X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 97



Tamamushi’s voice resounded in the room.


「Please. I have to be on the frontline, but my body’s too fragile」


I spoke to Tamamushi who’s currently glaring hatefully at me.


「Absolutely no! I used that bug on Asahina because I had no other choice! Also, it was a complete miscalculation that the bug underwent mutation! It’s not just because I’m thinking about you! I will never use that bug ever again!」

「I know. I knew about this already, but――」

「No you don’t! you don’t know anything!」


I bowed deeply in plead, but it was cast away just like that.


「That bug was a product of a miscalculation! No matter how good or useful that bug is, it’s still a work of a failure! Do you understand how dangerous that is!? I cannot predict what changes it may undergo!」


I understood where Tamamushi was coming from. It’s because I already knew about it that I had expected her to refuse my proposal.

But I can’t afford to give up. I’ll continue to plead earnestly until I get her permission.

The bug that was used on Asahina had exceeded Tamamushi’s expectations. So far, the side effects were being suppressed by the bug, and it’s a really effective bug that increases the recovery speed of one’s body.

However, it was unexpected for such a bug to do that.

That’s precisely why it being successful exceeded Tamamushi’s expectations, and being the one who created that bug, it was impossible for her to predict its mutations.



「In other words, you’re unsure whether or not you’re able to create another bug that’s the same as that one」


Tamamushi who had her head hanging down gave a slight nod to my query.


「As a researcher, it’s an extremely deplorable outcome……」


Tamamushi mumbled, still casting her gaze downwards.

If the bug used on Asahina was the product of an unexpected slim chance that gave birth to a new type of bug, which is the bug that it has become now.

Then that bug possesses an enormous side effect. And if used by another person other than a bug user, it will result in the inevitable destruction of the mind and soul of that certain individual.

It will be impossible for ordinary people to be able to endure the side effects but having the possibility that Asahina might be able to do so, Tamamushi was willing to take a shot in the dark.

And an unexpected miscalculation occurred.


「Suzuhara, I beg you, please reconsider your decision」


Tamamushi who had her hanged her head down, brought it up to meet my gaze. Her expression showed no anger nor anything, it was an expression that was purely concerned about my wellbeing.

I’m in a bit of a bind. No matter how much I ask, I can’t get Tamamushi’s head to shake vertically.

That was bad luck. Bad timing.

Tamamushi who had her long silver tied up in a ponytail.

Up until now, she has always let it loose, yet why does she tie it up into a tight ponytail now?

Moreover, it suits her so surprisingly well.

Ponytails. I’m weak against them.1


「Well, is there any other way to strengthen my body?」


If I take a single blow in a fight against Kudan, that’ll be the end of me. Even if it doesn’t kill me, the chances that it will to incapacitate me is extremely high.

I want a body that can tank at least one hit.


「If there is, then Asahina will be using it」

「That’s true」


In addition to the bug that was used on Asahina, it’s understandable that if there are any bugs that strengthens the body or ones that increases recovery rate, it will be also used on her instead.


「Body enhancement is possible. However, there is a time limit to it」




To Nanafushi’s mutter, Tamamushi and I both raised our voices at the same time.

Seeing Tamamushi getting all startled means that even she doesn’t know about it.


「The application of the Bug Energy Circulation Method. It could be done through refining a bug user’s bug energy and sharing it to others. It requires a pretty advanced leveled skill, but if it goes well, it is possible for it to produce a moderate level of body enhancement. It is only a possibility, do you understand? Besides, the chances for it to succeed is extremely low, and even if it does succeed, there is still a time limit to it」


Nanafushi explained it with an indifferent attitude.

Tamamushi who was dumbfounded was now taken aback by Nanafushi’s words.


「The application of the Bug Energy Circulation Method!? Sharing refined bug energy to others!? Impossible! I have never heard such a story!」


Tamamushi outright denies Nanafushi’s explanation.

As expected, Tamamushi doesn’t know about it at all.


「That’s right. Without a man, this method will never work. Furthermore, there are also risks to it. To a bug user, a man is a valuable being. And what they want from them is the sperm from the semen. But there is no point in taking risks to strengthen a body of a man. Moreover, it also has a time limit. It makes it all the more pointless. So that knowledge has long been forgotten. There were only a handful of researchers who knew about this lost method three hundred years ago when I was born」


Tamamushi was once again stunned by Nanafushi’s news.

Lost knowledge, huh.

The knowledge three hundred years ago, when Nanafushi was created.

I’m in luck.


