Isekai Wisdom Chapter 05 Mother’s job



Seems like Mom’s vocation is in the ‘strong warrior’ class

The warrior class is best for direct combat using body, and the warrior class had been strengthened to become a more power-oriented and raging class.

If you master that path, you’ll be able to crush any obstacle that gets in your way, and push forward as if you’re carving a path in the wilderness.

In fact, seeing Mom fight for the first time was incredible.

「 Gugiyagogegeeee?! 」

-The scream of the goblin in his last moment.

Mom’s ax split its brain with a vertical attack. They died instantly.

The goblin’s head got chopped off, and its body was sliced.

A goblin ran away in fear, then she threw the ax to its back to kill it.

It’s a female-form fierce god that lays waste to the area of the forest that’s become a goblin stronghold.

That’s my mom.

「 Ufufu, it’s embarrassing to have my children watch me 」

Mom speaks bashfully. All while holding a hatchet that’s stained with goblin blood.

「 I want to be a ladylike and gentle Mom in the house so I don’t want to show the face I make while fighting. Caliber-chan and Sao-kun will soon reach adult age. If you want to survive on your own, you have to take a good look at the ugly as well 」

It’s ugly, or grotesque, or should I say…

The corpses of the goblins lying around after Mom sliced them in half are pretty much straight out of gore videos.

Because of their human-like appearance, the horror of death is much more pronounced than the beasts.

「 They say that in the city, the proper test for an adventurer is whether they can kill a goblin without hesitation or not. The fact that they almost look human will slow your hands, but you have to be ruthless. Well, I think Caliber-chan’s okay 」

Nee-san’s happily wielding her sword next to us for a while now.

Back in the past, she’s so intimidated by the bear that she peed herself.

But now, she’s slashing goblins left and right, even if blood’s gushing out, she doesn’t hesitate to laugh with an undaunted smile.

「 I don’t think that she needs to be in that high spirit. Monsters are only harmful to people. Especially goblins, they’re cruel to people weaker than them. They destroy the fields, kill livestock, kidnap children and torment them to death. Yet, it’s just a game to them 」

They commit atrocities not to survive nor eat, but just for fun.

That’s the goblins of this world.

「 For humans to live in peace, not a single monster should be allowed to enter the human area. Sao-kun, do your best in annihilating goblins 」

「 Okay 」

I guess I’ll work to meet Mom’s expectations.

I swing my rod and slammed some goblins.

My vocation, Rod Master, has been established as an expert who uses sticks as weapons.

The destructive power of the swing when hitting the area can shatter rocks.

I’m holding a wooden stick, but the impact is as if it’s made of steel.

I guess that’s also an effect of my Rod Master?

Mom knows my skills well because I had to publicly demonstrate my skills to get to enter the forest with my sister.

「 Sao-kun’s amazing. I thought what would happen if the rod master vocation was a weird one, but it seems that it’s a good one 」

No, no.

The weird part of the rod master is hidden from you.

「 Mom’s happy that it’s not just Caliber-chan, but Sao-kun’s also growing up splendidly. I’m so happy that my ax is getting brighter! 」

Mom, did you just chop two goblin heads in one swing?

As expected, her ax’s cutting strength is amazing.

It’s a tool invented to cut down trees, the hardest organic matter on earth.

It’s much thicker and heavier than a sword.

The part of the blade is sharpened to cut through anything and everything.

In hands of a vocation holder and wielded with full skill, there’s no way to prevent it from cutting human bodies.

It’s the same on goblins.

As Mom passes by, corpses of goblins just pile up like pebbles.

「 Hey, I don’t think we’re needed here, right? 」

Nee-san said after a while.

「 Mom takes down the enemy as soon as they appear, and we only get a bit of what she misses. Furthermore, there’s hardly any of them. Mom seems to be enough firepower. Look at that 」

Nee-san looked around.

As I look around, there are just corpses of goblins aside from Me, Mom, and Nee-san. There are countless numbers of corpses.

「 I can’t see the others who were with us when we started. Did we split up with them? I think it’s more efficient if we part from Mom too 」

Nee-san said.

You’re not trying to get me alone to have sex with you, right?

「 Oh? We’re not splitting up without a plan you know? We do have a plan 」


「 First, mom goes to the front and trample them, see? Then, the goblins who are cowardly won’t put up much of a fight that they’ll run away. They’re very afraid of enemies that are stronger than them 」

「 Then most of them would end up surviving, right? 」


No matter how strong Mom was, it’ll take a lot of effort to chase down the goblins that fled in every direction and take them down one by one.

I’m sure that she’ll miss a few.

「 That’s why I asked everyone else to standby in a circle around the forest, wait for the fleeing goblins so we can make sure to kill them all 」

「 Encircling net, I see 」

「 Goblins are the scariest when they’re in a group, so the reliable way to catch them is scattering them. It’s the most effective strategy for destroying goblin hordes so keep that in mind 」

「 「 Okay 」 」

However, to carry out this mission, you need to crush the goblins swarming around you. I feel a chill run down my spine when I thought about the fact that it’s my Mom who’s doing that role this time.

