X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 62


Chapter 62

Cursing me magnificently and doesn’t have any intention of retiring at all.
Asahina’s fucking annoying, that is why I thought she’s suited for the job.

Special ability. Nobody would believe even if you talk about that.
That said, if you explain and they believe it truly, they’re an idiot who don’t think of anything.
Then, what should you do if you were to explain about special abilities to those not stupid.
The answer is easy.

You just have to show them the ability.

And in order to make her understand the danger of Kamuro Hizuki, it’s best to make her witness Rikka’s ability.
I have to wound Rikka in order to prove her ability.
Rikka who lost her consciousness is just a small innocent girl at sight.
If you try to hurt such a girl, you’d normally feel repulsive. Also, you have to endure it somehow until you can accept the reality of the special ability exists.
Then, they need a strong willpower. And Asahina’s willpower is on a different magnitude.
It’s annoying but Asahina’s suited for it.
Also, there’s another reason why Asahina’s qualified.


Asahina’s influence to her surrounding is very big.
When explaining to everyone, if Asahina affirms my talk, the persuasion power will be stronger.
Yuka and Kisaragi are on Asahina faction, Marina won’t resist Asahina either. Yukina is an idiot so I’ll leave her alone and Lolihina is Asahina’s sister.
There’s nobody suited to convince anyone but Asahina.

I put Asahina in my room and carried Rikka whom I left outside the house at the edge of the garden and came back in.

「Asahina, do you believe in occult?」

Entering the room, I ask Asahina.

「What’s this about?」

Sitting on my bed, folding her arms in front of her chest without tits, Asahina crosses her legs arrogantly and asks me with a doubtful face.
She’s very annoying but that’s why I should let her know Rikka’s ability first.
I don’t intend to say ‘be my ally’ It’s okay as long as she understands Rikka’s ability and be alert.
If Asahina’s seriously gets cautious, everyone else will be wary and doubtful.
That Asahina’s alert. That alone is enough persuasion.

「There’s something I want you to see」

Saying that, I took Rikka down and removed the uniform wrapping her body.
Asahina who’s sitting on the bed stands up looking suspicious and approached. Thenー.


At the moment she saw Rikka, her eyes opened wide and she raised a voice.

「W-What have you done. Isn’t this a girl at the same age as Yui?! Doing something so horrible to such a child…」

Looking at Rikka with shaking eyes, Asahina’s voice shake up as she glare at me with a frowning face. Then, she grabbed my collar.
Asahina’s anger is normal. If she sees Rikka’s “figure” without knowing the situation at all.
A young naked body exposed, both her hands and legs are tied up like a shrimp, her eyes are peeled white and she’s occasionally twitching and blowing out bubbles. Furthermore, her right arm is bent at an abnormal angle.
If you don’t know anything you’ll think that I kidnapped a strange girl and tortured her.

「As expected of you, you glare at me without screaming」
「You won’t get through with just a joke. Do you know what you are even doing?」

Talking to Asahina with a smile she glares at me with eyes that would kill and a trembling voice as she hold by collar.
Her voice is trembling from anger, not fear.

「You’re the one who said that I don’t do meaningless violence」

Asahina’s expression has changed when I say that.

「Let me explain briefly. Her name’s Rikka. She’s bound because she’ll kill me if I don’t」
「She has the power to easily kill me. Not just me. She has the power to instantly kill even ten average men. In short, a monster」
「W-What are you sayinー」
「There’s no need to force yourself to understand me. I’ll have you see it with your own eyes. Just how much of a monster she is」

Asahina won’t be able to understand no matter how much I explain this situation. Not just Asahina. It’s impossible to make anyone understand. Thus, I have to show it.

「Take out your phone」
「Just do it」

Asahina’s looking suspicious from what I said, she took out her phone from her pocket while glaring at me.

「I’ll be stabbing her with a knife」
「Rikka won’t die. Her wound will be recovering immediately on the contrary」
「D-Don’t be ridiculouー」
「Contact the police if you want to stop me」

Call the police. That word is big. Asahina released her hand from my collar.

「Is this girl hostile to you?」
「It’ll take time to explain. Anyway, I want you to understand that she’s a monster」

Asahina doesn’t seem to be convinced, but she has no choice but to agree.

「I’m not telling you to believe me. I don’t need you to trust me. But, I want you to see how dangerous she is with your own eyes」

Asahina’s eyes shook from my words.

