Isekai Wisdom Chapter 10 Impregnating Sex to become Independent



The feudal lord went home right after.

Leaving us, the residents of the house, but we still had to continue discussing the topic.

「 Why did you decide on your own? 」

Nee-san’s fuming.

That’s true, it was an agreement between Mom and the feudal lord, and it had a great impact on Nee-san.

「 Calm down Caliber. I just thought that this would be the best for you. That’s why you should accept the request of the feudal lord 」

Mom didn’t call Nee-san with the usual “-chan” ending

She’s trying to treat her as an adult right now.

「 Your talent is rare. It would be a shame to let it rot in the corner of the country like this. I’ve long been thinking how you’ll go out to the bigger world someday 」

「 That doesn’t mean I have to leave the village! 」

「 It’s a necessary step to adulthood. It must be hard for you to leave the hometown but you’ll just remain as a frog in a well if you indulge in the comfort of home. It’s time for you to come and know the vastness of the ocean 」

That’s what Nee-san wanted back then, right?

When she was younger, she was so excited about her vocation being a knight that she used to say that she’s going to leave the country to serve the king or something.

When was it that Nee-san stopped saying those?

「 I get how you feel. You don’t want to be away from Sao-kun, right? 」

「 ?! 」

「 It can’t be helped. If the man took your virginity and went through such lengths to manipulate and play with your body every day, no woman would be able to stay away. You’ve blossomed as a woman now 」

「 Mom 」

「 That’s why I added the condition that Sao-kun has to come with you. To see the wide world together. When you accompany a nobleman on their travels, you’ll receive the same education as your master. Young people like you never had the opportunity to grow like this 」

Mom turned her gaze to me.

She’s talking not to Nee-san, but to me.

「 Sao-kun, I think that this is your chance so get in it. You two are my prided children. You’ll be able to rise up to the top as much as anyone else no matter what. That’s why you have to leave the countryside 」

「 But, what about Mom? 」

That’s what I’m most worried about?

The feudal lord’s daughter, right?

It’s me and my sister that got assigned to protect her, but Mom isn’t included.

So, Mom’s going to remain in this place?

「 Don’t make that face, Sao-kun 」

Mom smiled wryly as she guessed my thoughts.

「 I can’t believe that you’re about to cry just because Mom’s leaving. Sao-kun’s such a spoiled boy. Or maybe all boys are 」

「 Mom?! 」

「 There comes a time in life when they’ll leave their parents. That’s what I did too. There are times in our lives when we need to be alone, somewhere unknown, trying something out. And that time has come for you 」

「 But, Mom? 」

Can’t she come with us?

Mom’s strong enough. Even if it’s not the same age, she could still serve as a bodyguard.

If not, we’re going to leave Mom alone in this place.

「 Even after you leave, this land will still be filled with monsters. My role is getting rid of them 」

「 Uu?! 」

「 Besides, your parent will always wait for you back at home. I’ll be the first one to greet you when you come home 」

Mom’s only doing the best she can to help us grow.

She points at the challenge we have to face while protecting our hometown.

「 Okay, I’ll go with Sao 」

「 Nee-san? 」

「 Putting me aside, Sao’s definitely someone who’s fit in this village. You need to go to a wider world. If I’m going with you, then I’m blessed. Right, Sao? 」

「 But 」

「 Don’t put Mom’s feelings to waste 」

I know.

This is the kindness that she could give us.

You must combine both kindness and strictness to make your children grow in the future.

Even so, I can’t imagine Mom spending her days alone in this house.

「 Sao-chan’s so kind. But I’ll be okay. Mom can do it alone. After all, I’m an adult already 」

Is there anything we can do for our Mother who raised us so well?

Then, I had a flash right at that moment.

I took mom to the bed.

「 Huh? What’s wrong? 」

I lowered her to the bed, stripped off her clothes, mine too, and exposed my ridiculously erect penis.

「 What? Are you going to violate your mom a lot? Are you going to fuck me and spread it open so hard that you won’t have any regrets left behind? 」

「 I’m going to fill up Mom’s pussy in a different sense 」

「 What? 」

「 Mom’s going to put out something much bigger than my cock soon 」

One of the skills as a Rod Master was the Impregnation Switch

This is kind of an invisible switch that’s set in me, and I can turn it off and on to get the effect I want.

As long as I have the switch turned off, I can cum inside all I want and they will not get fertilized.

They won’t get pregnant from sex.

It’s thanks to that skill I’ve had hundreds of sex and finished them all inside but I never impregnated anyone.

But now, I’m turning that on.

For the first time in my life.

Impregnation Switch (Off) to

Impregnation switch (On)

「 With the impregnation switch turned off, I can’t make my partner pregnant, but if it’s the opposite, you’re sure to get pregnant. Then, I’m going to cum inside Mom 」

「 My, my?! 」

Mom looks surprised and confused for a while, but then her face turned to a seductive woman right away.

「 I was worried. Sao-kun got his hands on every woman in the village, but nobody ever told me that they got pregnant. So you had that kind of secret 」

「 Will you bear my child, Mom? 」

「 If it’s Sao-kun’s child, does it mean that it’s my child or grandchild? The thought of giving birth to that is thrilling ♥♥ 」

Hearing that agreement, I plunged my penis inside her.

Now it’s a raw penis without the rubber.

