X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 77


Chapter 77
At night, mother contacted me.
I didn’t knew it but it seems that my father’s promotion was decided a long time ago. He’ll be relocated along with the promotion it seems.
So he got promoted.
Father originally had a lot of relocations, because of that, he always leave his family behind.
That’s why transferring is also a usual thing.
That’s what I thought but…

It seems that this time, it’s different.

『F-Father asked if we can live together in his next location. Of course, including Mota』

Hearing my mother’s words over the phone, my head turned blank.
I can’t understand what my mother was saying


Rikka has an uneasy expression on her face as she call me out who’s standing with a phone on the head.

「O-Oh It’s nothing」

I put down the phone, then answered Rikka looking at her.

「I-Is that so? Then that’s great」

Rikka forces a smile while having an anxious expression.
She must’ve heard my talk with mother. Rikka’s hearing ability isn’t average after all.

ーThere’s still some time so think about it.

That’s what mother said.
It seems that this might be the last relocation.
In that case, father will be staying on that new location until his retirement.
Then we can transfer to a permanent residence.
My father is calling mother and I to his new workplace, in short, he’s telling us to move.
But, mother gave me time to think. Then she gave me choices.
Would you move to your father’s workplace together or will you stay here until you graduate?

She got me there. That really got me.

Normally, parents will decide on moving without your permission. They take their children forcibly.
But mother, no both of my parents gave me a choice.
I’m sure that Marina and Yuka were the reason.
This loner me who had no friends had invited Marina home for the first time. Then Yuka comes to get me every morning.
It’s not just the two of them. Yukina got close with mother, and mother wasn’t dissatisfied with her.
It seems that mother has reported this to father. And then they decided by talking about it.
It was “Leave it to my judgement”

「M-Master. U-Uhm, uhm, that…」

Looking up at me, Rikka’s trembling and having a cramped smile.
If I move, I will leave Marina and Yuka. But, both of them have a place to stay. But, Rikka doesn’t have one.
Rikka doesn’t have anywhere but me.
Rikka suddenly run towards the kitchen. After a while she jumped out of the kitchen then came back running towards me.
The water she’s holding spills.

「W-Water! Have some water in a glass! Is your throat dry?!」

Saying that, Rikka presents me a glass of half-spilled water.

「W-Want to watch television!? Want me to massage your shoulder!? T-That’s right! Want to play needle sting with me?! My wounds cure immediately so you can play it a lot of times! It’s okay even if you cut my arms or feet!」

Rikka who’s having tears on her red eyes desperately talks to me.
That is a flattery too easy to know.
Rikka will survive even if I abandon her. But that’s not it. That’s not the case but I know.
Rikka will gladly die for me. But, it’s more painful for her to lose her place than to die. She’d rather die for my sake than lose her place to stay.
Therefore, she’s flattering me. She’s desperately flattering me.
With the mind of staying with me until she dies, she flatters me.
I thought about my parents who informed me about the current case. Then, I have to think seriously. I shouldn’t answer immediately.

「Don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere without you」

I say while stroking Rikka’s head.

「U, Uuu…sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

Rikka who’s having her head stroked lost her smile, tears overflow from her red eyes then sat down on place as if her waist lost power, then she kept apologizing to me over and over again.
She thought that my mobilization would be bound because of her attitude and remarks.
Mother has given me the choice assuming that the whole family will live together on my father’s workplace.
To be honest, that made me happy.
They told me that I’m needed after all.
But, I don’t think it will go well.
I haven’t met my father for a few years already, I can’t say my relationship with mother is good.
If we suddenly live together, we might avoid each other more than before.
Even if I know that they need me, I don’t think we’ll open up easily.
I want a bit more time.
Asahina said that I’m a brat.
A brat covered in a skin of a rationalist completely. I must really be a brat that wants to depend on someone. But, I would be a loser if I keep averting my eyes from reality.
I think it is really the case.
But, I guess it’s a bit different. I met Marina and Yuka and shared time with them, I feel that I’ve changed even a bit.
That’s why I want more time.
That way, even if for a bit, I might change more than what I am right now.
In that case, I might be able to tell my parents my honest feelings.

「Master, I’m sorry. Even though I swore to give myself to Master. Even though I swore to die for Master’s sake. I, I…I don’t want to be abandoned so I troubled Master」

Rikka who’s sitting on the floor looked up at me with a masochistic smile then said that.
This one’s honest.
Those who can honestly say their feelings are strong.
Rikka’s gotten stronger. She’s stronger than when she first stood in front of me.
At least, more than me.

「I’m staying here because of Yukina」

Rikka tilts her head.

