Chapter 36: The Three Princesses

Entering the stage, are men and women in formal suits and dresses. They don’t seem to exceed ten in number but there is a strange powerful aura coming from them  

Among them, the only person who probably isn’t attracting any of our attention among them is our principle, James Winde, who is leading them to the stage. To be honest, I think this must be really rare for him as he himself is actually a well-known magician who has a rare Level 5 in his system among humans.   

Now, moving on to the people who are the reason for everyone’s utter shock.  

Walking directly behind our principal is a woman with extraordinary beauty. Her silky hairs are long and light blond in color. Her bluish-green eyes are sharp with a tiny mole right under the left one, making her delicate and defined face much more beautiful. Even her porcelain white skin looks spotlessly smooth and wonderful.   

With her perfect body, which includes her bountiful tits and an amazing ass, and adding her graceful movements, she looks like a goddess on whom any man would fall for instantly.   

But just two things are bothering me and probably everyone else here… her elongated ears and…   

“Damn… That’s the princess, right?” Leo asks in an awestruck voice.  

Yes, the reason why me and everyone else knows her and are in shock of her being here is that this woman is the princess and the sole heir of the kingdom of the white Elves, Princess Ilyrana Grimzephyr. She is young for an Elf, only a little more than a hundred years old.  

But still, for the princess of a kingdom to be here in a human country…   

Wait, they told us that the teachers of the other races will be speaking to us, right?   

Don’t tell me… this young princess will teach here?   

No way…   

“Holy shit! Look behind her!” Ryan exclaims.  


A few steps behind princess Ilyrana, there is another tremendous beauty walking in a similarly elegant manner.   

Her long hairs are slivery blond and her eyes are of deep purple color. Her face is beautiful and her skin is smooth and chocolatey dark in color. The size and shape of her tits and ass do not loose in the slightest to Ilyrana… well, nor does her status.   

This dark beauty with elongated ears is the princess of the kingdom of dark Elves, Princess Leena Stormbrewer. She is also around the same age as that of Ilyrana.   

The kingdom of the dark and white Elves is adjacent to each other. A few hundred years ago, the white and the dark Elves were in constant conflict with each other, but in the last war against the non-system using countries, both sides came together to fight as one and have continued their somewhat friendly relations till now.  

But seriously, why are both the princesses of the Elf kingdoms are here?  

I mean, I am gladder than anyone to get to see these top-class beauties outside television but still… aren’t we here to hear the speech from the teachers?   

“Hey Ryan, what are these princ—”  

Suddenly, a strange sort of intense pressure takes over my mind. My heartbeat increases in pace, my breathing gets rough and sweat starts forming on my face.   

W-What is this?   

Fuck! I am not going into Beast’s Awakening right now, am I?   

No, I am not feeling any sexual arousal at all…   

I look at Ryan and Leo and see a similar fearful expression of fear on their faces. Many people sitting around us looking the same as well.   

But none of them are breathing hard or seem as uneasy as me. And well, I think I can see the reason is in front of me as well…   

Behind Leena, there is yet another breathtaking beauty. Her long beautiful hairs are dark grey in color. Her skin looks as smooth and pale as a pearl. In her tight red and black dress, I can clearly trace her bountiful tits and juicy ass. Her posture is also erect and as elegant as that of the Elf princesses.   

You must think I am an idiot to fear from such a beautiful woman, but what can I do?  

While everyone is moving towards the center of the stage, she is the only one standing still with her bright red eyes staring directly at me. Her mouth is also slightly parted baring her pointed fangs.  

“Vampire princess… Zakira…” A guy sitting on the seat just in front of mine says in a shaking voice.   

Zakira Vondrack…   

This name is as famous as that of the Elf princesses.   

Vampires belong to an ancient race and are immortals without the help of a system. They can even have a tremendous amount of magical powers and strength if they just drink blood regularly, but still, they infuse with a system.   

The reason for that is when the other races started growing powerful because of the introduction of systems into the world, the prosecution of vampires, who kill them for their food previously, also started.   

The only way left to save themselves from either complete extinction or going into hiding forever is to accept the systems themselves.   

The life points earned serve as a substitute for blood and provide them a way to survive and grow stronger and thus, they sighed a pack with other races to never hunt others for blood.   

Even though the vampire population is relatively less than the other race but because infusing with systems their power which was already incredible, increased even further and they are now among the pillar races of the world.   

Now, this Zakira Vondrack is the oldest child of Lucias Vondrack, the king of vampires, making her the next in line for the throne.  

And right now, this vampire princess is looking at me like a hunter looks at its prey. Even when we are so far apart in distance, I can feel her extreme overflowing bloodlust for me.   

To be honest, I would have been the happiest man in the world if a busty and beautiful babe like her look at me hungrily… well, only if that babe is anyone except a vampire.   

It can be that she is looking at someone else sitting next to me… but I know that isn’t the case.   

Suddenly, A tall guy appears behind Zakira and urges her to move. Her expressions turn a bit angry at him but she removed her gaze from me and continues forward.   

“Damn…” I leak out a voice in relief.   

What the fuck was that?   

It is known by everyone that after so many centuries of being without blood, vampires have lost their taste for it and gets no further urge to drink it.   

If so, then why was the vampire princess like that?   

“Ahem… Good morning, students.”  

Principal Winde speaks after reaching the lectern placed in the middle of the stage.   

The whole auditorium quiets down. Professor Winde is not a person with a loud personality, but when he speaks, everyone listens.   

The three princesses have also sat down on the chairs placed behind.   

Now that my attention diverts from them a bit, I see that it’s not only Zakira who is with a Vampire bodyguard. Ilyrana and Leena have bodyguards as well. And for some reason, both are male.   

“Hmm… It looks like the teacher representing the beastkins hasn’t arrived yet, but sadly, we cannot wait any longer,” Professor Winde speaks in a low voice but it gets carried through the whole auditorium.   

“Now, I am sure, you all are very excited to hear out our guests but please allow me to announce a few things before that.”  

Professor gives a small cough before continuing.   

“First, the school will be getting over two hours earlier than the normal timing from tomorrow,” He says.  

There is a momentary silence… before the whole auditorium erupts into talks.   

“2 hours early? Are you freaking kidding me!?” Ryan yells loudly.   

Leo actually starts crying in joy.   

“Now I can spend more time with my girl—”  


The Hall quiets down in an instant from Professor’s small but clear fake cough.   

“No, you won’t be allowed to leave the school early because of the second announcement I am going to make,” he says.   


Leo starts crying again but this time, sadly.   

Two hours for preparation? Of what?   

“Students, I am really glad that our school is the first one to get permission to conduct this. And it is my pleasure to announce the first-ever… Mixed Race Magical Tournament!” 


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