Isekai Wisdom Chapter 04 Transformation to a Woman



Five years later.

We’re having sex in the forest right now.


The sound of meat slamming in the forest.

Caliber-neesan has become more feminine since the day she lost virginity, she’s now sucking my penis just as she did that day.

「Sao ♥♥ Slam me more ♥♥ Thrust your strong penis inside your sister’s pussy ♥♥♥♥」

「I love you Nee-san」

「I love you too! ♥♥ Muchuuuuuuu ♥♥♥♥」

Leaning against the tree in the forest, we slam our hips together in a face-to-face standing position while kissing each other.

It’s nice to have incest sex outdoors, both parties are completely naked.

「Ahn~ Ahn~ Ahn ♥♥ Sao’s using Onee-chan as his meat toilet, so happy ♥♥♥♥」

It’s been five years since we took each other’s virginity.

In that time, we had countless times of sex.

AS before, she’d go to the forest in the name of training, and then when we’re secluded in the depths, she’d strip off her clothes and we’d have sex naked.

Perhaps because of this that Caliber-neesan’s body has completely changed over the past five years, developing as a full woman with pronounced curves.

Her body’s a perfect woman.

Huge breasts, voluptuous ass, and a slender hip.

Even with her clothes on, her huge tits and ass are too big to fit in her clothes that nobody would assume she’s a man.

I completely broke Nee-san’s past dream of becoming a man.


「Ahii~ ♥♥ Naaaaaaaaa ♥♥ You came inside again ♥♥」

「Have I ever cum outside of Nee-san when we have sex?」

「Now that you mention it ♥♥ So Happy ♥♥ Chu♥♥ 」

Our lips exchange a kiss for the afterglow of outdoor sex.

Nee-san’s changed a lot for the past five years, not just in her body but also in her personality and attitude.

She no longer pretended to be blessed with a vocation, instead, she became attentive to her surroundings, became soft-spoken, and even sexy with her movements.

She replaced her speech from manly to womanly.

Naturally, her attractiveness as a woman has skyrocketed and she now has a reputation of being the most beautiful daughter of the most beautiful mother in the village.

「Good job in cumming a lot ♥♥Onee-chan’s proud of your penis」

She says, knelt and buried her face on my crotch without needing me to order her.

「Bupuu, ♥♥bujururururururu, ♥♥jubuuuuu♥♥」

Cleanup fellatio.

Nee-san no longer hesitates to lick and suck on the penis coated with her love nectar.

She’s been having sex every day for the past five years since she lost her virginity so her maturity in sex is different.

「Rerorerorerorerorero ♥♥ Ufu, Sao loves it when I lick the tip, right? ♥♥ I was cleaning up and yet it stood up aain」

She licked up the glans.

Nee-san smiles like a little temptress.

「If it got big again then I have to deal with it, here ♥♥」

She says, spreads her legs, and shows me the hole unique to women from behind.

The semen I just poured inside spills out of the hole.

「Put Sao’s little brother’s cock inside this pussy again ♥♥」



We already did it once.

We’re in the forest near the village.

We went to this forest every day since childhood.

As you can imagine, it started to become too much for me to go there in secret so I started going into the forest under the guise of hunting a few years ago.

A forest is a place where we can have sex without worrying about being seen but that doesn’t mean that I can’t fulfill my public purpose without attracting suspicion.

「Now that we had sex and we’ve calmed down, we need to hunt and make an alibi. Now, let’s go for the ferocious evil dragon (wild rabbit)」

「Geez, I told you not to mention that already!」

It’s an ironic exchange to tease her about the story of my sister years ago.

「And, I found one」

「Hyaaun! ♥♥」

My penis went inside her through a surprise attack.

I was lying when I said that we’re done having sex today!

「I’m not a man who’ll let such a lewd pussy pass through!!」

「Aaahn! ♥♥ This is why I love you, Sao!♥♥ more! Shove it inside me! ♥♥I want to have sex! Nhoooooooooooo!!♥♥♥♥」


Her soft female meat slamming and her sexy moaning voice echo through the forest.

I creampied her twice after that and then we finished our hunt even after spending so much time.

Kalani Deer.

It’s a deer-like-looking monster, their meat is delicious, and their pelt and horns can be used for other things so hunting them is a success.

One is enough for a harvest so I immediately brought them home.

「Sao, let’s make out one more time before going home」

「What a hopeless sister you are」

We exchange a passionate kiss near the entrance of the forest.

There could be people around so we can’t go naked and slam each other hard.

「Nchu,♥♥ churu♥♥」

Nee-san’s tongue is moving around my mouth.

「Puhaa.」 Aah, if only mom wasn’t in the house, we could have sex there」


Nee-san has to wait until we go back in the woods to have sex again.

She gets frustrated quickly and she’s ready to have sex with me all the time if she could.

Well, I want to have sex with Nee-san all the time too, but…

After returning to the village, we had to walk some distance to get back to our home.

It’s uncommon for us to pass by our neighbors in the village along the way.

「Oh, Sao-kun and Caliber-chan, going back home already? Seems like you guys brought another big game again」

「Good day Grandma」

My sister used to be a brat and a nuisance, but now that she’s grown up over the years, she’s no longer a snob.

Part of it is that she’s grown up to be beautiful and feminine, but her personality has also completely changed since childhood. She’s now a gentle, polite, and kind-hearted woman.

