Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 46. Wager



「H-hey, are you sure about fighting knights?」

「Hm? Is Nia worried?」

「I mean, they’re knights! They have to be strong…」

Nia who’s walking next to me looks worried, her eyebrows are furrowing, looking a little thin due to her hair color.

From a commoner’s point of view, a knight is a powerful warrior, ignoring the skill value or anything else.

「You say that but Gilbert’s also a knight, and also a vice commander you know? Besides, Euphy is a princess, and you know her strength, right? She’s not falling behind」

「What about Daiki-nii?」

「If you compare me…well, I’m a bonus」

「Uuu, I’m still worried」

Nia approached and attached herself tightly.

She’s always been relatively close in distance, but now I’m hugging her, she’s even closer.

I’m patting Nia’s head as she clings to me, and Euphy, who’s walking to my other side, called Nia.

「Daiki-sama says that it’s not a problem, so what’s there to worry about?」

「Euphy-nee doesn’t think that we’ll lose?」

「Yes, I don’t think of that at all. I’ll win with the strength that Daiki-sama granted me, so don’t worry」

「I believe Euphy-nee」

What about me?

It seems that Nia finds Euphy much more believable than me.

The head soldier brought me to a place that looked like a training camp, surrounded by walls and only a few soldiers in the audience. Probably thanks to them clearing out the people.

As both parties reached the training center, we naturally faced each other.

I speak up to Davey who looked so arrogant.

「So, who are you sending to fight?」

「Hmph! We’re winning anyway so there’s no need to show off. But people would call out that it’s invalid if I don’t show it. Carlia, bring it」

Davey called, and a female knight moved forward.

She comes to me and holds the thing out so I can get a better look.

Caria’s quite the beauty.

If she were five years younger, then I would love to have her as a companion and sleep with her.

「Hmm, gold coins and a skill orb?」

「100 Gold coins. And the skill orbs are level 2s」

Oh, three level 2 skill orbs? That’s much better than money

But then, I’m not sure if that’s going to total the 300 gold coin worth.

「What are the skill orbs?」

「Martial Arts 2, Archery 2, and Light Magic 2」

「Hmm, is that worth 200 gold? Euphy, your thoughts?」

「That’s going to be hard. If any of them were level 3, then the value would skyrocket. Level 2s are expensive, but not that high

Euphy doesn’t seem to know either, so I asked Gilbert-san, but his response was the same.

I look at Davey with doubt in my eyes and he just snorted and grinned.

「Hmph, That’s certainly not enough to make it worth it in the market. But, light magic skill orbs are wanted by someone, and the value has jumped many times over! magic skills are rare and light is the rarest of them all. Besides, level-two skill orbs only appear once every ten years!」

「Even if you say that, we can’t ascertain the authenticity. And yet, you bring that out, are you even sane?」

「Wha?! B-Bastard! You’re being disrespectful! Manos! Tell him the truth!」

The one who came forward was the redhead knight that Euphy mentioned she was acquainted with.

He’s behind Davey, so he looked at the guy with a dumbfounded look, but then straightened up and bowed his head to us.

「It has been a while, Euphilite-sama」

His greeting was a fearless one fitting the knight image he has.

The greeting was directed at Euphy, but I have a feeling that he’s also showing me recognition.

After Euphy replied politely, Manos continued.

「Davey-sama’s telling the truth. If you win, you can take the skill orb Marquis Blaureite(ブロウライト) and receive a Baron-sized fiefdom. I don’t know why, but they seem to want it badly」

「M-Manos, aren’t you telling them too much?」

Davey seems flustered.

Manos-san, could it be…

Euphy speaks to Manos, ignoring Davey who was making a fuss.

「Manos-dono, can I trust you in this?」

「I swear on the late Duke that it’s true. However, if you ask me if it would benefit Euphilite-sama and others in the same way, I doubt it」

「Manos?! What are you…」

「Davey-sama, you used the word “Nobles” towards Euphilite-sama. As you are aware, we’re wanderers who already lost our country, but since you used it, this duel puts the honor of the Badel house at stake. I would advise you not to tarnish the duel by showing the gold coins you haven’t offered」

「W-Why are you bringing that out?!」

「If you’re asking us to fight in a duel, then please make sure the stakes are fair. Please show us the dignity of the head of the Badel house」

「Kuh! Bastard! V-Very well! Bring it!」

I have a feeling that there’s some kind of dispute going on, seems like the fat guy doesn’t have the knights under his thumb.

Davey called out the knight from behind and the next moment, the female knight known as Caria, quickly held out a small box of gold coins.

「That’s 100 gold coins」

She came out of nowhere, and that was fast.

But it’s not the same speed that comes from physical skill like Euphy, rather, she prepared her actions in advance and waited in that state. It is probably some kind of covert skill to eliminate her presence.

That move can’t be explained otherwise.

Well, I was a little caught off guard, so it surprised me, but I know how to handle it as long as I’m aware of it.

Euphy and Gilbert-san don’t seem surprised at all.

I sense the difference in mindset here.

「And so, you want to add this to this? Well, if you say no, I’ll call off the match」

「Gigigigi! Who cares! Hurry up and fight!」

Well, this should be enough to amount to 300 gold coins.

Besides, we’re not losing, and the other side just raised their bet on their own, so I have no problem with it.

The fight is already decided, so we meet each other at the center of the training area.

We have Euphy, Gilbert-san, and Me.

The other side has knights with an axe, and a spear, then Manos-san.

Caria-san’s not joining the fight.

「Euphilite-sama can fight too…」

「Yes, I was nominated for the fight. I’m afraid, to be honest. Can you go easy on me?」

「T-This is a duel, going easy won’t be…」

Euphy sounded frail and childlike, talking to the knight with an axe.

She’s showing a timid beauty she never showed me before.

But, this is definitely her way of putting the enemies off guard.

It’s an example of how the Adicilton house will do anything to win.

But still, weren’t looking so dignified earlier, will that work?

Oh? Manos-san tapped the shoulder of the axe knight and told him something.

His face shows that he won’t be careless.

He seems to know the Adicilton house well.

I was looking at Euphy, who seem to show no care in the world with such strength, but when she noticed me, she giggled with an embarrassed expression on her face.


What an outrageous girl, catching her enemies off guard and also tempting me.

While Euphy got me, Manos stepped forward.

「Then, let’s go fight now. Though we’re in a duel, I hope you forgive me for pointing my sword at you, Euphilite-sama」

「I’m a former noble. And this is a duel, I understand the situation」

「If Davey-sama tries to force you after the duel, rest assured we’ll stop him」

「Oh? Do you think that you can win?」

「I’m unsure of Euphilite-sama’s master there, but the two of you aren’t strangers to me. Even I didn’t expect you to come to fight…」

「True, I may be out of place. However, Daiki-sama’s strong, you know?」

「That’s scary. It looks like I’m going to do my best to deal with him」

Euphy-san, you should’ve tried to undersell me.

But, I don’t think she would want to do that.

Euphy and Manos-san’s conversation is over.

The other side retreats to gain distance.

We followed suit and stepped back, then I see Nia with her ears and tail stretched out and hands clasped together.

She’s so worried.

「Euphy, should we go as planned?」

「Yes, Gilber, please hold Manos-dono off」

「Leave it to me」

「Daiki-sama, we’ll disable the other two knights and end the duel immediately」

「You’re too excited. Let’s go then」

We faced forward and the other side seem to be ready too.

The chief soldier then shouted 「Start!」 and the duel began