X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 73


Chapter 73

I hear a sound
It’s not an unpleasant sound.
It’s a very lovely sound.

The sunken consciousness floats up, that’s when I noticed that I was asleep.

Slowly opening my eyes, light reflects in my vision.
When I focused my eyes, I understood that the identity of the light is the morning sun coming through the gap in the curtain.
It’s morning already.
I can’t remember when I fell asleep.
Thinking that, I rubbed my eyes with my right hand and tried to raise my body. Butー

「Kuu ♡ Kuu ♡ Kuu ♡」

She’s rounding like a puppy, putting her ear to my chest and sleeping comfortably.
The sound I heard when I was dozing seems to be Rikka’s sleeping breath.
Rather than being round, Rikka’s sitting on top of the bed placing her ear near to my chest then sleeps facing me.
What’s with this sleeping pose? You can just sleep normally.
While I was thinking that, I noticed that Rikka’s placing her ear right above my heart.
Rikka who’s placing her ear on my chest looks like she’s listening to the sound of my heart.
No, surely even if she’s asleep, she’s listening to my heartbeat.
Seriously, showing such a happy face.

Rikka has completely fallen to my hands. She’ll be my obedient dog at all times. When I tell her to die, she’ll definitely kill herself without hesitation.
That’s how submissive Rikka is but, I’m sure she’s uneasy.
Rikka’s fear isn’t to be abandoned by me.
Just like her mother. Like her sisters. She fears that I will disappear.


Leaking out a sign, I stroked Rikka’s head who’s sleeping pleasantly.
If you can show such a lovely sleeping face without caution, won’t I just want to cherish you?
My dick that was already making a tent got even more erect.
Let’s play a lewd prank on Rikka while she’s sleeping.
Thinking so, I stretched out my hands to Rikka’s smooth loli pussy but I remembered something important.

I’m an idiot. I’m so careless. I’m in despair on my own foolishness.

What’s my ability for? For what sake my ability is for? For what reason I was bestowed by this ability?
Isn’t it for lewd purposes?
And yet, I…
Activating my ability immediately, I look inside Rikka.
Yesterday, I was so focused on making Rikka fall so I completely forgot confirming her weaknesses.
It’s doubtful to call her a human but surely, Rikka has some sexual weaknesses too. Furthermore, she’s always under the effect of forced estrus and rise in sensitivity so it’ll surely be interesting if I attack her weak point.
Grinning, I touched Rikka’s chest on top of her yellow parka.


Rikka who’s been sleeping comfortably until; now shook and raised a sweet voice.
You can’t see Rikka’s naked body normally because she’s wearing a huge parka. But, there’s no obstruction such as clothing to me. For that sake, it’s possible to pinpoint her nipples on top of her clothes.

「Nn♡ Naa♡」

Stroking her nipples through her clothes, Rikka twitches then leaks out a sweet voice with her eyes closed. And when I confirm that her lovely pink nipple with a ring shaped piercing on it is erect, I stimulated it.
That’s not all. Looking at the fine response of her whole muscular tissue, then understanding it from looking at her mind.
Rikka’s awake.
I don’t know whether if it was when I played with her nipples or if she noticed that I’m awake and tried to get up. But she’s surely awake. But she’s continuing to pretend to be asleep.
If she continues pretending to be asleep like this, master will play with me, I feel that’s what she think.
It’s rude for her to be deceiving her master losing to her desire but it looks fun to see how far Rikka can continue feigning sleep.
With that said, pretending not to notice that Rikka’s awake, I tease her erect nipples on top of her clothing.

「Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡」

It seems she intends to cover it but her voice leaks too much. Also, she’s twitching.

「Rikka? Are you awake?」

Pinching her nipples across her clothes, I asked Rikka feigning ignorance.

「Ah ♡ N ♡ Nku ♡ …Kuu ♡ Kuu ♡ Kuu ♡」

Rikka’s gasping from her nipples pinched but when I asked her, she forces a sleeping breath.
Oh, so you intend to persist pretending to be asleep.
It seems that she’s expecting that the master will punish her severely if the dog doesn’t get up even if asked by the master.
I see, I get it, okay, very well. Answering the bitch’s expectation is also one of master’s ability.

「Are you sleeping? Then let’s play a prank」

Muttering so, I rolled Rikka who’s pretending to be asleep then made her lie on her back.