「What are the risks?」

「Bug energy is similar to poison for ordinary people. But I don’t think it will be lethal if they get a small dose of it. Also, the side effects are different depending on the person. If there is a chance where nothing will happen to that individual, then there is also a chance where one could be bedridden for several days. It also depends on your compatibility with it as well. There are chances where you could instantly adapt to it, but the chances of you never being able to adapt to it no matter how steadily you go is also plausible. If that happens, then there are no other options than to give up」

「I see」


So, the worst-case scenario will be result in being bedridden for several days.

It seems that if I couldn’t adapt to it, then that’s it, but if it does happen, then I would have a stronger body.

Although it has a time limit, if I know how to use it, then it’s ascertained that I can.


「We don’t have much time. Let’s do it immediately, please」

「There is also another problem」


Nanafushi held out her right index finger, stopping me in my tracks.


「I can also more or less use that method as well. However, I only have the knowledge for it, so I don’t have any actual experience. Moreover, it’s very inefficient to do it with me. The reason is that I get my bug energy from master. In other words, if you do it with master, the likelihood of it being successful will be a lot higher. The chances with me are…you know」


It is possible to do it with Nanafushi, but in comparison, the chances are much higher with Tamamushi huh.


「It needs a lot of training. But if you manage to do it, then master will reap more benefits from it than Suzuhara-sama. If that happens, perhaps master will become ten times stronger than she is currently. No, maybe she’ll even become an insect user who can rival Kudan. But that’s all talk unless you manage to do it」

「Ooh! Oh my!」


Stunned until now, Tamamushi raised a voice in delight after hearing Nanafushi’s words.


「Is Kudan that legendary insect user!? Did you say that I can become an insect user who can rival Kudan!?」

「That’s only if you can do it with Suzuhara-sama. I think it’s impossible though」

「Why!? Is it because I have no talent!?」

「Ah, no, when you mentioned talent, it may indeed require some, but how do I put it, this method may be unsuitable for master……」

「I’ll do my best! I’ll give it all I’ve got! So teach me!」

「Eh, ehh, well, I don’t really mind teaching it to you……」


Contrasting Tamamushi’s motivation, which is filled with vigor, Nanafushi, on the other hand, seems half-assed and indecisive about it.


「T-Then……shall we put it to practice?」


Having said that, Nanafushi plopped and lied down on the ground. Looking up at me, she exposes her unmatured smooth slim pussy to me

「Suzuhara-sama, is it ok if you stick your dick inside of my pussy?」


Hearing Nanafushi nonchalantly ask such an indecent request, Tamamushi instantly turned around and with her face dyed completely red, she raised a voice from extreme shock.


「W-Wh-Wha-What on earth are you saying!」

「Well, it’s because there isn’t any other way to show you how it’s done though」

「Really!? Is this really necessary!? Aren’t you just trying to have sex with Suzuhara-sama!?」

「So rude. I certainly do love things that make me feel good and I also want to feel what it’s like to be embraced by a real man, but I’m being serious right now」



Nanafushi calmly replied Tamamushi’s angry remarks. It looks like Tamamushi is more exasperated than she is baffled at the moment.

She is now like a completely different person compared to the time when she was calmly teaching Hizuki and co. in how to service me while exposing all her private areas.

Did puberty come late for her?

Although she has her mouth kept shut, Tamamushi doesn’t seem to be convinced about the situation with Nanafushi.


「Besides, I’m also quite nervous about it……」


Nanafushi muttered, giving Tamamushi a displeased look. Hearing Nanafushi’s mutter, Tamamushi who was looking down, became red all the way up to her ears. As she bites down on her lower lip and tears well up inside her eyes, the trembling Tamamushi holds herself tightly.

Why does it look like you’re about to cry?


「I’m only doing this once, alright? Afterward, master will have to put everything to practice」



Reacting to Nanafushi’s words with a twitch, Tamamushi raises up her face and looks at Nanafushi.


「It’s better to not think that you can learn it just by doing it once or twice. You’ll have to do it at least a hundred times」

「Hya, a hundred times……♡」


Tamamushi now listened to Nanafushi words with her head now completely raised up and leaked a joyful voice as she covered her mouth with both hands.


「I don’t think master will be able to learn it in the first place. But in order to fufil Suzuhara-sama’s request, there is now a need to give it your all, I guess. If one hundred times doesn’t work then we’ll have to do it a hundred more」



Now seemingly convinced to Nanafushi’s words, Tamamushi looked ecstatic and is now giving big nods.

It looks like her mood has improved.

Don’t tell me that Tamamushi was jealous of Nanafushi having sex with me? And after listening to Nanafushi’s explanation, her mood suddenly improved because she was about to have a lot of sex with me?