「It’s possible that Kamuro Hizuki is a more dangerous existence than her. But it’s hard to understand without standards right? That’s why I’ll use Rikka as a reference. If you know how dangerous this monster is, you should be able to understand the danger of Kamuro Hizuki」

Explaining to Asahina that way, she listens to my explanation with her eyes shaking but her expression is tight. Then, she threw her phone to the bed.

「You don’t use meaningless violence. I’m certainly the one who said that. Very well, I’ll believe myself」

Foling her arms and puffing her nonexistent chest, Asahina speaks on an overwhelmingly arrogant attitude.
Ah, annoying. I want to train her and make her cum.

「However, I’m also an accomplice of your mad behavior. If something happens to that girl, I’ll take you to the police」
「Yeah got it」

I nodded at Asahina.
My ability right now isn’t just “looking” at the inside of human body. But, “Understand” With that, I can understand that Asahina’s heart is beating intensely. That’s not all. Her whole body’s muscles are “moderately” tense.
She’s serious. Asahina’s serious. In case something happens when I stab Rikka’s body, she’ll definitely take me to the police no matter what. Even if I turn the table and restrain her, she won’t give up.
Even if she dies.

「You’re lacking quite the common sense」

When I ask her, Asahina snorts.
Asahina’s serious but she “allowed” me to stab Rikka.
Normally you won;t.
No, she fears the retaliation of going against me so she’s allowing it on the surface. But, Asahina’s not afraid of me at all, she may allow my abnormal behavior but in an event of emergency, she’ll use all her power to destroy me.

Her willpower is enough to be called abnormal. But, that’s why I feel uneasy.

Asahina has changed a lot. She was egoistic and oppressive before but she has gotten stronger.

Especially her “mind”

I don’t know about the former Asahina, but the current Asahina can confidently tell the police that she was raped by me.
In order to threaten Asahina, I have saved her images and videos of being raped by me. Asahina knows that too. But Asahina right now won’t be threatened by something of that degree.
Then, why is Asahina not trying to crush me?

Is it because I saved Yuka? Or could it be that it is as she said, she wants to crush me with her own hands. Or could it be that she intends to stick to her words about becoming a slave?

Either way, Asahina is too abnormal just like me. However, our directions are quite different.
Having such thoughts, I took out a paper-knife from the drawer.
It’s not suited to cut meat but it’s enough to pierce.
Although, Rikka’s body isn’t normal. The problem is whether it will go well.
Well, I can just punch the “gap” with my ability and it’ll be fine.

「Then, I’m stabbing her」

Returning to Rikka, I squat down and told Asahina.

「You’re saying it lightly」

Folding her arms as she look down on me, Asahina speaks while snorting.

「I don’t have the hobby of stabbing people. I’m doing it because I need it. I don’t want to stab unless necessary. I love stabbing with my dick instead of a knife」
「Is that so? A person like you is called a psychopath, am I wrong?」

Psychopath? Well, I won’t deny it.
Grasping the paper knife on my right hand, I grabbed Rikka’s shoulder with my left and swung my right.
A body structure clearly different from human beings.
Rikka hollowed her own abdomen with her own hand but it was only possible with her ability. Perhaps it would be too hard with my power.
But, Rikka’s body which can move at very high speeds; it’s flexible and has a gap. In short, the muscle joints. If I aim thereー.

I stroke my right hand aiming at the joints of the muscle with all my might.

The paper knife got sucked in her abdomen smoothly.1
It pierced so easily that it was a let down.
Being able to know the enemy’s body structure, this might be a much more amazing ability than I thought.
I tried to pull out the knife but I feel a resistance extremely different from when I stabbed it.
Her muscles tightened?
I strengthened myself and pulled out the knife forcefully.
A stab in her abdomen. Red blood seeps from there.
Because I aimed at the gap, there’s not much blood coming out. But, that doesn’t matter

「Yes, I’m looking」

When I call Asahina out, she bent her body and stare at Rikka’s abdomen.
Although she just saw the scene of a person being stabbed, she just stare at the wound without raising a scream.
Though she looks good, she’s an outrageous woman.
Bubbles started coming out from the blood and the wound, then the wound disappears the moment the red steam rises up.

「…N-No way!?」

Asahina who witnessed the situation of the wound instantly closing up, she raised a trembling voice with her eyes wide open.

