Chapter 31: System Glitch



I wake up with a scream of shock. Right now, I am alone on the bed as Layla is down in the kitchen making breakfast.

What the fuck is wrong with you!?

How would you feel if someone flashes brightly shining bold letters in front of your eyes in the morning!?

[You deserved that, needle-dick!]

Needle… You fucking asshole! From where are you even finding these things to say?

[Forget that! First, tell me this, are you hiding something from me?]

M-Me? N-No…

[You can’t even lie properly! Even though I don’t recall anything from last night, but I at least know that I was not there. And if I go by this, I was also not there when you leveled up, right?] 

[I actually have proof that you are hiding something from me! Just tell me what it is, NOW!]

To be honest, the only reason I didn’t tell the pink system about the black one was only because it told me not to.

And the reason I listened to it because it seemed more mature and better than the pink system at that time.

But I have not forgotten what happened last night with Layla…

I did not miss those accidental outbursts of the black system and I am pretty sure that something is really wrong with that.

While the pink system does seem a bit amateurish and it also insults me. Actually, it is really friendly and cool to talk to.

[Just spit it out already!]

Sigh… I will tell you… Even I need to know a few things myself.

I start from the incident on the night of my first level up. From the change of the pink light of the system into black miasma like thing, about the other talking system, the new mission section which appeared and also about the third poison as well.

After that, I also tell about the incidents from last night and the first mission I was given. About how I felt a strangely heavy feeling on my mind throughout the whole time the black system was there and how I think my brain was tampered to make me stop evaluating things properly…

Actually, I don’t even know what happened to that mission. Did I got the penalty or not?

Well, I didn’t have any sex, so, I guess the poison must have activated…

The pink system listens to me in total silence until the end and it even remains quiet for a few seconds after that…

[You really should have told me all of this before…] 

Well, I have told you now. What difference does it make anyway?

[*sigh* it makes all the difference there is… It’s actually too late for me to act now…] 

Too late to act?  What do you mean by that?

[I cannot tell you everything but just know this, that black system is not good… at all.] 

Yeah, I understand that from yesterday…

[And the missions and the new poison it showed you? It was all fake as well…] 

What? It is all fake? Seriously?

[You remember, when I came, all of those extra things disappeared, right? It was because none of that was real… was.] 

What do you mean by “was”?

[You know why I suddenly know you were hiding something from me?] 

No, why?

[Well, something really bad has happened because of the black system last night. Something which really should not have happened no matter what…] 

A-Are you trying to scare me or something?

[Trying to scare you? Well, see for yourself and decide if this scares you or not…] 

Suddenly, with a pink light burst, my system information appears before my eyes…



Current System level: [0000]

Max level: [Not defined]

Life Points for Next Level up: [0000]

Life Points: [0000]

Life points consumption rate: [0 point/minute]

Magic Level: [0]

Mission: [None]


  1. Rebecca Woods, 22 (Perm.) [Level 0000]
  2. Layla White, 22 (Perm.) [Level 0000]

Note: Temporary names will be removed from the list 24 hours after the sexual activity.


1. [Beast’s Scent] (Max Usage: 2 times/day)

Note: Passive skills are not shown in the list.

Magic: [None]

Buyable skills and powers [Level 2]:

1. [Beast’s Mind Read] (Price: 5000 points)

Skill Description: Allows the Beast to read the mind of any person. In case of a male, 2 minutes. In the of a female, 10 minutes.

Note: In case of a female, the time will increase or decrease according to their feeling for the Beast.

2. [Beast System Read Level 1] (Price: 10,000 points)

Skill Description: Read the basics of the system of any person in close proximity. [Max Usage: 3 times/day]

3. [Stamina +1] (Price: 1000 points)

Skill Description: Increase overall stamina. [Permanent]

4. [Penis Girth +1] (Price: 1500 points)

Skill Description: Increase penis length. [Permanent]

5. [Semen Volume +1] (Price: 1000 points)

Skill Description: Increase semen volume. [Permanent]

Note: Skills will vanish if not acquired before leveling up.

Points earning methods:

[Level 1] Specific Methods: –

1. Spank a woman [1000 points]

2. Get a hand-job from a woman in a public place [5000 points]


1) Point will not be added if done during sexual acts.

2) Points for task 2 will be given after the beast have an orgasm.

Permanent methods: –

  1. Kiss [0 points]
  2. Cunnilingus [0 points]
  3. Fellatio/ mouth fucking [0 points]
  4. Vaginal sex [0 points]
  5. Anal sex [0 points]
  6. Impregnating [0 points]


1. Points will be multiplied by 10 if the above are a girl’s first time.

2. 50% more points if permanent tasks are done with consent.

Warning: All the permanent methods can give you points only once every day per girl.

[Poison]: –

1. [Beast Awakening]: Lose control of your body with extreme sexual heat. Once activated, will go on for 30 minutes. Will raise in intensity and frequency as the level increases. Other specifications not defined.

2. [Instant death]: Activates if any of the beasts mating women (except for temporary rank) gets removed from the partner section or indulge in sexual activities with other than the beast.

3. [Mission Penalty]: Refusing any mission will cost a penalty of 1,000 points.


Time left to level up: 0000



[As you can see… the system has become glitched.]


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