Isekai Wisdom Chapter 12 Sex Education for Young Ladies – Practice



Nobles sure are absurd creatures, I thought.

She even asked me to teach her about sex.

The air in the carriage is filled with an unexplainable atmosphere as if a wet scene on TV just started playing in the living room.

Nee-san, the young lady, and I are in a locked place.

「 Well, why don’t we listen to what she has to say first? 」

「 Go ahead 」

「 The most important task for us, nobles, is to leave an heir. If there’s nobody left to take over the territory that’s been passed down from generation to generation, then the family will collapse 」

Well, that’s true. But still.

「 To do that, I must marry, have intercourse, and bear children. I’m not so naive to be ignorant of that! Babies aren’t brought here by storks or picked up from the cabbage patch! 」

「 Ojou-sama! Calm down! 」

I restrain the young lady while I close down the curtains in the carriage to block the windows.

The thick curtains won’t only block the light but also the sound.

「 I’m born as the only daughter of the noble family so I need to give birth to a lot of children so they inherit my domain in peace. That’s why I need to get the right sexual knowledge and use it practically 」

The young lady is getting passionate.

What’s going on?

「 Ojou-sama actually didn’t know how to make babies properly until a few days ago. 」

「 Seriously? 」

I can’t believe what my sister whispered to me.

「 She actually believed in the cabbage fields and storks! It seems that her father was deliberately shutting out the information. He doesn’t want to teach his daughter about some dirty stuff 」

That feudal lord definitely does that

He’s definitely an idiot parent that goes dumber in time.

「 No, wait. Does that mean that the one who planted the graphic sexual knowledge on this fresh and innocent young lady is Nee-san? 」

「 I mean, the topic went to that direction so I unconsciously did?! 」

Don’t say like it’s an accident.

Nee-san’s the contaminant here.

This maiden’s innocence is painted to eroticism just from her presence.

「 No, Caliber-san provided me with valuable information! As I said before, I have to generate the new generation of our family! I’m the one who carries my father’s blood! 」

Okay, that seems noble?

「 Therefore, I’d like to make it one of my tasks to learn sexual knowledge I never had before in the royal capital! That knowledge is essential for the security of the family so it serves a purpose! 」

「 That’s a good argument that it’s hard to handle you know 」

「 With that said, I’d like to hear from you two who have the most experience. I can’t talk about it casually because Father is watching at the villa, but now that we’re leaving, it’s okay now! 」

Starf-ojousama’s eyes are sparkling.

「 Please teach me about sex! 」

「 You’re troubling me for a response 」

Normally, at this point, I’d just push her down and “Why don’t we try it in practice?” but she’s my employer you know.

Furthermore, there’s this feudal lord who’s an idiot parent who warned me.

Is it really okay to pour raw sexual knowledge into such a young lady and defile her?

「 I heard from Caliber-san that men have a penis. I’ve never seen one of those before, so can you show it to me for future reference? 」

「 Nee-san!! 」

What the hell did you teach her?

This is definitely going to end up in sex after going this far, but I can’t get rough with my new master, what do I do?

And so, the idea I came up with is…

「 Nee-san and I will have sex then 」

「 My! 」

Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of sex with my sister, my own blood, and I’m an expert at this.

I’ve cum inside Nee-san hundreds of times

Maybe it’s thousands?

And so, we’ll let Starf-ojousama grasp what sex is about by having her observe.

「 We’re having sex in front of someone again? Well, I kind of don’t feel comfortable having anyone other than family watch us, I guess? 」

「 It’s too late for Nee-san to feel ashamed of that. You’re going to expose your crotch to your master that you’re going to serve 」

We’re enclosed in the carriage right now, with the windows covered in curtains.

In fact, it’s the best environment for a man and a woman to socialize.

In addition, the ground leveling doesn’t exist in the fantasy isekai so the carriage shakes while moving, so you can drown out the shaking from having sex.

So, inside of a moving carriage is surprisingly a great spot for sex.

「 Then, don’t you need to give our Ojou-sama some lessons before we begin? 」

「 I-I have to say it? 」

Nee-san’s confused.

It’s easier to convince the young lady if the explanation comes from the same-sex so let’s leave everything to Nee-san.

Well, go ahead and say all the vulgar stuff you want to say.

「 T-Then, Ojou-sama, this unworthy caliber will be explaining sex to you 」

「 Please do 」

The person learning is serious.

In fact, she’s serious about learning about sex.

「 Sex is a ritual that a man and woman do to create a child 」

「 Yes, you taught me in the lesson before 」


「 But, the specifics of sex. Hey, Sao, I think this is much more embarrassing than I thought 」

「 Just continue 」

「 You brute! Anyway, sex is where a man and woman’s genitals rub together 」

Yes, you’re doing well Caliber-sensei.

You should be able to share more sensitive information with that kind of enthusiasm.

「 Genitals…those are the man’s penis, and a woman’s vagina 」

「 Penis? Vagina? 」

The young lady repeats the dirty talk.

Without even understanding its obscene meaning.

Wanting more arousal, I whisper to Nee-san.

「 T-That’s right, why don’t we have a recap shall we? 」

「 I understand! 」

「 Then, let’s start, penis, penis, penis, penis 」

「 Okay! Penis, penis, penis, penis 」

Nee-san’s blushing while saying that.

