X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 49

Chapter 49

I entered on the empty room next to me and I took Yuka down on the floor and closed the door.
Yuka who’s sitting on the dark room doesn’t want to look me in the eyes and she embraces her self while trembling.

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…」

Then she mutters.
Seriously, she’s an idiot. You wholeheartedly wanted to help me so there’s no need to apologize.
I’m okay as long as you don’t make the same mistake.
Also, it’s also my mistake this time.
Yuka’s sense of value is high in some meaning but there’s someone that Yuka absolutely needs.
That’s me and Asahina.
An existence that can lead her. An existence that will decide the way and give instructions.
Yuka who’s a bullied child feels relief when she’s depending on someone. If that relief doesn’t exist, Yuka would lose her way immediately.
A person showing the way is a necessity for Yuka.
And yet I left Yuka this time.
Though she’s relying on Asahina, Yuka yearns for Asahina. That’s why she can’t have her related with this case.
And yet, to be frank Asahina and I are not suited as a leader.
I take independent actions and Asahina rushes recklessly.
Marina’s the one possessing the nature of leader. She’s different from me or Asahina. She’s making the power as a unit. She surely can do it well. But, time is still needed for that.
Everything is all on the way and everything are all unfinished.
With the person who’s issuing instructions Yuka would desperately think by herself and drawn a conclusion.
Walking alone in the dark tunnel, she clings to the small light she found. Convinced that it’s an exit, she began to ran.
She sacrificed her body to gather intelligence and she she looked for the exit foolishly to be useful to me.

「Don’t mind it, even if I say that you still will」

Leaking a sigh as I scratch my head, I approached Yuka while saying that.

「I’m sorry. I want to do something. It’s true…」

Yuka mutters in a depressed tone but she never turns her gaze at mem she tries to ran away to her back to run away from me.
I have to calm Yuka first before I gather information from her.
Since I’m standing at the entrance of the room, Yuka cannot escape. If she escapes to her back, she’ll be blocked by the wall.
As thought, Yuka placed her back at the wall and curled herself.
Using my ability, I approached Yuka while grasping the structure of the room.
Judging from Yuka and my position, Yuka can’t run away from the door of the room but there’s still the window. If it’s the Yuka now, she may jump off the window. But the curtain is closed and it’s locked too.
If she wants to jump from the window, she needs to open the curtain, open the lock and jump off the window. It’s easy to catch Yuka before that happens.
There’s also the way of breaking through the glass by hurling oneself but I’ll be able to catch Yuka faster than she can stand up.
Though it’s the best if I catch Yuka immediately, I don’t want to do that.
I want to do something but if I take an action that will take my eyes off her for a moment then I won’t be able to deal with it.
I must settle it here now.
Not with power but I need us to understand each other to make a discussion.
I need to say that this incident is an error in my judgement. And I have to release Yuka’s listlessness.
I have to make Yuka understand.

「This incident is all my fault. I judged that it’s safer if I moved alone. However, you have something you can do. Something that only you can do. I know that so I needed to give you instructions. I’m reflecting on it」

I approached Yuka and stopped to some extent then talked to her.
I can’t feel any sign of Yuka moving herself from being curled up.
I might stimulate Yuka if I approach too much. I better gradually reduce the distance while confirming Yuka’s state.

「Mota-kun didn’t do anything wrong. I, I’m the worst. Just how scary is it being confined on such a dark place for the whole day? Isn’t that very lonely? And yet, I…」

Hearing Yuka’s mutter as she holds her knees, I remembered the dreadful unease I felt.
Such a dark place? Whole day confined? How scary was that? How Sad is that? She’s talking about Marina?
Why is she bringing Marina up in this situation? Yuka’s not regretting to open her legs for other man than me?


Why does Yuka know it? It’s possible to guess that Marina was confined by looking at the situation but her statement about being confined on a dark place for a whole day is strange.
All day long, in other words, she concluded that Marina’s confined on the same place. And, dark place.
Even if she was confined, there’s a possibility that the location she was confined changed and the lights turn on.
I thought that someone gave her information but, what? It’s as if she had seen it with her eyes.

