X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 74


Chapter 74

「A-Are you okay?」

Marina who’s walking on my right side while going to the school asked with an uneasy look.

「I’m also worried. Rikka-chan’s very strong and aggressive isn’t she?」

Yuka who’s walking on my left also asked with the same worry as Marina.
It’s normal for them to worry. Rikka is Kazahana’s sister, and their master who aimed at me was Kamuro Hizuki.
Though Marina succeeded in repelling Kamuro Hizuki and Kazahana, and yet I’m keeping Rikka, it’s exactly like a snake in one’s bosom.
Furthermore, Rikka was a warlike girl who started a fight with me.
It’s not unreasonable for them to worry.

By the way, I ordered Rikka to stay at home.
Rikka smiled when she accepted my order.
It’s a very young and innocent smile. Marina and Yuka who saw that smile didn’t say anything there.
No, it’s better to say that they weren’t able to say anything.
That’s how defenseless Rikka’s smile is.
Furthermore, Rikka is even kneeling in front of the two.
In short, Marina and Yuka were bothered by Rikka.
Those two didn’t say anything in front of Rikka but as expected, they judged her as dangerous.
Well, that’s obvious.

「There’s no need to worry. Rikka has completely fallen to my hands. Also, Rikka accepts you girls. I think you just accept it obediently and cherish her」

Answering the two, they stare at each other with their clouded expressions.
I can understand their feelings but Rikka’s no longer a danger.
I judged it not by looking at Rikka’s attitute but by reading her heart.
But, how should I explain it?

ーSuzuhara-san has no mercy but, he has some strange broadmindedness in some places.

Marina mutters in her mind while sending flickers to Yuka.

ーYeah, yeah. “I like your spirit trying to pick a fight with me” is probably what he thinks.

As if reading Marina’s heart, Yuka’s mind answers.
They’re just exchanging glances, eye contact.

ーYuka-san, what should we do? Should we stop Suzuhara-san?

Sending Yuka a glance, she closed her left eye then move her right hand’s little finger.

ーHmmm, that’s hard. As far as I can see on Rikka’s attitude, I don’t feel any hostility. But, it’s dangerous.

Sending Marina a glance, Yuka closed her right arm then moved both of her index fingers.


Marina nods faintly.

ーWhat does Marina-chan think?

Yuka sends Marina a glance.

ーMe? I agree with Yuka-san. Butー

Seeing Yuka nod faintly, Marina points her right index finger to her cheeks.


Yuka tilts her head.

ーHow should I say it? That, I somehow felt it, it’s just intuition but…

Marina moved her index finger on both hands alternately, stirring the little finger on her right hand, taking out her tongue while pointing her right index finger to her head.

ーUh-huh. Continue, continue.

Nodding, Yuka draws a circle in air with both index fingers.

ーRikka-chan, that, I thought that she’s a pitiful child.

Swinging both her index fingers, then making a triangle with the index finger and thumb of both hands, then Marina tilts her head.

ーPitiful child?

Yuka makes a triangle with her index finger and thumb on both hands, then tilts her head.

ーYes. I don’t get it but that’s what I feel…

Spinning her right index finger in the air, then she placed that finger to her cheek, then Marina tilts her head lightly.

ーDoes it mean that Rikka-chan needs Mota-kun?

Sending me a glance and making a kiss gesture, Yuka looks at Marina then tilts her head.

ーSorry. I really don’t get it. But yes. It is as Yuka-san says, I think Rikka-chan needs Suzuhara-san. Maybe.

Marina lowers her eyebrow as if looking puzzled, faintly tilts head but while nodding, then she sent me a glance and showed a kissing gesture.

ーI see…if that’s the case, you can’t deny it flatly.

Yuka who’s showing a troubled smile, leaked out a small sigh but she smiled as if compromising.

ーIt’s just my intuition in the end though.

Looking at Yuka with a compromising smile, Marina points her index finger to her head then smiled wryly.

ーNo, I think that’s not just your intuition. I’m sure it’s sympathy.

Yuka laughed while looking at Marina, twined her fingers then shrugged her shoulders.


Marina twines her fingers then tilts her head while looking at Marina.

ーI think I will notice it if I share time with Rikka-chan. But, Marina-chan noticed it at a glance. Rikka-chan’s circumstances is the same as us.

Yuka looks at Marina then closed her right eye, then twined her fingers again then smiled. Then she look at me and made a kissing gesture.

ーI see. That might be the case. I looked at Rikka-chan and thought that she might be the same as me.

