Chapter 37: The Magical Tournament

“… Mixed Race Magical Tournament!”  


Everyone starts talking to each other in confusion.   

“What does he mean by that?” Leo asks.   

“Hahaha… It sounds like they are trying to make us race against each other. I don’t get what’s magical about it though. It would be so fun! I will win for sure, at least against you two!” Ryan says while laughing.   

I don’t want to say out loud, but are you an idiot, Ryan? He obviously doesn’t mean race like that.  

Though I will win for sure if there will be an actual race…   

“As you can guess by the name itself, the participants in this tournament will be students from all the four races: Humans, Elves, Vampires, and Beastkins,” He says.   

“What? It means that?” Ryan says, clearly surprised.   

“And well, again, as mentioned in the name, the participants will compete against each other using magical powers…” Professor Winde announces.   

The auditorium erupts with noises again.   

“Compete with each other!?” Leo exclaims loudly in surprise.   

“With magic!?” Ryan says, bewildered.   

What the heck is he saying?   

Even if I overlook the competing part, none of us present here can use magic! One should be at least level 2 or 3 to even unlock Magic and learning it comes after that.  

And this is the case with me right now…   

“Please, calm down everyone!” Professor Winde says in a strong voice.   

Silence fell again.   

“I know what you all are wondering so please, allow me to explain myself,” he says.   

“I will first clear up the doubt as of how the magical powers are going to be used. As everyone knows, there are only two ways to access magic, first is leveling up in the system and the second is by using the core stones of a secondary system towers.”  

“And this was going to be announced in a press conference tomorrow by the Elfish and Human foreign ministers but I will tell it to you all now…”  

“With the help of the Elves in our long research, we have finally been able to properly process and stabilize the Core Stones! Magic can be accessed by anyone now!” Principle Winde says in a loud voice.  

Everyone in the Auditorium gasps in shock together except the three princesses and their bodyguards sitting behind.   

Unlike System Information Stones (SIS) which are given by the secondary system towers themselves after the fusion of systems, the only way to get your hands on the Core Stones is by extracting them manually.   

As their name suggests, these stones are found at the core of the secondary system towers. And as Principal Winde just said, one can easily access magic using these stone but well, the risk to use them is extremely high.   

Core Stones are so unstable that the magical powers it releases exceed way above the limit of what a Human body can take at Level 1, causing Magical Poisoning and finally death.   

In fact, the only race infatuated with the idea of using Core stones to access Magic is Humans. Other races just level up to get it.   

But still, for them to be able to stabilize the Core Stones basically means magic access without any consequences…   

Even with the help of the Elves, it’s a major leap of progress for humankind.   

This is probably the most shocking and surprising news to everyone present here but unlike before, no one is making any noise now. All of us are listening intently to the Principal.   

“But as you all know, accessing magic and using them are two entirely different things. Now that we have the means to access magic, you will need to learn how to use it as well.  

“And even though I know how to do so, teaching all of you will be impossible for a single person. So, this Magical Tournament is our solution to this problem.  

“The students coming from the other countries are already well versed in the basics of magic. And in this tournament, various mixed-race teams will be formed.  

“These individuals will be placed in teams with you together and teach you whatever they know about magic as well as practice it along with you. And to help with anything else, teachers are available.   

“Now, the rules and specifications of this tournament will be informed to you by your class teachers. And also, please note this that participation is compulsory.”  

What? It is compulsory? But won’t there be too many people then?   

“This is revolutionary! Humans using magic even at Level one…” Leo says in an awe-filled voice.   

“Damn! I always wanted to use magic. This is like a dream come true!” Ryan says excitedly.   

It looks like no one except me is thinking about this. Everyone looks really excited and happy.   

“Now that the announcements are done, let’s hear out our guests, shall we?” Principal Winde says with a smile before walking away from the lectern.   

From the people seated behind, Princess Ilyrana and her guard stands up and gracefully walks to the lectern. Even from this far, I can trace the curves of her body.   

Damn! She is so sexy!   

Suddenly, pink light bursts in front of my eyes.   

[Hey, what did I miss— WOAHHHH]  

Where were you till now?   

[Trying to look for something, but answer me first! Why are all these hotties there on the stage!? Not that I mind it in the slightest…]  

Wait, I will tell you later, let me hear the princess first.   

Ilyrana reaches the lectern and beams at all of us present here before opening her mouth to speak.   

“Hello, everyone. I am Ilyrana Grimzephyr, princess of the white elf kingdom. I want to deliver my thanks to the Humans for receiving me so warmly,” She says politely with a little bow.   

Damn! Polite and sexy at the same time…   

[Such a fuckable material…]  

“You all might be wondering this, but neither me nor any of us princesses are here to teach. You will hear the speech of the teachers after us,” She says while gesturing at her guard.   

Her bodyguard will teach? Really? Then why is she here?   

[*Sigh* I cannot believe you are asking why a busty babe is here… Just focus on how to get inside her panty!]  

True— I mean, shut up!   

“As a means to improve and tighten the international bonds we decided to visit this Human school and study as well as participate in the upcoming magical tournament as students along with you all!” She tells us excitedly.   

“These princesses will study with us!?” Leo asks, shocked.   

“I hope I can get them on my team! I am sure at least one of them will fall for my charms!” Ryan says.   

Buddy, you don’t have any charms at all.   

“I also wanted to tell—”  


Suddenly, the sound of someone running resounds in the auditorium making the princess stop speaking and in the next, a man dresses in the security uniform enters the stage.   

He quickly runs to Principal and whispers something in his ears.   

“Hey, isn’t that the guy who guards the gate?” Ryan asks.   

“Yeah, it is,” I answer.   

Immediately, Principal Winde stands up from his seat and quickly walks up to the lectern himself.   

“Excuse me, Ilyrana,” he says to the princess.   

Ilyrana politely steps aside from the lectern before he speaks into the mike, addressing us.   

“Due to an emergency, this program is canceled. I am also declaring a holiday for the next two days,” he says in an urgent tone.   

Wait, what the fuck?   

Everyone is looking really confused over this sudden cancellation of the program and also the declaration of two days’ holiday.   

“I want you all to calmly empty the auditorium and return to your homes… as fast as possible.”  

Me, Leo and Ryan look at each other’s faces…   

I think we all have guessed that something bad has happened just now.   






[But it’s so sad. I want to hear the sweet voice of all the princesses!]  

Me too…   

Right now, I am walking towards my house alone. I said my goodbyes to Ryan and Leo with the promise to meet at Leo’s house to talk about what happened and also play games the day after tomorrow.   

Maya is not with me either as she decided to go with some of her friends to the mall.   

Well, she probably wants to discuss all the things with them as well.   

[But this is all good for us, you see. These two days holiday and all.]  

And why is that?   

[I mean, you got off early today so extra flirty time with Layla before the “Big Night”.]  

Fufufu… True, I am really looking forward to it.   

[And aren’t you forgetting about someone?]  


[Rebecca, idiot! I am still finding it hard to believe that she is still in love with you after just meeting once. But if she gets over you, well, you are basically dead.]  

Damn… So many things happened in these past few days that I totally forgot about to do something about Rebecca.   

[Well, I suggest you meet up with her and dedicate at least a whole day to her. Just remember to end the day with long and steamy sex.]  

Fufufu… I like the sound of that as well. I am sure Rebecca will—  


Suddenly, I feel something really cold hit my head hard and I see bright red eyes hungrily staring at me … just before I faint.   


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