Isekai Wisdom Chapter 07 Sex with Mom



「 Ufufu, Sao-chan’s a man too… 」

That face as Mom says that is something I never saw before.

It’s not a face of a mother loving her child, but a lewd woman that’s about to attack her prey.

「 Do you want me to use my hand or my pussy? Or so I ask but the answer is definitely pussy. Furthermore, it’s a request 」

Mom climbed up the bed where I was lying and straddled on me, opening her leg. She just got naked.

That’s what I asked.

If we’re having sex, then we both have to be naked.

That’s why Mom undressed me as I’m lying down, and she didn’t hesitate to take off her clothes as well.

「 This is embarrassing. I’m an old lady who gave birth to Sao-chan years ago. If Sao-chan’s penis withers after seeing my sagging breasts, Mom will get shocked you know? 」

「 I don’t hate it. Mom’s naked body is so lewd! My dick just got harder! 」

That wasn’t a compliment, but I’m happy to see that my mother’s body is unobstructed and I sighed in relief.

She seems to be concerned with the decline that comes with her age but to me, I feel asking “Which part?”

Her skin is glossy, and her breasts are as tight as rubber balls.

She’s still filled with a youthfulness that can be described in someone in her twenties.

I’m starting to think that she might’ve activated her immortality skill after giving birth to me.

「 Really? I’m happy to hear that even if it’s just flattery from the gentle Sao-chan. Why don’t you take good luck and decide? 」

「 Good look at what? 」

「 These breasts, you sucked on them deliciously when you were a baby but what about now? Have they sagged since then? Did my nipples get darker? 」

She pushes out her huge breasts.

I do remember sucking on these tits long ago, and these are filled with meat, just as much as my grown sister.

Didn’t these grow bigger than before?

「 Look at my butt. You rubbed them when you were young, don’t you? 」

「 You knew? 」

Still, this time, there’s no skirt to hide anything, her anus is in full view.

So this is Mom’s anus?

It’s much lewder.

「 Then, my pussy. This is where Sao-chan was born. Today, Sao-chan will go back to this hole that gave birth to you. Just a part of it though 」

Then, Mom shows me her most sacred hole

She’s straddling on my body, spreading her legs, acting like a prostitute, but is also like a holy mother.

She places the sacred hole to the tip of the heavenly rage.

My own, towering, raging penis took the form of lust itself.

「 Take a good look. Okay? Mom’s pussy is going to eat out Sao-chan’s dick 」


The sensation of being surrounded by flesh starts at the tip and it eventually covered everything.

「 Ohoooooooooo♥♥ Welcome Home! ♥♥ Welcome back to Mom’s pussy♥♥♥♥ 」

I’m finally connected with Mom.

The first woman I’ve touched after reincarnating to this world.

I’ve looked at her in various lewd ways, but I can’t connect because of our blood relationship, but finally, we’re now just man and woman.

「 Aaahn, So big ♥♥ So this is Sao-chan’s penis ♥♥ My cute little boy’s penis ♥♥ I’m eating the penis of the child I gave birth to and raised I wonder if there’s anything as wonderful as this ♥♥♥♥ 」

Bachu, bachu, bachu, bachu, bachu, bachu.

Mom’s swinging her hips up and down, making wet sounds as my penis is rubbed and squeezed by her insides.

And since I’m lying on the bed, the only way to connect is through cowgirl position.

Still, that’s some shameless noise.

It’s like Mom’s pussy is flooding. It’s almost like you can hear wet towels slapping on the floor.

「 Ohiiiiiiiiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥ Yes, amazing!! This feels good ♥♥♥♥ My son’s penis is amazing ♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom swings her hips in all directions.

「 The pussy that gave birth to Sao-chan is reminded of being a woman ♥♥ Yes! A pussy is a toy to make a man’s penis feel good! ♥♥ That’s the role of my pussy!!! ♥♥♥♥ 」


Her womanly ass slams my crotch like it’s a basketball dribble.

As expected, Mom has a huge ass.

I remember the time when I rub my cheeks on my Mom’s ass like a spoiled boy.

Back then, I thought that Mom’s ass is huge because I was small.

Now that I’ve reached the age of sexual maturity, and my body is mature enough to have sex with Mom, her ass is overwhelmingly huge.

I feel grateful when I think that her ass gives save birth and she delivered me.


「 Haaaa, ♥♥ Yes ♥♥ Sex is amazing ♥♥ Thank you Sao for having sex with Mom. Mom’s a woman who needs to have sex in the end♥♥ 」

「 Mom, kiss 」

「 Sure, ♥♥ Let’s entwine our lips above while our pussy and penis are connected down there ♥♥ Bero Bero Chuuuuuuuu ♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom’s covering me on top, and kissing me.

Our tongues entwine.

It’s a passionate kiss covered with saliva that a parent and child should never do.

「 Oho ♥♥ Ohooooohoohoooohooon~ ♥♥ Nhoo ♥♥ Ohoooooon!! ♥♥ Nhoooooooooo♥♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom’s moan became sticky.

Her ass still slams on my body and her pussy is gobbling down my cock.

「 Aaah!! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! ! ♥♥ I’m cumming from Sao’s penis! ♥♥ I’m cumming from my son’s penis!! ♥♥ 」

「 Penis? That’s not the right word, right? 」

「 You’re right, it’s cock ♥♥ Sao-kun’s huge dick that Mom raised with love ♥♥ A locally produced, the dick of the son I gave birth to ♥♥ Dick! Cock! Cock! Cock!! 」

Mom’s speaking vulgarly.

Mom’s the most unshakable and sacred presence for a man, has abandoned her position and became a woman.

I can’t hold back, let’s ejaculate.

