Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 50. Gold Brilliance



「 Gilbert-san, I’m sorry to ask you but could you make sure they dispose of the corpse? 」

「 Certainly. I’ll make sure that it’s disposed of properly 」

He follows readily, but I guess he’s also concerned about the disposal of the dead body.

The chief soldier left, taking the corpse under his direction.

Now that’s good, let’s call Nia who’s still far away for some reason.

I beckoned her to come and she ran all the way and tackled me.

「 You won! 」

「 Didn’t I tell you? 」

「 Yes! That was cool! 」

Nia hugged me and pressed her head against my stomach, she doesn’t seem to worry about the kill.

Nia also heard his screams, so she knows why I did it.

Now that I have Nia with us, let’s go collect our winnings.

I opened the door of the carriage that the spear knight told me to check and I see some luggage on the seat.

Inside is a small box they showed us earlier.

I picked it up and saw that it was a box full of gold coins.

I think this one has 100 gold coins, right?

I opened another small box and found that it contains more gold coins and three skill orbs.

「 That’s 200 gold coins. Honestly, it’s great that we got this 」

Even though I had it once before, getting a ton of gold coins is tempting.

I can’t help but groan at its golden glow.

Nia’s the same, she’s making a cute “oooh?!”

I looked at Euphy to check on her and she smiled.

As expected from a former noble, she’s not too attached to money.

There is other stuff on the carriage too.

I know some of these are the guy’s personal stuff, but is it okay that we take this?

It’s not just the luggage, there’s also the two horses with cute eyes looking at us.

「 I’ll take the boxes, but I got some other stuff, what should we do with these? 」

I ask and a soldier responded.

「 You can take it all. There’s no owner anymore after all 」

「 I don’t know much but is that how it works here? 」

「 I’m the one who catches the bad guys so if I say it’s okay, then it’s good 」

「 I’ll take it, but I don’t need these or that, or his clothes 」

「 If there’s anything you don’t want, I’ll get rid of it, but make sure to check it out before handing it to me. Just make sure you check everything in the boxes, okay? Once you hand it over, it’s gone 」

「 That’s quite cautious of you 」

「 Look, who wouldn’t be after seeing that fight. I’d rather not antagonize you people by mistake. And so, to make sure that the guys would never talk about the incident unless they want to die, you should also give them some coin. And to not arouse suspicion on my part, please check the cargo before handing it over 」

I don’t know such pretense, but this guy is much more careful than I thought.

No, he’s the chief soldier because he’s cautious, despite acting like a bad soldier here.

「 Okay, can you give us time? 」

「 Sure thing. We’ll keep our hands off. We’ll take care of the horses. Do you need that box of booze there? I don’t think the two ladies there could drink, so you don’t need it, right? 」

「 …You can have it 」

You just said that you don’t want to antagonize me, yet you’re quite shameless.

The chief soldier got in the carriage.

By the looks of it, he won’t be touching the goods.

Still, 200 gold coins and three skill orbs in this box?

The skill orbs were Martial Arts 2, Archery 2, and Light Magic 2, right?

What should we do with these?

There are three of them so I guess we can distribute it to the three of us?

No, but light magic skill orbs sell for a lot, but this is still a bit out of reach.

Oh well. Let’s take our time and think about it when we’re back at the inn.

That aside, we have to act quickly.

「 Euphy, chase after the knights 」

「 The Badel house knights? 」

「 Yeah, I need their support on something. They might be off town since they’re on a horse, but I want to find them 」

「 Certainly. Well then, I’ll be going first, Daiki-sama and everyone can follow after me. Nia, please look after Daiki-sama 」

「 Yes! Leave it to me! 」

Euphy started running.

It’s a little unacceptable to me but since Nia’s looking after me by holding my hand, it’s fine.

After leaving the training grounds with Nia, and going to the city street, I see a beautiful blonde girl I was familiar with, near the gate of the wall protecting the city.

There were four knights with her, so it seems that she caught up before they could leave.

They might’ve been preparing at the stores before leaving the town.

They seem empty-handed at a glance.

Approaching Euphy, she suddenly turned this way.

We’re far enough to be noticed, does she have a radar or something?

I went to Euphy who was calling me with a cute voice, and Manos approached me.

「 So it was Daiki-dono. I heard that you wanted something, what is it? 」

「 Yes, I have a request, for your cooperation. I’ll say this beforehand, I took Davey’s life. Will you listen? 」

「 Of course. You’ve seen it earlier, but I already left the Badel house. Naturally, I may have some emotions toward the situation, but none toward Daiki-dono 」

He left earlier in anger, but I guess he still has some lingering thoughts.

However, it seems that he’s gathered some grudge that he doesn’t regret it.

「 I’m glad that you’ll listen. As for my request, can I hire you for a few days? 」

「 Hiring us? 」

「 Yes, you know that there’s a dungeon in this town, right? 」

「 No, it’s our first time entering the town so we don’t know 」

「 We’ve been in the dungeon for every day now and thinking that if we have enough strength, we could conquer it right away, so I was wondering if you could help us out 」

「 I see. Dungeon Exploration. That seems interesting 」

Manos show a bit of doubt, but he smiled as he knows my objective.

「 I’ll hire you guys for three days for now. The payment would be two gold coins per day, how about that? 」

「 That’s not a bad offer. In fact, we don’t have much on hand. Our small private funds were taken out and Davey-sama’s assets pay for everything. Oh, speaking of which, there’s another bag that contains 50 gold coins, so please take those as well.

「 Oh, there’s more. Are there any personal belongings on the carriage? 」

「 Some are on the roof 」

「 Then take it. Oh right, we’re also taking the carriage, is that okay? 」

「 Of course. They didn’t belong to us, so you can use them as you please 」

Manos says that we can take it naturally, but I wonder if Manos thinks of me as a thief or something?

「 Will you accept the job? 」

I looked at the four and they looked at each other, nodding their heads.

After that, we talked about our future plans as we return to the carriage.

We’re going to dive into the dungeon tomorrow.

We arrived at where the carriage was stored and collected several belongings and valuables for the knights.

The bag containing the gold coins was untouched so it seems unlikely that anything else would be missing.

I mean, I found a dildo in the luggage, what are they using this for?

I’m fine if a girl is using this, but anything else is rejected. So I didn’t touch it.

It’s light brown and suspicious.

As for the rest, I let the chief soldier take care of it.

We could probably make some money by collecting and selling them but it’s a hassle, so they can take it as hush money instead.

I don’t care if they want to use that dildo at all.

After it was over, Gibert-san returned.

He didn’t tell me what method was used, but he’s sure that the body’s disposed of.

Meanwhile, I was at a loss for what to say at the subtle looks at the knights of Badel.