「Want to see it again? This is a super-recovery special ability, even if she gets a mortal wound, it’ll recover in a moment. But great power comes with great risk.2 Her super-recovery consumes energy to balance it. That’s why I really don’t want to show it to you multiple times. She’ll die if you do it too much

Explaining it to Asahina bending forward, she stare at Rikka’s stomach and gulped down her throat.

「How many more times it’s okay to do it again?」

Asahina looked at me sideways then asked me that.
As expected. Far from being scared, she’s asking out questions. Furthermore she wants to see the moment the wound heals again. In short, it’s the same as telling me to stab Rikka again.

「I don’t know to be honest. I suppose I can try it again and again if I can replenish her energy but now’s a dangerous situation. I don’t want to stab her more if possible. I would be troubled if she dies」

Hearing what I say, Asahina look at Rikka.

「Her other abilities? Is it only super-recovery」
「No, she also has a strength of a gorilla, speed of a cheetah and dynamic eyesight that exceeds a hawk’s eye」
「It’s something hard to believe so suddenly」
「Oh, you’re right. But, that’s the truth」

Asahina who’s looking at Rikka has sweat running on her cheeks while listening to me.

「Perhaps, she can destroy concrete walls with her hands. Her vertical jumping power is over three meters. When it comes to acceleration, she can go from zero to top speed in instantly. Thinking that she can run through a hundred meters within two to three seconds, it’s impossible to catch with human eyesight. Try beating a giant brown bear from the corner with bare hands, that’s how it is」

I should say it by mysself but, Rikka can beat a brown bear on bare hands. Furthermore, she won’t have any wounds on herserlf.
I did well winning against that kind of girl.

「If what you say is true then she’s really a monster

Asahina mutters to herself.
That’s how it is. It’ll help me if you understand.

「Powerful, fast moving, can heal any wounds in an instant, and even having a beautiful face. She’s like a vampire on old stories」
「No, she’s not that kind of non-physical existence. She can’t disappear no matter how fast she is, and if her body receives an attack that exceeds her defense, her body will be destroyed. And there’s a limit to her super-recovery. You can easily beat her down if you know how to」
「Won’t anesthesia work? Also, electric shocks. I think attacking her pulmonary respiration with water is also effective. Fire should be effective as well. She will lose consciousness if she breathes smoke too. She’s beyond human knowledge but she’s still a “human” in the end. There are still a lot of ways you can deal with her. Once you capture her, you can cut her limbs with a power tool and it would be impossible for her to resist if her arms and legs are gone. Also, it’s possible to kill her.

She’ll recover instantly even if she takes a mortal wound. Then, why don’t you aim at Rikka’s heart while her super-recovery is at work.
Maybe, she can avoid instant death.
Rikka’s body won’t die until her body takes a fatal injury.
In other words, Rikka’s heart is her weak point just like normal people.
I don’t know about her brain however. Is it the brain judging her fatal injury or is it her body cells?
If it was the former, destroy her brain and she’ll die. But, she won’t die even if you destroy her brain if it was the later.
If her body cells make the judgement instead of her brain, it should be possible to activate her super-recovery even if her heart stops.
Well, Rikka herself isn’t used to using her super-recovery. Rikka might not know either. Therefore she’s not confident so she’ll avoid havbing her heart attacked.

「I have one question though」

Asahina’s slouching as she stare at Rikka then she hugged her knees and looked at me.

「How were you able to capture “this”?」

Asahina’s question is quite natural.
It’s possible to do it with a prepared plan and a number of people but it’s obviously impossible for me to catch her.
That is because I have a special ability. Is what I would like to say but I can’t let her know I do have an ability.

「No matter how strong wild animals are, they don’t have “pride”. They capture their prey with their best and take their lives before anything. After all it might resist if it’s still alive. But Rikka, she’s a human. She has “pride” because she has a great power. She can defeat me anytime so she underestimated me too much」

I explained the facts while hiding my ability.

「Then how did you capture her? No matter how much chance she gives you, this girl has enough power to cover and balance it doesn’t she?」
「Yeah, it’s impossible to beat her with my power. That’s why I lead her to self-destruction」
「She has huge power so the damage at self-destruction is also big. It’s easier to understand if I say that a light car running at a high speed hits a wall, won’t it?」
「Oh, I see」

Asahina nods in agreement when I gave her an example.

