Isekai Wisdom Chapter 23 Hospitality = Sexual Entertainment



Next Day

Sunday, when our school is closed, a guest visited our mansion.

More precisely, my Lord, and Starf-ojousama’s mansion.

「 The star has descended! Bloom has accepted your invitation to visit! 」

Then, there comes the noisy one.

Immediately after the dungeon training, she lost her confidence and became quiet, but unfortunately, she got back to her normal condition.

「 I’m glad that you’re here. I have a lot to talk about today… 」

Starf-ojousama had a phobia of Bloom because of that.

Officially, she’s the host, but why did she take this painful role.

「 Indeed! I’m a little worried that Starf-jou would be so needy that I had to invite you to my house, but I was wrong! I was a little worried about it, but I guess that was just my misunderstanding! You like me from the bottom of your heart! 」

「 Of course, Sure… 」

Ojou-sama’s losing her willpower!

I want to fuck her and give her some energy right now, but I can’t do that right in front of bloom.

「 I also prepared a gift as a courtesy to your invitation. Mohr, bring it here 」

「 Yes, it’s a herring pie baked by our chef 」

「 Wow, that seems delicious 」

Everyone’s tension is low except for Bloom, the visitor.

Let’s get in the mod for more, because if all goes to plan, then we’ll have a complete harem and a delightful sex life to plunge into.

「 Then, I’ll guide you inside our room. This way 」

「 Very well! 」

Nee-san’s the only one full of energy, taking the lead and guiding us.

「 But before that, Bloom-sama, could I borrow Mohr-san? 」

「 For what? 」

「 I just want to ask for her help in preparing your reception 」

「 Hmm, very well, we’re already party mates. Naturally, we help each other out 」

「 Thank you 」

「 With that said, Mohr, go with Sao-kun. Don’t carelessly break something that belongs to others 」

With that said, Bloom and Starf-ojousama goes to the lounge.

I headed the other way, with Mohr-san with me.

「 W-What are you going to do? I can’t be away from Bloom-sama for even a moment while I’m here 」

Mohr-san’s cautious.

That’s why Mohr-san’s the biggest obstacle in achieving our objective, and it’s essential to deal with her.

「 I won’t let you get away with this! I’ll protect Bloom-sama’s chastity! 」

Woah, her fighting spirit sure is burning.

I guess I have to deal with her first.

「 Nhooooooooo~ ♥♥♥♥ Nhoo♥♥ Nhooooooooooooooo♥♥♥♥ 」


As soon as I brought her to the storage room of the mansion, I took off Mohr-san’s pants and put them in.

Then, I swung my hips real hard.

「 Wait ♥♥ You’re too intense ♥♥ This is much more intense than usual ♥♥ You’re breaking my pussy ♥♥♥♥ You’re breaking my hip bones!! ♥♥♥♥ 」

Of course.

In this intercourse, instead of wiggling her hips with exquisite force to give her pleasure, I’m using all my strength to break her.

Then, I gave her a creampie.


「 Goooooooo♥♥♥♥ 」

Mohr-san collapsed as I broke her hips through sex.

When I pulled out my penis, she collapsed on the spot, and she’ll be stuck there for a while.

Just to make sure.

「 Sao, how is it…looks like it went well… 」

Nee-san who got inside the room checks Mohr-san’s disheveled appearance, spewing semen from her crotch while collapsed on the floor.

「 This is what happens when Sao gets serious about sex. Your pelvis probably got smashed up

Speaking from experience.

Nee-san’s been having sex with me for over a decade already. I experimented with various ways of having sex with my sister and cultivated her skills.

「 Mohr-san’s interference was the biggest concern. She won’t be able to move for a while with this, but just in case, look after her, Nee-san 」

「 Roger that! I’ll hold her down until we reach our objective 」

Nee-san got to her knees and kissed the tip of my erect penis that just put Mohr-san in a coma for a while.

「 That was a good luck charm. Sao, good luck 」

「 Thanks 」

That’s the bond between us siblings.

Now the preparations are complete. What’s left is to win.

Let’s depart!

「 Excuse me 」

The room we entered is Starf-ojousama’s room.

The truth is that it’s our room, Ojou-sama, Nee-san, and me.

This is where we have threesomes every night.

「 Oh, you’re here? What happened to Mohr? 」

「 Well, she can’t untie the knot so she can’t go back yet 」

I just give some lazy excuse.

「 Is that so? We’ve started here already. I’m having a tea party with Starf-jou. We also have lots of sweets 」

On the table the two are seating is a tea set for afternoon tea and an abundance of sweets piled up on a wooden carrying box.

Now, the situation has calmed down.

Now how do we take it to sex?

「 Let’s start the conversation since Sao-kun is here now. I wanted to wait until Mohr returns, but it might be better to start without her 」

Bloom’s trying to say something.

What could it be?

「 I have a reason why I accepted the invitation. The main reason would be that I want to learn from you 」

「 You want to be taught? 」

Since she’s more or less the host, Starf-ojousama’s the one conversing.

「 I was reminded of my immaturity in the dungeon the other day. I was blessed with a vocation of a magician, and I was praised as a child prodigy in my hometown. I’ve come to realize that in this wide world, that doesn’t mean much 」

That’s an admirable speech.

Bloom’s over-the-top attitude is also a sign of her pride in her talent.

Being overwhelmed by Minosunkerus in the dungeon was the first setback she had experienced.

「 I learned that there’s only so much one can do when facing real difficulties. 」That’s why we have to collaborate and complement each other 」

「 That’s a good point. I believe that forward thinking is one’s job as a Lord.

