Isekai Wisdom Chapter 13 Sex Education for the Young Lady – Main Course



We were confused as the young lady suddenly licked my semen.

「 O-Ojou-sama?! 」

That said, it’s just me and Nee-san who are with her in this place.

「 Ah? I’m sorry, it’s shameless to lick something that’s stuck on my hand 」

「 That’s not the problem… 」

「 It’s just that this semen is so white and thick that I thought its cream. So, I thought that it might be delicious 」

I don’t think it’s as delicious as cream.

I’m healthy.

「 So, how did it taste? 」

「 It’s bitter. It looks like cream, but doesn’t taste like it 」

「 Thought so. However, there’s a better way to drink semen 」

I gave her a look and Nee-san figured it out.

As we have a tacit understanding with each other as blood relatives, and as lovers, Nee-san knows exactly what I want and buried her face to my crotch.

「 Aamu 」

「 Eeeh?! 」

The young lady’s shocked.

「 What are you doing, Caliber-san?! Why are you putting a man’s thing in your mouth? 」

「 Rero, juppojuppojuppo ♥♥ Omu, juruzozozozozozo ♥♥ 」

Nee-san’s experienced fellatio is quite exciting.

The sound of licking and her saliva mixing around echoes in the small carriage.

She lets go of the rod and then…

「 Nupo ♥♥ This is what we call fellatio, it’s one of the etiquettes in sex. Women lick the penis with their mouth and stimulate the penis ♥♥ 」

「 My?! 」

「 It’s either you do it to make the penis fully erect before having sex or getting the penis clean from semen and love nectar after sex, you can find a lot of reason to do it, and you can even let it finish in your mouth 」

My penis, responding to Nee-san’s lewd techniques, responded, and became erect again.

Nee-san’s after-play fellatio never becomes one It’s troublesome because it only serves as stimulation for the second and third rounds.

「 Ojou-sama, why don’t you try it too? 」

「 Eeh? 」

「 Then, you can have semen directly into your mouth. Food deteriorates when exposed to air. This way, you can enjoy the fresh cum without even exposing it to air 」

「 I see! Caliber-san’s so clever! 」

I wonder?

「 But, I’m worried. Will an amateur like me be able to do it well? 」

「 Ojou-sama’s a beauty, so sucking their penis is enough to get a man excited. They’ll pour out semen for you 」

「 If you’re expecting so much then I have no choice but to answer those! Then, this lord’s daughter, Starf, will respectfully challenge this fellatio! 」

Is this a good idea?

Just in case you forget, today’s our first day in escorting Starf-ojousama, and now we’re making her suck my dick right away?

「 Oh, please give us a moment Ojou-sama 」

Nee-san suddenly straddled my hips as she say that.


「 Hmm, hmm, hmm ♥♥ 」

Why are we having sex so suddenly?

Nee-san pulls out her vagina after about five or six pistons.

「 I smeared some of my pussy juice into his dick. It’s so Ojou-sama can taste it more deliciously

「 My, Caliber-chan, you’re so considerate! 」

Nee-san’s perverted ideas scare me.

「 Then, let’s begin! Amu… 」

Then, the young lady finally took my throbbing dick into her mouth.

「 Amujuru, buwaaaa… Puha, it has a very meaty taste. Also, it’s sour, was it Caliber-san’s nectar? The taste of flesh and the nectar competes with each other, it’s like a brother-sister collaboration! 」

You make it sound like a food report.

「 Not only you have to taste it, but you also have to make Sao feel pleasure. Fellatio is where a woman serves the man 」

「 I understand! Jubojubojubo!! 」

The young lady sucks my cock with all her might.

She’s a sheltered young lady so it’s not that strong even if she gets serious, however, that moderate stimulation was enough to arouse me.

The guilt of leading the lord’s daughter who I should be serving being obscene is also a stimulation so I’ll cum in no time.


「 Byobo! Goeeee!! 」

「 Don’t spit it! You drink it, Ojou-sama. If you can’t drink cum then you’re not a full-fledged slut 」

Nee-san, just what are you teaching her?

The young lady on the other hand cheerfully gulped and struggled to take in the foreign substance in her mouth.

「 Gokkun ♥♥ I drank it. I drank semen! 」

「 Well done, Ojou-sama. So, how was the taste? 」

Yeah, that. That was the point of this, right?

Although the purpose itself was a little crazy.

「 I was frantic in drinking that I don’t know. But, I feel warm from the inside after drinking semen, it’s hot ♥♥ I feel like my vision is turning pink ♥♥\ 」

「 That’s the effect of semen. Women become lewder the more semen they drink 」

Don’t say some sloppy stuff.

「 However, Ojou-sama, there’s another way to taste semen than drinking it 」

「 Other than this? H-How? 」

「 You do it not from above, but with your mouth below 」

Nee-san then put her hands inside the young lady’s skirt and pulled out her panties.

Why is this woman skilled at removing women’s underwear?

Then, she lifts up the skirt, grabbed the exposed thighs, and exposed Starf-ojousama’s pussy.

A noblewoman’s pussy that should be hidden. It’s the most primitive part of the human body, and yet, it’s clean and elegant.

I’ve never seen such a divine pussy among the country women I picked up in the village.

I wonder how the same organ can have such different impressions depending on its owner.