「U-Uuun♡…Kuu ♡ Kuu ♡」

Rikka who thinks that it’s unnatural for her to be rolled over twists her body for a bit while closing her eyes and acts as if she’s about to wake up. Then, she settled down.
Rikka acted like she’s about to wake up but she didn’t.
It looks forced from my point of view but but she seems to be acting with the intent to die. Well, let’s play with her.

「Let’s see. Should we take a look at Rorika’s nipples1

Muttering so, I roll up Rikka’s yellow parka.
Her young naked body becomes exposed.
A fair skin that you can say it’s pale.
Her thin and delicate thighs that have the sexual feeling like Marina and Yuka.
Her pussy destroyed by my fist, pierced by my dick a lot of times is closed perfectly and exposes only a pink line.
Contrary to her young pussy, there’s an overflowing amount of love nectar. And the body piercing attacked turning her skin off and the clitoris painfully erect.
When I turn over her parka further, her pure white abdomen gets exposed.
Waist that doesn’t have anything useless. But, it’s not constricted like Marina or Yuka’s. There’s no meat that can be constricted.
There’s no waste. That shows how young Rikka is again.
Then her breasts appeared.
Rikka who doesn’t have any useless meat has a swell you say the only waste.
Compared to Marina and Yuka, it’s a very small bulge but, you can say that it’s quite a bulge if you think about Rikka’s youthfulness.
Looking at it like this, Rikka’s body is similar to Yukina. Yukina’s also quite small but her tits are huge.
Then a pink areola can be seen on top of the two bulges.
A nipple standing in the center of the areola without any impurities.
The young Rikka’s lewd nipple has a ring shaped body piercing feels unreasonably immoral.

「While Rorika’s sleeping, her nipple and clitoris are erect, and her smooth childish pussy is leaking out love nectar. You’re an indecent bitch」

Rolling her parka up to her collarbone, I murmur as if looking down on Rikka who has almost everything exposed.

ーI’m being seen ♡ Master is looking at this useless me ♡ I want to be loved ♡ I want to be broken already ♡ Master ♡ Masteeer ♡ Please punish this useless me ♡ Please punish me severely ♡

Her pale skin gets flushed, Rikka pretends to be sleeping while sweating and her expectations are swelling up.
Fufu, what a cute one.
Grinning, I put up my index fingers then pushed her nipples.

「Auu ♡」

Rikka twitched, leaked out a sweet voice from her closed lips.
Rikka’s young lewd nipple.
If I pass my finger to her body piercing and pull her nipple until it tears off, Rikka will surely be pleased.
But, I caressed her nipples gently.

「Ah ♡ Nn ♡ Nku ♡ Kuhi ♡」

Rikka who’s twisting her body and leaking out a sweet voice when I stimulate her nipples, she’s gripping the sheet with her hands and her closed thighs are fidgeting.

ーI-I want to be teased more violently ♡ Until I break ♡ No, I want to be broken ♡ Aah ♡ Feeling frustrated from Master’s act, I’m really a useless bitch ♡ Master, call me a mongrel, please slap me a lot ♡

Rikka who has her nipples teased is writhing on her own to torment herself.
Well, if you say that you like it hard, it’ll make me want to do the opposite.
With that said, I have to confirm it.
Playing with Rikka’s nipples wasn’t to bully her at all.
My aim is to observe her whole body’s erogenous zone changes by lightly stimulating her.
If I stimulate it too much, her reaction would be too big, making it difficult to find her weak points.
That said, I observe Rikka’s whole body while gently touching her nipple.
Hmm, weak points are everywhere. It seems that her whole body became a weak point due to the forced estrus and increase in sensitivity.
Speaking of which, she came by just slapping her ass.
Hmmm, it’ll be the same wherever I attack. Maybe, she’ll cum even if I pull her ears off. But that’s boring.
I want to find a weak point that’s better.
A weak point that she might really die when it gets attacked.


Teasing Rikka’s nipples and observing her whole body, I found an interesting place.
I didn’t pay attention to her pussy because it was naturally sensitive, but I found a strange reaction from her pussy.
It’s not her pussy nor clitoris. It’s the thin tube placed between the vaginal track and clitoris.


Finding my objective, I gripped her nipples with my fingers then clawed it with my nails.

「Kuhi ♡」

Rikka screams happily while convulsing violently from the strong stimulation. Thenー

No doubt. The reaction from the other parts is completely different. Her thin urethra shows it’s own reaction like another creature.
I found you.

「Nuuuu ♡ Akyuuuu ♡ Kuhiii ♡」

When I attacked her nipple stronger, her pee collects in her bladder in an instant. Then her puss went through her urethra and leaked out vigorously.

