Isekai Wisdom Chapter 24 Four Asses Lined Up – Harem Sex



The purpose of today’s visit was to make Bloom fall, right?

I’m already in a sexual relationship with three women at the party and so if I do the same with the four, our party will become a harem and I can enjoy my dream

With such ambitions, my goal today is to deflower the last woman = Bloom, and fuck her all over and corrupt her into a woman who can’t live without my dick.

However, I can’t think of a concrete way to get there, and while I was thinking about what to do, my partner took off her clothes and opened her legs without me coming up with a plan.

No, to be precise, she took the initiative and went for me, but…

「 Sao-san! Go with your dick! 」

That’s the suspect saying it.

To put it in words, she’s saying that it’s good.

「 Thrust it inside Bloom-san’s pussy, turn it into a soggy mess, and corrupt her into a slutty pussy just like how you did it with me. Just like how you corrupted my pussy 」

「 Why are you taking so much initiative? 」

I didn’t even have to work for it, Starf-ojousama arranged it all.

She even took off her clothes without me telling her, and had sex with me.

She’s bringing out the lewd mood to the novice Bloom, and she immediately went for the orgy.

「 I think Starf-jou has a point 」

Bloom, who’s lying down on the bed, says.

Just because she’s lying down doesn’t mean that she’s feeling bad.

There’s a much more popular reason for using the bed other than sleeping. That is to remove their clothes and spread their legs to make love with a man.

「 Take off your clothes, exposing everything, and exchanging love, is the most necessary act of deepening the relationship of trust. I can’t believe that you’re even willing to have intercourse for the sake of mutual understanding. I’m amazed at Starf-jou’s resolve 」

No, not really.

The top priority is pleasure through sex.

「 I’m willing to be in a physical relationship with you to work together in the same party from now on. Sao-kun, have intercourse with me 」

Is she alright?

She’s too easy to be rounded up in sophism.

She’s like a child with limited life experience who nods at the flimsy self-justification of a villain in a manga or anime, saying “He’s got a point!”

I think people like her are much more likely to fall for scams and religion and we need to protect her

That aside, I’ll take advantage of her susceptibility to such influence to take her virginity.


「 Ooh, OIooh, Ooooooh!? 」

My penis goes inside Bloom.

I just fucked Mohr, then Starf-ojousama, and after that, I’m deflowering her, I’m so busy today.

「 Congratulations Bloom-sama, now you’re an adult woman ♥♥ 」

Besides her is the naked Starf-ojousama, showing a smile of a pimp.

「 In the end, you can’t call yourself a woman, unless you have a strong man put his cock inside you. Now, let’s experience Sao-san’s dick to our heart’s content ♥♥ 」

「 Ah, amazing, I feel like a stake has been buried in my crotch. My body’s about to be torn from the sides!? 」

Bloom’s body should be described as something smartly modeled.

She doesn’t have uneven bumps and valleys, and the overall curves of her body are flowing artistically.

The line from her tight waist to her arched ass and down to her thighs is divine, like the calligraphy of a master.

Then, I’m doing the most lascivious act in the world in such a divinely toned body.

I’m going to impregnate her.

Such blasphemous act can only be performed on a female body

「 Oh, oh oh?! Sao-kun’s thrusts are blowing me away. So this is sex. An act of exposing lust to both men and women 」


My glans moved back and forth inside Bloom’s pussy.

「 S-Sorry, Sao-kun. My breasts are small, aren’t they? 」

「 No 」

It’s on the smallish side, but it’s not tiny.

Bloom has the model body, so it’s an ideal balance that she didn’t break.

「 I heard that men prefer bigger breasts. Starf-jou’s big, your sister, Caliber-kun’s also big. If you’re doing it with them, then mine isn’t enough, are they? 」

「 Everyone has their own preference 」

I bend my hips and kiss her breasts.

I sucked the nipple in the center too.

「 Kuhaa ♥♥ What’s that? Stop! Hiiiiiiiiiii♥♥ 」

Bloom’s moans became more lustrous.

