Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 158 The First Prince Part 2

「Kotori, was it? W-What do you think?」

Holes called to me impatiently as I stared at the infected area and didn’t move.

I raised my head to face him and before I could even say a word, the Marquis reassured me with a gentle voice.

「Holes, I understand your impatience but it would be difficult for Kotori to make conclusions」

The fact that he said that before I could speak up suggests that the Marquis intends to examine the results regardless of how they turned out.

「Yes. I can’t make mistakes, so I hope to bring it home for now」

「Is that so? You’re right…」

Damn, don’t look so sad.

The guilt is terrible.

Holes’ disappointed expression hurts, but I have no choice but to back off.

The Marquis continued their small talk and gave his parting words.

After closing and locking the door, and descending the spiral staircase for a short while, the Marquis spoke to me.

「I have to say, I pity him. It’s nothing short of a tragedy that such a brilliant man is struck by an illness and has everything taken from him」

The Marquis seems disappointed.

I guess he was valuing him that much.

「So, Kotori. How was it?」 Did you find anything?」

「To be honest, I can’t say that was enough. However, I may be able to dig up some memories over time. I’ll report to you by then」

「I see. I would be lying to say I had no expectations, but I knew it would be difficult. If you can’t remember, then don’t worry too much」

Oh, he’s disappointed.

He was expecting a lot from me

After that conversation, while descending the spiral stairs, I returned to the carriage silently.

That’s the end for now and there will be another discussion later.

Three people boarded the carriage. The Duke and I were sent to the Duke’s mansion.

We entered the mansion with the Duke, who was silent the entire time and let out a weak sigh.

I feel like he’s completely distracted.

I want to say something to give comfort, but there’s something I need to do more than that.

I went to my room and stood at the front door to sense if there was anyone on the other side.

It’s Nia, who sensed someone’s nearby with her detection skill.

「Nia, don’t open the door, just listen」

「Uu? Daiki-nii? What’s wrong? Did something happen?」

「Sorry but could you get some hot water and a change of clothes for me in the bathroom?」

「Okay, got it. Right away?」

「Yeah, I plan on returning soon, so please. See you later」

「Huh? What’s going on? I don’t get it but take care, I guess」

I just returned, but I used my teleport to go to the first prince again.

If I were to use my personal long-range teleport, my teleport would likely be inhibited, but I still arrived at the top of the tower without care.

The surroundings are dim, and the air is quiet and gloomy.

I covered my mouth with the cloth I received and put it in my pocket, then approached the bed from the shadow of the blinds.

Then, Holes noticed my sudden appearance and his body shook.

「Y-You! The one from earlier? When did you come in?」

「Holes-sama, I’m sorry for the sudden visit. I just needed to see you again」

「Again? Me?」

「Yes. I’ve come to conduct another investigation into your disease」

「But didn’t you just finish earlier?」

He looks at me in distrust.

That’s obvious.

If that was the case, then I should’ve given a proper checkup while the Marquis was with me.

I have no choice but to explain it to him.

「I know that you’re suspicious of me. However, could you listen to my story? The reason I came here again is because I have some things I want to keep a secret from the Marquis. If I’ve done it before him, he’ll surely ask me about it. For that reason, I’d like to visit without permission, but I didn’t want to risk it for Holes-sama’s sake, and so I came alone. I know it’s difficult to trust me, but, I’ll ask if you could show me your body again」

「You’re willing to risk it for me?」

Holes stared at me in the eye

Those anxious dark green eyes seem to be looking into me.

After a while, his expression relaxed.

「Very well. I allow it. All I have to do is show my body, correct?」

「Yes. That’s all I ask」

Hmm, isn’t he an honest kid?

Hey, don’t sway.

I came back here, but to be honest, I’m not even sure if I could find a treatment for him.

After all, I don’t know how it will affect us.

If they can fix it, I’ll get rewards, but how much?

However, I also want to help a kid unconditionally because he’s sick.

And so, I came here again, hoping to find out the name of the disease.

Well, let’s not think about it and take a picture.