So that means――


「Well Suzuhara-sama, is it ok if we begin right now?」

「Ah, Aah」


The ponytailed Tamamushi was smiling from ear to ear at the demotivated me as I kneeled down in between Nanafushi’s legs. I then unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and glanced at Tamamushi.

Seeing me take out my cock, Tamamushi averts her gaze and timidly pokes at her index fingers as she squeezes her thighs together and fidgets around.

Is Tamamushi in love with me or does she just want my cock? Honestly speaking, I have no clue.

Leaving that aside, aah, fuck, ponytail Tamamushi really tickles my heartstrings. Furthermore, she looks so much more like a girl when compared to before, and her tits have also gotten bigger.

If she says that she wants a hug from me, I’ll gladly offer myself up to hug her. Actually, I want to make her go ahegao.

As I got excited from thinking about that, my cock has now become unnecessarily erect.

Crap. My partner is Nanafushi who’s more of a loli than Tamamushi. Even her pussy is quite small. Will my thick and erected cock even be able to go inside it?

I don’t feel like it’s possible. What am I saying? It’s absolutely impossible.

「What’s wrong? Is it because you’re looking out for me? If so, I’m overjoyed about it, but it’s ok, because I’m not a human」

Not a human. Hearing Nanafushi say that in such a calm and composed way, made my chest tighten.


「I don’t care whether you’re a human or whatever. Wasn’t it you who said that if someone becomes my comrade, I’ll become soft to whoever that person is right?」


I don’t like humans, nor do I hate them. To be honest, I don’t care.

But, if that person accepts me, even if they aren’t human, I don’t mind.


「I’ll try my best not to make it painful for you」



Saying that, I leaned over Nanafushi and I brought my face closer to hers. Flustered, Nanafushi raised an idiotic voice. I pressed my lips against hers. Then reached out my right hand, making its way in between her thighs. Finding her clit using the tip of my index finger, I gently caress her small bead.


「Cho-♡ Hold on♡ Wait, wait, time out♡ Please wait a sec――ahn♡ Stop touching that are――aaa♡ Aaah♡ It feels gooooood♡」


Nanafushi resisted in the very beginning, but after fiddling with her clit, her youthful-looking face instantly turned into a sloppy one. She then grabbed onto my coat with both hands and raised her hips on her own accord.

Just when I thought I should tease her a bit more.

She’s surprisingly sensitive. With this, I feel like I can make her cum without using my abilities.

If that’s the case, let’s first make her cum.


「Aah♡ Aah♡ Aah♡」


Despite having such a loli body, Nanafushi’s erect clit is larger than a pubescent girl’s clit. As I move my finger around her clit, her sweet moans and convulsions synchronises with my movements.


「Su-Suzuhara-sama――aa♡ Wa-♡ i-♡ I need to teach mast ――eeer♡ No♡ Noo moree♡ I want to cum♡ I want to cummmmmmmmm♡」


It seems that even though Nanafushi showed such a sloppy face, she still intended to resist. However, when I continued to tease her clit, Nanafushi herself finally began to yell out that she wanted to cum.

Just wait, I’ll make you cum.

With my finger covered with pussy juice, I used it to lubricate her clit and gradually pick up the pace.


「Ah♡ Ahi♡ Amuwazing♡ It fweels gooood♡ It fweels so guuuuuud♡」


Nanafushi raises sweet screams and convulses from the onslaught of pleasure. Her hips raised higher and higher for every time she convulsed.

It should be any time now.

Thinking that, I used my fingers to pinch down on her fully erect clit.


「Kihiiiiiiiiii♡ I’m cummmingggggggggg♡」


Proving my expectations to be true, when I pinched her clit, Nanafushi reached her climax and squirts wave after wave.


「Aaah♡ Aaaah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡」


Just like a bow being pulled, Nanafushi arches her back as she convulses rhythmically while displaying such a wasted face and intermittently raises sweet moans, matching it with every convulse she makes.

Hiding her identity as an anti-Kudan biological weapon and playing her role as a sex bug for Tamamushi’s pleasures, I thought that Nanafushi was used to this, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

Well, she did say that she was sick of Tamamushi one-sidedly using her as an object to relieve her sexual frustrations. She was forced to cum every time, so she might not be used cumming in this way.

While I was thinking about that, I brought my gaze towards Nanafushi’s chest and saw her nipples poke out from underneath her clothes.

It’s probably Tamamushi’s clothes. Despite Nanafushi being flat as a board, her nipples asserted itself by pushing against the black camisole that she was wearing. It stood out so obviously which made it extremely stimulating and erotic.