「Kuhiii ♡ Kuhiiiiiiiiiii♡」

Rikka raises sweet screams and twitches while pissing herself.
Holy cow. Yesterday, Rikka cums repeatedly and pisses but I thought that she’s just pissing from cumming. But that was wrong. This is different.
Rikka’s feeling pleasure when her piss comes out of her urethra. In other words, she accumulates urine in her bladder by cumming then she’ll cum even more when she squirts through her urethra.
I thought that she’s just pissing randomly but who would’ve thought that her biggest weakness is her urethra.
The urethra was a blind spot. Furthermore, this got quite interesting.
I have no experience attacking a woman’s urethra. The reason is I thought that it would hurt if I do, if I do badly, it’ll cause inflammation and it’ll be troublesome.
In that respect, Rikka won’t have any problems at all. Even if I play with her urethra, stick my fingers in, even pierce my dick and break her urethra, there won’t be any problems.
Or rather, if her biggest weak point is her urethra then it’s just telling me to thrust my dick in already.
But, I’m not that extreme. I won’t stick in my dick suddenly.
At most, in Rikka’s case, it’ll just go back to original even if I expand it. It’s meaningless to get her gradually used to the thickness, it has a worth to stick the dick from the start.
But, the spirit is different. Suddenly thrusting my dick in and break her will have the danger that the hole in Rikka’s heart will heal to it’s origin.
Well, in Rikka’s case, it seems that she’ll be pleased in that way.
But, there are order in things.
Just breaking her violently is contrary to my principles.
I want to see women’s ahegao thoroughly. Making her feel the best pleasure, and make her say only “I’m becoming an idiot”
I should let her get used to it gradually for that sake.
Thinking so, I nod at myself and got off the bed.


Getting up from my bed, Rikka who’s pretending to be asleep feels uneasy.
Was pretending to be asleep no good? Should I have woken up and served him instead? But, it’s too late. What should I do, Master might be disappointed at me.
Is what she’s thinking, worrying about everything alone.
Don’t worry, Rikka. I’m not disappointed. Far from that, I’m overflowing in excitement.

Getting off the bed, I went to the bookshelf next to the wall.
The bookshelf holds books as it name suggests. And before, it only stores books without going against it’s name.
But, it’s different now.
There’s a bear stuffed toy filling a gap in the bookshelf.
It’s not just one. A stuffed bear with a red ribbon on it’s neck and a bear with a blue ribbon on it’s neck in between the gaps of the bookshelf, this is my place but they’re sitting as if they say that they own this place.
It goes without saying that it was someone’s work.
Among those bears acting as if they own this place, there’s one that stand out.

The Suzuhara doll No.7

I thought that Yuka carried the Suzuhara doll No.7 away but apparently she returned it honestly.
I’d be glad if she took it home though.
But well, that’s convenient for now.
After all Suzuhara doll No.7 is a high tech masturbation doll equipped with sexual tools on his whole body.
Taking that doll, I went back to bed.
Rikka who’s worrying endlessly along with her excitement until then felt relived when I came back to the bed, then she blushed and grinned with her eyes closed.
I thought that she stopped pretending to be asleep but it seems that she herself isn’t aware that she’s smiling.
She’s bad at acting, or should I say clumsy? She’s being so easy to understand that I want to cheer for her.
With that said, pretending not to notice that Rikka’s awake, I cheer her “do your best” as I stand beside the lying down Rikka, then I pat her head.
Rikka smiles with her eyes closed when I stroked her head.
It’s okay Rikka. I will pretend not to notice that you’re pretending to be asleep.

Now then, should I test how high the performance of this Suzuhara doll.
I haven’t heard how to use it from Marina but it’s no problem since I can understand the mechanism from inside with my ability.

There’s a lot of hidden skills in Suzuhara doll No.7

First is a suction apparatus that emerges by pushing the back of the head.
Suzuhara doll No.7’s head has suction apparatus installed in it and when you push the back of the head, the mouth of Suzuhara doll will have the suction mouth coming out.
Sucking the nipples and clitoris, one can experience stimulation from being sucked by me…I guess?

The second is the vibrator in the palm of both hands. But, that’s not just a vibrator.
The Suzuhara doll hand’s have a function in his wrist that you can say it’s a robot.
That isー

Rocket punch.

