Chapter 39: The Vampire Princess (Part-2)

“What the— Fuuucckk!”   

Suddenly, an extreme pleasure runs through my back as Zakira continues to stroke my cock with her small and beautiful hand.   

Feeling the twitching of my cock, she stops her motion and instantly drops her beautiful face down to wraps her mouth around it before starting to blow me again.   

Her cold, saliva-filled mouth acts as an exquisite meat-hole which feels like it is made for sucking out the rising cum from my cock.   

For some reason, I have a sudden and intense urge to just grab hold of her grey hairs and force it down hard on my cock till it reaches the base and keep her in that position till I fill up her mouth completely… but well, my hands are tied up.   

“I will— Aaaargh”  

Suddenly, the pleasure reaches its peak and with a loud grunt, I start shooting my thick semen inside Zakira’s mouth.   

She stops moving completely and focuses completely on swallowing my cum while looking straight into my eyes.  


After more than around twenty seconds, my semen stops spurting out and my raging heart also starts to settle down a bit.  

The amount of semen I let out is not that much but it is still more than what I use to spurt out in masturbation before I got the system.  

Zakira also removes her mouth from my cock before giving it a last few suctions, and drinking the semen remaining in my urethra as well.   

“It should be enough for that… I need your blood now…” she says while lifting up her body again.   

Her face becomes strange all of a sudden as she starts moving up on my body again with a trance-like state.  

“B-Blood? W-What are you saying? Vampires don’t drink blood anymore!” I say fearfully remembering what she said before I started cumming.   

The elation I was feeling from the ejaculation vanishes instantly.   

“Yes, we don’t…” she whispers while continuing forward.   

The moment her body comes in a mirror position to mine, she stops and adjusts it while lowering such that her extremely soft tits rest on top of my chest and changes their shape completely from being round. I can also feel her protruding nipples poking slightly.   

“…but you are special, unfortunately,” she finishes while grabbing my hairs with her left hand to keep my head in place before starting to passionately lick my neck.  

The similar cold and slimy feeling which I already experienced on my chest and on my cock before start crawling on my neck.   

Her tongue feels so good…   

Fuck! I am losing concentration!   

“W-What do you mean I am special!?” I ask while stuttering a little.   

“Ahh… Yes, you are special… and your blood is very special…” She says in strangely craving voice.  

“M-My blood?” I ask in confusion.   

“Yes… your blood is the most luscious thing…I have ever smelled in my entire hundred years of life… It is so tempting that if my guard wouldn’t have stopped me before in the auditorium…I would have attacked you in front of everyone there…” She tells me.  

Fuck! She really was looking at me earlier.   

“H-Hey, I am not anyone special at all, alright! You cannot drink my blood!” I say in a bit stronger voice this time. I need to at least try and keep my ground.   

“You really think…I will listen if you just say no?” she asks while still continuing to lick my neck.   

“B-But you are the Vampire princess! H-How can you do this!? It will endanger the relations of Humans and Vampires when ” I ask accusingly.   

“I don’t want to do that as well…but I just cannot control myself. Just this once will be fine… And no one will even know if I dispose of your body properly,” she says while circularly rotating her tongue now.   

“D-Dispose!? What the fuck do you mean by dispose my body!? D-Don’t tell me…” I ask fearfully, having a bad premonition of what she is going to say.  

“Do you think I can stop to check if you are alive or not once I start drinking?” she asks.   


“But don’t worry, you will really enjoy your final moments…” she says.  

“What the fuck!? No! I won’t enjoy it at all! Get off of me right now!” I say angrily.   

“Oh, believe me, you will. I have studied that getting your blood sucked by a vampire is one of the highest ecstasies in the world.   

“And also, according to the ancient method of blood hunting, a vampire should always make this act as pleasurable as possible for his or her prey. Doing that will also make their blood even more delicious. You see, I was just warming you up for the act with my mouth before…”  

She says while starting to kiss my neck with her cold but soft lips.   

That was warming up!? How will be the actual act— no, fuck that!   

“I-I don’t want this pleasure! I am sure someone else would love it! Suck their blood!” I say, a bit desperate now.   

Even though I am curious about experiencing this “highest ecstasy” but I am not going to lose my life over it.   

“But you are the only one I want to drink the blood of. In fact, this is the first and the last time I will ever drink blood because as you said, I really shouldn’t be doing this. You are just my one-time treat for life…” she whispers.   

