Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 157 The First Prince

We left the reception area and headed to the room where the first prince was resting, guided by a servant.

However, the Duke didn’t seem to have much energy left, so he waited in the carriage.

He’s come a long way, mentally.

And so, it’s just me and the Marquis, which is pretty awkward.

This is the second time we’ve met after all.

Well, he didn’t seem to want to talk while walking so we went around the castle in silence.

I mean, I thought we were at the end of the castle, but why are we outside?

This is clearly outside the castle, and not the courtyard, where are we going?

Wait, is it that tower by any chance?

At the end of my sight is a single tower tall enough for me to look up.

That’s a watchtower, isn’t it?

I knew it was a bad idea to ask the servant walking steadily in the front, or the Marquis who was walking silently next to me, so I kept quiet and started walking to the tower, just as I thought.

Even though it’s within the castle walls, it’s still a remote location.

I had my doubts about the treatment of the first prince. We reached the tower and the guards and servants stationed there exchanged some words and returned.

「 This way 」

The man said and handed a thick cloth to the Marquis and me.

I was about to ask what this was about but then the Marquis used it to cover his face like a mask.

「 This is just in case. Cover your mouth and nose like me 」

「 Oh, seriously? 」

Hey now, is it a contagious disease?

Is this going to be okay?

However, I’ve gone this far now, saying that I don’t want to go won’t work.

I just have to ready myself.

I covered my nose and mouth with a cloth and followed the Marquis as he stepped into the tower, and we began to climb up the spiral stairs.

The interior of the tower is quite dark since there’s basically no light.

The only light coming through comes from the small window, probably for ventilation.

If you come to this place at night, it would feel as if a guard would come down from above, ringing a bell, and shooting magic from a distance.

Suddenly, I got more alert, and then the Marquis spoke without looking back.

「 It seems that Marius-dono is quite fond of Kotori 」

「 Is that so? He’s been good to me 」

The topic was so sudden that I had to think about what I was saying.

「 You don’t seem to understand, but it’s rare to find someone he’s comfortable with you know? 」

「 Is that so? However, isn’t it the same with the Marquis? He sees you as a friend 」

「 Indeed, Blaureite and Carlitz House have a long relationship, and we’re probably on friendly terms, however… He and I are patriarchs, seeking our interests. We don’t deepen our friendship without profit like Kotori does 」

Well, indeed, the Duke isn’t my client, so I don’t feel much interest in that.

「 To him, Kotori must be like a son of that age. The Carlitz house has no men, only Miss Silka and her sister. He must be enjoying having someone to drink with like a son 」

「 A son? I don’t think it’s that far, but if he’s having fun, then I’m delighted to hear that 」

As for the age difference between Silka-chan and me, she could live for about two hundred more years so it’s weird.

But, it doesn’t feel like he’s a dad at all.

「 The duke isn’t a personality often liked by others, he’s intimidating and cunning to the young people, and so they either dwarf or revolt against him. He must be happy to have a young man like Kotori who’s not afraid of him. Oops, forget that one. To me, I like his character, he doesn’t hide his heart 」

He has a difficult personality, yeah.

But since he always is like that, in a way, he has no backside.

He’s an honest person, depending on how you look at it.

While we were talking about, the end of the spiral stairs has come.

I see a wooden good at the end.

The door seems to be locked, and the Marquis uses the key to open the door.

Seems like he received it earlier.

Hmm, this looks like a confinement.

I followed the Marquis through the door, and I saw the room

It’s a dimly lit circular room, about the size of a studio apartment in Tokyo.

The dull light coming from the window glass is pretty cloudy. This may seem good enough in this world but I know the transparent glass of Earth

It’s a little dusty, moldy, and caged.

I’m getting a little sick just from the atmosphere in the room.

There’s only little furnishing in the room, a single chair, some shelves, and a bed.

There’s a partition in front of the bed so we can’t see what’s going on from the entrance.

Taking a few steps inside the room, I see the place hidden by the partition.

There was an elf boy on the bed, dropping the book he was reading.

He raised his gaze to the approaching visitors, shaking the blonde hair stretching to the shoulder.

「 I just had my lunch…Oh, Marquis Blaureite? Why are you here? 」

「 Holes, it’s been a while. I hope I didn’t bother you with our sudden visit 」

「 No, not at all. I’m happy to see you Marquis 」

Hmm, I heard that he’s sick, but he looks like he’s in good health.

It’s said that even if he’s sick, restorative magic and other methods can help during his early days, which means it suppresses his symptoms.

If I recall, he’s a year older than Silka-chan.

He’s a beautiful boy who definitely gives a gentle impression.

Marquis, and Holes, the first prince, were having a rather friendly conversation.

While there was discord with the Second wife, I guess Sisgran and Blaureite don’t have a bad relationship.

But, since this is the Marquis, it’s too much to think that he’s just taming the future head of the house.

Once the conversation got interrupted, Holes turned his gaze to me.

「 Oh, are you curious about him? He’s Kotori. He’s a visitor from a distant land, and so I brought him to see if he might know about the disease. Holes, I’m sorry to ask but could you show us your skin? 」

「 If that’s the case… 」

I bowed lightly and Holes started taking off his clothes.

It feels like a greeting, but since we’re wearing masks, he probably doesn’t want us to stay too long.

I approached the bed and looked at Holes, who was naked on top.

If this was a beautiful girl, my eyes would be nailed to the chest, and have an erection now, but I’m not interested in men, even if they have a good face. So I checked out the affected area.

At a glance, it looks like a skin disease.

The exposed skin has several spots where it’s pale pink, which is clearly different from the other parts, and there are some rashes in some places.

I found out from the conversation with the Marquis but this seems to be the early symptom of Mauler’s disease.

Hmm, I get that, but to be honest, I don’t know what kind of illness this is.

However, if the symptoms are showing up, there’s a chance a doctor may know something about it.

If it’s a disease with a unique mechanism to this world, then they’re out of luck, but if not, there’s hope.

It’s probably in its early stages, but it looks like it could be cured with some ointment.

How do I tell the doctor about this? It’s impossible with word of mouth, so I have no choice but to use my phone.

But, I don’t want to use that method right now.

I mean, I don’t want the Marquis to see it.

Even so, he’s expecting me to have something because I’m from another world.

I don’t know what kind of reaction he would have if he knew I could do various things.

I don’t think he’s a bad person, and he’s a friend of Euphy, so I think it’s fine to disclose to some extent, but I still have my doubts.

I’m sorry for the anticipation from both, but let’s end this for now.