「I have a huge debt I have to repay. I can’t leave this place until I return that」

Saying that as I squat down, I pat Rikka’s head who’s looking up at me with an anxious expression.
I don’t know how to reassure Rikka. Therefore, in the end, I just made an excuse pointing at someone.
Sorry, Yukina. Even though I haven’t returned anything yet, I owe you again.
Somehow, I always owe you.
How should I say it, you’re easy to ask a favor from.
You look like a girl but how should I say that? You’re my first “Male friend”? You may be cheeky and troublesome but I think of you as a cute brother.

「It’s also convenient for me to stay here. You’re just my bitch so don’t be conceited thinking you can bend my will. You don’t have to do anything but follow me」

Saying so as I stroke her head, her wrinkled face spills tears as she clings to me.

「Master is the strongest. Even though your body is of a human, you won’t lose to anyone. That’s why you’re the strongest. If I had met Master sooner, mother and everyone else couldn’t have died. I’m sure that Master can easily beat any enemy…that’s why you’re the strongest」

Clinging to me, Rikka mutters in a crushed voice with her trembling shoulders.

「Hizuki, Hizuki’s the same as us. I thought of doing everything to Hizuki who accepted us. But, somewhere in my mind, I feel pity towards Hizuki. I thought that she’s pitiful」

Kamuro Hizuki has lived her life using her ability.
If she used her ability for her desires like me, even if she’s lonely, she could’ve lived comfortably.
Surely she’s bad at running away.
Unable to do that, she’s gone mad.

「Master is similar. But, different. When I saw Master for the first time, I felt excitement from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to fight. I wanted to fight and win. I wanted to win. It’s not to beat down but to win, I thought. Thinking about it now, that’s surely what my instinct told me. This person is strong. I might be defeated if I fight this person, I thought. I might lose but that’s why I thought of wanting to win」

Clinging to me, Rikka’s trembling looking down, looked up with a cramped smile then said.
I’m strong you say.
I wonder.
I think that I’m considerably strong. But, I feel weak recently.
To be honest, I don’t understand.

ーS-Suzuhara, Suzuhara Motarou.

When I was about to answer, I suddenly felt like I heard a voice.
I felt my heart rustling.
Chill running up my spine.
What? What’s this feeling?
I grabbed Rikka’s shoulder and looked at the front door.
Because I released my ability, I can only see the usual door.


Such words pass in my mind.
This is the first time. I feel something even though I’m not using my ability.
Concentrating on activating my ability, I felt cold sweat running down my cheek.


In just a moment, the information within the range of my ability comes in my brain. And something among them isー.

「Rikka, action stations. You don’t have to do anything. Just keep your stance and standby」

Hearing those words, Rikka who’s been crying until now has her expression turned steep.
Rikka instantly shifts to her battle stance, put her right hand behind her back and grabbed the large knife hidden under the yellow parka she’s wearing./

「Stay here」
「Stay here」
「I’ll fight! If it’s for Master’s sake, I can always dieー」
「It’s an order」

Rikka tries to refuse but she reacted when I say it’s an order.
If I leave the guard to Rikka, my safety will rise significantly. But, this one’s tough.
It was Kazahana invading the range of my ability.
However, she’s not in her normal state.
I judged that it’s better to let Rikka stand by.

「I’m the strongest ain’t I? Then stay here quietly. However, don’t let your guard down. Sharpen your nerves and escape without hesitation when something unexpected occurs」
「R-Run?! I’m abandoning Master!? Never! If I do that, I’d rather suicideー」
「Listen. You’re strong. Your potential surpasses me. If you learn how to use your power, you can win against anyone. But, you can’t win against me. If you can’t win against me then you can’t win against those opponent who will win against me. Do you get it? There’s no meaning for you to fight if I lose」

Rikka’s eyes opened wide from my words then she grit her teeth. But, she didn’t reply.

「Suppose I lose, I won’t lose my life immediately. Then there’s enough opportunity for counterattack. Run if I lose. Then ask Marina and Yuka for help. They have no special abilities but they know how to use your abilities. They’re weak so they know how to fight. Do you get it?」

Telling Rikka, she clings to me and looked down without replying.
Rikka is stronger than Kazahana. But, Rikka doesn’t know that. No, even if she knows it, Rikka won’t be a match against Kazahana.
The elder sister has rubbed the idea that she’s much stronger and excellent since childhood. Even if she wins in skills, the spirit is easily defeated.
But, Marina and Yuka should be able to draw Rikka’s ability beyond limit.
Especially Yuka. Yuka right now is different from before. To be honest, if Yuka’s talent blossoms, it’s scary.
Yuka has an excellent insight and Marina is trained in leading. If you send Rikka to those two, they can definitely launch a counterattack.
Also, it’s dangerous for Kazahana and Rikka to meet each other.