Byuku, dopudopudopudopudopu.

「 Cock!! ♥♥♥♥ Semen’s here♥♥ My pussy’s being filled ♥♥ Ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥ 」

Naturally, it was a creampie.

Mom reached her climax, shaking and trembling as the semen pours into her.

Sweat beads float on her full moon curve breasts.

「 Ihiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥ It’s been a while since I had sex and I’m glad ♥♥ I wonder if I ever had sex this amazing before giving birth ♥♥ Or is it because I matured as a woman? or maybe it’s because Sao-kun’s dick is special 」

Mom raised her ass to pull out my penis.

The hole my penis went out from spills out a lot of semen.

「 Aahn, ♥♥ The proof I got creampied ♥♥ I can’t get enough of this thrill ♥♥ If it’s this much, I might not be able to stop from getting creampies ♥♥ 」

「 ………… 」

I feel taken aback by what mom said.

“Before,” and “I might not be able to stop”

Aren’t those lines come out if you had the same experience?

No, that’s nothing to be surprised at.

After all, Nee-san and I are the proof that Mom had sex before already.

Unless a woman is notified of her conception, then she’ll never get pregnant without having sex.

Mom gave birth to Nee-san and me, meaning, someone impregnated her before.


I wonder.

What’s with this pent-up frustration like it’s natural.

「 What’s wrong Sao-kun? You look so sullen 」

Mom lies down next to me.

She’s sweating all over from having sex, slightly steamy, but it’s quite sexy.

「 Did Mom’s pussy feel good? Or did you feel disgusted having sex with Mom? 」

「 No, Mom’s body is the best. It is, but I’m a little frustrated 」

「 Frustrated, about what? 」

「 That I didn’t take Mom’s virginity 」

「 ? 」

Mom then laughed.

That sexiness blows off her everyday laugh.

「 Fufufufu, men sure are greedy. Whoever was my first doesn’t matter. Women forget them surprisingly easy you know? 」

「 Really? 」

「 Then, I’ll teach Sao-kun since it’s a rare occasion. Like, how Mom lost her virginity 」


Even if you talk about that story now…

「 Sao-kun, you know about Mom’s vocation, don’t you? I wanted to make use of my “strong warrior class,” so I became a mercenary and went through battlefields. I was quite strong and unbeaten for quite some time 」

「 Yes, even now you are… 」

I recalled what happened during the fight earlier today.

Our family-oriented gentle Mom was like a titan during a fight.

Thinking about it, she’s quite the power-type in sex too.

「 But, nobody wins forever. If you keep fighting, you’re bound to lose at least once. I lost in a fight and got taken alive. Commonly, captured women are treated in a certain way 」

Mom paused for a moment.

「 The enemy soldiers raped me every day and used me as their prostitute. They raped me for days. Not only my pussy, but also my mouth and anus were violated, they covered my whole body with semen 」

However, why is Mom so ecstatic about talking about her painful experience.

「 I was released after a while, but I was already pregnant by that time. They raped me every day after all. I settled on this village for my childbirth and that child was Caliber-chan 」

And since then, Mom forgot about fighting and put emphasis on her life on being a mother and raising her children.

Since then, she’s been the gentle mother we know.

「 Sometimes, like today, I have to rely on my old skills, but for me, being a Mom is the best way to live. It made me think that way again, after having sex with Sao-chan

「 Eeh? 」

「 I never had sex that felt this good before. Don’t you think that’s more important than breaking the membrane? I’ve never been happier about giving birth to Sao-kun than I am today 」

My naked Mom snuggled to me and pressed her soft breasts against me.

She’s gushing out her womanly charms.

「 Sex with Sao-kun feels good ♥♥ Parent-child sex feels good ♥♥ Am I a bad mother? 」

「 A good one! 」

I got up and get on top of Mom this time.

Before I knew it my fatigue was blown away.

I think I recovered after having sex with Mom.

「 Aahn, what an energetic child. I thought you can’t move earlier out of fatigue 」

「 Maybe it’s the effect of “Peerless” Skill? Seems like having sex restores not just my energy but everything. So, we’re doing it again. Another sex with Mom! 」

「 It doesn’t have to be just once, I’ll play with you a hundred times more ♥♥ Then, listen to this indecent begging okay? ♥♥ 」

Saying that Mom spreads her legs and opens up her vulva with her hands.

「 This is the etiquette they taught me when I was a prisoner ♥♥ 」

Then, she spoke.

「 Put your dick inside this pussy of mine ♥♥ I, your meat toilet, feel happy when you pour in all your semen inside of me ♥♥ Sucking your dick is much better for a meat toilet like me than fighting ♥♥ And that’s how they snapped Mom’s warrior pride 」

She smiles bewitchingly as if it’s her happiness as a woman.

A side of Mom I’ve never seen before. Furthermore, she’s exciting me as a man.

「 Uooooohhhhh!!! 」

「 Kyaaa ♥♥ My son’s raping me ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 」

That’s quite monotone, Mom!

My rock-hard dick goes inside her. Mom’s pussy has no intention of resisting.

「 Ahii ♥♥ It feels good ♥♥ My pussy feels good ♥♥♥ Go! slam it in! ♥♥ I won’t forgive you if you don’t use your Mom’s pussy that you made from a Mom to a woman ♥♥♥ Do it like you bang Caliber-chan’s pussy ♥♥♥♥ 」

「 Huh? 」

I hear something that made me curious on the last line.

Before I could ask her true intentions, another situation came in banging through the door.

「 What are you doing Mom! 」

「 Oh, welcome back Caliber-chan 」

Caliber-neesan’s back?

And out of all times, it’s right at the moment when I’m banging Mom?

This might be a rare domestic carnage.