「You, could it be that you know?」

Asking Yuka while in confusion, Yuka trembled and shrinks as she holds her knee.
No doubt. Yuka knows. In short, she received intelligence beforehand orー.

She’s an accomplice.

Yuka has a reason and a motive. However, no, even if it’s like that then it’s too unnatural for Marina to be returned easily. But if Yuka’s an accomplice then she’ll be attacked by the sense of guilt and take action.
It’s inconsistent. It fits but it’s not clear at all.

Yuka’s not a foolish woman.

That’s just an assessment. There’s no evidence either. Also, since she has a motive and reason, thinking about the situation, it’s appropriate to think that Yuka’s an accomplice in this situation.
But I think it’s wrong. It’s not reason but I think it’s different.

「Yuka-chan, I somewhat feel that there’s an error on how I recognize you. Could you talk about it in details?」

Saying as I step forward, I approach Yuka while confirming that she’s not moving. Then I sat next to Yuka leaning on the wall.
Would she answer obediently? But nothing will happen if I don’t ask her.

「I’m sorry. My information is fragmented and unfinished but I’ll talk about everything」

Yuka raised a trembling voice while burying her face on her knees.
It seems that she intends to speak honestly.

「Today, at the end of lunch break, I was contacted by Shinozaki-kun」

I reacted from Yuka’s words as she began to whisper while trembling, I felt my cheeks twitching.
That Hizuki woman is the member of a group Marina leaded. Then, it’s not strange if Shinozaki holds some information.


Shinozaki, that bastard, how dare you contact Yuka? Furthermore that bastard forced Yuka to present her body for information?
I called him at lunch time and he even I forgave him after stamping his head, he immediately contacted Yuka after that?
I don’t know the story yet but for the time being, Shinozaki…you’re dead.

「Third Year of Youth School, Kamuro Hizuki. She’s a child that’s in Marina-chan’s group but her attitude is strange」

Yuka speaks while still burying her face in her knee.
Hizuki, that woman might be the main culprit here. Did Shinozaki notice something unusual from her attitude?

「It seems that he really wants to contact Mota-kun, that, he looks scared…

Eh? He did try to contact me? But he’s scared so he contacted Yuka?
Scared? Well, it’s normal for him to not contact me if he’s scared at me when I called him at lunchtime.
Or rather, Huh? I thought Yuka sold her body to gather intelligence…
I feel that I’m misunderstanding something.

「After parting from Marina-chan’s group, the girls who belong to the group are all scared it seems. It’s possible that they might be next. But that Hizuki woman is somewhat easy-going, he thought that it’s somewhat strange…」

Judging from Yuka’s words, Shinozaki had a bad premonition with that Hizuki woman and it went right on the mark when I lay my hand on Marina. In short, they’ve been cautious of that Hizuki woman even before.

「He thought that it would be a big trouble if they try to meddle with mota-kun so they tried to investigate that child but then…」
「It seems that it turned to Marina-chan」

Turned to Marina? In short, Marina was the aim at first.

「They tried to persuade that Hizuki child not to meddle with Mota-kun but she just laughed and lied. Also, she seems to be timid before but somehow her atmosphere changed, it was scary. Especially her eyes」
「Un. It’s as if she has Mota-kun’s eyes」

My eyes? It looks like my eyes?

「Shinozaki-kun’s a delinquent isn’t he? He had a lot of fight until now and had done a lot of bad things. That’s why he can understand a person if they’re weak or strong with their eyes. But Mota-kun’s eyes is different from everyone else」
「Un. It’s not weak or strong, it’s something that you mustn’t make a move with」

Oh, speaking of which, Shinozaki ran away when he saw me. And He also said that he doesn’t want to be involved with me on the game station.