I pulled out my phone and started taking photos.

Hmm, I guess I’ll take photos of the entire upper body and the part where the abnormality appears.

I took photos with my phone and Holes gave me a curious look.

「That’s something I’ve never seen before, is that some kind of magic tool?」

「Yes, that’s right. I’m using this to investigate the cause of the illness」

「My, to think that such a tool exists. I see, if you had that, it’s natural to keep it a secret from the Marquis. Are you sure you want to show that to me?」

「If it helps Holes-sama, then I’d gladly use it. Besides, you’re not the type to spread such rumors around, are you?」

「I won’t speak of it. Never」

Such a good kid.

Although, I might be biased with these thoughts.

Let’s take some photos and show them to a doctor.

「Kotori, what kind is your country? There are many humans in our country, but I don’t see many with features like yours」

「I came from a distant land, and my appearance is a little different from the people here」

「Is that so? What kind of place did you grow up from?」

Somehow, he seems like he wants to talk a lot.

Could it be that he’s hungry for conversations?

There seems nothing to do in this place but read books, so he’s bored.

No, he’s probably craving for human interaction.

Well, if you get isolated in a place like this, you’d be so lonely and wouldn’t know what to do.

He’s polite to me, a commoner, so it’s not hard to talk to him.

It wasn’t appropriate but I continued taking photos of Holes while mixing some lies with what I say

Let’s end it here.

I put the phone to my back and found that Holes was looking at me with such expectant eyes.

「How is it? Did you find anything?」

「I’m sure I’ve got your hopes up but this tool takes time to make conclusions. I can’t tell you the results right away」

「Is that so?」

Oh, stop that face, will you?

You have a womanly face so it hurts.

He seems to be disappointed, but his face is also containing some other emotions.

「If you’re done, that means that you’re leaving?」

「I shouldn’t be here in the first place. I need to return soon」

「Is that so?」

Tsk, it can’t be helped.

「Holes-sama, if you’d allow, can I come again next time?」

「Huh? Really? Are you coming again?」

「I don’t know how long it takes for the tool to show its results, and I don’t know if I can talk about the disease at that time. However, I could bring in new books if you’d like」

「Yes! That would be great」

「Very well. However, please don’t be surprised when I appear suddenly, okay?」

「T-Then, please come after the sun goes down. Nobody visits at that time of the day」

Haa, you look so happy.

The next time I come, I’ll bring some stuff to pass some time

I’d like to return to the mansion in one go, but I used my personal long-range teleport to come here.

I could easily return with my group’s long-range teleport, but if I use it, I’ll have to return to Japan two days later.

I did promise to take Euphy and Nia with me the next time I go to Japan

I want to deal with Holes’ illness as soon as possible, and I want to go to Japan tomorrow.

Fortunately, the tower is located at the edge of the castle, so I could fly out of the castle with my short-range teleport.

I teleported away from holes, who looked disappointed when I said goodbye, and hid behind the partition.

Walking slowly into the noble area where they only travel by carriage, I gained enough cool-down time for another short-distance teleport.

Once I was near the Duke’s mansion, I teleported directly to my bathroom.

Hmm, just as I asked her. Hot water is ready.

They say that it’s not contagious, but I’m scared because it’s an illness I know nothing about.

What I fear most is having this transmitted to Euphy and Nia through touch, so I should cleanse my body before.

Even if it’s just a temporary measure.

That night, I was summoned by the Duke, of course.

「Kotori. I’m frustrated. Why does the Carlitz house have to go through such humiliation? It’s weird, what have I done?」

Woah, he’s drunk.

He’s got a few empty bottles

Could it be that he was drinking the entire time?

「The count’s appearance…he was looking down on me. The second wife as well, If Carlitz’s house was at its prime, I could’ve crushed them there and then. Bastards, they look down on me」

The duke drinks from the bottle directly as he grumbles.

He’s no different to a commoner who’s drinking in a bar.

Well, I expected this to happen.

I asked for the servant’s help and stayed with the Duke until he fell asleep.