Isekai Wisdom Chapter 17 Troublesome Classmate



One Two.

「 「 Jankenpon! 」 」

「 「 Aiko desho! 」 」

「 「 Aiko desho! 」 」

「 「 Sho! 」 」

「 Scissors! 」

「 Paper! 」

「 I won! 」

「 I lost!!! 」

Cold gazes asking “What are they doing” are pointed at us.

Haha, of course, you don’t get it.

Rock-paper-scissors is a game I brought with me when I reincarnated in another world.

It’s a decision method that only works between me and my sister.

「 Then, I’ll fight since I won 」

「 Wait! I thought the loser had to do it?! Like, pushing the hassle to the loser! 」

「 Nee-san’s such a sore loser 」

Us siblings are mad that our young lady is insulted.

So the right to bring down the hammer should be for the winner.

「 Don’t worry, winning or losing the rock-paper-scissors is just a trivial matter. The true loser is them 」

Mohr-san and her master, who’s already pretending to be the champion are waiting for us with a furious face in the temporary ring.

We just made fool of them earlier so their desire for revenge is extreme.

「 Stop playing around! I don’t care if you can’t decide which one will fight, you two can come at me at the same time! 」

「 What a filthy speaking lady 」

If you speak like that I lose interest in raping you after I beat you up.

「 We’re picking who will fight for our sake. We don’t want you to make excuses 」

「 What did you say? 」

「 We’re not giving you an escape route of saying “I lost because there’s two of them.” Your cause of defeat is just your incompetence. You lost because you’re weak. We’re eliminating all excuses to distract you from that reality 」

With that said.

「 Sensei, I have a request. Can we make this match a best of three? 」

「 Best of three? The first one to score two wins, right? Well, there are fewer chances that the outcome is just a coincidence, but… 」

「 No, that’s not it 」

I fixed Whip’s misunderstanding.

「 What I mean by that is that if Mohr wins at least once in three matches, she takes the win. She doesn’t need a second one 」

「 What did you say? 」

Mohr-san who heard that gets angry as expected.

「 Are you trying to give me a handicap? You’ll have to win three times to be declared the winner you know! 」

「 I’m not trying, I’m giving you a handicap 」

Anyway, I’m showing the difference in our skills in this match.

I’ll make sure that she pays for insulting Starf-ojousama.

「 If you’re not satisfied with it, we can go for five matches instead of three. Or do you want ten? Either way, you only need to win once 」

「 Don’t make fun of me! If that’s what you want, fine, I’ll beat you down in just the first match1! I’ll watch your tearful face after you lose! 」

Nice, I got her fired up.

Everyone’s also watching the strange situation.

「 Don’t go easy on them, Mohr 」

In particular, her master is also heating up.

「 Put the prestige of our domain in line and strike down these insolent people! That’s your role! 」

「 I know, Bloom-sama 」

Mohr-san pulls out the sword from the scabbard on her waist and takes a stance.

I confirmed from the previous matches that it has no blade, therefore not lethal, but it’s still intimidating to have it pointed at you.

「 I’ll teach you something, you pathetic bastard! My Clay Mohr’s vocation is swordsman! Most of the direct combat classes are proficient with swords, but having that vocation makes her specialized among everyone 」

Look, your master’s exposing your hand.

「 Mohr’s skill, Swordsmanship (A) represents the best when it comes to swords! Warriors and knights are no match for this! It would be hard to defeat Mohr in a one-on-one duel 」

Is that so?

Then, I’ll take out my special weapon.

「 ?! 」

「 What is that?! 」

My opponent, even the master waiting behind, looks confused.

The weapon I hold in my hand is the weapon I’m most skilled at, a stick.

It looks quite short.

It’s a wooden pestle.

「 Bastard! What the hell is that?! Are you playing jokes on me? 」

「 It’s a wooden pestle. Quite convenient for grinding sesame seeds 」

It’s actually a necessity for servants to learn this.

Huh? Not in that sense?

「 Bastard! You seem to want to toy with me to the end! Do you really think that you can defeat me with such a short stick? 」

「 You make it sound so obscene 」

If I was a masochist, I would’ve been erect by now.

「 Shut up! I’ll make you understand with your body! You’re going to regret playing around! 」

Mohr raises her sword with a rush.

Her movement is quite elegant, and she wastes no movement. So that’s the swordsmanship (A).

If that sword of hers hits my head, it would crack my head and kill me even if it has no blade.

「 Hoiya 」

I snapped her iron imitation sword.

It’s the result of my pestle hitting her sword.

「 Wha?! 」

「 Hoihoi 」

Then, I put the tip of the pestle on the tip of Mohr-san’s nose.

If I push it down with enough force, well, it won’t shatter her soft nasal bone.

「 What is a swordsman without her sword? 」

「 ?! 」

The sword she’s holding snapped at the base, and only the hilt remains.

You can’t even call that a sword.

She’s just waiting for the knockout blow in that state.

「 Winner. Sao-kun 」

「 Wha?! Wait! I’m not!! 」

「 What can you do now that you lost your weapon? If you’re a warrior, then you need to know when to back down 」

Well, that’s the first win.

