Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 159 Japan and Various Things


Nia, clinging to my waist, has confirmed the completion of our teleportation by the change of scenery.

She looks up while still hugging and puts a smile on her face.

「Hey, hey, can I unlock the door?」

「Yeah, take care of it. Here you go」

「Okay. I’m the first one!」

She took the key from me and turned up the iron stairs, wagging her tail.

It’s been a while since we came to Japan, so she’s very excited.

「It looks like it’ll take some time for Nia to become graceful」

That said, Euphy was holding my arms on her chest, our hands clasped tightly in lovers’ hold, and she smiled looking troubled, yet gentle.

Nia was recently learning manners from the maids, but she’s right about it, she shows it always.

Today, Euphy and Nia came with me to Japan.

The last time they came here was about half a month ago?

It’s just the start of September in Japan.

We came here without solving anything, but I’m not the main subject, so what I can do is limited.

And so, I do what I can, and I’m here to accomplish that.

But, I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when I told them that I was going out for a few days.

“Huh, no way? Are you leaving with the head in that state?” That’s the face they were making.

How much they want to push him to me.

If he wasn’t drinking, he would be just an unpleasant old man.

Still, this is some terrible heat.

Perhaps there’s little air exchange in the warehouse, but this is unbearable.

I can’t wait to get into the living room and benefit from the air conditioner.

I sat down on the sofa with the air conditioner turned on and the two sat next to me.

Today, the two are wearing the new clothes Mirai chose for them before.

Euphy’s wearing a black short shirt and white pants.

The glimpse of her belly button is cute.

Nia wears a white lace dress with three-quarter length, and summer is in full swing.

Euphy made holes in her clothes for her tail to come out, and she was shaking with her excitement.

When going outside, she puts on her straw hat and backpack, but I wonder if the backpack is a little awkward with this outfit.

Well, she looks cute no matter what she wears so it doesn’t matter.

Well then, it’s still early since we came to Japan, but I first need to contact the girl who would get angry if I didn’t let her know I’m here.

I took out my phone and contacted her through the messaging app, and I immediately received a call.

「Can I go now? Or are you coming to pick me up?」

「That’s the first thing you say? I don’t mind picking you up, but I have a lot of other things to do so I can’t do that. Besides, Euphy and Nia are with me」

「I don’t mind. I’m fine as long as I can be with you Kotori-san. Isn’t that pure?」

「You really tell that yourself?」

「Fufu. If the two are there, then I’m heading your way instead. Is it the warehouse?」

「Yeah, I’ll be waiting」

And so, Mirai’s coming.

We’ve been meeting every time I come to Japan.

I mean, she wants to meet.

I gave permission so she didn’t feel bad at all.

And so, we’re killing time until Mira comes over.

Nia immediately laid down on the sofa and started watching videos on the laptop while Euphy’s staring at the phone I was holding.

Somehow, this feels like a sight on the modern Earth.

Soon after, Mirai comes over wearing a black cap and shaking her ponytail.

Looking at the warehouse, it seems like there’s a car waiting outside.

She looks happy to see me welcome her.

「You could’ve waited in the room」

「I wanted to see Mirai sooner too, just kidding. I’m sorry since you came here as fast as you could but I have somewhere I want to go. Ryo’s outside right? Could you wait with Euphy inside?」

「I don’t mind waiting, but what do you need Ryo for?」

「I want to talk to a doctor on this side」

「A doctor? Someone’s sick?」

「No, we have no issues. We’re healthy. I would say that we’re too healthy that it’s bad」

「That’s great, but… Okay, I’ll wait inside. Just do it quick, will you?」

She seemed a little dissatisfied, but Mirai noticed Nia looking over the glass and went to the living room while waving her hand.

Hey, that’s not the same smile when you faced me.

I stepped out of the warehouse and Ryo noticed me and got out of the car.

「Bro, hey! I think the Lady’s gone in the room, but what’s up?」

「I’ve got a favor to ask. You had a black market doctor carry you back then, right? I have something I want them to look at, can you call them?」

「Is that so? I think that’s okay, I’ll contact them」

Ryo said, took out his phone, and started making calls.

After a while, he turned to me in the middle of the conversation.

「He’s willing to hear it for a consultation fee. Is that okay?」

「Yeah, please do. I want to go there if possible」

「Okay. I’ll make a reservation」

I got into the passenger seat and drove for about 20 minutes with Ryo, then I reached a house I remember.

This time, I went inside from the front, but the exterior seemed to be a general house and there was a reception inside, so I guess it used to be a town doctor.

Ryo talked with a blue-haired nurse and then she gestured to go through the back with her thumb.

That was some poor manners.

That’s what I thought, but I had no intention of complaining so I followed.

I followed Ryo deeper and found an old doctor who was in his 70s in the consultation room.

「What’s the kid from Ose need from this place? We don’t do foreskin surgery」

「Sasaki-san’s the same as usual」

He’s dealing with people from the other side, and he’s facing Ryo whose appearance is obviously on that side.

「It’s not me but this guy who wants to consult you. By the way, he’s a friend of our boss, keep that in mind」

「He looks like a respectable man to me」

「Maybe, but just so you know, he’s a badass. To tell you the truth, not even the big guys can beat him. Don’t look down on him. You might die if you anger him. I’m not even joking」

「Haa, even a thug like you would say that?」

Sasaki-san, the dark doctor stares at me.

I mean, what even Ryo is talking about?

「Ryo, what kind of a person do you think I am? I’m not doing that」

「No, you’re the type who could kill if you get angry. Even the boss says that. That you’re the real deal. Those guys from last time were still lucky but you could’ve killed them all right?」

「But I didn’t」

「Your eyes could kill…」

This was probably when the Naito group kidnapped Mirai.

Sure, I threw some hands on people that were trying to make a move on Mirai, but I didn’t go killing, right?

I’m a little sad because I can’t deny it completely.

Ryo said all that and now Sasaki, the black market doctor was looking at me with a suspicious face, then a troubled expression showed on his face.

「So, what do you want to ask?」

「Ah, yes. I want you to look at this first」

I handed the phone to show the photo and his expression turned grim.