「Perhaps Nanafushi is weak on her nipples?」


As I asked Nanafushi that question, her nipples throbbed underneath her clothes.




Nanafushi spasmed and squirts a little.


「Wai-wua…it♡ Wuait a swecond♡ I jwust came♡」


Despite trying to resist, Nanafushi spoke inarticulately and was unable to put strength into her body.

With Nanafushi in such a state, her nipples reacted with a violent throb underneath her clothes. There’s no doubt about it. Nanafushi’s weak point is her nipples.

It’s been over ten minutes since pussy juice was overflowing out from her cunt. But it’s always better to make sure.

Besides, after cumming once, her body has become limp from the pleasure.

If that’s the case――


「Let’s make you cum once more」

「Hya♡ Huea-Huease wuait a shwecond♡ I weed ho heach mwaste――r♡」


Twitching and slurring her words from the pleasure, Nanafushi desperately tried to call out to me. But I didn’t heed to any words she said and lowered my head down, sucking her nipple through her clothes. While sucking on her nipples, I used the tip of my tongue to lick and play-bite them, at the same time teasing the other one with my hands. On top of that, I used my fingers to pinch tightly around Nanafushi’s clit.

Two nipples and one clit. Three extremely sensitive beans were being attacked all at once.


「Hyaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ It fweels good♡ It fweels gooood♡ It fweels guuuuuuuuuudddd♡ No guud no guud no guud no guud I’m cummmmingggggg♡」


Raising a sweet scream, Nanafushi squirts vigorous tides and had her back bent so far, to where people will question whether if she has broken her back.

She cums so easily to the point where it’s funny.

Although Rikka cums pretty easily, Nanafushi probably tops that.


Probably due to not being able to recover from that orgasm, Nanafushi continues to occasionally squirts tides in pulses while experiencing ongoing convulsions.

Her pussy is at a state where it’s able to accept anything inside of it, but I wasn’t sure what to do after when I stick it in. Even if I ask, Nanafushi has already flown off to another world.


 ……did I perhaps overdo it?


After waiting for a while, Nanafushi, who flew off to another world came to, waking up in her convulsing body.


「Ma-mama-master♡ That just now was a really bad example♡ As a bug user you have to maintain tranquillity at all times♡ So do you now know how difficult it is to do that? ♡」


Out of breath, Nanafushi speaks out to Tamamushi in a trembling sweet voice as she experiences occasional convulsions.


「Haa♡ Haa♡ Haa♡ Haa♡」


Bringing my gaze up, I saw Tamamushi looking at me with unfocused eyes. Her breathing has become rough and was teasing her right nipple through her clothes with her left hand. Her right hand was vigorously thrusting in and out of her ass, making an obscene sloshing sound.

Tamamushi was so turned on from watching me making Nanafushi squirt that she started to masturbate by thrusting her fingers inside her asshole.

Tamamushi really likes it in the ass, huh. 


「Master! Now’s not the time to masturbate! I’m being very serious here!」

「Hii!? Ha!? Y-You’re wrong! This is umm, that! A remedy for constipation!」

「Master is unable to poo right!? Stop making up excuses and listen to what I’m saying!」

「Hii!? S-Sorry!」


Flustered by Nanafushi’s anger, Tamamushi desperately tried to make up excuses. However, it resulted in her crossing Nanafushi’s bottom line. The teary-eyed Tamamushi apologies to the ball of rage that’s called Nanafushi.

It would be embarrassing for being caught making up excuses for masturbating.

Even though it’s embarrassing, I can’t get my head around the fact that she boldly masturbated in front of us.

Could it possibly be that Tamamushi likes shame-play?

I’ll be sure to remember it.


「Th-Then, Suzuhara-sama, can you stick your penis inside my pussy?」

「Ah, ahh」

「However! I would like it if you wouldn’t do anything else but putting it in! To be melting in your arms seriously makes me so happy that I could die, but I won’t be able to explain things if that happens!」



Somehow Nanafushi got angry.

I only held good intentions towards making her cum but, I guess my actions were unwelcomed.

Anyway, I regained my senses and aligned the tip of my cock against her slim loli pussy.

There’s a lot of pussy juice coming out of it, but will it actually fit? It’s impossible no matter how I think of it.

But if I’m too conscious about it then she’ll get angry again.

Screw it.


「If it hurts then say so, okay?」

I told Nanafushi while still holding my cock against her pussy.



