Whatsawhizzer Update

Since I got a bunch of random comments wanting an update on what I found out from my respondster survey, here is the outcome.

I will NOT be taking a break like I originally planned. I’ve uploaded my upcoming schedule on my blog.


World of Women – Tuesday and Saturday (Public)

NTR Crush: PDF Releases 4/14/2019. Volume 2 Starts 4/19/2019. Tuesday (Patreon-Only)

Enslaved Sister Harem : Thursday (Patreon-Only)

Hawtness: Tuesday and Saturday

Tales of an Enchantress: Saturday

Pushing Up Gravestones: Saturday

Timefall Saga : Time and Place: Sunday

The Hero’s Vengeance – Intermittent (Patreon-Only)


So, yes, I plan to bring back TOAE. I picked up ‘Enslaved Sister Harem’ as my next story. NTR Crush will also start right after the PDF is released in two weeks, while enslaved starts this week. WoW will continue to release public for now.

Please note, NTR Crush, Enslaved Harem, and The Hero’s Vengeance are all Patreon-only.

NTR Crush will release Patreon-only until the end of Volume 2, then it’ll be release publicly. That’ll be $5 for the most recent chapter and $1 for all previous chapters until Volume 2 is finished, then public releases. Enslaved will probably release similarly. Both will be one chapter a week starting out, and may increase to two based on circumstances.

The Hero’s Vengeance is a patreon-only story. It might release once a month and lock based on lifetime donations. So, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lifetime. It’s a short story with only 6-7 parts, and it is about 12k words for the first chapter, so this is a more ambitious project. The link is below.


The Hero’s Vengeance – Part 1

Those interested in Automatic Girlfriend, Dual Cultivation, I Reincarnated in the Hero’s Body, or Pirates of the Storm…

If we’re talking 2nd place, Pirates of the Storm won with Dual Cultivation as a close third. Am I going to pick pirates up? Maybe… eventually, but probably not until I graduate and know what I’m doing with my life. As I mentioned to others, I will release chapters if you pay for them. The two highest tiers on Patreon include a chapter a month of your choice. So… if you wanted Dual Cultivation, you could guarantee it once a month if you joined my $50 tier. You could also pay me directly for chapters of a dropped story.

Well, hopefully, that answers your questions. Thanks.