Isekai Wisdom Chapter 09 The path to Government Service.



It’s been four years since I had a sexual relationship with Mom and our house has become a sexual lawless zone.

Meanwhile, I did a lot of things.

I had sex with Mom and my sister every day, but I’ve done a lot more than that as someone who lives in this world.

First, since that one incident with the goblin subjugation, Mom’s taken a step back and left me in charge of the team.

To be precise, it’s me and my sister.

Apart from goblins, we also went to exterminate other harmful monsters on a monthly pace, I take the lead, and then Nee-san’s knight class brings her commanding skill to gather them from behind.

There we had continuous victories and no losses.

At first, some didn’t like that a young man was to take over as the leader, but their unease is gone.

It seems that my achievement of brilliantly saving the day in a pinch during the evolved goblin attack has won the hearts of everyone more than I expected.

Rather, they asked me to be their leader. Even though I’m still a young man, they gave me a heavy responsibility.

Basically, I don’t like to take responsibility, but I can’t spare any effort to protect people’s lives and safety.

Besides, there’s a perk to it.

The extermination force is made up of people who are proud of their strength and skill from several villages around the area, and not a few of them are women.

That’s what makes this world different from my previous one. This is a world where your strength is determined by the skills associated with your vocation.

Many women like Nee-san have a battle-suited vocation, they join and fight with us, and some even talk to me after battle saying;

「 Captain, you’re wounded 」


They say, yet, they only have light scrapes on their knees and elbows.

To be honest, it’s just a scratch that’ll heal if you spit on it, but the women of the group are…

「 You can’t! Captain’s body is important and so even if the smallest wound gets worse, this area will be in danger 」

「 Let’s treat it just in case, I set up a medical tent just for captain so let’s head over there! 」

Then, about five women dragged me to the tent.

Once inside, they all stripped together and mingled.

「 Ahii ♥♥ Ahiiiiiinnn♥♥♥ Captain’s dick is amazing!! ♥♥ 」

「 All the girls who had sex with captain says that it’s amazing!! I wanted to do this at least once ♥♥♥♥ 」

「 I can’t! I can’t stop just from cumming once! ♥♥ I can’t help but want it again since this is so amazing ♥♥♥ 」

「 Once you discover the taste of Captain’s dick, your pussy will be ♥♥♥♥ 」


It has become a tradition for me to eat the new female member when they participate in the subjugation group.

Apart from that, I wander around outside when there’s nothing special to do.

「 Oh, Sao-chan, going for a walk? 」

One of the ladies in the neighborhood calls me.

「 If you’re free then why don’t you come and have tea in our place. You can have a feast too 」

I accepted the invitation and had sex with the lady in her house.

「 Nhoooooo ♥♥♥♥ Your dick is so strong! ♥♥ The pussy that gave birth is treated as a virgin maiden ♥♥♥♥ 」

The feast she calls is her lustful body.

As I had gathered information like a baby, the idea of sex is quite open-minded and many of the women were interested in having sex with me.

It also helps that I’m well known.

Even so, my main relationship is with my mom and sister, with whom I have sex every night.

Most of the other partners are on the day.

That’s because in this world, no, maybe it’s just in my village, there’s a custom of crawling in the night, basically, when a woman is sleeping alone in her bedroom, that’s an indication that she’s okay for visitors.

So, I’ll never allow any man to crawl to my sister or mom at night!

With that said, I sleep with the two of them at night all the time.

Of course, we have sex.

And so, even though I reincarnated to this world where night crawling is allowed, I’m not doing it.

Well, if I could enjoy my sister and Mom’s bodies, then I won’t be tempted to crawl into another woman’s bed in the night.

There are also benefits gained by having sex with many women without regard.

I have a skill under the Rod Master class, “Exp Value Conversion: Intercourse”

This skill is apparently an effect that allows you to convert the sexual experience you gain to an RPG-like experience.

With this skill, I can level up continuously while I’m having sex.

What’s level up? Basically, it’s got something to do with your strength.

Thanks to my indulging in sex, my current level is 147.

The most experience you get is from having sex with a first-time partner, and little comes in if you do it more than once with the same person.

Therefore, it’s good to have a relationship with multiple partners, and efficient not to have anymore once you’ve done it with them, but I’ve had sex with Mom and Sis hundreds of times.

I’m not having sex to become strong you know.

I’m having sex because I want to feel pleasure, I want to get along with women. So I’m happy if my level of strength increases because it’s more convenient for that.

However, if you become too strong and too famous, then it’s not just good things that come.

Sometimes, annoying and troublesome people come to us because of my fame.

This was the incident that made me realize that.

They suddenly came to our home.

Furthermore, they sound so bossy.

He came riding in a carriage with many attendants.

He’s well dressed and can be instantly recognized as a nobleman.

“I’ve never seen a nobleman before,” I thought as my Mom steps forward to greet the unusual guest.

「 It’s been a while, feudal lord. What kind of business brings you to such a ramshackle house in person? 」

Feudal lord?

Meaning, he’s the lord of the domain? Something like that?

The noble nodded to Mom who greeted him.

「 You’re beautiful as usual, It’s been ten years since I last saw you but you haven’t changed a bit. Your youthful beauty remains. 」

「 Thank you for the flattery. But, I’m already an old lady. Compared to my lord’s attendance, I’m just an old withered tree 」

「 I’m still older than you. Now my thing is no longer useful, and I don’t have any mistresses as you say 」

「 Oh? So you’re not here to rehash the “become my concubine” nonsense? 」

What’s with this tense exchange?