「I’ll definitely come back. You should just stay here. If possible, go to Marina as soon as possible」

Saying that, I stand up and Rikka stands up too.


I call her name as I look down at her, then Rikka who’s trembling looked down to escape from me. She stand up and pressed me.
Rikka’s opposing my order. She’s going to follow me even if she dies.


Calling her name once again, Rikka who’s trembling squat down on the place. But, she stands up trembling then clings to me.
It seems the thought of following my order and protecting her master is fighting.
Disobedience results to severe punishment but the puppy who’s desperately protecting her master even at the cost of her life desperately intends to be punished.

「Rikka, I told you I’ll come back. I said that I’ll come back for the first time. You’re a subordinate, don’t throw cold water on your master’s resolution. I will definitely come back. That’s why wait here」

Ordering her, Rikka who’s clinging to me tremblingly, sat down on the place. And unlike the previous one, she didn’t try to stand up again.

ーMaster, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master.

Rikka’s heart is filled with me. Desperately enduring the thought, Rikka sits on the floor.
I told her to run if an unexpected situation happens but she won’t be able to protect me.
If I had a bit more time, I can train Rikka to overwhelm Kazahana.
Well, the other side can’t adjust to my convenience.
Also, this situation is somewaht strange.
It’s possible that this may not be a battle. But if I come together with Rikka, it’s possible that the situation may turn worse.

「Good girl. Then, I’m going」

Please, be a good girl and stay here, I went out the house with that thought.

The effective range of my ability is supposed to be 15 meter in radius. But Kazahana is about 30 meters away from me.
It’s clearly out of the range of my ability. But, she got caught within range.

「Who would’ve thought that I can use it like this」

Kazahana who should be outside the scope of my ability, is now within the range. That’s because the effective range is distorted.
The effective range was a circle before. Up, down, front, back, left, and right, it’s 15 meters in radius. But, it’s oval now. In short, the excess range shrinks and the shrunk range extends.
It’s convenient if you ask but because it has expanded forward, the other areas shrunk. Judging from safety perspective, it’s better to keep it a circle.
Enough about that, why did my ability catch Kazahana is the question.
My ability was definitely cancelled. And Kazahana is outside of the normal ability range. And yet she got caught.
As if a warning bell before I activate my ability.
lthough it’s different from auto-activate, it seems that it’s appropriate for the ability.
Also, there are things to remember with this ability.
I saw a “flower” in Yuka.
Even though I have my ability released, I certainly saw a flower in Yuka.
That wasn’t a hallucination. It’s not an imagination either.
I think I saw something invisible.
The thing sleeping inside Yuka. It’s not what she’s thinking in her heart but I saw her heart itself

「A sense other than the five?」

Is this an enhanced version of mind reading?
In short, my ability has sensed Kazahana’s heart and it informed me of it.
You can say it’s a sixth sense or something like a premonition. And it’s also possible to catch things outside the range of my ability with that.
If that the case, my ability to detect danger has increased significantly.
But well, it’s all just a speculation. If I rely on my ability too much, I might get in trouble. Let’s not relax our guard.

Walking in the night road, I caught Kazahana’s in my view.

「You look horrible, hey」

Knowing it with my ability beforehand, I murmur instinctively.
Kazahana walking along the wall staggering isn’t wearing any clothes. Her young naked body has numerous holes open. Blood is dripping from those holes.
It looks like an ice pick. No, it feels like her whole body is punctured with a drill.
I forcibly return my ability to a circle, confirmed my surroundings then ran towards Kazahana.
Kazahana doesn’t seem to have noticed me approaching her, then she desperately head front walking along the wall of the house.
Should I say she has no hostility? That’s not the case.

ーS-Suzuhara, Suzuhara Motarou. If it’s him, he definitely can help HIzuki. Just a bit more. Just a bit more. I have to go to Suzuhara Motarou.

Activating my ability, I look at Kazahana’s mind.
Hmm. Is she asking me for help? Asking for my help, that must’ve been big.


