass which is wrapped in a black panty is visible. Her huge, bountiful tits are also heaving up and down from her soft and soundless breaths.   

Man, her face looks even more beautiful when she is sleeping…  

Seeing this lewd figure of Layla, I am already getting excited…   

Hey, black system, what do I have to do now?   

{Master, you just have to follow three things before Layla will herself ask you to have sex with her.}  

Wait…What? She will ask herself!?   

But this is exactly what I want! For her to want to have sex with me as well!  

{And I will make it happen, master! Just follow what I say. First, activate the Beast’s Scent…}  

Beast’s Scent? Why?   

Shouldn’t I wake her up first?   

{No, master. I will tell you in just in a few moments why we are using the Beast’s Scent. Please just do it for now…}  

Well, It’s not like I can activate it myself if I want to…you will have to do it for me…  

{That is the case with the other one… You can activate your own skills with me.}  

Really? Wow, you really are better. That pink system is such a pain in the ass…   

“Beast’s scent Activate!” I say in a low voice.   

The next moment, my body gets hot and a weird sort of smell starts secreting out.  

Nothing happens to me, but in under a minute, changes start happening to Layla’s body. The heaving of her breasts increases in pace as her breaths become faster and rougher. Her pure white cheeks flushes and her body starts becoming restless as well.   

Layla is becoming aroused while still sleeping…   

Hey, system, can you tell me why did you make me use Beast’s Scent now?    

{As you wish, master. My plan is really simple, I am trying to make Layla reach the height of sexual arousal.}  

Height of sexual arousal?   

{With how intelligent master is, I know that you have already guessed what I am trying to do…}  

Y-Yes, obviously I know, hahaha. And I totally agree with it as well!   

But still… I wanted to hear it from you as well, you know, just to make sure I got everything correct.   

{Of course, master. I know you that a person at your level won’t take chances.}  

Y-Yes… That is my reason…   

{So, my plan goes like this, master. Once Layla reaches the peak of arousal, you will wake her up and tell her that you like her. Well, after she will obviously say yes, what will happen, master?}  

What will happen?    

W-Well, I already know what will happen…   

But still, tell me just in case…   

{Okay! An extremely aroused Layla will suddenly find herself with a guy she loves… who is even her boyfriend now… The one she can have sex with…}  


{What happened, master? My plan didn’t suit you?}  

Didn’t suit me?    

Of course, it suits me! Are you a freaking genius?   

This plan is just amazing!  

So, let’s wake Layla up!   

I start moving forward towards the bed excitedly, but before I can reach Layla…   

{Master, stop!}  

What now?   

{You cannot wake her up!}  

Why? Didn’t you just say that I should tell her that I like her when she gets horny?   

{Master, I said extremely aroused, but even with the beast’s scent, she is still way below that. The reason being that she is asleep…}    

How will she get that much aroused?   

{Well, there is a way to do that, master…}  


{Stimulate her whole body as she sleeps…thoroughly…}  


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