Furthermore, this penis can be called the demon sword that can kill the person it stabs.

It’s going to rampage inside Mom’s pussy.

「 Yes! ♥♥ I love it in my pussy!! ♥♥ Your penis wants to impregnate me ♥♥ This is bad and so thrilling! ♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom seems to be deriving pleasure from her senses of our genitals rubbing but from the ethical collapse of being impregnated by her son.

The gaps between our connections are overflowing with love nectar.

It’s almost like it’s pumping it out.

「 Ohoooooooo ♥♥ I love it in my pussy ♥♥ My pussy my pussy my pussy my pussy !!! ♥♥♥♥ My pussy is so happy to get impregnated. 」

Mom’s legs coil around me, constricting me.

It’s a sign that she won’t let go until I ejaculate, and she won’t allow it to flow anywhere but inside.

Even if she doesn’t do that, I’ll definitely cum inside.

While I was thinking that, I feel my balls getting lifted.

For the first time in my life, my semen is released into a woman’s body with the clear intent of impregnating her.


「 Fugiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥♥♥ Ohoo♥♥ Nhooooooooo♥♥♥♥♥♥ Nhooooooooooooon♥♥♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom’s twitching that the beddings are getting rustled.

It seems to me that the vibration of my sperm into her womb fighting for the egg.

「 Ahii♥♥ I’ll definitely get pregnant with this ♥♥ Sao-kun’s child ♥♥♥♥ 」

Mom will have a new family after ten months.

Even if she’s alone, she won’t be lonely.

Furthermore, nobody would dare to crawl into her bed at night, even though she lives alone.

She’s pregnant with a child after all.

They have manners even when they crawl into the beds.

「 Sao, give me a creampie too ♥♥ 」

「 No, I won’t impregnate Nee-san okay! 」

The next thing I knew is that my sister is also naked, gluing herself to me.

「 I want Sao’s child too ♥♥ Hey, hey, impregnate me ♥♥ Pour all your evil semen inside your sister’s pussy and impregnate me too ♥♥♥♥ 」

「 No, Nee-san can’t get pregnant yet, right? 」

Nee-san’s going with me to the capital, right?

Eventually, I’ll give my sister a child and master the art of immorality, but I have to pick the right time.

And so, I strictly turned off the impregnation switch.

Why is it that pregnant women have that certain elegance in them?

A few days after I ejaculated into her vagina, Mom’s wearing an aura of a pregnant woman even though her belly hasn’t grown yet.

Then, everyone in the village knew that Mom was sending us off.

To encounter new growth as a person.

「 When do you think you’ll be back again? 」

It’s going to be at least a year.

The lord’s daughter, whom we’re sent to escort, is said to enter school and learn manners and insights of the nobles.

The school I knew before reincarnation would take at least three years before graduating.

「 The next time we see each other, we’ll also be different. Do your best to make sure that we’re changing for the better 」

「 Right, I want to bear Sao’s child when you return 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 About five of them 」

That’s a tough hurdle!

With that said, we headed to the lord’s mansion, which points at our future path.

It’s a few days away from the village we live in.

Even so, Nee-san and I have leg strength so we arrived in a day.

When we arrived, it really is a mansion.

It’s like a ball in the night.

「 Welcome, dear promising and dependable children 」

The lord came to greet us in person.

He’s either proactive or rather, a friendly bigshot.

「 Don’t treat them lightly, they’re Mashet’s children. They’ve inherited the martial prowess of a woman once called the “Wicked beast of the battlefield,” and was feared by both enemies and allies 」

「 Huh, who are we talking about? 」

Was Mom such a mischievous woman that left behind a lot of sagas?

「 Well, it’s no wonder you don’t know, it was before you were born. Though Mashet is so calm, she’d be angry if I tell her that now. She might even kill me 」

「 No way 」

「 But even without that, you’re to accompany my daughter to the Royal capital, and so for that sake, I put my trust in you two to guard her. If I can’t trust my guards, I’ll have to worry about her for the next few years 」

「 Not at all 」

This old man seems to be spoiling his daughter too much.

I thought that he’s a wise and bold man but it seems to me that he’s just a dumb parent.

「 At least, I can trust your abilities. That’s my only evaluation of you yet. Your activities are known throughout the place, and if Mashet gives you her seal of approval, then I’ll trust you 」

In his voice is a kind determination to believe in the ideas of the people he believed in, rather than simply believing the opinions of others.

「 One more thing, I wish I could have total confidence in your personalities as well 」

「 What about it? 」

「 My daughter, her name is Starf. She grew up to become quite a beautiful girl. Even if I have favoritism, I still believe no doubt that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world 」

Now he’s just a doting parent.

「 And since she’s a beauty, I feel worried about her going to the city. You understand me, right? The city’s a haven for flirtatious and playful men. Sending a cute girl to such a place is like throwing a sheep in a den of wolves! 」

「 I-I agree 」

This old man’s got quite the biased view of the city.

「 And so, my guards need to be on their toes in that regard. Now I’m beginning to think that it might be a good idea to have you, a man, as her escort. If we’re shooing away men, then we might as well use another man 」

「 I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations 」

The feudal lord’s hand grabs my shoulder tightly.

It’s a strong grip.

「 Please, keep my daughter away from those bugs! 」

I’m afraid to see the eyes of the Lord who’s like a demon God.