Isekai Wisdom Chapter 01 Childhood



When I woke up, there’s breasts in front of me.

It’s approaching.

Those tits are huge, definitely larger than my head.

I thought “Are these boobs of a giant?” then I noticed.

That’s wrong.

It’s not the breasts are huge, I’m just small.

「 Sao, drink a lot. Get big quick 」

Says the owner of the breast. 01 Childhood

When I woke up, there’s breasts in front of me.

It’s approaching.

Those tits are huge, definitely larger than my head.

I thought “Are these boobs of a giant?” then I noticed.

That’s wrong.

It’s not the breasts are huge, I’m just small.

「 Sao, drink a lot. Get big quick 」

Says the owner of the breast.

She’s a mature adult woman and the way she held up a child makes her a mother.

Then, the child she’s carrying is me.

Meaning, I’m currently being nursed by my mother?

「 What’s wrong, Sao? Are you not going to drink? 」

This mother has been calling me “Sao,” for a while now, I guess she means me.


So that’s my new name in this world.

Sao. Got it.

And I must eat to survive.

I’m still unaware of everything but I’m going to eat the food in front of me.


「 Ahn!?! This boy’s suddenly nibbling?! What a suggestive boy?! 」

Juru, jurujuru.


「 Hmm♥♥ Oh my, I feel like the way he sucks on my breasts is lewd! ♥♥ To think that he’s rolling his tongue while sucking ♥♥ 」

Seems like my mother’s also satisfied with my tongue technique.

While at it, I use my hands to feel not just my Mom’s nipples, but her whole breast.

Funyu, funyu.

Mother seems to be classified as huge tits among the society.

A small baby body can feel it with its entire body, that’s powerful.

「 Hmmmm ♥♥ You playboy!! ♥♥ If you rub my breasts while drinking, I worry about your future♥♥ 」

She says, but her voice is filled with passion.

The sexiness of this woman can even make a baby have an erection.


Seems like I’m still a man in this life.

I noticed the baby’s erectile response.

I honestly felt relieved.

I’ve been reincarnated to another world with cheat abilities but if I don’t have a dick, I’d lose half the fun.

Well, if I was born a girl, I guess that’s something else to enjoy?

Anyway, since I was born as a man in this life. I’m going to enjoy all the pleasures of being a man in this world!

「 Aaaaahn!♥♥♥♥ Geez, Sao, don’t suck too strongly ♥♥ you’re going to tear off my nipples 」

That said, I’m still an infant as I just reincarnated to this world.

No matter how much wisdom and knowledge you have inherited from your previous life, there’s nothing you can do with your childlike appearance and limbs that haven’t developed yet.

At best, I could play with my mother’s lactating breasts.

In that situation, the most I could do is listen to the chatter of adults.

In other words, information gathering.

Even if I just say that I got “Isekai’d,” I still don’t know what place this is, what level of civilization, social system, ecosystem, and such is like until I look it up.

Having a lot of information and knowing what this world is like will make a big difference in the scope of my activities when I grow up enough to be able to move on my own.

That said, as I’m still a baby, the only source of information I have is the small talk of the adults next to me.

They assume that babies can’t understand so they don’t hesitate to talk about very sensitive topics.

One of those things that seemed useful was “their problem with the monsters destroying the fields or killing livestock.”

This world has monsters.

I guess that’s to be expected from fantasy.

Basically, monsters are like something boar, something bear, something wolf, and goblins.

The bear, boar, and wolves, seem to be a kind of beast only slightly different from my previous life, but goblins are definitely monsters.

You sure have a strong presence, goblin.

And so I learned from the small talk of the adults that there are adventurers who made a living by exterminating monsters.

That said, the village where I’m born doesn’t have enough money to hire professionals so they had to defend themselves.

They mutter, “if only the feudal lord is present,” but I guess that this world is a feudal society with the aristocracy.

The king owns the land, lends the subdivisions to his subjects, and the tax collected from them is what makes the country work.

The place I was born seems to be a small rural village in the corner of such a country.

Born from a commoner mother, I’m also a commoner.

For now, I guess there’s no innate power advantage.

There are various ways to get around it, and just knowing it this early as a baby is already significant.

Although, it’s just unfortunate that I can’t gather more information.

After all, we’re in just a small village in the countryside, there’s a limit to the information that can come in.

We have no information about the king who rules the country nor whether there’s a demon king or hero or anything that magnitude.

Instead, all I get are the idle gossips of the ladies.