No, well, his fist doesn’t fly actually. When you pull the wrist, the wrist will come off the arm and the small drum in the shoulder part will rotate and the string will extend. And when you release it, it’ll go back. Inside the palm of Suzuhara doll is a clip in addition to the vibrator.
The usage is to pinch the nipples and clitoris.
The palm of Suzuhara doll has a small drum in the shoulder and it’ll go back when you pull the string. In short, if you attach the palms to the nipples, the nipple will be pulled. On top of that, if you turn on the vibrator, it’s possible to attack with vibration while pulling the nipples.
By the way, both feet are equiped by the same function, the strings attached in the compact drum can reach between the crotch.

ANd third, Suzuhara doll has a zipper in the pants he’s wearing.
It’s not actually a zipper but an embroidery that looks like a zipper and there’s actually a gap there. There’s a vibrator inside the gap and when you turn it on, it can be used as a vibrator as well. Furthermore, when you take it out of the gap, it’s also possible to use that vibrator to rub where you want.
That part has the dick so she took out a vibrator, then, there’s an electric cord extending from Suzuhara doll’s crotch.
Since the electric cord extends from the crotch, it means that when you’re caressed by that vibrator, you’ll taste the caress of my dick…is that it?

Well, it depends on their delusion.

That said, Marina definitely did her best here.
Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the new type No.8 has already been created.
I feel that she’s pouring passion into something useless but, well, I recognize her efforts.

That said, I pulled Suzuhara doll’s hands then used the clip in both hands to sandwich Rikka’s nipples on his hands.
However, there’s a body piercing on her nipple so I attached the clips to the body piercings instead.

「Auuu ♡」

Attaching the palms of Suzuhara doll on her body piercings, Rikka twitched and raised a sweet voice.
I released my hand from Suzuhara doll’s palm then the small drum rotates, trying to return the palms. In short, it pulled her nipples to the very limit.

「Ah ♡ Nn ♡ Nnn♡」

Rikka raised a sweet and pleased voice when her nipples are pulled. But Rikka wants a more intense stimulation. And yet she’s being stimulated halfway, her body twists in pain.
Confirming that both hands of Suzuhara doll is pulling Rikka’s nipples properly, I pull Suzuhara doll’s right foot then attacked it to the body piercing on her clitoris the same way.

「Aku ♡ Kuhi ♡」

Having her nipples and clitoris pulled, Rikka writhes while raising a sweet voice.
For Rikka who’s pleased even when a fist is pushed inside her young and slippery pussy, pulling her clitoris and nipple is just a game.
Actually, Rikka’s mindー

ーS-Stronger ♡ Until it tears up ♡ Rather, tear it off ♡

That’s what she’s thinking.
But still, Rikka continues to pretend to sleep, it’s time to get down to business.
The vibrator in Suzuhara doll’s crotch. I took out that vibrator then licked the tip of the vibrator while grinning, then licked Rikka’s urethra.

「Hyuu !?」

I just touched it lightly and yet Rikka shows another violent reaction different from earlier.
Her flushed skin got even redder and she she sweats a lot.
Oh, it seems that the sensitivity of the entrance is high. No, since it’s her urethra, should I say exit?
But this gives me expectations.

「Ah ♡ Au ♡ Uu ♡」

Rikka who has a vibrator applied to her urethra doesn’t seem to know what to do. She’s closing her eyes, twisting her body while fidgeting.
Oh, I see.
Rikka doesn’t know that her urethra is her weak point.
She just thinks that it feels good when she pisses but she never thought that her urethra is her biggest erogenous zone.
Well, it might be impossible to notice.
Then, I will teach her.
Thinking so, I turned on the switch hidden in Suzuhara doll’s back.


Both her clitoris and nipples, and the vibrator applied to her urethra starts vibrating at the same time, Rikka jumped and bent her back.
Although she’s feeling an abnormal pleasure, it seems that having her nipples and clitoris attacked at the same time makes her not know where the greatest pleasure comes from.

「Ah ♡ Ahi ♡ Kuuu ♡ Hyuuuu ♡」

ーCum ♡ Cumiing ♡ I’m cumiiiiiing♡

Raising a sweet voice, Rikka reports her climax in her mind.
Her erect clitoris and nipple that was erect got even more erect, her back’s twitching. Then piss comes out of her urethra.
Applying the vibrator in her urethra, caressed her urethra as if drawing an arc around the urethra, then pushed it hard inside.

