X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 63


Chapter 63

Asahina made strange liquid.
The taste is definitely bad but, it should have a quite high nutritional value.
I think that the taste is bad though.

Even if a starving human takes something nutritious, they won’t recover immediately.

That’s for “normal human”

But this one’s a monster. It’s likely possible in the worst case. Thereforeー.

Standing in front of the door, I looked back at Asahina.

「Wait here」

Telling Asahina, her humming good mood turned gloomy.

「Could it be that you intend to do something strange to her?」

Asahina asks while staring at me with a steep expression.
Strange? Well, it’s strange.

「Yeah, you’re right. That’s why you should wait here」

I said as I try to enter the room. However, Asahina caught my arm.

「No matter how much of a monster she is, she’s a girl almost like Yui. Knowing that you’ll do something strange to that girl, there’s no way I can just say, Oh sure go on」

Holding my arm, Ashaina speaks powerfully while staring up at me.
Well, there’s no way Asahina would just back off obediently without any explanations.
It’s troublesome but I should properly explain this.

「If Rikka has unbound herself, she’ll kill me who’s close to her and then escape」
「I can’t deny the possibility of her killing everyone in the house but, Rikka belittled me and I captured her. Then she should be careful next time. That’s why she’ll surely retire in order to be safe」
「W-What are you saying?」
「That’s just a what-if case」

Asahina’s eyes are shaking due to what I said. She probably doesn’t understand what I’m saying.
This is because I was able to capture Rikka after her self-destruction.
The damage on her right arm was the biggest but there’s also damage on the other limbs, internal organs and perhaps the brain.
In addition, she pierced her own stomach.
Rikka was unable to move because of that so she was caught by me.
It’s so idiotic no matter how you think of it but that’s why I was saved.

「When I captured her, she’s unable to move. That’s why I was able to capture her. Furthermore, she’s in a state where she’s consuming energy permanently. That’s why I was able to keep her retrained」
「Y-Yes, I understand that. But, what’s with “what-if”」

“What if” That isー.

「Rikka has cured all of her injuries except for her right arm. Do you get it? She’s on perfect shape except for her right arm. What would happen if her right arm recovers and her energy is resupplied?」

Even if her right arm recovers, I’ll install a body pierce in order to not let her super-recovery cancel. But, if ever something unexpected, and it creates a chance even for a momentー.

「Rikka has a grudge against me. She’ll kill me first if she’s freed. On the other hand, she’ll leave immediately once she kills me. But, if there’s someone else who’s in the same area as me, she’ll kill it next incidentally. That’s why I’ll enter the room alone」

I try to enter the room after I finished explaining. But Asahina’s hand holding my arm gripped stronger.

「Idiot. If you know that it’s dangerous then why act alone? How much should I scold you to stop being obstinate? Are you that scared asking for help?」

Asahina who’s not letting go of my arm is going to preach me again.
I’m irritated but Asahina’s opinion is true too.
If ever it turns to the worst situation, I can have a meat shield using Asashina on my side. And if Rikka attacks Asahina, that’ll create a momentary chance.
But well, even if there’s a chance, she’s not someone I can just deal with easily. In the first place, it’ll end when her binds are gone.

「Pay close attention to her perfect condition. It’s all over once her restrained is lifted. It’s meaningless even you’re with me. Being together with me will just have you killed too. Then, I’d rather die alone

Asahina’s eyes opened wide due to what I said.

「You’re not saying that out of kindness are you?」

Asahina narrowed her wide open eyes and muttered.

「It’s rationalism. That is the secret of your strength. You don’t mind cowardly and unfair tactics in order to win. And there’s always a purpose for every action and you don’t have any interest but to accomplish that purpose. That’s why you don’t always show off yourself and remain as a silent deadly poison」

Asahina who’s gazing at me has said then flatten herself.

「I want you to answer one thing」

Asahina’s been talking indifferently has whispered in a deep voice.

「Why did you rape me? If it’s you, you could’ve done better. If you had the material to threaten me, you could’ve cornered me and made me embrace you on my own will. That’s what you should’ve done normally. Then why did you take it the hard way?」

I feel my heartbeat jumped when Asahina asked that.

「Shut up…」

Gritting my teeth, I glared at Asahina who’s holding my arms.
Why did I rape Asahina? Isn’t that obvious?