Marina who shows a thin smile to Yuka, leaked out a small sigh and nodded.

ーI’m sure that’s the case.

Yuka laughs while shrugging her shoulders.

ーAlso, Kamuroi Hizuki’s threat isn’t completely gone, other threats may also appear. In that sense, it’s encouraging to have someone strong like Rikka-chan to be our ally.

Yuka laughs then tightens her face, points her index fingers to her cheeks. Then, she puts her little finger to her mouth, closed her left eye and shook her waist.

ーThat’s true, but, it’s not funny if Rikka-chan’s the new threat. There’s no doubt that Rikka-chan’s dangerous, and you’re even holding her in pocket. Anyway, we should be alert.

Marina nods while looking at Yuka, she makes a right thumbs up then she presses her left index finger to her right thumb and tightened her expression. Then, she crossed her hands in front of her chest then shook her body left and right, closed her right eye and hit her cheeks with both index fingers

ーYessir! As expected of our leader!

Yuka salutes while looking at Marina.
Marina who’s looking at Yuka turned bright red.

I keep looking in front, swallowed my saliva while listening to the conversation of the two minds.
They’re not saying anything and yet they were able to make a complex conversation with just eye contact, gestures and facial expression. Furthermore, the conversation was clean.
It’s silly to look at them sending silent gestures but it’s too wonderful.
This is already a special ability.
That said, the conclusion the two have made seems to be stand-off without lowering guard.
Then, I should just stay silent.
The two won’t let their guard down no matter what I say.
In the end, the only way for them to recognize that Rikka’s no longer dangerous is to have the two spend time with Rikka.

Arriving at school, I head to my classroom and took my seat.

ーWhat should I do? Asahina’s scary.
ーSayaka took Asahina’s favor. Even though she’s just Sayaka.
ーIf this goes on, I might be the next target of bullying.
ーIt’s frustrating but should I try to curry up Asahina?
ーI have to secure my own safety before someone steals the march.
ーIf I don’t act quickly, I’ll stand out and be sabotaged.
ーI’m the cutest. I should be the one on top.
ーThis bitch thinks that she’s cute. Annoying.

When I activate my ability, the voices of the student’s mind became visible.
The voices of Asahina’s former followers are outstanding. Furthermoreー

「Ah! Misato-chan’s hairclip is so cute!」
「Eh? That’s not true. Kumi’s way cuter」
「Did Sacchan cut her hair? That’s soo cute!」
「Eh? It’s the usual. Isn’t Sachie’s bag also very cute?」

The former followers gather up and compliment each other with a smile. But their contents are black.
Even though they’re kicking each other in their minds, they’re doing well smiling at each other. I can’t understand it.
Or rather, watching this isn’t interesting at all. Or rather, it’s unpleasant. That’s why I cancel my ability in a hurry.

Then, that’s when I thought.

Speaking of which, Kamuro Hizuki said that she can’t cancel her ability.
Even though it’s fragments, it means that she always know what’s in the mind of other people and she has a hardship of having no way to prevent it.
If she can at least cancel her ability like me, she might not have been that crazy.

Although I canceled my ability, should I say curiosity or inquisitiveness? but I peep at the minds of students walking around the corridor every break time.
I just thought that they might be thinking something interesting but this isn’t fun at all.
Majority of the men are just filled with worldly desires and majority of the women are just smiling while grumbling in their minds.
Looking at this, I can see Marina and Yuka’s heart so pure.

ーUfufu, found Suzuhara-kun ♡

I felt a chill in my spine when I read a mind suddenly.
I can hear the voice of her heart. In other words, she just invaded the range of my ability.

ーUfufu, absentminded with your usual disgusting eyes ♡ I can see you looking at the hallway but you’re waiting for me aren’t you ♡ That’s certain ♡ You want to see me right ♡ You want to see me that you can’t endure it ♡ Seriously, you’re not so honest ♡

She approaches me along with that voice in her heart.

ーIt won’t end as a joke if she marked me!

The thoughts surrounded by grumbles and worldly desires were unified for a moment and the students crossing the corridor scrambled and made way.
One girl walks in the corridor boldly.
Her swaying black twin tails, fish eyes looking straight upfront.
A smooth proportion without any waste, even on the part as a woman that’s better to have waste doesn’t have any at all.
That delicate girl emits an overwhelming sense of intimidation.
Yuka’s the only one that can be called her friend. Considering Kisaragi as their friend too, the force is just the three of them. And yet, there’s no longer a first year who would defy them.
No, even the second and third year, nobody would turn their fangs on them anymore.