「Then, next question」
「Didn’t you say you only had one?」
「Who cares. Don’t find fault in that」

When I try to retort, Asahina just frowned.
Sorry. I love picking fault at people.

「I get that her super-recovery consumes a lot of energy. I also know that she’s weakening. But, how did you make her this weak? Did she weaken this far with just self-destruction? Or did you weaken her by stabbing as many times as you did earlier?」

I almost laughed unintentionally from Asahina’s question.
It’s actually a good question. I feel praising her for noticing that.

「Take a look at Rikka’s right arm」
「Right arm?」

Asahina looks suspicious from what I said but she looked at Rikka’s right arm.
Rikka’s right arm is bent on an abnormal direction. Then it moves, forcibly trying to return. But since it’s restrained, it can’t return to the original so it makes a sound while bending back and forth.

「Though it was a coincidence, if you bind her broken arms, it’ll repeat it’s fracture and healing. And her super-restoration won’t end unless the wound is cured. So unless her arms connect, Rikka will continue to consume energy」
「It won’t end unless she fully recovers? What’s that? Shouldn’t it just cancel if you recover the most of it?」
「It’s not that it won’t but it can’t. That is also the risk of her great power」
「It’s inconvenient」
「If there’s no car, nobody would die from cars. Without an airplane, nobody would die from airplanes. Without guns, nobody would die from guns. There’s a price to pay from the great powers」
「I see」

Asahina looking at me sideways nodded while putting her finger to her chin.
It seems that she’s finally convinced.

「Then, what kind of ability Kamuro Hizuki posses? You’re talking that she’s much more dangerous that this one?」

Convinced about Rikka, it seems that her interest shifts to Kamuro Hizuki.
I’d like to explain it immediately but, it’s dangerous to leave Rikka more than this. We have to replenish her energy supply for the time being.
But before thatー.

「Asahina, do you have any earrings?」

I think she doesn’t have one but I asked her just in case.
Asahina’s not wearing any earrings. On the contrary, she doesn’t have any kind of accessory. The only accessory she has is the rubber strings that tie her twintails.
Marina and Yuka are the same, I can’t expect anything from Yukina or Lolihina.
Well, should I use safety pins?

「I do」

Because I wasn’t expecting it at all, I instinctively raised my voice when Asahina spoke.

「What will you do with earrings?」
「O-oh, it’ll continue to consume energy unless I injure her arm won’t it? But, her super-recovery will be lifted if I let it cure」
「Oh, I see, that’s why you’ll use an earring」

Before hearing the whole explanation, Asahina seems to have noticed the use of the earrings that she nodded while muttering.
Could it be that Asahina’s much more flexible and understanding than I thought?
I thought that she’s just a reckless and stubborn idiot.

「Wait a moment. I’ll go get it」

Saying that, Asahina stands up and goes out of the room.
But still, it’s surprising because I thought that Asahina’s not interested in any kind of accessories.

Walking through the corridor, Asahina goes down the stairs and took her bag at the entrance.
Our school doesn’t have any designated schoolbags. That’s why most of the students uses popular bags but Asahina’s bag is a leather-made square shaped handbag. In short, it’s a student bag.
Perhaps Asahina’s the only one in our school using that bag.

Asahina goes up the stairs with the bag on her hand and come back to my room. She squat down next to me, opened the bag and took out a paper bag from the inside.


Then she handed me the paper bag.
It’s a small brown paper bag. Obviously, I can already “see” the contents

「Oh, sure」

Receiving the paper bag feeling slightly drawn back, I swallowed my saliva in a way Asahina won’t notice.
It was lucky that Asahina ha some earrings. Butー.

This isn’t just a piercing but a body piercing.

I already felt uneasy when she say that she has a piercing but why does she have this?
I look sideways towards Asahina and stare at her naked body to confirm.
I’m not flattering but Asahina’s skin is very beautiful. And there’s not a single scratch to be found. Obviously, there’s no body piercing attacked to her nipples or clitoris.


Noticing my sideway glance, Asahina asked calmly.

「Is it strange for me to have “that?”」
「Oh, yeah, well」
「I did say that I’m your slave. I thought that it’s normal for a slave to do that much. That’s why I prepared it」

Asahina’s speaking in a tsun attitude but her cheeks are faintly dyed red.
Could it be that she’s expecting it? She’s expecting me do “that kind of thing” so she prepared it.