「Uu♡ Uuu♡ Uuuu♡」


Nanafushi’s face suddenly turned scarlet red and quickly turned away from me, closing her thighs that were once opened. However, due to having my waist acting as a wedge between her thighs, it was impossible for her to close them completely.


「Is something the matter? Should we have a break?」


Feeling that something was off, I asked Nanafushi. Still having her face turned away from me, Nanafushi twitched and shook her head.



「I-I beg you♡ Please don’t be any kinder to me than this♡」


Nanafushi placed a finger inside her mouth as she replied and took a glance at me with shaky wet eyes.

That side-long glace was so bewitching that it touched something deep inside me.


「It’s natural for me to be abhorred since I’m a bug♡ Even I acknowledge this as a fact♡ So, I’m used to being hated♡ On the contrary, I’m not used to being treated with kindness♡ So, if you’re always so concerned about me, if you treat me so tenderly, and if you act so nicely towards me, I, I……♡」


Having her finger inside her mouth and giving me a flirtatious side glace, Nanafushi leaked out a sweet and lovely voice.

I could relate to what Nanafushi just said.

If you’re going to be hated, then it might as well be more reliving to abandon the hope of being liked. If you believe that it’s natural for you to be hated, then you wouldn’t be so conscious about it every time. It’s a natural excuse to make up for anyone in a situation like her’s.

However, if you’re treated with love and kindness, then you’ll be thrown into a state of chaos and will once again begin to foolishly believe that there may be hope, resulting in you wanting to run away from it.

You’ll think it’s better off being by yourself than to experience such a painful feeling.

Well, my thoughts might be pure nonsense, for Nanafushi’s case.

Since Nanafushi took her beloved creator’s life in order to be created and was fighting loneliness for around three hundred years.

After knowing all of this, how am I supposed to give her the cold shoulder?


「Nanafushi. You’re now my “comrade”. I’ll definitely, definitely make a place for you and Tamamushi to be able to live a life of peace together.」


Whispering that to her, I gave her the gentlest smile I could and held her in my embrace.




Nanafushi twitched and raises a sweet scream.


「Ma-Master♡ Shwave me♡ I’m going to become an idiot~♡」


As she experiences violent twitches, Nanafushi stretches out her right hand towards Tamamushi and desperately seeks for her help, leaking out an incoherent sweet mushy voice.

Although she is seeking for help, she is leaking out a sweet wailing voice and is wearing such a drunken smile.

It’s really difficult to judge whether she dislikes it or whether she feels delighted about it.


「Al-Alright! Then I shall be the guinea pig for this experiment!」


Red up to her ears, Tamamushi answered Nanafushi’s call for help. She then squeezed her right hand in front of her face and tightened her expression.

Her modest breasts puffed out and shook slightly along with her movements.

When I looked at Nanafishi, she looked as if she’s about to cry, she nods her blazing red face repetitively.

It looks like she really doesn’t like it.

I can’t force my dick inside of her pussy when she doesn’t like it. Also, no matter how you think about it, her pussy is too small.

If that’s the case, we’ll do what Tamamushi said. It’s better off using her pussy instead.


Nanafushi crawled away from me and sat down on the carpet. Breathing haggardly, she then covers her chest with her right arm and uses her left hand to pull the hem of her camisole, hiding her crotch.


「I-I thought I was going to die♡」


Having her back turned to me, Nanafushi sat in a feminine position and murmured between rough breaths.

Did she hate it that much? No, I know that Nanafushi doesn’t hate me. She’s probably panicking because she isn’t used to it.

I did something bad, I guess.


「A-Alright! It’s me, right!? It’s my turn, right!? Leave it to me!」


Letting air out of her nose, Tamamushi who was red up to her ears, approached me in anticipation and threw herself down in front of me.

Tamamushi’s tits shook ever so slightly every time she moved closer to me.

It’s because Tamamushi’s a super loli and on top of that, she’s anorexic. She was completely out of my target range, but now it’s different. Her whole body has now got curves which really made her more feminine, she’s also in a ponytail, and her tits shake. Now it’s possible to last more than ten minutes. Besides, even though I called her a super loli, it’s because her appearance looks like she’s Nanafushi’s older sister.


「Fuu, gee whiz. I was such a nervous wreck」


Nanafushi who was sitting down, murmured it under her breath as she stood up, turned around and trotted towards me.


「Well then, shall we begin? Firstly, please shove your penis inside of master’s pussy. Up until the tip of your penis touches the entrance of her womb」


I gave Nanafushi a nod after listening to her explanation then looked at Tamamushi.

As soon as Tamamushi’s eyes looked up and met mine, she quickly averts her gaze. She then sticks her knees together, closing her thighs.