「A person you absolutely can’t get involved, it’s strong at fights, it’s not because he has a lot of companions but a person who calmly steps over the borderline that can’t be crossed. Usually you’d hesitate and yet the person calmly steps forward, that’s scary. For example, a person who can calmly thrust his finger on his opponent’s eyes. He thought that Mota-kun is a person who can do that when he looks at your eyes. But, he said it was too late when his companions got involved with him」

Too late?
Shinozaki’s not the one who picked a fight with me after all. Or rather, it’s the fault of the idiots who tried to put their hands on Asahina.
Well, its Shinozaki’s idiocy to keep foolish subordinates.
Also, if they aimed at Asahina, they’ll be knocked down by me sooner or later.

「That Hizuki child’s eyes looks like Mota-kun’s eyes. But, something’s different」
「Un. But he said that he doesn’t get it well. It looks the same but he feels that there’s something different but he doesn’t know what’s different. However, it’s helplessly weird」

Weird. Well, all of it are just Shinozaki’s senses and beliefs.
However that guy has experience more than his senses.
When it comes to experience in fights, Shinozaki’s above me so I can surprisingly trust his senses he got from experience.

「Then, when they tried to investigate that Hizuki child, they didn’t get anything」

They didn’t? Does that meanー

「There’s no one in our school that knows Hizuki before she entered the Youth School. They even asked the students at the other schools nearby but no one knows her. There’s some people who knows Hizuki being in Youth School but no one knows about her before she went in. She’s a amazingly beautiful child so she shouldn’t be forgotten even if you see her just once but no one knows」

I wanted to go to a school where no one knows me so I chose Youth school. But information would come out if they come to investigate.
But, that Hizuki has no one near that knows her.
No one knows. In other words, she came from a distant place. If so then that’s good.
That’s because I moved from the southernmost to the northernmost because of my parent’s circumstances.

「I won’t mind if she just moved home. But if you emphasize that then there’s something?」

Yuka nodded at my question.

「Shinozaki’s friend tried to search for Hizuki’s name on the net. Then he found it」

Yuka slowly looks up to my question and she looks at my eyes for the first time. Thenー.

「Kamuro Hizuki has a devilish entry」

She said it in a trembling voice.
Grudge? Or could it be Freight?
Or could it be that she’s been called guilty of something?

「It’s considered to be just another person with the same name but it’s also possible that it’s a false name. Having such thoughts, they seem to have investigated a lot on the net and there’s a lot of information that came out it seems」
「What information?」
「They can’t make a conclusion as jargons are used but it seems that an injury case happened」
「Injury case」
「Un. It seems that Kamuro Hizuki isn’t known if she’s directly related to the case but it seems that the injury case because of Kamuro Hizuki according to the entry. Also, the injury case isn’t just one」
「Not just one?」
「Un. It seems that the areas aren’t specified in the entry but it’s sporadically written without relation to the site. Furthermore, the dates are quite apart」

Finding a lot of entries that’s like it and yet they still don’t know?
The information is too vague.
But, I have a guess.
Kamuro Hizuki changed school several times and it’s possible that she’s making trouble every time she change school. But, you can’t obtain a clear information even if you investigate.
If it’s really an injury case, furthermore, not just one, and in addition, if Kamuro Hizuki is related then the information obtained would be clear.
But, the information is too vague.
If soー.

It’s just a rumor? Or she might’ve caused the problems without making her own hands dirty.
There’s no problem if it’s the former but it’s troublesome if it’s the latter.

「There’s no positive proof that Kamuro Hizuki is related but there’s information gathered to some degree with the injury cases」
「What information?」
「After the fight of the schoolboys, one was pierced with a knife on the abdomen. It looks like the injury case that happened and those articles has the name Kamuro Hizuki written at high frequency. But at the article of this event has nothing written about a schoolgirl being related at all」

Knife piercing an abdomen. That’s not gentle. Furthermore, between schoolboys?