And you are the one-time biggest nightmare of my life!   

But seriously, how the fuck am I this unlucky?   

Out of all the people in the auditorium, a vampire chooses to suck only my blood. This is just…  

“I guess we should start now…” Zakira says.   

She stops moving her tongue but does not raise her face from my neck, neither does she relaxes the grip of her hand on my hairs.   

She just raises her meaty ass in the air and move it a little forward… only to rest her crotch on top of my cock which, by the way, has hardened again from the Zakira’s sensual stimulations on my neck.   

Feeling her hairless slit rub on top of my cock, I actually receive a slight shock…   

Her pussy is not just wet, love juices are literally flowing out in small streams. I don’t know if it’s just the disposition of a vampire’s body, but my cock and the area around it has gotten wet instantly.  

Wait, now that I notice it, I can feel that the bed is also wet below my waist where Zakira was sitting before.   

Damn! My mind is wandering to useless things! I should focus on saving my life here!   

“W-Well, don’t you think giving me a b-blowjob again will make my blood tastier?” I ask in the hope to delay this even a few minutes more.   

Zakira does not reply but just simply moves her right hand below and grabs my cock there… placing its tip against the entrance of her vagina.   

“W-Wait! I really think we should do a little more foreplay! My blood will—Aaargh!”  

Before I can even complete my sentence, Zakira drops down her hips on my rock-hard cock, making its full length get buried deep inside her pussy.  

Even though I felt her hymen getting torn through when I was a few inches in, Zakira didn’t raise a single voice of pain. But still…   

Fuuuck! She is too tight!   

The soft and cold walls of Zakira’s meat hole are extremely lubricated with her overflowing love juices, making the penetration really easy but they are also clenching around my cock so tightly that it feels like it might get teared in two.   

Suddenly, along with the pleasurable feeling from Zakira’s pussy, a really sharp pain also appears on my neck which vanishes almost immediately and after that…   


A pleasure, so great, that the likes of which I have never experienced before, consumes my whole body. My cock, which had already made to came once before, erupts semen again, filling Zakira’s unmoving pussy.   

The only feeling I have on my neck right now is the light warmness of the blood flowing out from my neck and into Zakira’s mouth.   


She also leaks out a muffled moan of pleasure while drinking my blood.  

Slowly, Zakira’s hips also lift up again and before my dick could come out, she slams it down again.   


With just a single thrust, semen starts shooting out of my cock again.   

What is this!? What the fuck is this!?   

Zakira wasn’t lying, this pleasure really is beyond everything. Even my dick has not lost its strength even after cumming twice for some reason.  

Zakira also does not stop even for a second and with continuous up and down motion of her hips, she starts riding my cock while making squishing sounds of her love juices and my semen being churned inside her meat-hole.   

But still, even though I don’t want this feeling to ever stop, my body’s condition is seriously getting worse.   

I never thought that I vampire sucks blood this fast and in such quantity. My body is already feeling really weak. I have a really bad feeling that the reason for the sexual act is to increase the speed of flowing out blood…   

Fuck! At this rate, I will die in a few minutes. I really need to do—  

Suddenly, pink light bursts in front of my eyes.   

[Woah! You surprise me every time I come back, buddy. Wait, isn’t that the vampire princess? You scored big this time!]  

H-Help me! She is sucking my blood! I am dying!   

[Oh, I know about this. Stop thinking about the useless things buddy and just focus on fucking that cold and tight pussy!]  

Are you even listening!? I will di—   


Cum starts squirting out from my cock again.   

[Good going, buddy. Three times already! Let’s bet if you can cum for the fourth time in a row before—]  

Shut up! Just shut the fuck up, you useless piece of shit!!!   

[Woah, that is some way to talk to your system…]  

I am dying here and you… Just fuck off!   

[Sigh… Really? Do you think that if you really were dying, I would be this calm?]  

What? Zakira told me that I will die after she finishes!   

[Oh… Well, can you tell me the name of your system?]  

What the fuck are you— Fine, the sex beast system.   

[Correct! And do you really think that a sex beast can ever be dominated by a woman in bed against his wishes? Will your system ever let that happen?]  

I am seriously not getting what you are saying, okay? And she is doing way more things than just dominating me in bed!?   

[Fufufu… I won’t say anything more because it has come…]  

Suddenly, a pink light brighter than the one before erupts before my eye…   


[Beast Awakening] 


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