Nanafushi gave Tamamushi a disappointed look and Tamamushi who tries to ignore it with great efforts.


「……Do you even have the intention to do it?」


When Nanafushi asks that to Tamamushi who had her head turned the other way, Tamamushi quickly nods a number of times in reply.


「Suzuhara-sama, though it seems that master is embarrassed, she still has the intention to continue. So can you force yourself onto her?」


Tamamushi twitched and shook to Nanafushi’s words, but she gave repetitive nods with her face blazing red up to her ears while still having it turned the other way.

If she nodded to Nanafushi’s words, then she probably wants me to rape her.

If that’s so, then I’ll just do as I please.

Having that thought run through my head, I placed my hands on both her knees and forcibly opened her up.




Having her legs spread wide apart, fully exposing her pussy, Tamamushi leaks out a sweet groan in defeat.

If Tamamushi got serious, it’s possible for her to beat me up to a pulp let alone for her to able to resist. But despite being embarrassed about it, she showed no signs of resistance, so I was easily able to open up and see the thing right between her legs. Moreover――

It’s like as if she’s shamelessly opening up her legs wide to expose her salmon pink meat walls and between it had a small contracting hole secreting out a lewd constitution. Looking further down, her asshole is opening and closing repeatedly like as if it’s begging for food.

The hole is pretty small, but it’s much bigger than Nanafushi’s. And since it’s already like this, there won’t be any problems if I suddenly stick it in.

Thinking that, I wedged my hips in between her thighs and aligned my cock and pressed the tip against Tamamushi’s pussy.

A sticky wet sound could be heard when my cock made contact with her hot slimy flesh.

Becoming burning red up to her ears, Tamamushi who had her head turned away shuts her eyes closed and tightens her mouth while gripping onto both my hands that were placed on top of her lower abdomen.

She seems pretty nervous. Her whole body has gone stiff.

If that’s the case, I’ll make you cum countless――


「Suzuhara-sama, if treating her affectionately doesn’t go well, master will become useless, so please thrust it all the way in without any delay」

「Eh? Ah, I-I see」


Like as if she read my mind, Nanafushi called out to me and I nodded in response

If I was doing it with Asahina, I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck her as I please, however, I’m currently dealing with a nervous ponytailed Tamamushi, so I kept thinking about the consequences if I handled it poorly.

Furthermore, she seems really embarrassed about it.

But then again, Tamamushi’s the type who will still be fine even after her body was cut into five pieces. I guess it’s ok if I overdo it.

Also, Nanafushi will probably get angry at me if I end up doing my own thing.

As I thought that, I soaked my cock in her pussy juice, rubbing it up and down her pussy.


「Ku♡ Ah♡ Aku♡」


Bitting down on her teeth, Tamamushi’s convulsions synchronized along with the sloshing sounds, while she leaked out sweat moans.


「Master, please hold it together. Please keep it together as if your life depended on it」


With one hand on the floor Nanafushi who was standing on her knees on that spot, came close to Tamamushi’s face and asked that question while wearing a serious expression.

Tamamushi who had her eyes closed swallowed her saliva and nodded. Nanafushi then looked at me.


 ――Please do it.


She sent me a look which held that meaning behind her viridescent colored eyes.

I gave Nanafushi a nod and made sure that my cock was fully coated in her pussy juice as I proceeded to lower my hips.




My cock begins to invade her insides, making an indecent ‘guchu’ sound.

Only a small part of the tip entered her tiny hole. With only that much, Tamamushi’s body gave a massive jolt.

As I pushed my hips further down, my cock intruded its way inside her small hole, expanding it little by little.


「Ku♡ Ah♡」


Tamamushi raised a sweet scream.

It’s considerably tight after all. It feels like if I put too much force into it, her hole might tear apart.

I hesitated momentarily, but after sensing that Nanafushi was staring at me with a certain look, I pushed my hips a little more.

If Nanafushi really gets angry, I’ll die.


「Ah♡ Kuaa♡ Hiuuu♡」


Carving my cock deeper inside her cramping hole, Tamamushi’s body jumped violently in response, making her sweat profusely as she raised a sweet scream.

Right then and there, the penetration came to a halt.

I tried to push my hips, but it was impossible. We’ve reached the limit before she was able to take the maximum width of my cock.


「Nanafushi, if we continue beyond this, Tamamushi is going to break」

「It’s ok! It’s ok even if master breaks! Besides, once she overcomes it, it will be easier from there! So please do it all in one go!」


Nanafushi urged me. But, if she was only doing just that, then I intended to stop there.