Her breasts may be small, but her nipples are big as if exposing her obnoxious personality.

It’s got the size of green soybeans.

Women have larger nipples than men as well as their entire breasts, but even if they have smaller ones, I can still feel Bloom’s womanhood in that puffy swollen nipples.

「 Bloom-san’s weakness is her nipples. Then, leave the other one to me 」

Starf-ojousama joins the fray and torments Bloom’s nipples mercilessly.

「 Kugyuuuuu♥♥ Hiiiiiii♥♥ 」

「 Rerorerorerorerorero! Churu churu. I’ll pinch and pull the other nipple with my fingers ♥♥ 」

「 Kugiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

Strarf-ojousama’s a bit of a sadist, if she pulls like she doesn’t care if her nipples come off, then Bloom’s reaction will be instant.

It hurts, but it seems that she’s feeling pleasure from the pain.

「 The elderly maid told me that babies suck breasts much more intensely. When we eventually have Sao-kun’s baby, we can’t hunger the child because our nipples can’t take it. We’ll train it while we can♥♥ 」

Then, she pulls Bloom’s nipples with all her strength again

It’s so strong that I can hear it.

「 Giiiiiiiiii♥♥ You’re tearing my nipples ♥♥ You’re tearing it off!♥♥♥♥ 」


「 I’m getting crushed ♥♥ You’re stabbing and tearing me apart♥♥ 」

A woman who’s attacked both above and below.

It must be hard for her to have this kind of sex for the first time but I think it’s about time to end it.

「 Bloom-san, I’m about to ejaculate. Do you want it inside? 」

「 Inside?! Wait, that aside, my nipples ♥♥ You’ll rip it off if you pull any further ♥♥♥♥ 」

Putting aside her nipples stretching out, I guess she lacks in sexual knowledge.

I can creampie this woman who doesn’t know anything about it.


「 Ogoooooo ♥♥ Something’s flowing inside me ♥♥♥♥ So hot ♥♥ I feel hot inside♥♥ 」

「 Congratulations, ♥♥ That’s Sao-san’s semen, his baby seeds, and now that he’s pouring it inside your body, you’re now his woman ♥♥ 」



Now I had sex with all the women in my current party.

From now on, whenever we dungeon crawls, every time I look around as w ego along, I’d think to myself that I fucked all those women and creampied them.

This is the best.

At that moment, someone kicked in the bedroom door and broke in.

「 Bloom-sama! Bloom-sama, are you okay? 」

「 Sorry, Sao, I couldn’t hold her 」

Mohr’s here.

She’s Bloom’s personal bodyguard, and she’s made it this far despite her wobbly legs from the waist-crushing sex I gave her and Nee-san keeping stopping her.

Her panties are slid down and her ass is still exposed from when we had sex.

She’s dragging Nee-san who’s holding her legs, crawling on the floor like a zombie.

What tenacity.

「 Bloom-sama! Run! That Sao’s a man who thinks of nothing but impregnating any women he sets his eyes on! If you stay in the same room as him, he’ll cum inside your vagina! 」

「 Mohr, sex feels good, doesn’t it? 」

「 Gyaaaaaaaaaa?! I was too late!! 」

Mohr rushed in to stop her Master, Bloom from being coated in semen from inside and outside, but I’ve done it already.

And so, timing-wise, her intrusion was rather great.

「 Seeing that your cute butt is exposed, did Sao-kun do it with you too? Come here, while we’re at it, let’s do it together 」

「 Bloom-sama? 」

And so…

「 Lovely 」

Four asses lined up in front of me.

Bloom’s ass.

Mohr-san’s ass.

Starf-ojousama’s ass.

And Caliber-neesan’s ass.

The four asses, full of charm, and eros, taking off everything they’re wearing, exposing the depths, and inviting me to fuck them on the holes I want.

Asses line up.

One of the best harems plays.

I can fuck all of them as much as I want knowing that all of them are mine.

This ass, or this ass, maybe this ass, and this ass too!

I fucked them all, and I will fuck them again.

This is the same immorality and luxury of eating extra-large ribs in a yakiniku restaurant.

