Isekai Wisdom Chapter 06 Being Peerless is the best part of Reincarnation



Rokugoblin, what?







So, now this one’s Rokublin?

Do you mean that they also have a higher rank sevenblin and eightblin?

「 Rokublins are mutated and enhanced versions of goblins that have survived for longer! They’re more cunning and powerful than normal goblins 」

So that’s why they figured out the strategy of the humans, outsmarted, and broke through the siege as one group?

What an intelligent guy./

「 So, where is it? 」

I look around and immediately found the one.

Their bodies are longer and slimmer than normal goblins, and their skin has a bluish tint. It has the overall impression that it’s sharper and more blade-like.

So that’s the Rokublin, a rank higher than Goblins.

I killed most of its henchmen so it should be at a great disadvantage now.

Still, its expression looks composed.

It seems that he never imagined that he’ll be attacked this much.

That doesn’t mean that he’s stupid to know his status.

It’s the opposite.

It’s because he’s disgustingly cunning and prepared for the means to ensure his survival.

He’s holding an alive person in his arm.

His right hand is holding a knife, pointing at the hostage’s throat.

「 That’s! The first one they got!! 」

He seems to be one of the companions who joined the goblin subjugation party.

He’s beaten to a pulp, and unable to move. But, he’s definitely breathing.

Don’t move, or this guy will die.

The blue goblin’s hateful smile says.

「 Gigi 」

「 Gigigigi!! 」

In the meantime, the few surviving goblins gathered around me.

It seems that they sensed that I’m the most dangerous of the group.

I did kill a lot of their kind after all.

It’s a mystery if they know about a sense of fellowship but I guess they think that as long as they defeat me, then they’re as good as winning.

They use a hostage to stop movements.

Meanwhile, they’ll gang up on me.

Naturally, I have no intention of going as they expect me to go.

Especially since I got a hot sister after reincarnation, and having a sex life with her every day. There’s no way I’ll give that up!

However, abandoning the hostage would leave a sour taste in my mouth.

The enemy boss is cautious enough to keep a good distance from me. No matter what I do, the knife will plunge into the hostage first.


I didn’t just play around since reincarnating.

I never neglected to study my abilities given to me to enjoy the other world more.

This vocation, Rod Master, that’s given to me.

At first, it’s just a class where I could do whatever I want with women, but it turns out to be more than I thought.

It also turns out that a Rod Master can be skillful with a stick, and can become peerless in battle.

However, not satisfied with that, I…

I have recently acquired a new Rod Master skill

「 Stretch!! 」

The stick in my hand extended.

The speed is like a bullet flying through the air, aimed right on the enemy boss’s forehead.

「 Gyaa!! 」

Rokublin takes a direct hit from the stretched stick.

In the spur of the blow, both the knife and the hostage parted from his hands.

「 Now!! 」

I swing my stick right away and mow down the goblins around.

The newly acquired skill I received from leveling up, stretch, allows me to temporarily extend the length of the stick at my hand.

It’s a great ability that ignores the law of mass conservation but in this world, skills can do great things you see. Am I only the one who can? I’m confused.

However, if I can use it then I will.

Just now, I was able to catch the goblin boss off guard as it wasn’t expecting me to attack from that range.

「 N-Now! Take the hostage away! 」

「 Take down all the goblins that are still alive! 」

I left the others to fight their surroundings.

I went to finish my job.

It was just a light poke on the forehead so the Rokublin only got dizzy.

My highest priority was saving the hostage.

Now that there’s no distress, what’s left is to finish it off.

「 Gigi! Gigiii!!!! 」

By the time it recovered from dizziness, I was already in front of him.

Unarmed and with a stick pointed at him, the Rokublin raised his hands.

「 What the hell? 」

Is he surrendering?

Knowing that and being able to do it, Rokublins sure is a cunning monster.

Compared to an ordinary goblin that is.

「 But you know, that only holds meaning when it’s done between people. If you had respect for people and are willing to help then I would’ve accepted that 」

However, this monster was cruel in nature, even taking hostages and making cowardly threats.

「 You can’t communicate with someone like that 」

I swing the stick mercilessly at the humanoid vermin in front of me.

I could feel the sickening response of bones crushing and smashed brains.

That’s how our first job, goblin subjugation was successfully completed.

The unexpected behavior of a higher species temporarily disrupted the frontline but fortunately, there were no fatalities and only a few injuries.

The worst one was the hostage, but it wasn’t life-threatening.

While treating the injured and mowing down for the remaining goblins, the whole situation’s coming under control.