「Because I wanted the strong willed you cry out. I want to see the despair of having a man you don’t like steal your virginity and cum inside you. It feels extremely arousing to see a strong willed woman like you crying out」

When I told Asahina with a smile, Asahina’s eyes didn’t shake at all.
Holding my arms, Asahina snorted then draw closer.

「If you like me then just say it honestly. You just loved me so much that you can’t hold back and raped me, right?」

I feel blood rising up my temple when Asahina said something ridiculous.

「You’re a thorough rationalist and a child. A child who doesn’t know how to be spoiled even though he has a habit of being spoiled. There’s anxiety and fear as the root of your rationalism. You turn your rationalism around so you abandon it before you get abandoned. Then you fell in love for the first time. And that one isー」

Asahina speaks while grinning then points her right thumb at herself.

「It was me! 1

She speaks overflowing with convidence.

Aah, this, she’s reallyー.

A woman annoying enough to let blood on my brains flip out.

Right, that’s right. Let’s be gentle to Marina and Yuka. Let’s differentiate them from her.
This one’s no good. Absolutely not. I won’t spoil her, forgive her, I’ll train her thoroughly and completely.

「Me, a child? Oh is that so? then that’s great. Then I’ll play with my toy like a child. I’ll play with it everyday until it’s broken then throw it away to the garbage」

Laughing while having my face twitch, I speak then stretched my hand on Asahina’s nonexistent chest. Then, I pinched her nipples on top of her uniform.
Asahina twitched but she stares at me with red cheecks and rough breathing.

「Very well, I’ll play with you. I’ll see how far can you endure」

Her high-handed manner is what I can’t endure. I’m the one worried whether you can endure or not.

「How long can you keep lying to yourself? But, don’t worry. You can cry if you’ve reached your limit. Fawn over me. I’ll embrace you gently. Though, accepting your naive love is another story」

Cry? Fawn over? Who’s naive?! Does she even understand her own position?
Glaring at Asahina, I grit my teeth then pinched Asahina’s nipple on top of her uniform.
Asahina’s folding her arms proudly, luring me with her moist black eyes, dyed cheeks, and rough breathing.
Even though you’re just a huge masochist that loves being done in the ass, you’re getting ahead of yourself.
No, maybe she’s trying to fuel me because she’s a huge masochist.
If that’s the case, I’m already in Asahina’s plan.
There’s no path of retreat on Asahina’s plan of annoying me. After all, Asahina’s trying to challenge me with the expense of her own body.
I realized that a huge masochist with an indomitable willpower is a troublesome existence.

「I’ll definitely make you cry」
「I’m looking forward to it」
「I’ll never let you off」
「I’m looking forward to it」
「I’m definitely going to destroy you and throw you away like trash」
「Fufu, just be careful not to be troubled when you throw me away」

Asahina accepts my glare with a fearless smile.
Even though I hate it so much I want to kill her, I wonder why. I feel something is rising up deep within my heart.

「Anyway, wait here」
「But I refuse2, what will you do if I say that?」

I leak a sigh as Asahina resist my order while smiling.

「I’m paying close attention so the worst case won’t happen. But, there’re no absolutes. That’s why I’m assuming the worst case happening. In that case, I’m fine dying alone. Do you get it? If you get in the room together with me without any meaning, and you got killed by Rikka, that’s a wasteful death」

Knowing that it’s dangerous and there’s a way to avoid, she’s still daring to jump to the danger.
It’s not that I want to protect Asahina. I’m just telling her to stop because it’s useless.

「Sorry. But I’m not a human like you who moves according to reason. Also, didn’t I tell you? I’m the one who’ll beat you down I can’t let Rikka kill you」

Giving priority to her emotions, Asahina declares boldly that she doesn’t make any sense. She doesn’t seem to be backing down.
It’s easy to shut Asahina up. I can just hit her stomach and make her faint.
Though Asahina’s spirit is indomitable, the fact that she’s a weak woman doesn’t change.
But, that’s just running away. I’d gladly run if it is to win but it’s just postponing a problem even if I shut up Asahina by force.
I have to talk down Asahina even if I hate it but it’ll only be troublesome.
After all, my reason won’t go through.
Ah, shit, we’re just wasting time here.

「Don’t do anything unnecessary. If I make any gaps, it’ll only increase the probability of turning to worst」

Saying as I sigh, I put my hand on the doorknob.