「Did they pay attention on Kamuro Hizuki after the injury case of that man?」
「It’s normal to think of that but it seems that there’s no evidence coming out that Kamuro Hizuki is really related. But, it’s too much for a coincidence…」

There’s no evidence but it stinks.,

「Then, Shinozaki-kun’s companions cooperated to observe Hizuki but…」
「They’re troubled that they might be meddling with me if they do it poorly?」
「Un, it seems so」
「Then, what about the abduction case of Marina?」
「That’s it, but…」
「The one who attacked Marina-chan isn’t Hizuki」
「Shinozaki-kun observes Hizuki but Kamuro Hizuki didn’t come to contact Marina-chan this morning. There’s no mistake as she’s being observed. Also, it seems that Kamuro Hizuki has gone to school normally」

The one who kidnapped Marina isn’t that Hizuki woman?
I think that it’s certainly Hizuki who called Marina but Marina also said that she didn’t see the face of the criminal.
When it comes to it.

「It means that she has a companion」
「Un. I think so too」

Yuka answers halfheartedly to my question.
There’s no doubt that she has companion but she can’t make a confirmation?

「Hizuki went to the infirmary during the first class. Then it seems that she left the school but Shinozaki-kun’s friend tailed herー」
「Did you know the place where Marina’s confined?」
「Un. That’s where Shinozaki-kun’s report ended. Mota-kun might be angry if I do something selfish about Marina so I wanted to report to Mota-kun」

I see. Shinozaki who’s observing that Hizuki shadowed Hizuki who left early and they discovered the hut where Marina’s confined. Then they tried to report to me but they reported to Yuka because they were scared.
But, Yuka didn’t report to me.

「Why didn’t you contact me?」

Asking Yuka, her eyes shook and she correct her posture to Sieza. Then she placed her hands on the floor and lowered her head deeply, she made an amazing dogeza.

「I’m sorry. It’s my will to not contact Mota-kun. The information is too vague and the opponent’s scale isn’t known, that’s why I used Marina-chan to gather more information」

Yuka’s speaking in a shaking voice while in dogeza.

「I felt guilt but if I gave Mota-kun such a vague information and got you confused, it might become even more dangerous. However, that’s not it, I, I…」

Yuka began to tremble and a sob mixes in her trembling voice.

「Did I really did it for Mota-kun’s sake, I wasn’t confident about it. Did I aim at Mota-kun and did I really use Marina-chan for Mota-kun’s sake? I wasn’t confident about it. I, I might be, if Marina-chan was gone, I might have Mota-kun, those thoughts might be somewhere in my mind. I may have not left Marina-chan confined there to gather information, it might be the ugly jealousy I have…」

Yuka speaks sobbing while still kneeling.
Yuka’s apologizing, is that how it is?
When it comes to it, Shinozaki moved for my sake but I stamped his, I can’t make an excuse for that.
Well, rather than it for my sake, he’s afraid that the damage would reach them if that Hizuki meddled with me, but well, it doesn’t feel bad.

「Also, Shinozaki-kun and his companions hid and peeped in the hut but they didn’t get any information at all. For being useless and exposing Marina-chan into fruitless risk, I’m really sorry…」

Saying that, Yuka suppresses her crying voice.
Haa, Yareyare, seriously. I surely thought that she opened her legs for other men and thinking of regret and running away from me but, the cause is she used Marina?
Though it will all be too bad when she used Marina, Marina would seem to be pleased to know the fact.
That one’s holding a guilt for Yuka and because her guilt would decrease if she’s used, “Please use me more”, she might say that.
I’m relieved at any rate for the moment butー.

「You’re an idiot. You didn’t abandon Marina. You’re just someone who tends to be washed down with her emotions more than you think. The plan you made is best for me. It’s a cold hearted plan so it’s a meaningful plan. What would you think if ever something happens to Marina? You’ll throw your life away and will try to defend Marina. Then what’s next? You and marina would be exposed on danger and the situation might get worse」

I sighed and spoke to Yuka.
It won’t go well if Yuka got kidnapped after Marina.
But, well, she has Shinozaki and friends with her so neither Yuka or Marina would be in such danger.
Or rather, did Hizuki knew that she’s being observed by Shinozaki so she left Marina and ran away?
No, that’s strange. If she know that Shinozaki is observing her then she won’t go to the place where Marina’s confined. Then she didn’t notice that she’s being observed. No, that’s also strange.
The one who abducted a person calmly went to the school. Then she left early out with suspicious behavior.
Its as if her actions are on purpose.
No, it’s being misdirected.

