X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 78


Chapter 78

Coming back at house, Rikka’s who’s on standby got confused more than expected.


Her eyes are shaking as she see me holding Kazahana, she raised a shaking voice, thenー.


A scream filled with anger.
It’s a splendid embodiment of someone boiling in rage.
But, Rikka stayed in that place. She didn’t lose control and rush over but just stand firmly on her feet.
That’s good.
Rikka’s heart is ruled by anger.
Her absolute sister was defeated. It can’t be done normally.
That’s why Rikka screamed. He let out the anger overflowing in her heart by shouting.
She didn’t lose her calm to that degree.
Well, there’s no problem even if Rikka’s out of control more than expected. Or rather, I might hate Rikka if she’s not upset.
That’s fine. Only the crazy ones won’t lose their self control when their last sister falls down.

「Your sister might die. But, we’ll try to do what we can as much as possible. I need your power for that. Rikka, lend me your power」

Gripping the knife to the limit and shouting with her bloodshot eyes, Rikka approaches me briskly then I look down at her saying that.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Rikka who’s breathing roughly looking like she’s about to burst any moment looks up at me with bloodshot eyes.
Her red eyes that lost focus doesn’t catch me.

「T-Thank you…very much」

Then she thanked me.
Rikka’s heart is raging like a storm. The sister she can never win against is defeated. Furthermore, I brought only Kazahana back.
Seeing Kazahana’s state and Kamuro Hizuki not on her side, she can easily imagine what it means.
But still, Rikka thanked me.
It’s the proof that she’s listening to my words properly while enraged seeing her sister beaten up.
She’s a dog. A dog. Rikka’s definitely a dog. Accepting me as her master, even in this situation, she’s not forgetting to thank her master.
That’s not bad. Really, not bad.
Therefore, I’ll no longer forgive those who meddled with Kazahana.
My Rikka’s sister was tormented as they please.
Furthermore, Kazahana’s master who she treasures above all is caught and Kazahana’s counterattack is sealed.
It’s not a bad measure but that’s a fatal play.
You should’ve finished it quickly.

「I don’t know how much time we have. It’s possible that it might be too late for Kazahana. But, it’s meaningless to panic. I’ve got an idea but will you cooperate, Rikka? Kazahana will survive if we succeed. Of course, if it’s too late, Kazahana’s death will be settled」

Asking her so, Rikka nods with her bloodshot eyes, breathing heavily.

「Master. Even if Nee-san, I won’t forget the kindness of trying to save her forever」
「You’re an idiot」
「You’re an idiot. But, well, that’s right. You’re a good idiot」

Rikka tilts her head when she’s told an idiot but when I tell her that she’s a good idiot, she smiled.

「Thank you very much!」

Then she speaks her thanks to me.
She’s really an idiot. She’s even happy that I call her an idiot.
But well, if I have the composure to laugh then the possibility of Kazahana being saved might increase.
I definitely need Rikka’s power to help Kazahana.
In the first place, I also consider that it’s already too late. Also, if I’m misunderstanding it, Kazahana won’t be saved.
But I already told Rikka that. If she can still smile despite that, it should be fine.

I laid down Kazahana on the living room sofa and looked for a sharp object in the kitchen.
I found an awl.
I’ll use the awl on the real thing and I need something that can be used in practice.
That said, I moved in the storeroom to look for a tool.
Screwdriver. It’s not as sharp as an awl but it won’t be a problem in using it as practice.

「Rikka, come in the garden」

Rikka seems to be worried about her sister and Kamuro Hizuki not being here but she answers me and went out of the garden following me.
I stopped in front of the fence, looked back at Rikka.

「Drill a hole on the wall using this screwdriver. Carry out my instructions and penetrate accurately. Even a single millimeter error margin isn’t allowed. You have to penetrate through the shortest distance fast. Even if the tip of the screwdriver reaches the point and penetrates it, you need to have a speed that even god won’t be aware that point is penetrated. That’s impossible for me but Rikka, you might be able to do the impossible」

Saying that, I gave Rikka the screwdriver.
Accepting it, Rikka holds it carefully then nods obediently while looking up at me.