「I intend to understand that.」

Hearing Asahina’s answer, “I’d be troubled if it’s only intent”, I complained secretly then I opened the door and entered the room.

Before I let Rikka replenish nutrition, I have to prevent her super-recovery from being lifted even when her right arm is completely fixed.
I’ve already achieved that state by putting a safety pin on her clitoris but the safety pin makes me uneasy.

I took the piercing from Asahina to manage that somehowー.

A silver colored body piercing.
There’s a gap in the ring-shaped piercing, it’s meant to have pierce the hole with it but, it has a sphere attacked so it won’t come out even if you pierce it.
General pierce have the stabbing part a thin and fixed with a clasp so there’s no problem even if the hole is small.
However, there’s no clasp in body piercing so it forces balls larger than the hole by force.
Therefore, you should gradually enlarge the sphere to get accustomed.
The pierce itself is thick and the sphere is quite large. A whole of some size is needed to screw this to the hole.

「This is too advance」

I look at the piercings on my palm and muttered, then looked at Asahina.


Asahina’s folding her arms but her cheeks are dyed red.
No, it’s not on a level of a pui, but a pierce and safety pin level of a hole opened by this.3 Even if you forcibly open the hope with an awl, I think it won’t fit in at all.
If you forcefully screw it in, the hole will split up.

That’s right, the hole will split up.

If I attach this to Asahina’s nipples or clitoris, the hole opened will split the nipple or clitoris.
But, there’s someone who won’t have problems even if the hole is torn.

「Well, this is the most suited for the situation this time」

Hearing my mutter, Asahina who’s shunning me looked at my face.
This is a useless item if the hole isn’t expanded. But, that is only for the “normal human”
Rikka who has a super-recovery ability can have it repaired even if the hole is torn. But, it’s not a problem on how forceful I should get.
Furthermore, if the whole is torn, it’ll get repaired so I have to tear a hole again in order to remove the body piercing.
It looks like it can be removed if Rikka’s hole is torn but the question is whether I can do it.
I can do it under normal conditions. But, when her super-recovery is active, it has the side effect of forced estrus and a rise of sensitivity. It would be a difficult task to tear her nipple or clitoris in that state. Furthermore, she would be in a state where she can move her limbs freely.

「From now on, I’ll do something horrible to an innocent girl like your sister. I don’t care if you want to look or not but don’t disturb me」

Saying that, I took out an awl from my pocket.

「Didn’t I tell you that I would be troubled if you die? I intend to understand the situation. I won’t interfere」

I listened to Asahina’s answer and snorted. Asahina saw that and knitted her eyebrows.
“Intend” is troublesome. Even if Rikka’s dying, she’s a beast that can kill a brown bear with her bare hands.
Just swinging her hand lightly. With just that action she can slash my throat like a tofu.
Well, I have my ability. It’s possible to monitor Asahina’s behavior while concentrating my consciousness to Rikka.
Having that thought, I turned my back on Asahina and squatted down before Rikka who’s lying on the floor.
Rikka who’s restrained like a shrimp, bubble comes out of her mouth, eyes whited out, and convulsing subtly.
Her convulsions are getting weak and the complexion of her skin is getting bad. Pee comes out from he urethra but there’s no force at all. Her hole must be relaxed. Furthermore, her heartbeat is irregular.
Even if you look with an amateur eye, you can tell that it’s quite dangerous. But, that’s why there’s only a few danger.
But this one’s beyond human intelligence. Just a moment of slacking won’t cause her death.
Adjusting my breathing, I concentrate to my very limit.

ーIt’s okay. Rikka’s definitely unconscious.

I was convinced when I checked Rikka’s inside all over, then I reach my left hand to her chest. Then I pinched the pink nipple with my fingers.

「Doing something lewd while having a serious face, it looks too perverted」

Asahina squatting next to me hugs her knees with both hands then mutters in amazement as she look at me.
Like I said, don’t interfereー
Shit, don’t get disarrayed. If Asahina does something unnecessary, I should just hit her belly once. Leave everything else.
Persuading myself, I gripped the nipples strongly with all my might. Then I pointed the awl on the side of the nipple.