「Let me tell you but it’s not like I’m expecting it or anything. I just thought of it as natural as a slave. I’d like you to not misunderstand」

Asahina keeps her tsun but my “eyes” can’t be deceived.
Her cheeks are slightly colored and her breathing is rough.
The changes on the surface is faint but the “inside” clearly shows the shaking.
The body piercings are ring-shaped, they’re quite thick for a first time user. And the number is three. This must be for both nipples and the clitoris.
I thought that she has a masochistic tendency as she’s an anal pervert but she’s a big masochist.
Asahina’s often provoking me but as a big masochist, she must’ve been yearning to be attacked without mercy.

Or rather, just how do you break a heart of a person with a very strong will power and a masochist.

Although she’s resisting the attacks on the surface, she’s actually pleased on the inside. The more you attack Asahina, the more pleased she will be.
She’s the strongest in some meanings.
Or rather, is the concept of breaking exist for huge masochists?

「What? You’re not thinking of me as a pervert, are you?」

Pressing me for an answer, Asahina draws her face and glares at me.

「No nothing」

I answered while looking at Asahina in her eyes.

「What’s with your eyes」
「I was born with it」
「I know that you have a disgusting eyes all year round but it’s much more disgusted right now」
「There’s those days too」
「Why are you making it look like somebody else’s problem」
「I have no awareness in what you are pointing at all. Well, of course it’ll be somebody else’s problem」
「You really don’t think that I’m a pervert, do you?」

Asahina asks me as she looks up at my eyes and tilt her head.

「Yeah, well」

Blood vessels rushed up on Asahina’s temple when I answer that.

「What’s with the silence just now! You hesitated!」
「Shut up」

I frown as Asahina shouts closely and I closed my ears with both hands.

「How many times should I tell you that I’m not a pervert so you can understand!」
「Like I said, I get it. You’re annoying」

Though she’s saying that she has prepared the body piercing because she’s a slave, she said that she’s not a pervert.
No matter what you think, she’s a huge pervert and a masochist.

「Then say that I’m not a pervert!」
「Asahina-san isn’t a pervert」

It’s too annoying so I just say as Asahina told me.

「Too bland! You’re lying!」
「Then what should I do?!」

Even though I did as she told me, Asahina yawps annoyingly.
I close my ears with both hands as I stand up silently and walked towards the entrance of the room.

「Hey! Are you running?! Are you even a man!?」

Asahina stands up and followed me while screaming.
Annoying. Seriously annoying.

「Rikka’s about to die. That’s why we need to let her ingest nutritious goods」

I stopped and turned back and talk to Asahina with both of my hands covering my ears.

「This and that are different! You have to say that I’m not a pervert from the bottom of your heartー」
「Asahina, can you cook?」

When I interrupt the screaming Asahina with my question, she has stopped and her eyes shook.
Oh, I get it, as I thought.

「I’ll ask Marinaー」
「I-I can cook at least!」
「No, there’s no need to force yoursー」
「I’m not forcing myself!」

The red-face Asahina doesn’t give up more than the pervert talk.
It doesn’t matter even if Asahina’s bad at cooking. But, if I refuse, she’ll go yawping again, alsoー

I’m not the one eating.

「Got it. Then please」
「Hmm, leave it to me!」

Hearing what I say, Asahina puts her hand on her waist and puff her nonexistent chest.
Well, no matter how bad her cooking is, there won’t be any poisons.
With that said, I go down the stairs with Asahina and go to the kitchen.

When I enter the kitchen, Asahina goes to the fridge and open it as if she owns the place.
It’s normal to check the fridge if you’re cooking but it’s irritating for her to do it without permission.
Aren’t you going to normally ask 「Can I take a look at the fridge?」

「Hee, it’s quite complete」

Checking the contents of the fridge, Asahina mutters pretending to know. I look at Asahina like that while listening at the living room.
I can hear laughing voices.
Sitting on the sofa is Marina and Yukina and mother in between. Then Kisaragi and Lolihina sits on the side of the sofa.
They’re having such a friendly and harmonious conversation but Lolihina’s the only one not speaking and hanging her head. Then , she looks at Yukina occasionally.
Lolihina seems to be able to give out her nature in front of Yukina but she’s seriously useless to other people than Yukina.

「This might be unnecessary but your little sister may stray on the wrong path if you leave her alone」

When I mutter that, Asahina who’s looking at the fridge stopped suddenly.