「Hii ♡ Ahi ♡ Hyaa ♡ Ahyaaaa♡」

ーWhat’s this?! I don’t know?! I don’t know this !? I don’t know this but I feel good ♡ It feels good ♡ I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiing♡

Climaxing even though she’s confused, Rikka blows out piss while twitching her back.
Rikka’s closing her thighs but her crotch opens again because she’s twitching with her back bent backwards. Then her young slit and anus becomes completely exposed.
Her smooth young pussy squirts love nectar, her peach colored small anus keeps twitching.
She must bee feeling amazing. Does her urethra feel that good?
As far as I’ve seen with my ability, it seems that the inside is way more sensitive than the exit. And yet, this happens by just caressing the exit.
If I push the vibrator inside, Rikka will definitely go crazy.
Then, there’s no choice but to put it in.
Pulling off the vibrator from her urethra, I twine the vibrator in her smooth pussy overflowing with love nectar.
Even though I lubed it more, her urethra is fundamentally a small hole. Even if you forcibly push it in, it won’t probably enter.
Then, I won’t force it in but just thrust it with the intention of breaking it.
That said, when I apply the vibrator filled with love nectar to her urethra, I closed my eyes and take a deep breath.
Then, I opened my eyes openー.


I thrust the rotor in her urethra with all my power.
The vibrator penetrates to her urethra, then I overexerted it that even the root of my thumb was pushed inside her urethra.


Rikka raised a strange voice then hardened for a moment. But, next momentー


A dreadful scream echoes in the room.
Rikka’s jumping up and around like a fish on a land.

ーIt feels goooooood ♡ I’m becoming an idioooot ♡ It feels gooooood ♡ I’ll become an idiooooot ♡ It feels goooooood ♡ I’m becoming an idioooot ♡ It feels gooooood ♡ I’ll become an idiooooot ♡ It feels goooooood ♡ I’m becoming an idioooot ♡ It feels gooooood ♡ I’ll become an idiooooot ♡ It feels goooooood ♡ I’m becoming an idioooot ♡ It feels gooooood ♡ I’ll become an idiooooot ♡ It feels goooooood ♡ I’m becoming an idioooot ♡ It feels gooooood ♡ I’ll become an idiooooot ♡

That’s the only one that rules all of Rikka.
I thought that she’d feel pain because it was her urethra but it doesn’t seem that there’s no room for pain.
Furthermore, her piss accumulates in her bladder with a huge momentum but it’s impossible to piss because my thumb is sticking to the root after putting in the vibrator. Because of that, her piss collects even more in her bladder.
Her bladder becomes full but she can’t piss, but her urethra is abnormally stuck, it swells that you can say it’ll burst.
I thought as I look at it.
If the piss collected blows at once, it might feel super pleasurable.
Then let’s collect it until the limit then let her piss in one go.
Even if her bladder bursts beyond the limit, it won’t be a problem for Rikka.
Fufu, I’m so kind.
But before that, should I get myself refreshed by releasing once?
Thinking so, I push Rikka’s urethra with my right thumb then took out my dick with my left hand, then placed the glans that’s swelling so much it would burst to Rikka’s smooth pussy. Then I thrust my hips vigorously, inserting my penis while breaking her hymen.


Rikka’s scream echoes in the room.
She doesn’t know where it feels good anymore.
Rikka’s virgin pussy’s clamping is the best.
This is unbearable.
The pussy that’s obviously too tiny is being forcibly pierced the wicked dick.
Anyway, it’s tight. That alone is pleasant, then her meat that’s wet with love nectar is sucking me hard. Furthermore, the vibrator in her urethra vibrates in her vagina, that doubles the pleasure.
This is good. This is great.
Oh right, since I inserted a vibrator in her urethra, let’s throw in a vibrator in her anus too, this pussy might become even a better hole.
Should I test it next time?
Thinking so, I began shaking my hips vigorously while sticking my thumb in her urethra.


ーI’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m dying ♡I’m okay even if I dieeeeeeeeeeee♡

Rikka kjeps screaming with her mouth and mind, she’s in a state where it won’t be strange if she lost consciousness but she keeps it until I ejaculate.
As expected from someone with a body reinforcement ability.

When the act ended, I took Rikka to the toilet with my thumb piercing her uretha and dick in her pussy. Bringing Rikka in a position like an infant being made to pee by the parents, I pulled my thumb out from her urethra then forcibly pulled out the electric cord of the vibrator.


She screams out while pissing like a fountain from her urethra.
Rikka who has a dick in her pussy continues to piss as I poke her uterus with my dick.
Rikka’s body is quite small and light so it’s easy to use.