Like about how their husband cheated and got a child from another woman.

Or how the young boy from the neighboring village came to crawl in the night and gave her a brush.

Or how they gave their daughter to entertain the government official.

There’s a lot of love rumors.

The content is pleasant to the ear and can be entertaining but there’s one important piece of information mixed in all the gossips.

Simply put.

Sex is quite generous in this world.

I don’t think it’s “quite,” but “very much” instead?

The stories above would be so shocking that it would’ve resulted in a divorce, lawsuit, or even bloodshed due to a love affair, but it seems that the wives talking here see it as natural, guessing from how lightly they treat it.

Thinking about it, the only parent I had in my house is my mom, and I never saw anyone I’d call my father. Maybe that has something to do with that?

Anyway, being in a sexually open-minded climate will be beneficial to me later.

I’m looking forward to becoming an adult.

I thought about it and looked forward to my recent pleasure, booby time.

It’s been six years since then.

In the meantime, I, Sao, grew up fast and become a popular boy in the neighborhood.

But still, I get spoiled and so I’m going to hug my Mother today! Eii!

「 Hyaa!! Geez, Sao, didn’t I tell you that I get startled when you hug me from behind? 」

「 I’m sorry, Mother 」

「 Geez, you’re so helpless ♥♥ 」

There’s a reason why I hug my mother from behind despite her warnings.

I’m still a child now. I’m still developing and hadn’t reached my full height, I’m about half compared to adults.

What happens if a child hugs his mother from behind?

Of course, my face at my height approaches her ass.

The child rubs his cheeks on her mother’s ass pretending to be a child getting spoiled by mother.

「 Han~ ♥♥ Geez, Sao, stop teasing me♥♥I’m in the middle of drying laundry you know? 」

「 Okay~ 」

I say so, but I didn’t stop rubbing my face against her ass.

My mother’s one of the most voluptuous bodies of any woman in the village, and her ass is equally as big.

She’s wearing a long skirt that fits the medieval era and her ass is sticking out. They say that having a huge ass makes it easy to give birth. I’m impressed to think that I went out from this huge ass.

I rub my face on her ass filled with emotions.

「 Geez, how long are you going to be spoiled Sao? It’s about time for you to be in the ceremony you know 」

「 Yes, I know! 」

You may have noticed that some of Mother’s lines had some Isekai fantasy phrases in there, right?


To be specific, it’s called the “rite of divine annunciation,” and it’s a fantasy setting.

In this world, everyone who reaches a certain age has to undergo this ritual. Regardless of your social status or gender.

It’s a ceremony to ask God to certify a person’s innate vocation.

Each person has a class of occupation that best suits them and that’s their vocation.

There are specific classes such as “merchant,” “woodcutter,” or “hunter,” and the likes, you can take a class that’s become your vocation and grow at a much faster pace than others and rise to the top of the industry.

Furthermore, among the classes are “warrior,” “priest,” and “mage,” and if you get such vocations, you can get rich in the city, that’s why everyone’s excited about the “rite of the divine annunciation”

It’s truly a fantasy setting! Although, it’s a system that makes me groan.

Mother and the adults around me are starting to get nervous because I’m getting to the age where I will be informed of my destiny.

It’s as expected, if I get a good vocation, even a commoner born in the countryside can find the path to success.

In fact, the village where I was born and raised had people who found their calling and left for the capital.

「 I want Sao to have a good vocation and live a happy life, but if it’s too good, then it’s also a problem since the nobles will take him away. I want to spend some more time with Sao at least 」

The mother worries about her son’s future, but…


In fact, I already know the gist of my vocation.

Of course, I still haven’t done the ceremony yet.

But, you know, I’m a reincarnated person see?

I was the one given the special treatment so God came to me and told me about my vocation.

I think that was when I was two years old?

Since then, I’ve been keeping my vocation a secret for a long time but it’s going to feel good once it’s public.

Other than that, I don’t think I’m particularly happy about it.,

Then, I went to the church to get the answer that’s already been spoiled for me.

This is the only facility in the village dedicated to the God of this world.

I’m told that the “rite of divine annunciation” will be performed here by a priest.

“In the name of almighty God, show this man his destiny” or so on.

「 This boy’s vocation has been ascertained 」

「 What is it? 」

「 It’s “Rod Master” 」1

「 What? 」

「 I said “Rod Master,’ This boy’s gifted with “Rod Master” talent by the God 」

My adventure is just starting you know!


  1. Rod is read as Sao in kanji, his name is in Katakana