A party of adventurers consists of five to six people at most, but a single territory is made up of thousands of people working together.

Ojou-sama is right, there may be some common things in there.

「 Starf-jou is right. That’s why I’m trying to put on the effort to change my behavior to make the most out of this experience 」

「 Effort? 」

「 I’m trying to get to know the people around me better and cooperate with them! In the meantime, I’m trying to get to know Mohr better, but it’s not going so well 」

「 Bloom-sama and Mohr-sama had been on good terms for a while, haven’t you? 」

Starf-ojousama’s right.

Though there was an awkward period due to the defeat, I felt that their bond has become stronger.

「 I’m happy to hear that but I’m not yet satisfied. I have to aim higher 」

「 You want to get closer? 」

「 I have a clear goal. I want us to be as close as you are with your servants, Starf-jou

「 Me? 」

「 Sao-kun and Caliber-kun’s relationship with you is unparalleled. There is mutual respect, and esteem toward each other that transcends the boundaries of master and servant 」

「 That’s making me blush 」

Ojou-sama’s fidgeting?!

She’s happy to hear that?

「 It’s precisely because of our relationship that you were able to push aside the unnecessary barriers in an emergency and work together in harmony. I want to move together with Mohr like that. No, I want it to be like that with the whole party 」

「 It would be great if we could 」

It also greatly increases the safety when exploring dungeons.

「 However, I don’t know what to do about that. I’m ashamed to admit but I hardly have any experience in socializing. What methods could I use to get us closer? Even when I’ve been with Mohr for so long, I feel like there’s a wall recently 」

「 Eh?! Even though you get along so much? 」

「 It seems like she’s been hiding something from me recently. When I try to indirectly investigate, she doesn’t confide with me. Is there something I have to know? 」

It’s like she’s getting tangled with some guy lately and turned to a semen toilet daily or the likes?

Well, she’s definitely hiding that.

「 With that said, I want to ask Starf-jou and Sao, who have the ideal master-servant relationship. Could you teach me? 」

「 About that… 」

Starf-ojousama answers before I could.

「 I think the answer I can come up with is that it happens when you expose everything to each other 」

「 Exposing? 」

「 It’s about exposing your deepest, most embarrassing, and most disgusting self to the other person. If you can accept each other, then there would be no fear of hate. You can socialize without the awkwardness 」

Yes, correct.

Like, showing inside your pussy, your anus, or your nipples.

Or your face smeared in dripping cum.

That’s how we expose each other.

「 Bloom-san’s always trying to show off only the best parts of yourself. Why don’t you show the one you truly believe in the uglier self of yours? 」

「 I see. Perhaps it’s because I’m too afraid to reveal my true, unadorned self 」

「 It’s a way to be reserved with others, even when it’s really important. I will show you an example. An example of me exposing myself 」

Starf-ojousama says while she stands up.

She puts her hands on her clothes and takes them off one by one

「 Fue?~! 」

Bloom’s confused as the young lady strips down her panties and got completely naked.

As expected, her tits are huge.

「 Take a good look. Being naked isn’t something you show to other people. And you can only show that without hesitation to your companions, friends,, and family 」

「 That may be true, but are you sure? Sao-kun’s here you know?! 」

Yes, I’m right here.

「 Even if he’s an ally, you’re still showing your naked body to a man that you’re not marrying! 」

「 That’s not true. Sao-san’s one of my precious people. Right, Sao-san? 」

Starf-ojousama’s sending a bewitching glance.

The inviting look of this lewd woman says she wants something.

She’s telling me with her mind.

There’s no need to speak, we can figure out what we want.

I pulled down my pants and my penis jumped out.

「 Nhiii!!! 」

Bloom screams as she saw my erect penis.

She’s so innocent.

「 It’s already erect after seeing Ojou-sama naked. Sorry about that 」

「 Don’t be. After all, what I’m looking for right now is that big, erect cock of yours. No, my pussy wants it 」

Saying that Starf-ojousama turns her huge ass that’s easy to give birth to the new future lord, shaking it, asking for it.

「 Now, do me♥♥ Sao-san, shove your dick inside my lewd pussy ♥♥ This is your Master’s orders 」

「 Then, without delay 」

「 Afuu~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 」

My other self goes inside with ease.

The young lady’s hole I’ve used up no longer resists. It even pulls me on its own.

Paa, paa, paa, paa, paa, paa, paa, paa…

「 Ahii~ I love it when your dick pokes my pussy! ♥♥ Bloom-sama, are you watching? Can you see my embarrassing moment? 」

「 I-I can see it, but… 」

Bloom’s face is blushing hard.

It’s the first time in her life that she’s ever watched someone have sex, and I can feel the confusion coming there.

「 I’m not sure exposing yourself this far is something you have to do! You can’t show other people that you’re having intercourse! 」

「 Being watched when having sex is what feels the best ♥♥♥ Ohooo♥♥ Ohooooooooooooooo♥♥♥♥ 」


「 Aaahn! I love it when your making sounds with my ass ♥♥ Pako pako ♥♥ Pako pako ♥♥ 」

She’s drooling, making a slutty look on her face, moaning.

Each impact on her hip causes her golden hair to tremble.

「 Besides, sex is the best way to understand each other. You get naked, and open your pussy, then expose yourself. You can only do that with people you trust the most 」

「 I-I guess? 」

「 Therefore… 」

Starf-ojousama gave her an outrageous proposal.