Whatsawhizzer Announcement – Women’s Pleasure Dungeon & More

Hey Guys,

I didn’t think to announce this when I put out the last chapter, but for those of you who don’t frequent my site, or only access it through here… I have a sale going on. I’m accepting chapter sponsors for $20 right now. That’s basically an extra/rushed release of my stories for $20 each, about half my usual rate. There are a few exceptions, but just about any concept chapters, releasing stories, or paused stories are game right now. Women’s Pleasure Dungeon got two ordered… which is why you saw those… but there are no more on the list. I’ll be getting all of them released in the next 2-3 weeks, and the deal lasts five more days. Click below to sponsor a chapter if you’re interested in fundraising me. My water heater just died I found out, and I have no money to fix replace it. 🙁