Isekai Wisdom Chapter 18 Dungeon Training



「 Seasons go by so quickly. It’s been half a year since we enrolled 」

After class, Whip called us.

Nee-san, Ojou-sama, and me, the usual three.

Everyone already knows that when this teacher uses a roundabout way of speaking, it just brings new trouble.

Therefore, I leaned.

「 And we’re able to fill in some classroom work. Even so, it’s difficult to generalize as the pace of each student varies, but we’ve seen a few students who fully mastered the curriculum in their first year 」

Well, everyone’s got their own pace in studying.

It doesn’t matter if they’re quick or slow, as long as they accomplish it within the time frame, then that’s all that matters.

「 For students who haven’t reached their stipulated level will continue in their class to reach it, but it’s a waste of time for those who already achieved it. And so, with the permission given to me as your teacher, you’re allowed to use the rest of your time until you advance to the next grade for free training 」

「 Free training? 」

What’s that?

「 It means exactly what it says, you’re free to train whatever you want to learn, master, or study 」

「 Anything? 」

「 As long as it’s within the bounds of common sense 」

Tsk, they hit the nail there.

I’m not the only one who finds the phrase “anything,” uplifting.

「 Although you’re all studying in the same school now, your paths after graduating will be different from each other. The purpose of free training is to carefully assess and incorporate what will eventually be useful for your future 」

By the way, Nee-san, Ojou-sama, and I were the first to get permission for free training after complying with the first year’s curriculum.

That’s the context of why we’re summoned.

So, what do I do?

Is there sex training?

I guess not.

「 Starf-san’s goal is to follow her father’s steps and become a Lord, right? Then, you might want to go further in the direction of learning territory management. It’s one thing to prepare for subjects in the second year, and it’s another to get out there and build up your contacts that’ll help you in the future 」

「 I see 」

Whip’s giving out teacher-like advice?

She’s really giving one!

「 Sao-san and Caliber-san, what about you two? 」

「 I wonder? 」

What should I become in the future?

Who should I become?

「 Caliber-san’s vocation is knight, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on a career path that matches that vocation. The orthodox path would be joining the knights 」

「 Knights? 」

「 Each domain has its own knights, some of which are privately owned, but the largest, and the most orthodox would be the Royal Knights. It’s the highest honor for every knight to belong to the elite units under the command of his Majesty, the King 」

「 I see. So that’s it. Then, maybe I should enter the Royal Knights too 」

That’s a light response.

「 So of course, it’s no easy feat to be a member of the Royal Knights. They only accept new members once every few years and hundreds of applications flood just for a single vacancy. It’s a terrifying exam that tests not only your skill, but your dignity, intelligence, fairness of the heart, that even the fiercest fighters of past battles are rejected without mercy 」

「 Maybe not 」

So easy!

「 If you want to reach the pinnacle of knighthood, then you need to gain a lot of real-world experience and knowledge now. Well, it’s beneficial to accumulate some achievements so why don’t you go at it for now? You might find new perspectives through your efforts 」

「 I see, then I’ll look for some 」

Again, so simple!

「 And, as for Sao-san, what should you do? 」

「 What should I do? 」

He gave Nee-san and Ojou-sama some sound advice, and yet, when it’s my turn, this suddenly turns to a clownery?

「 Well, it’s about your vocation. “Rod Master” is something unprecedented, and an extremely rare class. There are no past specimens, and so I can’t give you any advice 」

「 That’s just the same thing! 」

「 If you want to make the most out of your vocation, then you have to think about what you should do from the start. It’s the fate of the leading experts. I hope you pave the way for the future juniors 」

「 All I’m getting is more responsibility! 」

「 That’s not enough for me as a teacher so I’ll give you some real advice here. Since there’s nothing to rely on, Sao-kun’s desires should determine what should be done 」


「 What do you want to do with your “Rod Master?” That’s the guideline for your future 」

What do I want to do with the “Rod Master”?

You mean enjoying a harem of women from all over the world?

Having sex ten thousand times a day, impregnating all the women in this world with my children.

Where no other men can touch them.

Where if my woman gives birth to daughters, I’ll also have sex and impregnate them.

Don’t care about the boys.

Then, my granddaughters too.

「 I feel like my desires can’t come true 」

「 Do you wish for destruction? 」

Lust, when gone extreme, can only lead to destruction.

「 Well, as I mentioned earlier, your “Rod Master” is the first case. We just have to keep exploring, so take it easy 」

「 Sure 」

I’ll just take it easy and not commit to anything.

「 Anyway, it would be great to gain combat experience. I hope you take full advantage of your Cane Martial Arts (SS) skill 」

Well, that’s not the real skill of Rod Master.

「 So, here’s my suggestion 」

「 What? 」

I readied as the teacher changed her tone.

「 How about you try challenging dungeons 」

「 Dungeons? 」

The labyrinth thing from fantasy stories?

Where it spreads underground with its complex structure that confuses those who enter and is filled with monsters?

It’s dangerous, but at the same time, it contains mystery and romance. Like, a dungeon where a sealed demon god can be found at the very bottom!