「I see. I got it somehow」

Hizuki intends to release Marina from the beginning. And she wants to inform me.
That she’s that kind of human.
In short, it’s a very annoying self introduction.

ーーI’m this kind of human. How’s it? Interesting? You’re interested in me aren’t you? I’m interested in you too. That’s why let’s play together?

That kind of voice played in my head.
Seeing that ransom note, I thought that she resembled me but this is unexpected.
Hizuki perhaps hates to be broken.
The weirdness Shinozaki felt is a bull’s eye.
Hizuki will surely go to school feigning innocence. And she’ll wait.

For me to meet her.

I don’t know what she’s misunderstanding but I’m not interested at all. Or rather, no matter how I think, Hizuki’s dangerous. It’ll surely be trouble if I get involved with her.
I’m interested in interesting things but I hate troublesome stuff.
But you see, if you want to meet, you even made trouble for the second self introduction, andー.

You let go of Marina unhurt this time but there will be no next times.

Unifying the chain of command and after being cautious with her enough, I can do nothing but to come to contact with Hizuki
Ahh, geez, troublesome.
Shinozaki has some time to chase some woman’s ass so play with Shinozaki.
Or ratherー.

「Were you fine meeting Shinozaki?」

Asking Yuka, she looked up slowly. Then she showed a smile.

「Even I am surprised. They’re not scary at all when I met them. However I thought that I needed Shinozaki-kun’s power so it might be different…」

Yuka shuts her eyes as she speak then she held her left chest with both hands.

「It feels like there’s an invisible barrier around me. I thought “If you lay a hand on me, Mota-kun won’t be quiet about me you know?” Thinking so, “Mota-kun will always protect me”, I strongly thought…」

Yuka talks with a smile on her face.
Well, they won’t be let go if they lay a hand on Yuka but please spare me from taking a high risk behavior.
At any rate.

「I feel a bit relieved that you’re a woman with tighter legs than I thought」

I mutter as I leak a sigh.


Hearing my mutter, Yuka opened her eyes, raised a voice and looked at me.

「T-Tight legs, what do you mean?」

Yuka asks while looking straight at me.
Well, that’s, yeah.
I feel a bit awkward somehow so I withdrew my gaze instinctively.

「H-hey Mota-kun, what do you mean by tight legs? Eh? you thought I was loose?」

Yuka who’s on all fours sidle up to me while saying that.

「Well, I’m defiled? So I won’t make a complain even if you say so? But do you think that I’ll easily open my legs for men other than Mota-kun? I might do it if Mota-kun orders me to though?」

Yuka who sidled up while on all fours draws her face to mine then laughs while saying so.
I-It’s not my fault. It’s Yuka’s fault for sneaking. I felt frightened that I refused it but it’s normal to think that way.
That’s why it’s not my fault, butー.

「S-Sorry okay?」

I mutter so while withdrawing my gaze from Yuka.
It’s not my fault but I can’t help but admit that I thought of it selfishly.

「I don’t think that you’re loose. But, I thought that you might take that kind of action if it’s for my sake. I think that you’d do that much for my sake. I’m evaluating you high in such a meaning」

I won’t make an excuse. In the first place, Yuka’s my exclusive onahole so I don’t need to apologize
However, that would be unreasonable.

「Do you think I’m angry? You think that this smile is a fake?」

Yuka who’s drawing her face to the point we’re touching points at her smile. Tears run along Yuka’s cheek.

「I thought that other men would pass on this body and yet, Mota-kun embraced me. What should I do? I love Mota-kun so much that I feel my head’s going crazy」

Yuka who cries while having a smile on her face says while clinging to me.