「Is this a warning from an experienced one who has strayed off the wrong path」

Asahina mutters while looking at the contents of the fridge.

「I stepped off the road to the oppressor side but she will be going to the oppressed side, in short, she’ll be on the used side. Once you miss your step, you’ll fall down the slope immediately. And it’s irreversible once you notice it. Your sister is much “weaker” than Yuka-chan」

Lolihina is too weak Her heart seems to be relying on Yukina but, that is why it’s dangerous.
If anything happens to Yukina and Lolihina has caused it, Lolihina will be unable to see anything.
The only one who can prevent is Asahina, her sister.

「If you think like that then shouldn’t you train her?」

Asahina says something ridiculous while laughing.

「It’s not my hobby. I like strong women」

I got surprised when I say that, I cover my mouth with my right hand.
I like strong women, what am I saying? It’s as if I’m confessing to Asahina.

「I’m also troubled dealing with Yui. That girl haven’t opened up her heart to anyone but Yukina」

Asahina answers calmly while looking at the fridge.
It looks like a confession so I want to retort into that but Asahina doesn’t seem to be interested in it in particular.
That was dangerous. I just said that out of the moment but it would be the worst if she thought it was a confession. Especially that it’s Asahina.
That said, Asahina seems to know Yukina.
Well, she’s Lolihina’s best friend. It’s not strange if she knows her.

「You can say that it’s caused by my character. But that girl’s heart closes even if I try to be kind」

Asahina leaks a sigh as she say that then glanced at the living room.
I can’t say anything great as I don’t have a brother or sister but, it must’ve been a lot of trouble to have a sister with too much charisma.
It’s not something you can match with just effort.

「I’m just giving an advice. I don’t care about what happens later」
「What’s with you? That’s not like you. I feel disgusted when you’re being kind」

Asahina glance at me from the side then she shows a disgusted face from the bottom of her heart.
Seriously. It’s not like me.

「I owe Yukina. Your sister seems to be Yukina’s best friend」
「Is that so? Then I’ll thankfully accept your advice」

Hearing what I say, Asahina laughs.
Ah, shit, I feel shit.

Asahina took out various ingredients from the fridge and arrange them on the cutting board. Then she holds the kitchen knife proudly.

「Help me out. Do you have any other chopping board?」
「There’s one」

I answered Asahina’s question immediately.

「Then take it out」
「It’s already out」
「Huh? Where?」
「Look, here」

Hearing that the other chopping board is out, Asahina asks while looking around then I pointed it.

Asahina’s chest.


Asahina noticed my light joke, she hid her chest with both hands and her red face had a stiff smile. Thenー.

「Want to die?」

She points the knife at me and smiled while asking.
Haa, yareyare, can’t you take a joke?

「Don’t expect me to cook. If you can’t do it alone then call Marina. Her cooking skills is on a pro levelー」
「Idiot! Who said that it’s impossible! I can do it!」

Asahina who’s enraged from what I said raised her right hand. Then she shoot it down forcefully.
The kitchen knife cuts the onions and digs to the chopping board.
That’s too daring no matter how you look at it. Are you dismantling a tuna? Or rather, peel off the skin before cutting it

「Do you have a blender?」
「Blender! That Rikka is unconscious so she can’t eat any solid objects right? Then we should just liquefy it with a blender」
「Oh I see. You’re smarter than I thought」
「Fufu, well yeah!~」

Feeling good from being prased by me, Asahina puffs her nonexistent chest with a triumphant look.
It is as Asahina said. Rikka can’t eat any solid dishes right now. Then we need to pour the dish into liquid state.

With that said, I took out the blender from the kitchen storage.

When I was preparing the blender, I can hear intense sounds.
Asahina’s splitting up the ingredients lined up in the cutting board.
Looking clumsy, she raises the kitchen knife overhead and swing it down to cut down the ingredients. She’s skillful in some sense.

「First would be eggs.」

When the blender’s ready, Asahina took out the eggs.


Nodding as I receive the egg, I broke the shell and put the contents on the blender.
Well, eggs are basics. But is it okay to be raw? Ah, no, it would be hard to liquefy if it’s baked.

「Then next would be broccoli.」 It’s good for your health」

I receive the broccoli and place it in the blender.
I don’t get it but broccoli looks good for the health.