「Y-you’re piercing it? You’re going to pierce it?!」

Asahina leaning forward stares at Rikka’s nipple with her cheeks blushing. She muttered then glanced at me.
Ah, shit, I got distracted. Do you understand that once I relax my consciousness it’ll cause her death?
Pulling myself together, I pinched up the nipples then put power on the awl on my right hand.
Although Rikka has a different physical structure than ordinary humans, the strength of her nipple and clitoris shouldn’t differ from ordinary humans. Even if it’s somewhat strong, I should be able to penetrate it with an awl.
As expected, the tip of the awl pierces her nipple.

「Y-You stabbed it. You stabbed it. It looks painful. It looks very painful」

Holding her mouth with both hands, Asahina “happily” mutters with her ears turning red.
You masochist. I’m not doing this because I want to.
Although I’m complaining inside, I put power in my right hand and push the awl deeper in her nipple.
It’s not that strong but it’s hard to penetrate because of it’s flexibility.
My aim isn’t to make a hole. Let’s go with all my might.
Thinking so, I put all my power on my right arm.
Making ‘buchibuchi’ sound, then it made a ‘butsutto’ after, at the same time, the awl goes through.


Asahina screams gladly when she saw that.
I can see Asahina’s naked body because of my ability, her nipple and clitoris are erect and obscene liquid overflows from her hairless pussy…
This girl…
Though I feel amazed and almost got discouraged, the real show is just about to start.
Rikka’s unconscious but, the sensation of pain might wake her up. All the more if it’s severe pain.
Even if her consciousness isn’t awake, and her body reacts reflexively to the pain, the binds might be released. And if I take a hit from Rikka.

It’s definitely over. Just one attack will end it.

Thinking so, I sharpen my senses and confirm Rikka’s insides, then hold the awl piercing her nipples on both sides.
A knife or scissor would be suited for cutting but I heard that meat is very difficult to cut. Even if I try to cut down easy to cut raw meat on a chopping board, it’s not quite easy to cut.
Then, I’ll pull the awl and split her nipple.


Firing myself up, I pull the awl upwards with all my power.
Rikka’s nipple stretches out.
Rikka’s body floated up from too much power.


As I thought, I feel frustrated so I stepped on Rikka’s belly while slouching. Then I pulled the awl with all my best.
The breast pulled beyond the limit and her nipple raises a painful sound.

「I-If you pull it that much, her nipple will tear apart ♡」

Asahina holding her knees while slouching raised her voice while looking up at me.
Her fish eyes are moist, she’s ear to her ears and her breathing is rough, Asahina’s body shake left and and right as she l;ook at the nipple standing up and stretched beyond the limit.
It seems that she’s rubbing her nipples by pushing her chest against her knees and shaking her body.
Masturbating even in such as situation? Just how much of a pervert are you?


I change my anger towards Asahina by pulling the awl with all my strength while stepping on Rikka with one foot.
The nipple screams out from being pulled to its limits.

「I-It’s splitting apart ♡ It’s really splitting apart ♡ You’re a demon ♡」

Asahina seems to be saying something but I can’t afford to stop.


Raising a cry, I pulled it with all my body.
It made a ‘butsu’ sound, thenー


The resistance disappeared due to the nipple splitting apart and I turn to my back quickly.


Getting my back struck on the floor isn’t a painful situation.
Even if I split her nipple, it’ll restore immediately.
Having such thoughts, I raised my body and sawー

「Is this good enough?」

Asahina say while looking down on me and there’s a red steam coming out of Rikka’s nipple.
The body pierce is firmly installed on her nipple starting it’s restoration.
Though Rikka’s pissing and somewhat convulsing, she’s somewhat still unconscious.

「You don’t need to thank me. Because I’m your slave after all」

Asahina snorts while looking down at me with a grin, Asahina flicked the body pierce on Rikka’s nipple.
Fufu…I want to hit her hard but I can’t say anything.
That saidー.

「This method is too inefficient」

Standing while stroking my painful waist, I look down at Rikka and mutter.
I thought it’ll split up easily but I was too naive.
It’s hard to cut it off with a kitchen knife so cutting it with scissors might be the best.
With that said, I decided to cut the other nipple with scissors.


「Ku, nuku, dammit」

Even if I try to cut it with scissors, her gummy like nipple doesn’t cut up easily.
Even if I take my time and gradually cut it, the wound will just recover itself.

