Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 51. Equipment Reinforcement



After processing the luggage in the carriage, it’s time to shop for tomorrow.

The knights already parted with us, so the four of us entered the store.

「 First, Euphy needs a new sword, what’s better than an iron sword? 」

「 It has to be steel 」

「 I see. They have steel tech now. I didn’t see them in stores, so I thought they don’t exist 」

「 Are steel swords available in this city? I don’t see them in stores 」

This store is a relatively inexpensive one that we usually go to, or maybe they only display iron products.

I wonder if they’ll introduce a rival, but when we went to a store they introduced, I found a familiar sign displayed above the entrance, so it’s probably affiliated.

Entering the store, the atmosphere is quite different from the other side, the interior here is of a higher quality.

The items on display are weapons and armor, but they also give the impression that they sell jewelry.

The items aren’t cluttered, but carefully placed, and the armor is displayed on an armor stand.

On a lighter note, most of them were made of iron and steel, with some swords and armor having a mysterious shine.

「 We have money, so how about we kit everyone out? 」

「 Is that okay? 」

「 Yeah, we won the fight earlier, but I feel the difference in equipment, and I want to get to the bottom of the dungeon. I’d love some skill orbs, but there’s not much in this town anymore, so why not get some equipment? 」

I have my doubts about spending the gold I got today, but gold is gold, no matter how I spend it, and if I’m going for the lowest level of the dungeon, then the time is right, so let’s spend it.

For now, thanks Davey.

Amen. Amen.

「 Yes. It’s also a problem if Daiki-sama keeps on wearing the leather armor, and I want to make sure Nia wears something nice 」

「 Eh?! Me too?! We just bought mine the recently 」

Euphy’s overprotectiveness isn’t just on me, but also on Nia.

Since her sword broke in the middle of the fight, her equipment is important, and her spirit is heightened.

We spent an hour in the store, selecting items and we already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted.

For now, each of us got an armor upgrade to better leather armor.

My leather armor now has thicker upper body protection and iron plates covering the chest, arms, elbows, and other parts, which gives it a certain weight.

I especially like the steel plate covering the shoulders as they’re slightly decorated.

It’s something about the armor that makes me want to tackle.

I have light armor 1, so this much extra weight shouldn’t be a problem.

It seems that the conventional wisdom in this world is that you need to be heavily armored, whether leather or metal, one must have skills to handle that armor, or conversely, it’ll make one weak.

In fact, Euphy dented the knight’s armor with her iron sword, so against someone strong, heavy armor is meaningless, and it only becomes useful when you can move normally with the benefit of your skills.

Oh well, it’s effective against opponents who only have low combat skills, and the armor kept him from dying from Euphy’s attack.

Euphy wouldn’t have attacked like that if he wasn’t wearing any armor.

Thinking about it, armor-based skills are quite important too.

I got more things I do, and more things I want, and it’s making me worry.

The leather armor Euphy and Nia wore is a bit different by design, it’s made for women.

Both of them had been wearing the same kind of leather armor, but now it covered a bit more of their bodies.

The material is also quite fantasy-based, like the leather of flying snakes or wild boars.

These are so light, yet they seem sturdy with hardness and elasticity.

The armor is cute as they wear a skirt too.

It’s fine to prioritize the practicality of the armor, but it’s also important to look good.

Well, the skirt length only covers the legs up to her mid-thigh, and so if she puts on knee-socks, only her thighs will be exposed…I guess that’s kind of a protection?

Still, my gaze is glued to their thighs.

Strange, I usually touch, lick, and rub that place…

Does this world have knee socks?

Apart from the armor, I also got a new shield and spear.

Both are made of iron, but the shield is much more sturdy, the spear is also changed to iron.

To be honest, it’s heavy but I think I can get used to it.

I’m sure that my power increased.

As for Nia, we got her a steel dagger.

From the looks of it, I don’t feel that it’s different from the iron dagger she had now, but she’s already practicing cutting two daggers with both hands, she’s motivated so it’s good.

Euphy’s satisfied with the steel sword on her hip.

For a common sword, steel is said to be a higher grade.

The store also has a sword made of a pale blue metal called a blue sword, it’s said to be more valuable than steel, but it costs 50 gold coins for one, so I decided to hold off for the time being.

It’s said that it’s much harder and lighter than steel, but is this metal something that doesn’t exist on earth

Or is it Damascus Steel? Something like that?

I don’t know what it is, but that’s my next choice to give to Euphy.

Also, from what I heard, there is some kind of magic sword.

Still, since Gilbert-san is with us, so everyone got to choose the right equipment for themselves.

As expected of a pro.