「Vitamin C is also important. Let’s go with one lemon for vitamin C」
「I see」

Vitamin C. It certainly feels important.
Taking the splendidly chopped lemon, I put it in the blender.

「If it’s nutrition, it’s meat」
「There’s a kalbi in the fridge so let’s put this in」
「Kalbi? That’s too good」
「You don’t want Rikka to die do you?」

It’s troublesome if Rikka dies but isn’t Kalbi too luxurious for Rikka?
Well, it can’t be helped.
Taking the plate reluctantly, I put the kalbi from the plate to the blender. That’s when I remembered.

「Is it okay to put it in raw?」

It’s no problem if it’s vegetables but isn’t raw meat bad?

「Rikka’s ability is of a wild animal isn’t it? Wild animals don’t burn meat」
「I see」
「Also, she has a super-recovery ability doesn’t she? Then it’ll be fine. It’s hard to liquefy if it’s cooked」

Agreeing with Asahina’s explanation, I put the Kalbi in the blender.
It’s better to prioritize the nutrition than the taste, alsoー

It’s not that I’ll drink this.

「Women loves fruits. That’s why let’s add peach cans」
「Is it better to do it separately?」
「Idiot. You can offset the smell of meat with the peach extract」
「You can offset it? Won’t it be impossible? Won’t it become bad?」
「We’ll know when we do it」

We’ll know when we do it In short, we won’t know if we don’t try.
With that said, I put the canned peaches Asahina gave to the blender.

「It’s about time」

Putting the peaches in makes the blender full, I tell Asahina that.

「Wait. I’ll also add tofu and milk」
「Ooh, that’s good for your health」
「Girls do care about their health」
「Oh, women have a lot of troubles」
「You’re still going to put something else?」
「I think it’s fine if you work hard」

I nod at Asahina’s question.
The way she cuts the ingredients is amazing. Though it’s full, there’s quite a gap. The tofu is soft, milk is liquid, if you push it forcibly, it’ll manage somehow.
I put the tofu first then pour the milk.

「Then, I’m going to blend it」
「Wait. We’ll add vanilla essence and cinnamon to offset the smell」
「Ooh, you’re so stylish」
「Fufu, of course」

Asahina next to me puff her chest proudly, then put in liquids from the vial to the blender. Next she put a powder from a can to the blender.
I can’t tell what smell is drifting.

「Then, let’s blend it.」

Confirming Asahina nodding up, I closed the blender’s lid and pressed the switch while holding down the lid.
Gyogyogyogyogyogyogyo, the blender plays a strange sound. As a result, the chopped ingredients are getting liquefied.

「It looks interesting to add tabasco」

I ask Asahina while holding down the lid

「We’re not playing around」
「Y-You’re right. Sorry」

She got mad from my light joke. Or ratherー.

That wasn’t playing around?

We took the time to liquefy the ingredients then it turns to a syrupy liquid.
Turning off the switch and opening the lid, it smells nasty.
Well, we just put all the food that can be eaten so it won’t produce any toxins.
I’m worried about the raw meat but it is as Asahina say, Rikka’s ability surpasses wild beasts so I can’t think of her not dealing with the raw meat. In the first place, there’s no problem because of her super-recovery ability.

Although I’d rather die than drink this.

「Is there a funnel?」
「The one you use to pour liquid on narrow bottles. It’s like a bowl with a stick」

An object comes to my head when I hear Asahina’s explanation.
Oh, that one?

「She’s unconscious so we have to make use of tools that makes it easy to pour」
「I see. Wait. I’ll go get it」

True, even if it’s liquid, it’s hard to pour it into unconscious people. But if you have that, it would be easier.
Asahina’s much more attentive than I thought.

I was looking for the shelves and found a bowl with a stick shape.

「That’s right, that’s a funnel」

Asahina saw and nodded again and again.
Okay, we’re prepared. It’s complete butー.

Is this really drinkable?

Looking at the syrupy liquid giving off a smell you can’t describe, I look at Asahina and swallowed my saliva.
Asahina who’s satisfied with her cooking is humming with a smile.
Well, it’s definitely nutritious, alsoー.

I’m not the one drinking this, well fine.

Telling myself that, I bring the blender with the syrupy liquid with a smell you can’t describe and go to the second floor with Asahina.
Don’t ever eat Asahina’s food.
I swore to my heart.


  1. What?
  2. Wait, Uncle ben?