I wasn’t able to destroy her uterus this time but I I feel refreshed cumming twice in the morning so I went down the first floor sweating.
I want to wash my sweat together with Rikka but if mother finds usー


Remembering my mother, I confirmed the whole house in a hurry. But, I can’t find my mother.
Why did I not notice it? My ability has expanded beyond the previous one so I can check the whole house even if I’m on the second floor.
I used my ability while I was teasing Rikka so I should’ve noticed it at that point.
Or rather, thinking back, yesterday, I didn’t see my mother.
She’s not here since yesterday? Where did mother go?

「Good morning!」

I stand worrying in the corridor, the door opened then Marina energetically greeted as she come in.

「Mota-kun, good morning!」

Yuka comes in after.
These two have a good relationship.
Oh right, this girls, especially Marina was here at home all day yesterday. They might know something about mother.

「Hey, girls, mother’s not in the house, do you know something?」

I asked Marina and Yuka standing in front of the door.


Marina raised a voice in her mind.

ーI forgot to say it!

Yuka raised a voice in her mind.
Both of them are having a cramped smile, then looking at me while laughing.
They do know something as expected.

According to the two, yesterday morning, it seems that there was a call from when I left the house.
The call from my father, and mother seems to have left the place in hurry to go to father.
She told Marina then mother head to father in a hurry.
Marina was about to tell me that but, she told Yuka, and it seems that she has completely forgotten about it after the various things happening.
Well, a lot really hgappened yesterday. It can’t be helped if they forgot about it.
Or rather, I feel honestly relieved.
My ability to see through minds. I don’t want to use this to my mother.
I may be ridiculed by Asahina but, well, yeah, I’m scared to know everything.
Even if it’s good, or bad, I’m afraid to know either way.

「Ah! Marina-san! Yuka-san! Good morning!」

Then it happened suddenly.
Rikka who’s coming down the stairs vigorously greets Marina and Yuka with a smile.
I though it’s bad. But it was a late start.
Even though I don’t want the two to see Rikka.
Rikka acknowledges me as her master, I’ve succeeded to make her depend on me but that is why I thought that Marina and Yuka would be hostile to her.

「I became Suzuhara Rikka! I became a bitch that serves master! Nice to meet you two! My best regards from now on!」

Marina and Yuka thinks that Rikka is still an enemy got stiff, Rikka greets them cheerfully then kneels on the floor.
As expected they’re confused but, I can see through Rikka’s heart and understood her reason.

ーYuuki Marina, the first in rankings. She’s the person Master treasures the most. Never turn my blade towards her. Tamoe Yuka is the second rank. Just like Yuuki Marina, her rank is higher than mine. I should make up with her.

Rikka’s making up a hierarchy by herself.
Speaking of which, dogs are creatures that create ranks on the group they belong to.
In case of a domestic dog, they submit themselves to the person in the family with the most power. Making ranks on other family, follow those above oneself and don’t listen to those one think is lower than oneself.
Rikka has some quite information about us but she probably ranked Rikka and others using her instincts.
That helps me in some meaning.

Or rather, as expected from someone with an ability to strengthen her body. I thought that she’s amazing that she didn’t faint but, she’s lively even after making ahegao that much.
Yesterday, we had an eat al you can in the yakiniku restaurant. She must be full of energy but that’s amazing.
Well, it seems that she’ll be okay even if I get quite unreasonable.

That said, what about the other’s rank
If Rikka thinks that they’re on a lower rank than her, it’ll be a bit troublesome.
I don’t care if Asahina is on the bottom however. Or rather, I’d want her to think that she’s lower. And I want her to look down at Asahina.
Even if Asahina doesn’t allow it, I will.
The chances of meeting Lolihina and Kisaragi is just few so there’s no problem.
The problem is Yukina.
I owe Yukina a lot. I intend to take care of her until I pay back but if ever Rikka judges that Yukina’s lower, perhaps Yukina won’t be able to approach me anymore.
And maybe, even if Rikka’s absolutely obedient to me, she won’t listen when I talk about the hierarchy.
No matter how much I tell her, she’ll never yield to her hierarchy no matter how severe the punishments I give her.
‘That’s the way dogs live.
Well, Rikka’s a wolf but it’s similar.
There’s nothing wrong if Yukina’s rank is above Rikka.
But, it’s Yukina. I wonder that brat thinks that Rikka’s on top.
To be honest, it’s delicate.


  1. Loli Rikka =Rorika