「 That rokublin must’ve evolved from the goblins that survive the previous attacks 」

Mom who came rushing says while commanding the cleanup.

「 It’s because they’ve been through the line of death that they trained and evolved and because they have an experience that they were able to read the human side and play the cards right. We must make sure that nothing like this happens in the future, and not a single one is left behind 」

If a goblin army is strengthened by experience, defeats their attacker, then the peaceful village is their next target.

We need to be thorough to make sure that it doesn’t become a reality.

I didn’t see the reality of it as I didn’t tag along to the end.

If you ask me why…

「 Hmmm, ouch 」

After the fight ended. I collapsed, unable to move at all.

Seems like I put a lot of strain on my body.

Or maybe it was because I rushed on a far battlefield with pole vaulting. After that, I took down some more goblins.

It seems that I haven’t fully mastered the stretch skill yet.

As a result of forcing myself here and there, I was forced to stop as soon as I released the tension.

The double punch fatigue and muscle pain had me lying on the bed.

Well, my muscles were sore by the end of the day so I guess I’m still young.

「 You did great, Sao-kun 」

Mom sits next to me on the bed and nurses me.

Mom was the one who carried me home when I was stuck.

「 It’s Sao-kun’s achievement that we’re able to subjugate them. The goblins were annihilated, and it was thanks to Sao-kun’s efforts that nobody died. They’re all praising Sao-kun, and Mom’s proud 」

「 The last scene wasn’t cool though 」

Mom carrying me on her shoulder.

I look like a child tired of playing after going to the park.

「 That’s trivial. They all saw Sao-kun’s effort so you should take a rest after a day’s hard work

「 Are you sure you don’t have to return, Mom? 」

Everyone else is still cleaning up and taking down the remaining goblins in the forest, right?

Mom did say that the work is split, and she’s the head of the group.

「 I let Caliber-chan command the group. Her vocation, Knight, is better suited to organize the group, and besides, she hasn’t fought much so it makes sense to use her strength in after-treatment 」

「 Is that so? 」

then that means that Nee-san’s going to stay in the field and not come back for a while.

That’s a problem.

After all, I have this rock-hard erection right now.

I lay down on the bed to soothe my tired body. Underneath the blanket is a force pushing it up.

I think it’s the fatigue erection.

I hear the theory that if you’re extremely tired, your instincts feel threatened and do this to save the species.

Or maybe, I just finished a job and my body needs sex as a reward?

Either way, I have no one else to vent my sexual frustrations to but my sister, and the fact that she is away means that my urges are at an all-time high.

In the worst-case scenario, I could try and calm myself down but my body is too sore, and Mom is on the bed so I can’t.

It’s too difficult to cum at this distance without being noticed.

「 Uhm, Mom. You can go back to work, you don’t have to worry about me 」

「 Oh, why? Mom wants to take care of Sao-kun who worked hard! 」

That maternal love hurts me.

I’m in a dilemma now.

「 Or maybe Sao-kun is at the age where you don’t want Mom to warm you up? That’s sad. You were clinging so hard on me before. But recently, you’re no longer doing that 」

If I do that at this age, then that’s the problem.

If I hug her at this age of mine, my face will be buried on her breasts and I’ll rub the cheeks of her ass that it won’t look like it’s hugging anymore.

She’ll definitely suspect me.

And lately, I’ve been dealing with my sexual urges in more extreme ways with my sister.

With that said, I guess I’ve been neglecting Mom in a sense.

This is bad. Remembering that made it harder!

「 Oh? 」

Mom’s gaze turns at the bottom of the bed.

Did she notice?

It’s over.

「 Sao-kun’s a boy too, right. To think that it’s already this strong… 」

Mom noticed my erect dick!

I’m so embarrassed that I want to die!

「 Don’t worry, Sao-kun. Mom’s an adult woman, so I know that it’s inevitable for men to be like this. It’s that, right? It’s getting like this because you’re really tired? 」

It’s even more painful that she’s using her knowledge to sympathize.


If that’s the case, let’s blow up together!

「 Mom, I have a request 」

「 What? 」

「 Now that it’s become like that, please soothe it. Kidding 」

The outrageous act of asking Mom to relieve me.

It’s a situation that can kill you. Ah, I feel like I’m going to die again.

With that said, let’s go and see what happens.

No matter how much Mom spoils me regularly, I don’t think she’d accept that, but…

Mom shows a bewitching smile.

「 Mom is happy that you’ve been relying on me after a while. If that’s the case 」

Mom listened to me.

It goes over my expectations.

「 Which do you prefer, my hand…or my pussy? 」


  1. The joke is that they’re all numbers in Japanese, Go = 5