「Looks like splitting it with the awl is better. I’ll help you this time」

Squatting next to me and having her hands placed on her cheek, Asahina mutters while staring at me.
Although it’s annoying to agree with Asahina’s opinion, it’s useless to waste time. And if this doesn’t end soon, Rikka will die.

「Order me. Slaves don’t move unless you order then you know?」

Saying that, Asahina tilts her head while smiling.
After resisting a lot, what are you saying that you won’t move unless I order you? Don’t fuck with me.
But if she says that she won’t move unless I order her, I have no choice but to order her. Also, I learned a lesson from doing it by myself.
But, why is she so annoying?

「Help me」

When I mutter that, Asahina tilts her head.

「Sorry. I didn’t hear you」

She asks unnaturally while grinning.
Aaah, I want to send her flying.

「I’m telling you to help me」

I order Asahina while feeling my face cramping.

「Yes, with pleasure, Master♡」

Accepting my order with a carefree smile, I can’t help but feel malice from Asahina.
Does she want to have her nipple and clitoris torn like Rikka?
Ah, no, nope. If I do that, this pervert will be pleased.
Just how should I attack this huge rebellious masochist.
My head hurts somehow.

With Asahina’s hand, I was able to tear the nipple easier than before.
After attaching the body piercing to the torn nipple immediately and confirming that the wound is closing, we did the same thing on her clitoris. Then, installed the body piercing.
The body piercing is too unbalanced for a young naked body. Even if there’s no weight, the nipple and clitoris is being pulled down by itself.

Now then, it’s time for pleasure torture

Rikka’s broken right arm hasn’t recovered yet I have to open her right arm temporarily in order to repair it.
As long as I take a look at Rikka’s state, it’s probably okay to release her right arm.
But I have to attack her with pleasure just in case.
Rikka’s sensitivity isn’t half-baked when I used the power of centipede to attack.
The forced estrus and heightened sensitivity which are side effects of her super-recovery are said to be a huge price.
I should be able to seal Rikka’s actions if I attack her with pleasure.

With that said, I thought of installing a sex tool to the body piercing but there’s no essential sex tools.

No, there’s one but, there’s one.
Staring at Asahina, I leaked a sigh in my heart.
There’s a number of sex tools stocked in Asahina’s student bag.
Just what is she bringing to school.
Well, she was called to my house so she rushed in with the body piercing.
Anyway, there’s no problem because Asahina has some sex tools. There’s no problem, butー.

The act of borrowing from Asahina is an annoyance.

However, it’s not time to be stubborn.
Shit, why is Suzuhara-doll absent at such times.
Although I was wondering how to dispose of it, when the time when I can use it came out , I can’t use it.
But well…

The empty room next door is within the range of my ability. Yuka’s doing highly praised masturbation.

She was holding back to some degree at first but she’s serious now.
While waiting impatiently whether I will visit or not, she’s masturbating like crazy.
I can’t play with her right now, also I feel sorry if I take the Suzuhara doll from Yuka.
After all, she’s been kissing it frantically.

「Asahina, do you have any sex tools?」

Leaking out a sigh in my heart, I asked Asahina.
I know that she does but it’s inside her bag. And I haven’t checked Asahina’s bag yet. It would be strange if I know that Asahina has sex tools in her bag.

「I do but why do you think I have some?」

I asked in a way that doesn’t seem unnatural but still Asahina thought that it’s strange so she asked.
Asahina seems to be more flexible and sharp than I thought. I have to be careful.

「You had body piercing. So I just thought that you might have sex tools」
「Oh I see」

Asahina seems to be convinced by what I said, she nodded and took her bag.

「But, what do you intend to do with them? Are you going to attack Rikka in this state? Orー」

Asahina who took out the anal vibe from her bag looks at me with her cheeks blushing.
The anal bead vibrator is thicker and longer than the normal ones.
What I wanted to borrow is a normal rotor. And yet she took the anal vibrator first.
She must be expecting that she’ll be attacked.
Idiot. I don’t have the time to play with you. Go pant by yourself.