「 If so, isn’t it better if we joined the encirclement? It’s much more effective than staying here, right? 」

「 Well, yes, but… 」

Mom’s not making herself clear.

「 Normally, there would be more goblins. I thought that the three of us could kick them out of their place just nicely. In the end, I tidied them up alone 」

To prove Mom’s point, the goblins who were relentlessly attacking us earlier are no longer here, and the scene was quiet.

That’s why we’re able to have an idle talk like this.

「 There’s less than expected. Was the gap too short since the last subjugation? Well, we can leave the rest to the encirclement 」

The development is different from usual.

I don’t like that.

「 I’ll go take a look 」

「 Huh? 」

I run around with my rod.

If you build enough momentum, you can hook the stick to the roots and raise it above.

The stick flexes with momentum. Then, the force extended on the wrinkled stick made it return to its original shape.

It flicked off from the recoil.

It’s pole vaulting.

I can see as far and wide as I soar in the sky, breaking through the thick branches and leaves without a care in the world.

That said, it’s hard to see because of the dense forest below.

This is definitely abnormal.

The gravity pulled me and I landed. I met up with Mom and Nee-san.

「 Sao-chan flew up high. Mom’s surprised. 」

Mom is surprised at weird points but I ignored that.

「 There’s a huge battle happening 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Just a bit far from here. I’m sure that it’s one of the groups who were waiting for the encirclement that Mom mentioned. They’re struggling against some massive amounts of goblins 」

「 No way?! 」

She doesn’t seem to believe it but I saw it with my own eyes.

I had a bird’s eye view of the battle.

「 It seems that they saw through the plan. That’s why they avoided Mom, the strongest, and went for a solid one-point shot 」

「 Even if I said that goblins are smart, that’s a tactics level of…wait, if Sao-kun says so then you’re right 」

She trusts me over the mystery.

「 Then, let’s hurry up and get there! From the way Sao-kun’s talking, it sounds like they’re about to breakthrough. If they escaped, this whole operation will be a failure 」

Nee-san hurries.

But there’s no mistaking that it’s because of what I said, so I decided to be a little reckless.

「 I’ll jump off. Nee-san and Mom, just follow my direction 」

「 Huh? 」

I did another pole vault.

This time, the angle of the jump isn’t straight up but diagonal.

By doing so, I can jump over the forest and reach the destination in a straight line.

I can’t believe that some of the skills of Rod Master can be used this way.

Isn’t the application scope too wide?

Meanwhile, we arrived.

I jumped in the scene, but it’s already a bloodbath here.

There’s no longer any semblance of order as the goblins and the villagers are in a messy melee.

「 Don’t let a single one of them run free! Defend to the last! 」

「 Did you contact Machett-san?! Why are they not here yet? 」

「 Help us! We lack firepower! 」

「 Gyaaaaaa?! They’re biting my ear!! 」

It’s pretty bad, it’s one villager against three to five goblins.

It’s an overwhelming predicament.

I immediately joined the fight and swung my stick to the goblin.

「 Gyee 」

「 Guee! 」

The goblins scream and fall as I crush their heads.

It helps that they’re so obsessed with attacking the people that I caught them off guard.

「 I’ve come to help. Are you okay? 」

「 A kid? Why are you in this place?! 」

I offer my hand after all the goblins swarming the guy I rescued has died.

「 What’s the situation? How bad is the damage? 」

「 I don’t know. A large group suddenly came at us. No matter how long we fought them… 」

Seems like it was a surprise attack 」

It looks like they were too busy fighting back to grasp the situation.

It can’t be helped then.

If that’s the case, the priority is saving everyone before sorting out the situation.

Kill every goblin in sight, it’ll be clearer and easier to understand later.


Get everyone…

I swing my rod.




「 What’s with that kid? 」

「 He’s absurdly strong. The goblins are decreasing so fast 」

By the time I could catch my breath, some of the goblins already stopped breathing.

I think we’re about 20% from the starting number.

The damage is enough to wipe them out from a tactical standpoint, but the remaining goblins showed no signs of retreating.

I thought goblins are cowards that would run away immediately if they see themselves at a slight disadvantage?

「 Careful! It’s not over yet! 」

One of the villagers defending himself shouted.

His head is smeared with blood.

「 There’s a special one among the goblins! That one’s in charge! Careful! If you think they’re the same as the rest you’ll get killed in an instant! 」


I see. Mom was also suspicious of the unexpected behavior from the goblins but to think that there’s someone that’s like a commander mixed among them.

It could be a mutation or a higher species.

A goblin leader or goblin king, or something like that?

「 It’s a Rokublin! 」