「 Speaking of which, Gilbert-san, you need a shield, right? 」

「 If I want to use my skill to the fullest, then I’ll need a large shield… 」

「 Let’s go buy one then 」

「 Is that okay? 」

「 Gilbert-san’s going to the dungeon with us, so I can fund that much at least 」

「 Hmm. Then I’ll accept it gracefully. I will keep everyone safe. You can leave the vanguard to me 」

「 Show us your cool fighting style in the dungeon as well, a good balance of offense and defense 」

「 Hmm, I’d like to have a drink with Daiki-dono and get to know each other better 」

He raised his eyebrows and showed a smile, saying that I get him.

What a dandy old man, you’re making me fall for you.

He’s been looking after us for some time now and he also found something that suits him, so he brought in a shield that’s big enough to hide an adult.

It’s quite expensive, but the amount of iron in there is greater than the other products, so I guess it can’t be helped.

Unlike the knights from earlier, Gilbert-san’s following us for Euphy’s sake, so let’s just call this his salary.

Now that we have everyone equipped with gear, they’re trading in the stuff that they were using.

I was watching where they were doing the assessment and looked somewhat concerned.

I went over and talked to the clerk, who looks like my age, trying to poke around

「 Hey, What’s funny about that spot on the leather armor? You were grinning, weren’t you? 」

「 N-No, what do you mean? 」

「 No, I get it. I get what you feel as it’s two cute girls who wore that equipment 」

「 ….. 」

I don’t have that kind of fetish, but I’m sure that there are people who would be interested in what these girls are wearing.

It didn’t touch their direct body parts like their underwear, but still, Euphy and Nia are beauties, and they wore that armor, so it wouldn’t be tame for those who have that kind of taste.

I mean, they could just sniff it, touch the leather armor or lick it.

「 I see a bag over there, is that a magic bag? 」

「 …Yes… 」

「 Thirty gold? Man, I want it but it’s expensive… Would be nice if it’s discounted 」

「 ………… 」

「 I want it. But it’s a little expensive… Maybe I could get a discount 」

「 …25 」

「 I’ll take it 」

Hmm, what a good negotiation.

I mean, I wasn’t expecting to get a 5 gold coin discount.

I thought that he’d give just 1 gold discount at max.

You wanted to sniff and lick the armor Euphy wore that much?

This guy must be experienced at this.

Five gold coins are quite a lot you know.

I feel a bit sorry for him so I also bought some recovery medicines and other potions while at it.

After deducting the trade amount, we purchased a total of 110 gold coins worth of items.

That’s quite the spend, but it’s good since it’s from easy money anyway.

「 Fuahaha, how’s this, Euphy? 」

「 Oh? Is that a magic bag? 」

「 I bought it because he offered me a discount 」

「 That’s great. We still have a lot of gold left. We need a place to store them so purchasing them is a must We should keep our valuables there, and Daiki-sama can hold it 」

I bought it for the sake of it, but I do need this magic tool.

Gold coins are heavy and noisy when moved, so they’re in the way when moving.

I got a lot of other stuff these days so I’m shoving it all here.

First, let’s put in a gold coin to test it out.

I took one of the gold coins and opened the magic bag, only to find the abyss inside.

I can’t see anything.

「 I just put it in here? 」

「 Yes, it’ll be stored inside once you do 」

Euphy said that it was all fine so I dropped the gold coin into the bag and it disappeared as soon as it touched the darkness.

「 How do I get it back? 」

「 You put your hand in, think of what you want to retrieve, and once you feel it in your hand, pull it 」

A little intimidated, but I did as I was told and put my hand into the bag, and somehow, I understood that there was a gold coin.

When I thought about it, I feel the touch of the gold coin at my fingertips.

I took my arm out of the bag and plucked a gold coin with my two fingers.

What’s this technology?

Just like magic tools to boil water, these stuff are above what we have on Earth.

「 If you want to put some larger object than the opening, then touch the object you want to put inside while touching the magic stone in front of the bag, and think that you’re using the magic tool to put it in 」

I did as I was told, I tested it on the iron circle shield, its appearance distorted for a moment, then it went into the bag.

I’m surprised that the circle shield disappeared, but I was more surprised that the weight of the bag didn’t change.

This is a revolution for logistics!

Now that I know how to use it, I put in my money, skill orbs, and the tools I have with me.

Ooh, it goes in so smoothly.

I also tried shoving in the keychain with the keys to my house, but it seems that it won’t work since it’s from Earth.

「 Phew, that’s most of the stuff. Once we’re back in the inn, I’ll have Nia use it too 」

「 Yes! Let’s put in our armor here 」

Nia on my side seems amused by it so I’ll let her play with it later

The magic bag has a leather strap that can be attached to the shoulder, but there are also two wide loops at the back that you can use as a belt around the waist.

In terms of size, it’s almost like a waist pouch, and it won’t get in the way.

The design is like a simple leather product so it looks good with any outfit.

When I put all the stuff I wore so it won’t be on the way, I feel light, and the sky is already red.

A lot happened today, so I think we’ll just eat and rest our bodies for tomorrow.