「I didn’t tell you earlier but the super-recovery has it’s side effects」
「Forced estrus and heightened sensitivity. That’s the side effect. It’s not a credible information as it came from Rikka’s mouth but it looks true when you look at Rikka’s state」
「F-Forced estrus, and heightened sensitivity?」

Hearing what I say, Asahina rephrased it, gulped down her throat and her ears turned red.
She must be jealous of it.
This is why a huge pervert is…

「Anyway, the side effects aren’t just half-baked. I want to stimulate Rikka’s erogenous zones just to stop her actions. That’s why bring me a vibrator」

I ordered Asahina in frustration, then I realized.
Shit. I said vibrator unintentionally, I “shouldn’t” have known that there’s a vibrator in Asahina’s bag.
Shit, I made the wrong judgement out of irritation.

「How many do you need? I have 12 ordinary vibrators. Also, four long vibrators for the anus」

Asahina doesn’t seem to have noticed my mistake, she took out her sex tools from the bag while speaking then arranged it on the floor.
Stroking my chest in relief, I stare at Asahina who’s arrange a huge amount of sex tools on the floor.
It seems that she’s getting serious but there’s no erotic fragments to it.
Even though she’s a first-class goods, she’s really quite a disappointment.
That saidー

「I’ll leave it to you」

Yuka who’s arranging the sex tools has raised a surprised voice when she heard me.

「You’re the one detailed about the sex tools. I’ll leave it to you and attack her as intense as possible」

I order while looking down at Asahina, her eyes are shaking and her face turned red-hot.
I was saying it sarcastically but was it shameful? Was it embarrassing expressing that you’re a masturbation idiot in a roundabout manner?


Asahina calmly displays the sex tools on the floor but she hides the sex tools with both hands and she’s fidgeting with her ears deep red.
Looking at Asahina’s response, it seems that making a fool of her indirectly than directly abusing her seems to be effective.
Because she’s flexible and quick-witted, if you do it in a roundabout way, she’ll interpret it in various ways and “accept” it unnecessarily.
Fufufu, I finally feel I’m retaliating. I feel refreshed.

「Then, I’ll leave this to the expert of sex tools. I’m going down for a bit. I think it’s okay but don’t lower your guard」

I asked Asahina like that but she looked down without replying.
Normally, you can’t see Asahina’s face since she’s looking down but I can see it well.
Asahina trembled faintly when I call her sex tool expert, she’s biting her lower lip, her face turned burning red and her eyes turned moist.
Somehow, no other men knows about her than me.
Laughing inside my heart, I left Asahina in the room.
She’s still in the range of my ability even if I go down the first floor under my room, also, I confirmed that Rikka has no power to resist at the same time I attached the body piercing to her. But, well, it’ll be fine.

Getting off the first floor, I headed to the kitchen.
Rikka’s exhaustion seems to be much more severe than I expected. I think that Asahina’s syrupy liquid won’t be enough to replenish her energy.

「Err, honey and other medicines」

Hunting in the kitchen shelves and taking out a bottle of honey, I took out five bottles containing nutrient supplements.
They say that honey is amazing. I don’t know why but I just heard that it’s amazing. Nutrition supplements are obvious.
Going back to the second floor with those, I added the honey to the syrupy liquid made by Asahina which is put beside the door of my room.
Since it’s troublesome, I put everything from the bottle.
Next, I added all of the nutrient supplements.
Hmm, the syrupy liquid’s color has turned poisonous. Also, the smell’s amazing.
They say that good medicine makes your mouth suffer.
The highly nutritious syrupy liquid has been added with an amazing amount of honey and nutrient supplement. I’m sure this will work.
Holding the container of the syrupy liquid, I open the door and entered the room.

Asahina’s sitting down on the floor. Rikka’s body is rolling on the floor and has sex tools set on her firmly.


Grinning as I raise my voice, Asahina who’s looking down has twitched.
I was “watching” over the state of this room all the time but, it’s better than I expected.
She’s very used to it.
But, Asahina doesn’t know I’m watching. Therefore I must have her explain it out loud.

「Explain what kind of sex tool you installed and where」

Ordering Asahina, her body flushed and started trembling again.
I was at my wit’s end thinking how to attack Asahina due to her defiant attitude but I was nearly fooled.
Asahina doesn’t know any man but me, that’s why she thinks that I’m much more naive than she thought. If I reconsider it, she desperately denies that she’s a pervert and she’s concerned about having no chest.
Though she’s taking a defiant attitude, she’s actually hiding her real intent.
Though you’re telling me that I’m naive, you’re much more naive, bakabaka, tiny tits bakaa.