Asahina who’s walking down on the corridor boldly approached in my front.

ーI’m giving you a chance to call me ♡ Hora hora ♡ I’m giving you the chance to call me ♡

Thinking that in her mind, Asahina walks in front of me with an aloof attitude.

Fuckin’ annyoing. It’s too annoying that it’s dangerous. She wants to be called out.

I want to train her immediately but it’s dangerous to make contact with her in public.
I’m going out with Marina and Marina is supposed to be marked down by Asahina. Thanks to that, nobody is meddling with me at all.
Since I want to keep this quiet environment, I can’t let the surroundings to know that I’m in a higher standpoint that Asahina.
Thinking so, I waited for the idiot to leave while trying not to look at her as much as possible.
However, Asahina who has advanced to some extent has stopped then turned back walking.

ーSeriously, you’re so innocent ♡ you didn’t call me out because you’re embarrassed ♡ You’re pretending to be arrogant but you’re just an adolescent boy in the end ♡ I get it ♡ I’m giving you another special opportunity.

Asahina walks towards me while thinking that.
Don’t go back. It’s obviously unnatural. Spare me from that. If you want to be looked after then I will do so later but don’t get involved with me right now.
Feeling my face distorting, Asahina pretends not to see then just start walking.
Speaking of which, I feel that Asahina’s walking near my desk every time the class ends but, I canceled my ability because I’m in the classroom.
Is she desperately appealing to me wanting to be looked after? Then, notice that I won’t be looking at you.

ーFufu, Suzuhara-kun, did he remember some urgent business? ♡ He’s walking faster for some reason ♡

Thinking so while running, Asahina makes a convenient interpretation and runs after me.
Why are you that optimistic? Notice that I’m avoiding you.
Running as I’m unable to endure, Asahina runs after me.
Please. I beg you, don’t run after me. Try to make a guess. Read the situation. I don’t want to stand out.

ーHe’s the guy rumored to be going out with the second year Yuuki-senpai, isn’t he?
ーI feel envious that he’s going out with Yuuki-senpai but it’s not a joke to be marked down by Asahina-san.1
ーWait, hey! Asahina-san’s chasing after him!
ーUwa, poor guy. He’s completely marked down.
ーThat guy with a disgusted eye, I don’t know him but I shouldn’t get involved with him.

I thought that it was the worst but the reaction from the surrounding students were different from what I expected.
It seems that they think me who’s being chased by Asahina is being bullied by her.
That helps.
But, if this keeps going on, there would be someone who would say that it’s suspicious.
Before that happens, I should tell Asahina.
Thinking so while dashing with all my best, I thought about a location where there’s no people then changed my course.

When you talk about locations without people, the ones I can remember is the open space in the woods and the back of the school building.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Arriving at the plaza somehow, I bent forward and put my hands on my knees.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Just like me, Asahina bends forward and holds her knees.
I originally adjusted my speed to guide Asahina to a place with no people but when I saw Asahina running towards me, I felt irritated so I ran with all my might.
But, in the end, I wasn’t able to get away from her.
Who would’ve thought that she can keep up with my full power.
Well, Asahina’s reflexes seems to be good at glance, and the balance of her muscular tissues is quite good.
I thought that her physical structure was good for physical strength but it seems that she has quite a lot of stamina.

After a while, Asahina who regains her breath gets up.

「Ah, there, found it」

Asahina murmurs to no one then picked up a stone in the ground.

「I-It’s this, I came to pick up this stone. I’m glad I found one」

Staring at the stone she picked up, Asahina mutters unnaturally.
What stone? She must’ve wanted it that’s why she came here but that’s impossible as expected.

ーHora hora ♡ We’re alone ♡ It’s your once in a lifetime chance to call me out ♡

Asahina thinks from the bottom of her heart, she stands up then looked at me. Then, she turned her back.
Do you really want me to be the one to call you out?

「N-Now that I picked up this stone, it’s about time to return to classroom!」

Turning her back to me, Ashaina speaks more than what’s needed.
Oh is that so? Then go!
I wanted to say that with all my strength. I want to say it but I’m the one in trouble if I don’t tell her not to get involved with me at school

「Don’t call me casually pervert ♡」

When I try to call Asahina, she looked back before I was able to finish then bared her fangs.
She looks angry, she intends to speak with an angry voice but her face is grinning that everything’s messed up.

「I would like you to stop misunderstanding ♡」

What misunderstand?