「 Geez, Sao, you should do it already ♥♥ 」

One of the asses sways around.

That’s Caliber-neesan.

「 Having sex with so many people, I’m also getting excited ♥♥ Hey, hurry up and put your dick inside my pussy ♥♥ My pussy, Starf-ojousama’s pussy, Mohr and Bloom’s pussy, shove it in and make it drip 」

「 That’s right! My pussy’s also overflowing with juice just like my mouth, ♥♥ it can’t wait for your cock any longer 」

They’re like dogs who are told to wait.

I didn’t want to hold back for so long so I put it inside the hole I see.

It’s the perfect fit inside Mohr-san’s pussy.

「 Noooooo♥♥ You put it in ♥♥ Right when Bloom-sama’s watching♥♥ 」

Mohr-san’s swordswoman booty is tight.

Her ass is thick with muscles after being trained as a vanguard so it lost its leanness.

It’s small and heavy.

Her vaginal pressure is too strong that it can tear it off.

「 Oooooh ♥♥ Oooooh ♥♥ My voice is leaking out ♥♥ Sex feels amazing ♥♥ 」

「 Ufufu, Mohr makes such a voice when having sex… 」

「 No, don’t watch, don’t listen, Bloom-sama ♥♥ 」

「 Why? I’m happy to see a new perspective on my beloved servant. Sao-kun, put it inside me this time, I want Mohr to hear my voice too 」

I pull out my penis as per her request and shove it inside the next pussy.

「 Fuoooooooohhh!! ♥♥ 」

Bloom’s model body ass.

It’s a style-first, well proportioned as that makes me look forward to fucking her and turning her into a mess.

「 Ohoo ♥♥ Oooooh♥♥ Sex is amazing ♥♥ To think that there’s something with this much pleasure in this world 」


The immorality of defiling something beautiful rises up as I fuck this ass.

Satisfied that I fucked Bloom that way, I moved to the next one.

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Zupupu, my penis dives into her flesh.

Whose pussy is this? But as soon as I shove it in, I knew it was Starf-ojousama.

「 Ahiiiiiiiii♥♥ It finally went in ♥♥ What a tease of a cock, making your master wait♥♥ 」

Sorry about that, Ojou-sama.

But using one’s master as a lust outlet is just outrageous.

Starf-ojousama’s ass is round, large, and great for childbirth.

In the future, she’ll succeed her parent as the lord, and she’ll give birth to a strong heir, so she needs to give birth safely.

That’s why Ojou-sama’s ass is made right for an easy birth.

Fucking someone in the ass to make a child isn’t a sacred ritual for procreation, but instead, just for fun and the sake of it.

「 Ohoo ♥♥ Ohoooo ♥♥ Hoo ♥♥ Yes♥♥ Creampie me ♥♥ Sao-san, impregnate me with your child ♥♥♥♥ 」

And that we’re done with her.

Let’s go with the last ass, the one with the deepest bond with me, Caliber-neesan’s ass.

「 Put your dick in ♥♥ Put your dick in ♥♥ Hurry, hurry ♥♥ Dick!! 」

Her ass shakes so hard that her contours wave.

Nee-san’s got a firm and muscular ass, but it’s a huge one, just like Mother’s, it’s huge both in volume and density.

Her ass is efficient, but she hasn’t abandoned her femininity.

「 Yes ♥♥ Your dick is in my pussy ♥♥ Thrust more inside ♥♥ Onee-chan’s pussy is made to make my brother’s dick happy ♥♥♥♥ 」

I’ve had sex with a lot of women and I found that Nee-san’s ass is bigger and much lewder than anyone else.

She’s ready to get pregnant with a child, but she’s also a woman who’s not afraid to make a man fall for her.

It’s because of this fascinating ass.

「 My pussy! My pussy! My pussy! My pussy! My pussy! My pussy! My pussy! Cum inside my pussy!!! Do it like usual ♥♥!! 」

I came inside Nee-san and then I returned to Mohr-san’s ass.

Harem sex is so much fun.