Why Are My Skills So Weird 4

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Falling Inside a Dungeon (2)


If I want to survive in this dungeon, there is only one thing I can do.

Find the core of the dungeon before my time is up and destroy it.

All dungeons have a core. The place where the spatial singularity originates. It usually has the shape of a vortex of mana and energy and destroying it will send all the living beings trapped in the dungeon to the real world.

The core is located in the centermost part of the dungeon, and locating it is generally not difficult if you are able to feel mana. You just need to follow the flow of mana and it will lead you to the core.

The problem is, the core is the most dangerous place in the dungeon.

When you are closer to the core, there is more berserk mana, so the mana erosion happens faster. Moreover, all the monsters and mindless creatures in the dungeon are attracted by the mana in the core, making that place a nightmare for someone without enough strength.

According to the information in the watch on my wrist, this dungeon does not have much mana, so it’s probably pretty small, with around ten or twenty kilometers of radius. Usually, dungeons like this are not very dangerous (for awakened), and someone around Tier 4 can clear it easily.

Awakened are rated according to their mana core from Tier 1 to Tier 10. A Tier 4 Awakened is not considered that strong.

Even so, someone like that is enough to clear a dungeon of this size.

Of course, there are exceptions. If accidentally, the spatial singularity swallows a powerful monster, then it means that the dungeon will be much more dangerous than the amount of mana in it suggests.

I can only hope that it’s not the case this time, though. If for some reason, there is a Tier 4 or higher monster here, then I’ll definitively die.

Hell, even ten or twenty Tier 1 monsters can kill me easily if they attack together.

However, even if this dungeon is very dangerous, I must clear it.

That is the only way to guarantee my survival.

I was in the middle of a call with my sister when the dungeon occurred, so she surely already knows the situation. Unfortunately, the place where the dungeon occurred is rather distant, so unless there is a strong Awakened nearby and he decides to enter the dungeon without waiting for the procedures, I will be unable to wait until someone else clears this dungeon.

I looked at my watch for indications of which direction to go. This watch is a very handy tool for situations like this. Through it, I can determine the general direction of the core even if I’m unable to feel mana.

Then, I started to run.

I said it before, but I trained a lot since I was a child. Although I’m unable to compare to a marathon runner, running twenty kilometers in two hours is a piece of cake.

Even if running through a forest is much harder than running in the city, that is not much of a problem for me.

I kept a constant pace for half an hour. I made sure to keep a bit of strength in reserve in case I met a monster. After all, fighting a monster while tired is literally suicide.

For the first half an hour, I did not meet any danger, but I could feel the pressure on my chest becoming stronger, as though reminding me that my end was close.

I wonder if the people in the autobus already started to mutate.

I shook my head to stop thinking about that and focused on the way ahead.

But suddenly, my expression changed.

Without hesitation, I jumped aside. Almost simultaneously, a snake hissed and attacked the place where I was just now.

I felt cold sweat on my back. Although I’m not sure if that snake is venomous, I don’t test it.

Looking at the snake, it had a bright brown color. However, several of its scales had broken and it had traces of blood on its whole body.

Moreover, it was hissing violently, and its eyes had a trace of red.

A monster. A violent mindless creature contaminated by berserk mana.

The snake attacked again. It slithered on the ground and tried to bit my feet, but I jumped aside and kept myself away from it.

However, the snake insisted. It attacked once more, jumping towards my chest fiercely. If I was not being careful, it would have bitten me already.

I evaded its attack once more and narrowed my eyes. Now!

I lifted my right leg and unleashed a kick. The kick sent the snake flying away and probably broke some of its bones.

Without waiting for the snake to recover from my attack, I jumped towards it. The snake tried to bite me again, but I predicted it. I evaded its attack easily and brandished my dagger.

The next second, I had beheaded it.

I heard that snakes stay alive for a while even if you cut their heads, but I did not stay to confirm it. I don’t have time to lose.

The snake was pretty weak. If I’m not wrong, its level of danger is around Tier 0.4 or 0.5. Of course, if it was venomous, its Tier could reach at 1.

In other words, that snake was a creature that could be killed by a normal human.

But although I killed it relatively easily, my expression was not good.

Now that the first monster appeared, more monsters will start to appear.

And as I expected, more monsters appeared soon.

Yes, monsters.


Berserk rats.

They seemed like rats with rabies… I remember once watching a movie about animal zombies, and these rats looked a lot like these animals.

Five rats rushed towards me from different directions. The rats screeched fiercely and jumped towards me with their jaws and claws ready to tear my flesh away.

I did my best to keep calm and tried to evade them. Unfortunately, I could not evade two of them.

Quickly, I twisted my body, brandishing the dagger with my right hand and stabbing a rat.

As for the second rat, it managed to reach my body.

The rat fell on my waist and started to bite and claw it. I suppressed my desire to groan in pain and quickly brandished my dagger again, killing it.

Then, I faced the remaining three rats that were attacking again.

With a kick, I sent one of them flying away, but the other two managed to reach my legs and started to bite me.

Cursing, I kicked another rat away and stomped the last one, killing it instantly.

Then, I walked towards the two rats I had kicked away and stabbed them on their heads.

When I was done, I heaved a tired sigh.

Fuck, I hate rats.


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