That’s an unforeseen stray bullet.

「 N-Next, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina 」

「 Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina 」

「 I can’t endure this anymore! 」

Nee-san whose face turned red covers her face with her hands.

「 I thought that I’m already used to it, that I shouldn’t get embarrassed, yet why is it so embarrassing! Ojou-sama’s innocence reminds me of the shame I should’ve lost already 」

I’m glad you recovered what’s important to humans.

It’s great to have sex with someone who abandoned her shame, but it’s more fun to have sex with someone who feels embarrassed.

I guess I can humiliate Nee-san differently from now on.

「 I’m going to explain about penises and vaginas 」

Despite that, she endures her embarrassment and continues the sex education for her master.

「 First, this is the vagina. We’re familiar with this. It’s this part 」

Nee-san said and spread open her crotch

We already took off our pants and exposed our genitals to teach the young lady.

「 The hole between your legs is the vagina. Ojou-sama has the same hole, right? 」

「 Yes, I do 」

Ojou-sama says while reaching for her crotch, probably unconsciously.

「 Since Ojou-sama doesn’t have any sexual experience, you probably haven’t realized why this hole exists, or that it exists, but this exists for the man’s penis go to inside 」

「 Huh? 」

Saying that Nee-san’s gaze turns to my lower half.

Watching the two maidens interacting with each other, my thing got energized and it’s standing up now.

「 This is a penis. The male’s genitalia 」

「 Hii!? What’s that? 」

This must be her first time seeing an erect penis.

She’s honestly afraid of the size and the sturdiness.

「 Does it feel inconvenient to have something that big attached between your legs? It looks like it’s hard to move 」

「 Well, it changes depending on the situation 」

Nee-san had the same reaction before.

「 It’s so big and thick. Wait. You mentioned that this goes inside the vagina, right? Is that true? You’re telling me something this big is going in between our crotch? You’ll bleed! 」

「 Don’t worry. Women’s body is much stronger than we think. It can swallow even this huge penis without a problem 」

Nee-san said, and then…

She straddles on my bottom half as I’m sitting on the carriage’s seat.

「 Take a good look. Hmm ♥♥ 」

Zupuzupuzupu, my tip is swallowed inside her meat while making a happy sound.

My whole penis is wrapped in warm meat.

「 Aha ♥♥ Ah ♥♥ What do you think, Ojou-sama? ♥♥ His penis went inside me ♥♥ 」

We’re in a sitting position from behind.

Since our purpose for today is to educate the young lady about sex, we made this choice so that the third party can see both genitals clearly.

In fact, I’m sure that Nee-san’s licking and sucking my dick greedily with her mouth below, and the young lady’s watching it.

「 W-Wow?! Your vagina is closed tight most of the time, and yet it spreads this much if needed? 」

「 Ojou-sama’s got the same wonderful vagina in her crotch too ♥♥ Once you’re old enough to have sex, you can always…Kyuuhiiin!! ♥♥♥♥ 」

I thrust up and rub Nee-san’s insides.

I didn’t move until then but the subtle vibrations of the carriage ride seem to be giving Nee-san some intermittent sexual stimulus.

「 Ojou-sama, I’ll have something to add 」

「 W-What? 」

「 Nee-san made it look like it’s easy to take it inside her, but it’s not. You need to gently loosen up the genitals or the penis can’t go inside 」

「 But, it went inside Caliber-san? 」

「 Well, that’s because this sister of mine is a lewd woman. She thinks about lewd things all the time, gets her pussy wet, and she’s ready to accept me anytime 」

Nee-san tries to protests but I silenced her with the thrust of my hips.

Getting pleasure to pour in her just from this much makes her a lewd woman.

「 She’s ready to have sex anytime, that means that she’s ready to have children and leave an heir anytime! I want to become a lewd woman like Caliber-san too! 」

The young lady’s purity hurts my heart.

Meanwhile, Nee-san’s lower half is feeling pleasure that it melts, so I continue to thrust and stimulate our sexual pleasure as the carriage rocks

「 Ahii ♥♥ Ofuu ♥♥ Ooh, Oooh ♥♥ 」

「 Don’t moan too loud 」

And since we’re able to raise it enough in the locked room, I blew my semen inside Nee-san.


「 Hiiiiii!!! ♥♥ Ojou-sama, semen is pouring inside my vagina. I’ll show it to you 」

Nee-san squeezed her hips and pulled my penis out, causing a white liquid to pour out of her hole.

The young lady stares in fear and excitement.

「 What’s this white liquid? Is it pus? 」

「 No. That’s what we call semen, and it’s the source of baby creation from a man’s penis. You can make a child by pouring this inside the vagina 」

「 Why? 」

「 I wonder? 」

In this world, they don’t know about sperm, eggs, and other micro stuff, I guess?

Then, I won’t dare explain it. It’s just troublesome.

Let’s leave it at that.

「 Anyway, it’s important to have semen poured inside your vagina. You can’t make a child unless you do 」

「 I see. Penises and semen are amazing, aren’t they?

The young lady stares at the semen dripping out of Nee-san’s crotch.

「 Ah, the precious semen 」

She caught the dripping with her hand, probably reflex.

Then, the young lady had trouble handling the semen on her hands that in the end…

「 Lick 」

She licked it off