It’s because of this that she’s so popular in the village, the children of the village who once kept their distance from here have now grown up and reached puberty, and they can’t ignore her as a full-body sex symbol.

「H-Hey! Caliber! What a coincidence, meeting you here…」

Says the neighbor who lives next door, Libo-kun.

It’s no coincidence at all. He’s been waiting for Nee-san to pass by.

「How about you eat dinner at our place tonight? My parents say that it’s time for me to settle down」

「I’ll eat dinner with family tonight so I can’t」

Instant defeat.

Countless young men have challenged her this way and have sunk.

Nee-san’s the flower at the highest peak right now.

「Why don’t they get it. My body and soul belongs to Sao since long ago」

That’s the reason why Nee-san refuses any kind of companionship.

Notice, warning, and conclusion, not even looking at Libo-kun who fell to his knees, Nee-san speaks her monologue.

「It’s Sao who taught me the magnificence of being a woman. He violated me hard, made my pussy feel good in sex ♥♥Once I got to taste the pleasure of sex, I stopped caring about my vocation」

「Nee-san, I don’t think you should say that aloud in the village, okay?」

Despite my warnings, her cheeks turned a light shade of red as she recalls the excitement of the act.

She touches her breasts that are so ripe you’d shout “Is that a watermelon?” and fondled it.

「These breasts got this big after Sao squeezed them so much ♥♥ And my butt too ♥♥」

She puts her hand behind her and groped her ass.

「Sao stroked, squeezed, and bit these and that’s how it became like this ♥♥ My skin is glowing from being sprayed with cum all over, and of course my pussy too♥♥ 」

She whispers to my ear.

「I’ve had Sao’s cock inside of me that it changed the shape of my pussy ♥♥ Mine’s become a special pussy that only fits Sao’s cock♥♥ Sao, take responsibility for turning me into such an erotic woman by fucking me for the rest of my life」

I guess I trained her too much.

After a few years of sex life, my sister’s sexiness has hit the maximum value.

I’ve been using my sister as a sex sleeve for the past few years and this is the fruits of my labor.


Now I got erect again.

「Welcome back you two」

Mom greeted us as we return home.

I’ve also grown quite a lot over the years. Mother also aged accordingly, but for some reason, she didn’t fade at all, her youthfulness still shines.

Even now, she still looks like she’s in her twenties, and is often mistaken for Nee-san’s sister when they’re walking outside.

「My, you hunted a deer today? That’s a big one!」

「Right? That’s why I told you it’s best to send Sao and me to the forest!」

Nee-san breathes out proudly.

Mom still doesn’t like the idea of us going into the forest.

It’s dangerous in the forest after all.

A parent will always worry about their child.

「We’re already old enough to be on our own so it’s about time you trust us」

We can’t tell her the real purpose of going out to the forest was to have incestuous sex, not hunting.

「Speaking of which, I always thought of you two as kids, but if you can hunt deer monsters, I guess I have to admit that you’re doing well」


Mom says while patting her cheeks.

That gesture of a calm motherly quality made my dick erect.

「Then, I guess it’s time for you two to help Mom with her work. It’s going to be easier if I have assistance」

「Huh, Mom’s job?」

Well, we can’t eat if we don’t work.

Especially in our family, we have two grown children and a single woman.

I’m amazed at how she managed to raise us to this level under this difficult circumstance.

She’s doing cooking, laundry, and housework.

「Mom, what kind of work do you do? Are you working on the farm?」

「I work in the fields, but it’s a bigger, harder job that I need your help with. You know that Mom goes out sometimes?」

Now that she mentioned it.

Sometimes, she goes out early and came back late at night.

Mom does this occasionally, about once a month at most, so I thought she’s just having a chat with her friends.

「Then you two can come with me next time. Caliber-chan’s vocation is “knight,” and Sao-kun’s “Rod Master” I’m sure that your skills will be great help」

What do you mean by that?

What’s Mom’s job?

Where is she taking us?

The answer didn’t come until a few days later.

The day in question.

Mom took Nee-san and me really far.

It’s far away outside the village.

This might be my first time traveling this far since I reincarnated into another world.

「Well then, please take care of us today as well everyone」


There are more than ten men and women gathered in the outskirts of the dense forest.

Mom’s in charge of them.

Just what’s going on?

「Uhm, Mom? Why are so many people gathered deep in the woods?」

「Goblin extermination」


The famous monster?

「Goblins are a subhuman-type monster. Unlike other species, they’re wise and cunning. Furthermore, they work in packs, which makes them dangerous and troublesome. That’s why we have this regular large-scale extermination gathering」

「You treat this as an event?」

「Goblins are humanoids, and hunters don’t like to hunt them because they can’t be eaten, or turned to tools. The safest and most reliable way is to ask an adventurer, but there’s no adventurer’s guild in the countryside like here, and it costs a lot of money to have one sent here. That’s why the most efficient way is gathering a group of skilled people from each village to come together and defend themselves」

I see.

I haven’t seen all the people here before, so they were from other villages.


The fact that each village sent their representative which skills they’re proud of means…

「Our village’s representative is…」



「Oh geez. Who do you think I’m the mother of? If you want a child with good vocation, then the mother also has to have some good qualities too, right?」

Mom said and took out a massive axe.

「Well, let’s rampage after a long break. I’m afraid that I’ll show a bit more enthusiasm in front of my kids ♥♥」