I walked in front of Kazahana, stopped and called her.
Kazahana reacted then looked up slowly. Thenー

「Don’t say anything. I don’t get it but you probably shouldn’t speak」

I tell Kazahana as I close her mouth with my hand.
I don’t know what happened but as far as I can see, Kazahana lost.
And Kamuro Hizuki who’s protected by Kazahana can’t be seen anywhere.
That’s okay but the problem is Kazahana’s injury.
There’s numerous holes open in her body and blood is dripping down.
Normally, you would die from that kind of injury but the hole opening in her body avoids any vital points amazingly. Therefore, even though she has such wounds, her super-recovery isn’t active.
Then, she should just injure herself just like when Rikka fought with me. If she does that, her super recovery ability would heal her wounds in an instant.
But, Kazahana didn’t do that.
The reason is perhapsー

「Something’s embedded in her heart. This isn’t a machine. It’s an organic object」

I tell while holding down Kazahana’s mouth.
Kazahana doesn’t show any resistance even if I’m holding her mouth, her eyes opened wide when I say that.
There’s something embedded in Kazahana’s heart.
It looks like an insect.
It’s something like an ant or a tic that’s digging to her heart.

「Because it’s embedded in your heart you can’t activate your super-recovery ability, don’t you? When you activate it, the insect embedded in your heart will react and kill you. It seems the opponent is a very cruel one」

When I ask Kazahana, she slowly closed her wide open eyes. Then tears run down her cheek.

ーI met him. I met Suzuhara Motarou. I met Suzuhara Motarou who you want more than anything else. Hizuki. Please wait for a bit more. This guy is strong. If it’s him, he can surely rescue you.

Kazahan mutters from the bottom of her heart and then her voice was cut off. Next, I hugged Kazahana who’s about to collapse.
It seems that she fainted.

「But still, she did well coming here naked with her animal ears and tail」

I’m more surprised of that than the fact that Kazahana lost.
That saidー

「Kazahana feels like a messenger in order to rescue Kamuro Hizuki. But when she asks someone for help, the insects in her heart will react and kill Kazahana. In short, she must not have the intention to ask for help. That’s really evil」

Muttering as I hug Kazahana, I start to walk home.
The opponent who beat Kazahana and Kamuro Hizuki can be said to be a powerful enemy. But, Kazahana lost agianst Marina. It’s possible to deal with them with humans that use their head.
Also, Kamuro Hizuki is unstable. Even if she says she can read minds, it’s very fragmented and the effective range is narrow. To be honestm Kazahana can move alone freely would be strong.
Kamuro Hizuki’s ability’s effective range is capable to trap others with strategy but it’s almost impossible to deal with sudden attacks. On the contrary, she’s just a baggage.
If you pierce that, no matter how strong she is, it’s possible to win against Kazahana enough.

「Seeing that they let Kazahana go as a play, do they not know my existence? If possible, they don’t know my ability. Or could it be that they’re underestimating me」

Either way, the enemy is probably enjoying hunting.
In that case, I think that I should be observing here now.

「Kukuku, stupid guy」

Now. Now’s the biggest chance. There’s no chance to kill me after now.
After all, Rikka’s here. Furthermore, my ability is on a different dimension than Kamuro Hizuki.
My ability and Rikka’s ability have an outstanding compatibility.
Now that we’re acting separately, it’s best to take me down at this moment.
If not, I will fight back you know?

「Rikka is my dog. You’ll be able top do what you want with that dog’s sister」

Walking in the night street, I laugh and mutter to no one.

「They really picked one. Yeah, they picked one. They picked a fight with me. Even if the enemy didn’t intend that way, they made a move on my dog’s last sister. Rikka will get angry. Even if she’s not in good terms with her, she’ll definitely get angry. Then, if the dog get’s angryー」

I stopped and looked up in the sky.

「It’s reasonable for the master to get angry too. Definitely, without mistake, helplessly logical」

When it’s reasonable, then there’s no need to hold back.
Nothing but thoroughly and mercilesslyー


I mutter while staring at the moon floating in the sky.
I don’t have any grudge against them. But they meddled with Kazahana. Rikka’s sister. Then, there’s no choice but to crush them. That’s the only way. No, that road is enough. There’s no need for other ways.
It’s too late. No more forgiveness. No matter what reason it is, it’s unrelated. I gave Rikka my surname. I gave her the name Suzuhara.
You meddled with my dog’s sister. It’s too late already.
Also, I’m not feeling refreshed. I don’t have any sympathy towards Kamuro Hizukui but I can understand her pain of having a special ability. And that is why Kamuro Hizuki is attracted to me.
A moth dancing on the light in a dark night.
Even though I have a special ability, my quiet life may have been dazzling. And she probably just want to get that light by all means.
But that girl, Kamuro Hizuki stepped back graciously.
She accepted she lost and retreated bravely.
You can say that her virtue is admirable.
By retreating, I have seen her in a new light.
She’s rational.
I don’t hate that.
That’s why I’m not feeling refreshed.
Very well. I’ll rescue you. Even if I help you , I’ll clearly tell you that it’s not my hobby.
I decided. That’s good. Let’s do that.
Convinced, I walk home in a hurry.