「 What’s left is for Sao’s dick to go in. Do it, Sao 」

「 “Do it” you say, that easy? 」

Does she even understand that she’s supposed to be our master?

Also, having sex with a man other than her husband is basically a disgrace to a woman.

A young lady who grew up in a good family and experienced this before getting married would be in trouble if she gets discovered.

The image of the feudal lord wielding a knife came to my mind.

「 There! 」

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaahn~ ♥♥ 」

Even so, I shoved it into the young lady’s pussy.

As if I’ll pass on sex out of fear

「 Ah, ah?! Your penis is inside me. It’s just like Caliber-san earlier!? Is this sex? 」

「 Congrats Ojou-sama. Now you’re a woman 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

「 Yes, the ladies in the village says that a girl only becomes a woman when she had a man’s penis 」

I knew that my sister’s sexual knowledge wasn’t just my negative influence.

That said, it would be rude if I don’t enjoy Starf-ojousama’s pussy since I’m fucking her now.

It’s her first time so I do moderate pistons.

「 Fuu, ah… I can feel Sao-san’s thing inside me. I never felt this before. To think that I can feel such sensation ♥♥ 」

「 Ojou-sama, you don’t call it a “thing,” but a dick 」

「 I’m sorry, it’s Dick ♥♥ Sao-san’s dick ♥ I wonder why I feel embarrassed when I say it 」

「 You were an innocent girl earlier, and yet you’re still learning shame. Maybe it’s instinct? Virgins do get shy instinctively, I guess? 」


The other party here is a noble and our master.

Well, I can’t really blame her since I’m shoving my dick inside and fucking her.

「 Ah ♥♥ Aah ♥♥ It feels good when the dick goes in and out ♥♥ That…when it rubs inside my pussy, it gives me itching pleasure ♥♥ Scratching the itching part, and the pleasure just gives even more itching, and it’s increasing aaaaaaaah♥♥ 」



The vibrations of my pistons and the swaying of the carriage as it moves along the road combined create a camouflage for the outside, and a unique stimulus for the body.

「 Fuhii! ♥♥ Fuhiiiiiiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥ 」

The young lady’s also overcome with the first time pleasure from sex.

However, it seems that she’s about to reach the climax.

「 Ojou-sama’s got the qualities of a lewd woman 」 It won’t take long before you become a perverted woman who wants a dick anytime and anywhere 」

「 I-I’m happy for the praise ♥♥ 」

「 I’m also happy to serve such a perverted lewd young lady. My Sao will be pouring fresh semen straight from the source into your pussy every day ♥♥

Nee-san’s speaking like a succubus.

Anyway, it was amazing tasting a young lady’s pussy for the first time that I can’t stop anymore.

「 It’s coming soon Ojou-sama! I’m going to cum inside! 」

「 It’s an honor that you’re going to finish on me ♥♥ Eh? Yes. Please pour your semen inside my pussy! 」

Nee-san taught her something again.

However, Starf-ojousama’s faltering plea for a creampie blew me away.

Gugyubo, boboboobobobobo!!

「 Kuhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥ Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! ♥♥♥♥ 」

The young lady achieved orgasm on her first sex.

Nee-san’s right, she’s lewd.

「 Kuh 」

When I finished the act and pulled my penis, I feel her tighten up, as if she’s saying “I won’t let you go”

This pussy that just graduated is getting cheeky.

Then, white slime gushes out of her uncocked hole.

After shooting once and calming down, it gets a little cold again.

I’ve done something absurd.

「 No matter how you look at it, cumming inside the young lady would lead to execution 」

I’ll get dragged through the streets, and get beheaded

And worse, her father is a doting one.

「 A-Am I equally guilty? 」

「 Of course! It was Nee-san who made this development. 」

You can’t just save yourself out of this.

We’ll die together, go to hell together, and have sex there.

Then, I hear someone calling from outside the carriage.

「 Ojou-sama. Starf-ojousama 」


It’s the knight outside. The curtains are closed so it’s impossible to see what’s going on inside and outside the carriage.

「 We’ll be arriving in the town soon. 」 We still have a long way to go before our destination so it’s best if we stay here and get some rest for the night 」

Says the guard escorting the carriage.

He’s only speaking outside.

They won’t dream that the young lady already lost her virginity in the carriage.

Still, if you open the door, or the curtains, or the young lady shouts, then we’re done.

「 I see, then please do that 」

The young lady responds through the window and curtain with her legs spread wide and semen dripping from her crotch.


I put my dick inside somehow.

「 Nhii ♥♥ No, it’s nothing ♥♥ That aside, can you pass a message to the maids? 」

「 W-What is it? 」

「 I would like a room for the three of us on the inn. I’ll be sharing the room with Sao-san and Caliber-san.

If she said『 I’m being raped, help me! 』then it’s game over, but the young lady’s words were unexpected.

「 My personal bodyguards can’t leave me while I’m asleep. Besides, we’ll be going to school together when we’re in the capital. We need to prepare for the lessons. It’s more efficient if we’re together 」

「 Certainly? 」

Even though the vision is blocked, the young lady’s voice as she’s violated is mixed with sexuality.

The intonation of her “Together” almost felt like she was implying something else.

I hear the knight leave the side and the young lady whispered to my ear.

「 And so, please be sure to teach me in the inn as well ♥♥ Teach me about sex ♥♥ 」

Another virgin blossomed into a slut.