「 Dungeons are scattered around the world and they have important ties to humanity. Monsters overflow from the dungeons, and if left unchecked, neighboring towns and villages will be destroyed. On the other hand, minerals and monster materials produced are valuable assets 」

「 Okay 」

「 If you have a dungeon in your territory, then it’s the duty of the Lord to manage it adequately. If you’re employed as a bodyguard, then you may dive into dungeons. That’s why in our school, we have practical training where we go into the dungeon to learn about it 」

Do they have practical lessons for that?

「 But, isn’t that dangerous? Like, a new student entering… 」

「 Right, that’s why the official dungeon training doesn’t start until the second semester of the third year. But, Sao-kun and Caliber-san’s skills are real. You already fulfilled your study requirements for this year, so just consider it a part of the aforementioned free training program 」

That’s possible?

Dungeon crawling is okay?

「 Caliber-san’s combat experience is also the same, so why not spend the rest of the year dungeon crawling as siblings. I’m sure that it’ll be worthwhile 」

「 Going to the dungeons for the rest of the year? 」

Is that worthwhile?

No, it must be.

It is, right?

「 Okay. I’ll try out dungeon crawling 」

「 Me too! Me too! 」

Nee-san agreed from the sides.

「 Good response. I thought you’d say that. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll get dungeon training without conditions 」


Who’s there to inspect?

「 The problem is the personnel. No matter how capable you are, you’re still considered students, and only for half a year. We can’t let those kids go to the dungeon alone, right? 」

「 True. They’ll say that it’s for our safety and stuff 」

「 In formal training, you’re always required to form a party of five or six people. I want Sao-kun and Caliber-san to enter the dungeon, but it’s just two of you for now 」

If the minimum is five people, then where are we going to get the other three?

If this is regular training, it’ll take three years for students to party with us.

However, we’re exceptions, and we can dungeon crawl during our first year in school, so nobody else could party with us

「 How about Whip-sensei? Like, like a mentor? 」

「 We still have students who haven’t completed their requirements, can’t leave them 」


It’s their job to make sure that all their students advance.

「 Huh, then where do we recruit our members? Do you not have contacts? 」

「 The best thing to do would be to take advantage of the third-year students when they start their dungeon training. It’s also their first time, and there will be a lot of trial-and-error, so there’s room for people to jump in and get accepted 」

「 J-Joining with the seniors? 」

I feel like we’ll get teased.

「 There’s a problem in that too, dungeon training for the third-year students won’t start until two months from now 」

「 Two months? 」

「 You have to wait until then 」

Eeeh? Here we are so eager already.

I feel like we’re having trouble figuring out what to do in that two-month frame.

「 I’m sure that the fourth and final year students are already in training, so why don’t we join them instead? 」

Nee-san said.

That’s a good idea.

「 Seniors already have their solid party so there’s no more room. No matter how talented you are, you’re not considered a good asset if you’re a first-year student, and you’ll be treated like an obstacle 」

「 I guess that’s a no 」

In the end, we still have to wait two months for the third-years to start their training.

「 Ufufu, you seem to be forgetting someone important? 」


Wait, you will?

「 I would like to participate in the dungeon crawling, is there a problem with that? 」

「 Huh? Well, you’ve been approved for free training, and your vocation is cleric, right? Recovery magic is very useful during dungeon crawling 」

「 Then that’s decided. I’ll join Sao-san and Caliber-san 」

「 However, shouldn’t you focus on taking over your father’s position in the future? If your family owns a dungeon, then you may be able to use your experience, but… 」

「 None 」

「 Then, why 」


In the first place, we’re the ones sent to school to accompany Ojou-sama, so we shouldn’t drag her to our affairs.

「 I’ve been living with the two for the past six months. The two of them and their talents are the greatest treasures of our territory. Sao-san and Caliber-san are my precious friends and family, and I want to support them. I’m confident that it’s in the best interest of our territory to let them grow to their full potential 」

「 「 Ojou-sama!!!! 」 」

Nee-san and I hugged Starf-ojousama as we were moved by her bottomless kindness.

「 We’ll follow you forever! We’ll work for Ojou-sama forever! 」

「 I don’t need to become a Royal knight! I’ll go back to the country and work there after graduating! 」

Ojou-sama wins if she gets linked to capable people like us

As expected, Starf-ojousama may become big.

We’re also linked in a sexual relationship.

「 I understand, then I’ll submit an application for dungeon training including Starf-san in the paper, but the problem is that there’s still just three of you 」


We’re still short of the minimum, which is five.

Ojou-sama’s efforts would be in vain.

「 Oh, you seem to be troubled 」

Then something appears, uninvited.

Oh, it’s Bloom-san.

「 I heard it all. In fact, we also completed our required course and will be entering the free training program. I’m also talented you know. I was wondering what exactly I’m going to study but now I decided 」

What do you mean?

Wait, no way?

「 Whip-sensei, Mohr, and I want to do dungeon training too. Can you accept our application? 」

「 Sure 」

She immediately said okay.

「 Now there’s five of us, and we’re forming a party. Let’s work together and conquer the dungeon 」