Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 45. Negotiations



When Davey mentioned the word “Duel,” I was disgusted that I speak up.

「 Just perfect, there are four of you. I also have four knights with me. Accept the duel 」

「 Four knights? You’re not even going to participate? You’re even counting Nia on this? Are you even serious? 」

「 Hmph! I don’t need to fight, fool! When I win, you give me that girl, I’ll show her as much love as Euphilite 」

「 Man, this isn’t going through 」

So this is what nobles are.

Dismayed by Davey’s antics, he then points at Euphy.

「 Tsk! Enough about you! Euphilite, do you accept the duel? Or will you run in shame?! Pick! 」

「 I don’t mind at all, if that’s what makes Davey-sama back off, then I’d be happy to accept. But, Daiki-sama will decide 」

「 I see. As expected of the Adicilton house. I commend you for not turning your back on the battle. But, your master seems to be timid. Haa, is that the master of this beautiful Euphilite? 」

Davey looks at me trying to say “How’s that?” but I’d rather talk to my little berserker.

「 Hey, Euphy-san, come here 」

「 Eh? Ah, okay… 」

I held her by the shoulders and walked a bit of a distance so I could talk to her.

Geez, she’s making a scary face.

「 Hey, what are you doing? You’re being a battle junkie again, you’re getting me angry 」

「 I-I’m sorry. But, I thought that it would be easier to fight it out at this point 」

「 It’s not easier! We don’t need a meaningless duel you know! 」

This is definitely just Euphy being frustrated and wanting to settle it quickly.

She’s a muscle head.

「 Diaki-sama, hear this! I have a good chance of winning! Gilbert-san doesn’t seem to know but I’ve seen those knights several times 」

「 Uhm, who? 」

「 The red-haired man closest to Davey-sama. He’s the vice chief of the second knight order of the Badel house. I’ve been on the Badel territory on several occasions and I’ve seen their knights 」

「 Hmm. So, do you think you can win? 」

「 By the looks of it, he seems to have spear arts 3 skill, and he’s the leader of the knights. If so, the remaining knights would be lower ranked. In other words, if Daiki-sama, Gilbert, and I fight them, we’ll surely win 」

「 Please explain it better… 」

「 The red hair knight there is the biggest force to face. It’s certain from the position and behavior. I have a faint memory of seeing that woman among the other knights, but I don’t know the others. I never shared the same room with them. If that’s the case, those men are definitely ordinary knights, and it’s unlikely that they possess level-three combat skills 」

「 Maybe the other three are hiding their abilities or something? 」

「 Hiding? I don’t think so, as there’s no point in doing that. It’s likely that the Badel house is hiding their competent people, but not here… Many of the knights of the Badel house, just like the Adicilton house, were scattered on the battlefield. So I don’t see the point of keeping a hidden force 」

「 I see 」

「 If Gilbert can hold off the red-haired knight, I should be enough to beat the other knights. If Daiki-sama joins us, then we have no chance of losing 」

I thought she was just a musclehead, but she did a good job analyzing her opponent’s strengths.

Using the common sense of this world, I know that typical knights have a combat skill or two, and since the commander or vice has a combat skill with level 3, Euphy’s idea seems right.

Well, they likely possess more than one fighting skill, but a guy who can fight like that would probably be popular, so there’s no reason for the two of them to be unknown.

「 If the three of us fight, will we be able to win for sure? 」

「 Yes, they’re asking for four of us, but we don’t need to accept that. We can’t drag Nia into this. They should accept it if it’s a three-man fight. Besides, if it’s a duel and I’m the one they want, they must offer something of equal value. If we win, we must benefit. They don’t know that I can fight yet. We’ll be able to exploit that. Our chances of victory are enough. Let’s accept the challenge. Daiki-sama, I keep being on the receiving end. I want to be valuable to you, so please use me 」

If you propose fighting like that, it reminds me of the first time we entered combat in that forest.

In the end, I followed Euphy’s suggestion and we hunted goblins and wolves, and the hunt went well.

「 Are you sure? 」

「 It’s a good opportunity. Please put me to good use 」

「 If you lose, I’m going to have a good time with Nia, okay? 」

「 That’s not going to happen. Daiki-sama and Nia will be having fun with me! 」

Euphy’s eyes show strong belief in victory, even though she’s part of the bet.