Tamamushi, who had her eyes shut tight and is pulling a wry face, nodded repeatedly to Nanafushi words.


Tamamushi braced herself with a nod.

If I were to stop here, then I’ll be throwing dirt onto her resolve.

If it’s like this――

While still having the tip of my cock stuck inside Tamamushi’s pussy, I reached out and grasped firmly onto her small and slender waist with both hands.





A resonating scream.

Thrusting my hips inside her ‘impossible to fit’ pussy in one stroke, my glans made it all the way inside her. Moreover, when I thrusted my hips in such a vigorous way, my cock forcibly carved out a path to reach the innermost depth of her nether regions and even pierced through that as well.


「Gi♡ Higi♡ Nngiii♡」


Tamamushi squealed and began to twitch wildly. Her shrieks contained a sweetness to it which gave me a slight relief.

But this is bad. This was beyond my imaginations.

My cock penetrating deep inside her and having her meat wall tightly wrapped around me.

I think it’s because she’s a bug user that her pussy feels different compared to a human’s one. Her insides contain countless uneven bumps like as if they’re suckers on an octopus. Furthermore, it is overflowing with her pussy juice.

I’ve never come across the thought that Tamamushi had such a pussy like this.


「Just a word to remind you that master is able to control her pain sensations. So, it’s possible for her to feel nothing but pleasure if she desires to do so」


Nanafushi utters an explanation while staring at Tamamushi’s quivering pussy which is currently in an extreme state.

Her words sparked a memory in me.

Speaking of which, Tamamushi didn’t even feel the least amount of pain from being torn apart into five different pieces.

I took a glance at Tamamushi and saw that she covered her face with both hands while looking the other way in an attempt to escape from embarrassment.

Did she fake her squeals?


「I understand how she feels」


「Since it’s her first time accepting a man, she wants to fully experience all the sensations, even if it was pain」


After hearing that from Nanafushi, I looked at Tamamushi.

Tamamushi who was covering her face with both hands, bit the top of her lips with her fidgeting mouth.

I see. Is that so.

Despite being able to suppress the sensation of pain, Tamamushi wants to accept it.

In order to feel all of me.

I’m sorry for thinking that you were faking it.

After staring at Tamamushi for quite some time, she opened up a gap in between her fingers to take a peek at me.

When she looked at me with her emerald colored eyes and saw me smiling at her, Tamamushi immediately covered up the gap with her fingers and turned away.

But a joyful smile arose from the corner of her mouth.

Her ponytail and boobs did have me attracted to her, but if we exclude both of those, Tamamushi is still excessively cute right now.


「Yes, I’ll provide you an explanation」


Nanafushi slapped her hands together and raised her voice. She then proceeds to squat down on Tamamushi’s lower abdomen and grabs onto the hem of Tamamushi’s black robe, flipping it up.

Her abdomen, soft and pure white, like snow. Due to having my dick inside her, Tamamushi’s abdomen swelled and wrapped into an oval shape.


「It’s possible for the Bug Energy Circulation Method to occur in this state, but it’s meaningless to just circulate it. So…what should we do?3


Nanafushi pokes at Tamamushi’s stomach while she ponders.


「First and foremost, your semen has to be injected here. Once the semen is pumped into the womb, master can then immediately perform the Bug Energy Circulation Method. In the meantime, Suzuhara-sama will need to prepare himself for a second ejaculation」


Do I have to cum twice?


「It’s impossible for a normal human to be able to intake bug energy. Semen is what makes it possible. Once Suzuhara-sama’s semen is pumped into the womb, master can then immediately begin to perform the Bug Energy Circulation Method. Until a stable sate is established between master’s bug energy and Suzuhara-sama’s semen, this will temporarily have her bug energy undergo some fluctuations. However, if she overdoes it, then Suzuhara-sama’s semen could potentially overwhelm master’s bug energy completely, and that is definitely not good. The aim is to maintain a situation where they’ll constantly compete over each other」


So, Tamamushi is going to combine the ejaculated semen inside her womb with her own bug energy and before she’s able to fuse both of them together, they’ll temporarily be in a state where they’ll try to overwhelm each other. But if they completely fuse together, it will end up reverting back to being Tamamushi’s bug energy, which will render it being a futile attempt


「A competition between bug energy and semen. This highly depends on the person who ejaculated the semen’s timing and cooperation as well. It will also be channeled through your body, however, there’s only a small window frame in which this will happen. You can only do it the moment when you ejaculate. Do you understand how difficult that is?」


After listening to Nanafushi’s explanation, I finally understood why Tamamushi was saying this was impossible to do.

