Isekai Wisdom Chapter 00 Prologue



I’m going to try to reincarnate in another world.
First step, die.
The cause of death was a heart attack, so someone must’ve written my name in D**th N*te
Well, I had a decent life I guess.
My annual income is over three million a year and I live alone, the rent wasn’t too expensive, and I didn’t spend too much so I was able to live a rather comfortable life.
I couldn’t find a girlfriend, and I couldn’t get into the red-light districts, but I was happy as long as I could play some 18+ social free-to-play games and squeeze out from the minute or two sample video for AV.
And now, I died.
I was a lifetime virgin.
If I had any regrets in my past life, that’s about it, so it doesn’t really matter if I get another chance.
Yes, it seems that I’m given a “next…”
Meaning, an afterlife.
When I died and went to the land of the dead, a figure that seemed to be God gave me an explanation and told me that I could be reincarnated.
Furthermore, I’ll reincarnate in a different world.
『 If you don’t reincarnate, you’ll go straight to hell, which do you want? 』
After getting asked like that, obviously, I’d reply “reincarnate me please!”
Wait, I was going to hell?
Well, either way, I’m going to reincarnate in another world so I don’t care now.
With that said, let’s go to our next life.
I hope there’s a lot of good things that are waiting for me in the next life in the fantasy Isekai.