「I’m defiled. I have no such value.’ And yet, why are you embracing me? Why? Hey, why? I can’t endure. I can’t endure anymore. I endured all this time and yet, it’s impossible already…」

Yuka who’s clinging to me pressed her lips against my ear then sweets in a sweet violent and pained voice while leaking a hot sigh.

「I don’t intend to believe you. Because if I do, I’m afraid that I might get betrayed. But it’s no good anymore. I believed you. I’m scared to be betrayed. I’m scared and yet, why? My heart is throbbing helplessly. The fear of betrayal is forgotten…」

She spun hot whispers as she force her lip against my ear.

「My body’s feeling hot. Hey Mota-kun, my body’s burning. Hey, Mota-kun. It’s hot. I feel helplessly hot. I’ll melt if this continues」

Yuka whispers, licks then bit my ear. Then she embraced me to the limit and fastened her nail at my back.
The blazing heat is transmitted through the clothes we wear.
Yuka’s words are true. I’m using my ability so I can see Yuka’s whole body blushing in heat. That’s not all. Her nipples are hard as if it’s going to explode, her swollen clitoris comes out of the skin, the ripe pussy had love nectar overflowing from it.
I’ve seen Yuka in heat a lot of times. But Yuka never lost sight of herself and she tried to devote herself to me. But it’s different now.
It’s not an act. Yuka’s melting eyes doesn’t reflect anyone but me. And those eyes are covered with desire.
A selfish desire of wanting only me. She’s desperately desiring me.
Her appearance is as if a female beast seeking for a mate.

「I’ll ask one thing」

I turn my right arm at Yuka’s waist then threw her down, I ask while looking at her while covering her.
Yuka looks at me in her eyes while her ears are bright red, she nodded while breathing roughly.

「Why did you refuse the kiss? I get the reason but I want to hear it clearly from your mouth」

Yuka reacted to that question she closed her eyes and bit her lip.
Then she slowly opened her eyes. Tears began to flow from those eyes.

「I decided to dedicate everything for you but I don’t want to kiss」

Yuka says while laughing. That smile was self tormenting.

「I’m fine being just a meat hole for you. I’m fine being just an onahole. I persuaded myself. However if you kiss me then I won’t become just a meat hole anymore. I will surely come to want you. However…」

I was convinced with Yuka’s words.
Yuka never tried to kiss me until now.
She’s different from Marina who’s kissing me when she has the chance.
I noticed why Yuka’s avoiding to kiss somehow.
Then she looks at Marina kissing me with envy.
She told Marina on their fight that she’ll steal me away from her someday but she’s just a mere meat hole.
She kept avoiding kisses to carry that thought.
Even though she shouted at Marina who tried to give the seat next to me.

「I’m the one who’ll decide that. I don’t care about your will」

Saying that I lowered my face and pressed my lips against Yuka’s.
Yuka opened her eyes wide and her whole body stiffened.

「Nn ♥ Nuuuuu ♥ Nuuuuuuu♥」

As if I’m trying to play something, I covet Yuka’s lip.
I turn my hands on the nape and set the body up, I pressed my lips forcibly, pushed in my tongue, then twined with hers, I sucked in the saliva and gulped it down.
Marina’s specialty is to forget herself but Yuka who’s coveting my lip seems to have forgotten herself even more than Marina.


Yuka twines her tongue crazy while making a guchuguchu sound, she suddenly convulsed violently.
It seems that she reached climax with just a kiss.
Furthermore, I’m hearing a sound of water.
Yuka who’s convulsing from the intense climax has let out piss from her urethra.
Yuka who’s showing some room no matter how much I made her cum had let out her piss, white her eyes and convulsed with just a kiss.
I’m tired to day so I thought that I’ll finish with a fellatio butー

Yuka, don’t regret it. It seems that my dick’s on fire.1

And you’re the one who lit this up.2 You’ll have to accompany me until this settles down.
I will never let you go even if you shout that you want to be let go.
I want to see your sloppy, lewd appearance that breathes roughly


  1. That’s a freaking moltres! Catch it Team Valor!
  2. Fun fact, matches are modeled from penis….That’s a joke