Chapter 28: Layla (Part-2)

W-What the fuck are you saying? I cannot do that to Layla!   

{But why, master? Is there any problem?}  

Yes, there is a freaking problem!   

She is asleep, right? If she is not conscious won’t it be like I am…   

{But master, she will be your girlfriend anyway. What does it matter if you touch her body a bit?}  

A bit? “Thoroughly stimulating” does not mean just a bit, alright?  

And what if she doesn’t want me to?  What if she doesn’t like being touched like this in her sleep?  

Because I seriously doubt many people would like this…  

{Obviously she would, master. Which girl in this world wouldn’t want to be touched by you?}  

I can name a few…   

{I am telling you, master. Layla loves you and she wouldn’t object anything you do to her. This is just so that she gets in the “mood” before we propose.}  

R-Really? She will not mind?   

{I am perfectly sure. She will even be begging you to continue after she wakes up.}  

Hey, wait for a second! She will just wake up way before I do anything.   

Layla is not much of a heavy sleeper…  

{Master, don’t worry about that. Beast Scent will take care of that as well.}  

It will? But won’t it lose its effect if I sexually stimulate a woman strongly?  

{Well, the loss of effect only happens in the case of multiple women. You don’t have to worry here, master.}

O-Oh yeah, I remember… well, you do seem a bit more trustable than that pink system. I think I will do what you say…  

{Master is as intelligent as he looks.}  

I take a deep breath and moves towards the aroused and restless figure of Lyla on the bed. Her body looks even sexier than before as her white skin is now tinged with red.  

But still…  

To tell the truth, I do have a feeling that this black system is a little bit weird. The way it praises me in every other it says and how politely it talks to me… it all seems a bit strange.   

But well, I am mostly wrong about things like these and this black system does sound more mature than the pink one…  

Well, anyway, let’s just focus on Layla at the moment… fufufu 

The bed creaks a little as I climb on top of it. My heartbeat and breathing are getting faster from the excitement… and also a little bit of fear.   

Slowly, with only making the minimum noises, I lay down beside Layla such that her back is facing me.  

Her silky red nighty is completely tracing her curves and its lower part is also lifted up to reveal her pure white and plump ass to my eyes.  

It feels like I can look at this forever…  

Damn it! I need to hurry! I also have to do the confession after this!   

Laying sideways in a position exactly like that of Layla, I hug her body from behind in a spooning position…   


I leak out a whisper as Layla’s soft and plump half-naked ass presses against my crotch. My right hand is resting on her soft but slender stomach right now and with my left hand, I also move her hairs to reveal the smooth, white, and sexy nape of her neck to me.   

{What an appropriate position you have chosen, master. Please proceed.}  


I don’t know why but suddenly; I am having a feeling that I should have just taken the penalty for some reason… What if Layla…   

Fuck it! I am just being a bit too scared!  

I don’t feel this scared with other women! I even “played” with a train full of them (Not much though…) and even then I didn’t think this much!   

Gaining a bit more confidence, I tighten my grip around Layla’s body, such that my cock which is now half erect, digs in the soft meat of her ass.   


I also shift my right hand up from her stomach and grab her huge tits. The extreme softness of these bountiful things envelops my palm.  

My Layla is just too hot…   


Suddenly, my heart starts beating really loudly. My breathing also turns abnormally rough.   

W-What is happening? This is too sudden!   

I know my body is excited right now but this is completely different… It is as if… as if…  

{No, master. This is not Beast Awakening. This is just it’s side effects showing.}  

Wait, why it is showing now?  I was completely fine the whole day yesterday!?   

{These effects were probably suppressed because of your level up but I think you just triggered them, master.}  

Damn it!   

Even though my body is still in control of me…   

My lust is nearly exploding for Layla right now.   

I need… this body of Layla… to fuck.  


Layla leaks out a moan as my grip tightens around her tits. My fingers also start rubbing and rolling her highly erect nipples above her nighty.   

Pressing my crotch even more tightly against her ass, I move my hips back and forth making my dick, which is fully erect now, dry-hump in the plump softness there.   

Fuck! This is not enough for me! I need more…   

In a flash, I move back a bit and pull Layla along with myself to make her body lay flat on the bed. Then, I quickly move up on top of her such that I am now in a position of pinning her down.   

Her face is completely red from arousal and her chest is heaving even more roughly than before. Though the nighty is covering her tits, her deep cleavage is completely exposed. Even her erect nipples can be traced. 

I want these tits… I want to make them only mine! 

Instantly, I drop my face and bury it in the heaven between Layla’s bosom.   

“Ahaan,” Layla moans again.  

Without stopping at just that, I also kiss and lick her smooth skin there while feeling the marshmallow-like softness on my face from both the sides.   

Let’s up this a bit…  

While left hand is supporting my body, my right one moves down towards the forbidden place… Layla’s pussy.   

Rubbing her sexy stomach along the way, I reach Layla’s black panty first and then my hand touches between her legs…  


Damn… her panty is already really wet here.  

I move my index fingers above her panty, tracing a really thin and small slit in the wetness there. The top part of this slit has a really small and erect thing poking out slightly.   

This is Layla’s clit…   

I lightly circle my finger around this little poking thing making Layla’s whole body tremble.  


Seeing the woman of my dreams moan like this from my touch, the hunger for her inside me grows even further.   

Increasing my pace, I start rubbing Layla’s pussy above her panty while also sucking on her cleavage.   

I can feel Layla panty getting dripping wet now from my constant stimulation.   

Fuck! This side effect! I want even more!  

I move my face away from her cleavage and up towards her face.   

Layla’s cheeks are completely red and her mouth is slightly open with her cherry pink lips glistening from her saliva.  

Her face looks so beautiful being aroused like this and her lips look so alluring that I find my own face gravitating towards it…   

These lips are mine to kiss…her tongue is mine to suck…her saliva is mine to drink… 

I move my face even further forward to kiss her… but stop just inches away. 


My whole body freezes up with shock. 

Layla’s eyes are completely open and she staring at my face…   

{I am sorry, master. We failed…}  


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