「I-I attached vibrators on her nipple and nipples. A-Also, I connected the vibrators to the piercing to amplify the vibrations. A-Also, her butt…」

Asahina explains it in a loud shivering voice but, her voice gradually gets smaller and I could hardly hear her in the end.
You packed four vibrators and pierced it with an anal vibrator didn’t you? Furthermore, you even used lotion.
I can see everything you know.

「Is this Asahina Yuu-chan’s favorite sex tool masturbation」
「No? Well, not that I care about it.」

Asahina tries to look up to deny it but I interrupted it. Then I looked down at her.
Asahina seems to want to make excuses but she bites her lower lip with her red face and her moist eyes trembles.
If you’re going to make an excuse, then you’re admitting defeat.
No matter how strong your willpower is, you’re just a naive woman who doesn’t know a man at the same time. Once I know how to attack, you’re reasonably better than Marina and Yuka.

Mufufu, easy, happy~

I want to embarrass her more but I have to deal with Rikka first.
That said, I let her drink the syrupy juice that should be effective as a nutritional supplement.

But before thatー.

Asahina turned all of the switches attached to her vagina to maximize the vibration.
A grand vibrating sound comes from Rikka’s whole body. But, Rikka doesn’t show much reaction and only just a slight twitching.
Okay, then let’s restore her right arm.
I rolled down Rikka and pay attention to her inside while loosening the leather belt binding her right hand.
Then her right arm bent at an abnormal angle was instantly restored.
I quickly tied up her arm when I saw it. Then, I feel relieved,
Okay, we’re prepared. Next would be just giving her nutrition.
I pick Rikka up then fixed her, put in that thing that makes it easier to pour the liquid in her mouth. Then, I poured in the liquid on the bowl shaped part.

「Gofu, goha」

Rikka who didn’t show that much reaction until now suffered from convulsions when I forcibly pour in the liquid.
When I pour in more liquidー

「Asahina! Get away!」

Asahina’s eyes turned round from my shout.
I told her not to lower her guard.


I threw Rikka away and pushed Asahina.
At the moment the syrupy liquid enters Rikka’s body, her whole body system activated at once.
It’s not that I saw it. But, I certainly felt Rikka’s cells activating in a dash.
Rolling down on the floor, I hold the awl on the ground and moved in front of the collapsed Asahina.
While feeling cold sweat coming out of my body, I put my knees on the floor and point the tip of the awl at Rikka.

Who would’ve thought that her cells will activate at the moment she gets the nutrition. I estimated the time loss but that thought was naive.
As expected, she’s a ridiculous monster.

The tense time flows while I set up the awl.

Following the activities inside, dead man like pale skin is coming back to life.
Should I injure her and make her consume energy again? But, how?


It’s possible to pierce her heart with the awl right now. With my ability, I can pierce her heart by aiming for the gaps in the bone and muscle tissues.
But, since she’s bound, she shouldn’t be able to resist.
But, the injury in her arm has recovered. If the activation isn’t normal, if I unleash the binds and she shows more power than expected.

Should I just watch over for now. Or should we act?


Unable to make a judgement, there’s a sudden scream coming in the room.
Rikka’s the source of the voice. Her whole sweating body is flushed to vermillion, she’s spouting out urine while convulsing forcefully.
I felt relieved when I saw that.
It seems that the pleasure attack i working. In short, her super-recovery ability isn’t lifted.
The piercing went well.
Ah, I panicked. I fell in panic as soon as her cells activated immediately but I piled up several folds of insurance to prevent Rikka’s counterattack. But, I panicked.

「W-What vitality…」

Asahina mutters while raising herself from the floor.
Rikka’s screaming echoes.
Rikka’s pissing forcefully while twitching . Asahina’s eyes shake as she look at Rikka then her face turned pale.
Asahina said that she understood that Rikka’s a monster but it seems that she didn’t fully understand it.
Well, I’m the same.

「Don’t come close to her」
「I won’t even if you order me」

Asahina responds immediately.
Well, that’s good.
Asahina’s seriously cautious.
A lot happened but we have achieved our biggest goal.


  1. DIO!
  2. That’s actually the second Jojo reference in this chapter
  3.  いや、プイッじゃなくて、ピアッサーや安全ピンで開けた穴に入るレベルの代物じゃないだろ。