As mentioned beforehand, I planned to go for three matches, so we’re going for the next one.

She can get a replacement for the broken sword, or even go for a real one.

「 No, that’s enough 」

Bloom-san came up to the ring and said.

「 Mohr lost this match. There’s no need for a second, or third match to put shame on her. Either way, Sao-kun will win, right? 」

「 You sure are quick to recognize that. You don’t trust your subordinate? 」

「 The results don’t matter even if I do. The teacher is right, knowing when to quit is also crucial 」

Her judgment is right.

However, I’m still not clear of doubt.

「 Wait, Bloom-sama! I’m still. 」

「 Shut it, don’t put me to shame any further 」

Her harsh scolding made Mohr-san quiet.

「 On the other hand, Sao-kun’s skill is amazing. I see that your rare class isn’t just for show. You have the skill to back it up, no wonder you didn’t participate 」

「 Why thank you 」

「 I truly envy Zerisaf for having such a talent. I apologize to you, Starf-jou. I was wrong to call you unworthy 」

Ojou-sama didn’t change her expression even after receiving such a complex apology.

「 Bloom-sama, allow me to give you a few tips on how to pick the right people 」

「 What is it? 」

「 It’s about trust. You’re the same as them apart from the status of master and servant. You treat them as equals. To be above others means nothing more than to assume responsibility 」

The sudden peachy line from Ojou-sama confused the other party.

「 You need to trust them like a friend, and treat them like family, so they will love you the same way. If you want someone useful by your side Bloom-sama, why not act like one? 」

「 Your ideology is very naive 」

Saying that as if she’s abandoned that idea, she turned her heel and left.

「 Ah, wait, Bloom-sama! 」

The tomboy girl follows her.

Is that the end for this event?

「 Hmm, that’s valuable time 」

Whip-sensei seems satisfied.

「 We’ve had an annual friendly match for the new students, but never at such a high level. To think that you can make an A-rank aptitude. As expected SS ranks are of a different caliber 」

「 I don’t mind the analysis, but please put some effort into teaching 」

Is this teacher okay?

That’s how I unintentionally stood out on the first day at school. It won’t interfere with my student life starting tomorrow, right?

The opening was a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

However, when I actually spent some time there, I found out that life in the royal capital school is just plain.

Of course.

Youth is a time where they glorify student life, but in reality, it’s far more tranquil and repetitive than adult life.

Or so this reincarnated me says.

But as expected, the school run by the Kingdom has some strict lessons.

There are a lot of homework and tests, and it’s hard.

Both Ojou-sama and Nee-san are studying every day when they return to the mansion, wheezing.

「 We have no time for sex because we’re studying all the time. 」

「 I’d rather wheeze in bed than from studying 」

She cries as she completes her homework.

The main lessons are knowledge and education required for the nobles.

Learning history, etiquette, management of skills, and calculations will be necessary when one becomes a lord.

Even so, I have it easier than the other students because of my knowledge from my previous life.

On top of that, I spend my days helping out Nee-san and Ojou-sama with their studies, rewarding them with creampies when they finished their assignments.

If there’s one worry, or should I say suspicion I have…

It’s our classmate, Bloom.

Since the friendly match on the first day at school, she’s been trying to get close to us at every opportunity.

ー”Hey, Starf-jou, which elective class are you going to today? Music? Then I’ll go there too!”

ー”Hey, Starf-jou, we got a lot of homework today, I wonder if we could finish them more efficiently if we worked on them together?”

ー”Hey, Starf-jou, are you free tomorrow? Huh? That’s a guilty’s way of asking someone out?!”

It’s kind of troublesome that she’s sticking around.

At first, she’s approaching Starf-ojousama since they’re both of the same statuses as daughters of lords, but she’s too persistent that she snapped and told her “You’re too annoying!!”

「 What does that mannish woman want with us? 」

Nee-san’s puzzled.

She calls Bloom-san like that, but I think that she’s more of a woman.

「 I think she just has some special interest. We smashed her chance to take control of the class on the first day after all. The only way for her to get back up is to deal with us first, right? 」

Either removing us or buttering us up.

Recently, it seems that her attitude seems to be going towards the latter.

「 What’s the point of doing that? We’re going to graduate in a few years, right? What’s the point of trying to win here? 」

「 Maybe it’ll give her some advantage after graduation, I don’t know 」

The royal school is an elite course so it would be good for the future to have as much advantage as possible here or something like that.

She probably has the ambition to rise further.

「 I don’t care whatever she thinks! I don’t want to get involved 」

Starf-ojousama’s the victim because of that.

「 I can tell that she’s after you, Sao-san! But she can’t touch you directly so she goes for me! I can’t deal with her anymore so you do it next time she comes! 」

「 It’s the noble who has to deal with other nobles. We’re just servants, we can’t interfere 」

And so, Ojou-sama, please be a repellent of her for a while.

「 Nugaaaaaa!! Desuwa! 」

「 Ojou-sama broke! 」

Then, our school life went without much trouble, apart from some exceptions.

One change happened.