This is indeed quite difficult to achieve.

Tamamushi will circulate the semen the moment I cum. I’m not sure how long will the process will last, but if she over-circulates, then it’s all over. Therefore, I need to prepare myself for the second ejaculation with precise timing.

Having said that, I can’t just cum on the command.

I’ll have to put myself in a state where I’m just about to cum, but if I suppress the urge for too long, the feeling will subside. In other words, I’ll have to constantly stimulate my cock and have it ready to cum for the second time whenever it’s needed.

Along with the precise timing, my cock has to be inside of Tamamushi in order to fill up her womb with my cum.

In short, I’ll have to resist the urge of cumming while still thrusting in and out of Tamamushi.


「The amount of time needed for doing the circulation solely relies on the person who’s doing it since the bug energy varies from person to person. Thus, the method on how to mix both of them together also depends on Tamamushi. But she does know the approximated average time. It’s roughly about three minutes. If it’s short, then it will take around two minutes, if not, four at most」

「Three minutes?」


It’s shorter than I had expected. Once I cum for the first time, I have roughly three minutes to prepare for a second one.


「Do you understand? As soon as Suzuhara-sama ejaculates, he’ll have to fuck master’s pussy again and immediately has to bring himself to a state where he’s able to cum in three minutes. And in such a state of being violently fucked by him, master will need to concentrate on not losing consciousness while circulating her bug energy inside the body as well as preparing herself to lower her womb in order to execute it in the exact moment. When Suzuhara-sama reaches his second ejaculation, master will lower her womb and send her bug energy inside you. It’s pretty dangerous if she sends too much. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to have pinpoint accuracy and control. So what do you think, master? Do you have to confidence to do it?」


Speechless from Nanafushi’s words, Tamamushi lost the strength in both hands, dropping them, exposing her scarlet face which she covered up all this time.

That face and her silence.

Both expressed how impossible she thinks it is.


「I was made to adapt to any types of bug energy I receive from the people whom I’ve contracted myself with, but I’m bad at refining it. When I do it, the probability of success will drop drastically」


I see. Nanafushi was designed to adapt to any types of bug energy and her limitless power solely relies on the bug energy that she’s adapted to and having the inability to channel her own bug energy is her only weakness.

In other words, she’s just like an empty container that’s able to intake an infinite amount of energy.

As far as I’m concerned, it means that her master, Tamamushi, will have to pull her weight in this strengthening process.


「While being fucked vigorously, you’ll need to refine you bug energy and make sure to lower your womb at the exact moment. If you end up cumming while you refine your bug energy, it’s all over at that point. This also applies for when you end up losing your concentration even if you didn’t cum4


Staring at Tamamushi, Nanafushi warned her as she poked her stomach using her finger.


「What do you think? Didn’t it feel pretty good when he penetrated you with his cock? Master always loses her sense of self and end up uses me for masturbation when I show some affection. Moreover, the partner isn’t me this time, it’s Suzuhara-sama. When Suzuhara-sama doesn’t see you as a bug user, but as a girl when both of you have sex, are you certain that you can remain sane?」


Still poking Tamamushi’s lower abdomen, Nanafushi spoke to her in a provocative way.


After listening to Nanafushi’s words, Tamamushi’s face went vermilion, her emerald eyes began to tremble, and her whole body started to sweat uncontrollably.


「I-It’s impossible――」


Words devoid of hope leaked out of her trembling lips.

However, after seeing Nanafushi’s sharp glare, she quickly shuts her lips tight.



「Y-You’ll never know if you never try!」


A loud voice echoed inside the room.

Nanafushi gave her a pure and innocent smile when she heard Tamamushi’s response.


「Yeah. Then let’s see shall we?」


Nanafushi who gave Tamamushi a bewitching smile, patted Tamamushi’s stomach and glanced at me.


「Please fuck her without any thoughts of hesitation. Fuck her hard and maintain that continuously. Otherwise, it will all be pointless」


Nanafushi looked right at me as she spoke. Tamamushi’s face cramped up when she heard those words.


So then I started to fuck Tamamushi but――


「Aooo♡ Aoooooooo♡」


When I mercilessly thrust inside her pussy, Tamamushi raised a beast-like scream.

We’ve only a few minutes in, and Tamamushi’s face was showing an amazing ‘ahe’5 expression.

Ahe-Tamamushi is seriously adorable and on top of that, her pussy feels absolutely incredible, but this might be a bad sign.

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  3. Weird sentence: この状態で蟲気循環法をおこなうわけッスけど、ただ循環させても意味が無いッス。じゃあどうするのか?
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