She doesn’t seem to feel like losing.

Haa, I don’t have a choice then. I’ve been thinking that it’s a hassle already so let’s talk about it.

I also like the idea of getting something as valuable as Euphy if we win.

Oh well, I’m not willing to duel with the terms that I’m giving up on Euphy, so I’d like to consider the option of not doing that instead.

I have one idea that came to mind when talking to Euphy.

Then, let’s hurry up and use that.

「 I talked to Euphy, and we’re accepting the challenge. However, only three people will fight 」

「 What are you talking about? You have four people on your side, so do it with four! 」

「 If so, how about you join in? You’re not going to just send your knights without participating, are you? That’s the condition. If you’re participating, then I’m going after you, so be prepared 」

「 Kuh… V-Very well! Only three! 」

You talk a lot of absurd stuff to other people, but when it comes to joining the fight, you easily back down.

Good job coming this far.

「 So, we’re willing to accept the duel, what can your side offer? 」

「 Hmph! If you’re having that attitude, you can have anything 」

「 Anything you say… Then, I need money right now, so how about 300 gold? Or something similarly valued. If we lose, I’ll release Euphy from slavery 」

「 Wha? T-Three hundred you say?! And Freeing Her? Don’t be ridiculous 」

「 Is there anything weird about that? That’s the price I bought Euphy from the slave trader. Therefore, you must prepare the same amount of money 」

「 B-But why would you release her? If we win, you have to give her to us! 」

「 If that’s what you want, the price is 600 Gold Coins. I’m basically selling her off that way, so I’d like to ask for a reasonable value. Euphy’s always been a cute girl, and she’s become cuter, I taught her a lot of things that made her even more charming. If you want to get a slave someone else refuses to give off, it’s natural that you pay above what they purchased, don’t you think? Oh, also, show me the money here, I won’t be accepting a later payment 」

I mentioned that she’s cute, and so Euphy’s looking at me smilingly.

Gilbert-san’s looking at us with squinting eyes, but I didn’t care.

Nia’s glancing around, what is she looking for?

Oh, there are a few onlookers while we’re arguing.

There’s someone I know among them, what’s he doing there?

「 Six Hundred Gold Coins…T-That much… 」

「 What’s wrong? Do you not have any money? Then let’s forget it. You can go home without being able to make your bet with a commoner, sir Noble 」

「 Gugigigigi!!! Bastard! I-I’ll take the initial conditions! 」

「 Very well, now that’s decided 」

I knew that 600 gold coins were a lot of money, and I know that someone who was trying to get by with the wealth he gained from his noble status wouldn’t be surprised by that amount.

However, when I asked if he could actually afford it, he didn’t seem to have the guts and felt that it was impossible, so I was right with my initial reaction.

Besides, I doubt that he’s carrying that much money right now.

We live at an inn, so we carry our valuables with us, but I don’t think they’re carrying their money with them as they’re protected after their country has been destroyed.

Well, honestly, when I asked for 300 gold coins, I was hoping that this won’t end this way because they don’t have any.

I haven’t seen it in person yet, but I underestimated Davey, thinking that he doesn’t carry that much.

Still, even if we lose, I will free Euphy from slavery.

It seems that he thought that since Euphy is a slave, he can just take her, so he took the lower value.

The duel was set, and the other side was preparing under Davey’s direction, then a man approached me from the crowd.

「 Spare me from the bloodshed, okay? 」

「 Hey, why is a soldier stopping by just to watch? 」

The man who appeared was the head soldier of the city that I spoke to several times.

「 I heard that there was a fight going on so I came over, but since it’s you, I let it be. Besides, that’s a noble, right? I’d rather not get involved 」

「 That’s just a former noble. That’s why if he did something unlawful, then just take them. That aside, we’re about to settle it in a duel, got any location in mind? 」

「 Oh? Duel? Sure, I’ll lend you the training grounds and you can do whatever. I’ll be the witness too 」

「 Tsk, I appreciate that you’re lending us space, but at least try to not show in your face that you’re enjoying this 」

「 Haha, you know I can’t this is going to be fun 」

What a bad soldier.

But still, it helps.

Okay, how about we go to the duel spot.