Mom’s always been a mysterious woman, but it makes me wonder what her life was.

「 Well, I apologize for barging in out of the blue. However, I thought that it would be impolite to send a messenger to you. So, I whipped my old bones to shape to pay a visit. There’s something I’d like to ask 」

The feudal lord seems to be a kind man that doesn’t boast about his title.

He’s old, with a head full of gray hair, wrinkles, and his gait is unreliable, giving him a fragile impression.

「 I’d like to serve my lord if I can, but I’m already retired as a warrior. I’m satisfied with my current peaceful life so if it’s an invitation to anything like that, then I’d like to refuse 」

「 It’s not exactly about you. I heard that you were blessed with children 」

Mom flinched for a moment from the old lord’s gaze.

「 His bravery has reached my ears even though it’s so far away. One daughter, and one son. They’ve eradicated the monsters in the area and there has been no damage ever since 」

「 It’s a great honor to hear those from my lord 」

「 Well then, can you give me custody of your children? I have some jobs I want to entrust to them. If possible, your daughter 」


He means Nee-san?

My sister and I stood aside and watched the sticky situation unfold while holding our breaths.

When the moment arrives, we’ll come and help Mom.

「 Could it be that you’re now trying to turn my daughter into a concubine? 」

If that’s the plan then I’ll prevent that adamantly.

Even if it turns into a fight.

「 Your children are scary. I’m shivering from the bloodlust 」

「 He’s raised a little naughty, but when it comes to this case, I have the same sentiment as my son 」

「 Don’t worry about it. I won’t treat your relatives poorly either. Even if I want to, I’d be afraid to 」

「 What is it then? 」

「 I have a daughter, see 」

Then, the lord suddenly talks about something unrelated at first glance.

By the looks of his age, it won’t be surprising if he had a daughter or even a granddaughter.

「 My daughter’s reached the age where she should be staying at the royal capital school. I’ll be sending her to live there for the next few years 」

「 It’s a nobleman’s custom 」

「 However, as a parent, I’m not sure how to feel when they live away. My child is a late bloomer so I can’t help but love her. I want to make sure that she comes back safely, and so I want a strong escort for her 」

「 And that is… 」

I can see the story now.

「 I guard should not only be strong but should also be able to stay close to the subject she’s protecting. Where they can study together, rest together, play together, sleep together, and even bathe and defecate together. I want that kind of bodyguard 」

Sleep together?

Take a bath together?

Pee together?

「 And the best way to do that is to have another girl at a similar age as her. However, putting that many conditions make it tough 」

「 Indeed, my daughter’s at the age where I also want her to learn many things if I could 」

So the lord’s trying to get my sister to guard his daughter.

Nee-san who originally had the knight class as her vocation is currently quite strong.

She has a lot of experience in defeating monsters, and when she doesn’t do that, she goes to the woods with me and we hunt to build up our strength.

Then we had sex more times than I can count.

I’ve been thinking lately that experience value conversion: intercourse has some effect not only on me, the skill holder, but also my partners.

「 If you accept, then I’ll arrange for your daughter to study at the school in the royal capital as well. Of course, her priority is to protect my daughter, but it’s a rare opportunity for a commoner to receive a nobleman’s education. Since she has a good vocation, isn’t it the parent’s duty to open up opportunities for the vocation of your child? 」

「 I don’t want it 」

The one who says that is the person on topic, Nee-san herself.

Nee-san’s standing with me, listening to the conversation.

It’s right for Nee-san to say something since she’s the subject of the request, but…

「 I don’t have any intention of leaving. Please find someone else to escort your daughter 」

「 Are you sure? If you study in the royal capital, you’ll have the opportunity to be welcomed by the knights or even serve the nobility or royalty in the future. If it goes well, you might even get a marriage proposal 」

「 I’m not going to get married. You can leave now 」

She rudely rejects the feudal lord’s hand.

Nee-san’s being so stubborn here…

「 I’m sorry for the impoliteness of my daughter 」

Mom apologized for her.

「 My daughter doesn’t want to be separated from her brother. She wants to stay with him. And so, how do you feel about adding another condition if you want her to be your daughter’s bodyguard 」


「 Will you give the same role to my son, Sao? The role of a guard isn’t enough for one person to protect your precious daughter at all times. He’s a man, but he’s close enough to an age where he’s useful. Naturally, I can guarantee his skills 」

「 M-Muu? 」

「 I think that it’ll be easier to work with my daughter, Caliber if you want to show the world not just to her, but also to my son. Caliber-chan, you don’t mind that, do you? 」

The quiet force of Mom’s voice made Nee-san nod in agreement.

「 Please let my two children accompany your daughter to the royal capital. But if that’s not possible, then we’ll have to decline 」

「 ………… 」

The old feudal lord shows a gesture of thinking for a while, and then…

「 I understand 」

He agreed in the end.

「 Machet’s children must be very skilled. It’s just as you advised, more guards are better. It’s not a bad idea to owe you a favor 」

「 I’m thankful. But you may end up owing to my son more than you owe me, you know? 」

「 That’s the confidence, kakaka 」

And so, Nee-san, and I will be going to the royal capital.

Is it a city?