Xray Chapter 50

This is actually a footnote on the chapter. Please take a read because you can’t find it on the link.

In the living room at the same timeー.

Yukina 「Yui, you have the same breasts as your nee」pupu1
Lolihina「Fufu, senpai really doesn’t know anything」Niko2
Lolihina「Does senpai know my bust size?」Niko
Lolihina 「No, that’s wrong」Furufuru5
Yukina「Eh? Wrong?」Doki
Lolihina「It’s AA」doya6
Yukina「It’s smaller than A!?」Bikkuri7
Lolihina「Senpai realy doesn’t know anything」Niko
Yukina「Eh!? I don’t know anything!?」Biku8
Lolihina「Listen senpai. Please think about the results. A is excellent when you look at the results」niko
Lolihina「Then, what about AA?」uwamezukai10
Yukina「Super excellent!」bikkuri
Lolihina「That’s how it is」niko
Yukina「I-I see! Yui’s amazing!」Kirakira11
Lolihina「I’m glad that you understand」doya
Yukina「Amazing! Yui’s amazing!」kirakira
Lolihina「Then, Senpai’s bust size is?」uwamezukai
Yukina「Eh? Ah, that’s…D though」shun12
Yukina「Uu, I really am a breast idiot…」gakkari13
Lolihina「(Senpai’s really cute)」kusu14

  1. Suppressed laugh
  2. Snicker
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Trembling
  5. Shaking head
  6. Proud
  7. Surprise
  8. Twitch
  9. Gulp
  10. Upturned eyes
  11. Shining
  12. Feel down
  13. Dejected
  14. Laugh