「I came here to pick up this stone ♡ Then, you were just here by chance so I talked about it ♡ It’s trouble if you make a mistake that I came here for your convenience ♡ Don’t get carried away ♡」

Saying that, Asahina shows the stone to me then averts her face.
Ah, is that so? hmm.

「And yet, calling me out in this unpopulated place, just what on earth are you planning ♡ Either way, you’re going to force me to some brutal and unjust perversion that I can’t tell anyone ♡ 」

Even though she can just go back after picking up the stone, she puffs her nonexistent chest then raised her voice looking down on me.
Then, she averts her face again.
It seems that she gets unbearably glad when I called her out. I can see it even without reading her mind.
I raped her but, looking at Asahina’s recent behavior and attitude, I start to wonder if that was really rape.
But, I think it was true that I raped Asahina and she broke. I don’t think that was an act, also, Asahina’s bad at acting.
That said, she broke down from being raped by me then awakened to a huge masochist pervert?
That said, do you want to be forced to a brutal and inhuman perverted act?
Though it looks like I’m granting Asahina’s wishes, if you say that you want to do some lewd things then there’s no reason to refuse.
Besides, her personality is like that but Asahina’s definitely a beauty.
That it made me want to rape her.
She doesn’t have tits though.
It would’ve been great if she has huge tits.
No wait. Is that really the case?
If ever Asahina had huge tits…
I feel it doesn’t match her.
Slender body, twin tails, fish eyes. Having huge tits with that feels amazingly uncomfortable.
Asahina who has the similar look, I feel that she’s cute because she’s flat as a board.
In short, Asahina’s good because she doesn’t have any tits.
Also, she has no tits so it’s fun to make jokes with that.

「W-Why are you being quiet! I’ve already finished my business! I’ve already picked up this stone! I’m going back! I’m really going back!? I’m going back!?」

Thinking about various things while looking at Asahina, it seems that she has lost her temper. Then, she show me the stone she picked up.
No, you don’t need to show that stone…
Or rather, does she not notice how contradicting her behavior is?
Well, no matter how contradictory it is, I’m sure she’ll forget it.
Well fine. Then, I’ll attack you with all my heart as you wish.

「Shut up slave」

Grinning, looking down at Asahina, I spat out my words.


Asahina’s eyes opened wide then she raised a surprised voice. Then, she turned white.

「I-I can endure being called a slave! That was my promise! But why tell me to shut up! Just who do you think you are?!」

She agrees to be called a slave but it seems that she can’t agree being told to shut up. Furthermore “Who do you think you are?” she said.
I’m the master and you’re the slave aren’t you? And yet, you ask your master who he is? Who the hell do you think you are?
Well, she just want to rebel against me then let me do her.

ーAaaah ♡ Hurry ♡ Hurry up and order me ♡ Give me an order that you can’t think normally, an inhuman, brutal and perverted order ♡

Asahina seems to be beyond the limit of her endurance.
I get it so calm down.

「I’m ordering you. Strip naked and expose your anus」

When I order her, Asahina’s eyes opened wide.

ーA, aaa, aan, anu, anu, anus ♡ He said iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit♡

Asahina who’s screaming pleasure in her mindー

「Kuh ♡」

Leaks out a mortified groan. But, her being pleased is leaked out too. But it seems that she’s desperately trying to hide her real intent, well, I’ll pretend not to notice it.

「A-Are you telling me to get naked in this kind of place, turning my ass towards you, then opening my anus to the limit so you can see the deep parts? And intend to ogle at the deepest part of my anus, then pierce my chaste anus with your unjust, brutal and angry dick? Then You want to smear it up to the deepest part?」

Blushing, clenching her teeth, Asahina glares at me while trembling then speak up with a shaking voice.
Eh? Oh, no, I didn’t say that far.

「S-Someone as brute and inhuman pervert like you should just fall to hell!」

Asahina who’s shouting that begins to take off her uniform cheerfully.
She really says what she wants. But, I’ll lose if I get angry. Asahina’s aim is to make me angry.
But, I can’t let Asahina just speak badly of me. But, if I attack her, she’ll just be pleased.
Then, I should think of the way to attack.
Asahina’s dying to have her anus pierced. And when I ordered her to show her anus, she’s pleased believing that I will tease her anus.
Idiot, I’m not that kind.
Kukuku, I’ll attack you. I will attack you to my heart’s content.
I will attack you thoroughly except on the place you want from the bottom of your heart.
I’m looking forward on Asahina’s reaction.