「The wall is made of various things. It contains a lot of impurities. I’ll show you one of the impurities inside the wall. Of course you can’t see it. That’s why you will believe my instructions, abandon all doubts, penetrate all the invisible impurities with the screwdriver. I won’t allow errors. Don’t hold back your strength. You need to penetrate the impurities with accuracy and full power. Rikka, concentrate until that the blood vessels in your brain explode」

Rikka answers calmly to my words, closed her eyes and breathed in.
Tense air.
Looking good. That’s a very pleasant air.
Rikka took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

「Rikka, you don’t need to respond」

Saying that, I stand behind Rikka wrap her as if embracing her, then grasped her right hand lightly.

「Don’t think about anything. Relax. Put all your strength in an instant. Do everything in an instant, throw away everything else. I will aim and you will pierce. It’s straight. Just pierce straight ahead. Just pierce straight, don’t think of anything else」

Speaking gently to not disturb Rikka’s concentration, I gently raised the right hand I’m holding.

「There’s a small red stone in front of the wall. It’s a 5mm stone. Hoever, that’s not just a stone. That stone has a heart. A heart that’s beating. The Inside the 5mm stone, there’s a smaller heart. You must pierce the heart accurately and destroy it. In an instant. Pierce it with the speed that it won’t notice the moment it was pierced」

Along with my words, Rikka’s breathing becomes smaller.
In contrast to her whole body loosing power, her red eyes open up giving more sense of tension than normal.
Good, looking good. Start to improve her concentration here.

「Rikka, you can practice multiple times but the actual thing is only one chance. Either way, you will decide it with one go. It’s okay, you can do it. If you fail, it’s my responsibility for not bringing out your power. You can do it. You can do it. You have the power to do it」

It’s not good to put pressure. But, she’ll take on pressure even if she doesn’t want to during the real thing. Then, I should create a similar situation in practice. She can’t succeed in the real thing when she lose to the pressure.

「Rikka, it’s here. Pierce straight here. Just go straight without thinking of anything」

I adjusted Rikka’s right hand and set the aim.
Rikka can’t see what’s inside the wall. That’s why I’ll be her eye.
My eye won’t make mistakes. My eye will catch the accurate location and Rikka will pierce it by my order. Furthermore, in an out of ordinary speed.
It’s normally impossible but it’s possible with Rikka.


Did I finish speaking? It’s a moment where I can’t judge whether I finished talking.
There’s a small hole in front of the wall. And, the small red stone that’s supposed to be inside the wall has disappeared without a trace.
I didn’t know whether Rikka moved or not. It was impossible to catch it with my eyes. I wasn’t even able to catch if her muscular tissue moved.
An explosive acceleration from relaxed state.
Kukuku, this girl did it. She really did it in one shot. Furthermore, it’s a speed that completely surpasses my cognition ability.

「I see it」

Rikka who returned to her relaxed state before she hits the wall then mutters.

「I really don’t know if I saw it. However, I saw a small red stone in the wall. I don’t know it if I saw it myself. No, I feel like I saw what Master sees」

I grin on Rikka’s mutter then I feel a chill along with the pleasure.
I can’t win against her anymore. An instant attack after she relaxes. That’s impossible to do.
But I don’t need to win against Rikka. After allー

「Well done, Suzuhara Rikka. As expected of my dog. There’s no complain about you right now」

Telling her that, Rikka who’s relaxed looked at me sideways. Then she shows a thin smile. That smile mature that it doesn’t match the young Rikka, it seems that she’s feeling at ease.

「I’m your dog. Therefore, it’s normal for me to do well. I have to. Because I am Suzuhara Rikka after all. I’m a dog that Master accepted to be his family」

A soft smile and a red eye look at me. I see an unshaking determination from those eyes.
Fufu, perfect. Rikka’s exceedingly invincible. My ability is added to Rikka after all.
The one who beated Rikka’s sister and kidnapped Kamuro Hizuki will surely regret this.

「Okay, we’re prepared. Then let’s go for the real deal」

Rikka nods to my word.
I walk back in the entrance and Rikka follows me.

I enter the living room and stand in front of Kazahana lying down on the sofa.
Kazahana’s not wearing clothes, her naked body with countless holes in it is exposed, blood keeps on dripping out.
She needs quite the energy to activate her super-recovery. I confirmed it with Rikka.
In order to save Kazahana, the insect biting in her heart must be removed and activate her super-recovery ability.
But if ever she didn’t have enough energy and her super-recovery activates, even if I get rid of the insect, Kazahana will die if this goes badly.
Then, I should give Kazahana some energy but that’s dangerous. It’s possible that the insect biting Kazahana’s heart will respond if she’s given energy.
Therefore, we should do it quickly.

「Kazahana’s heart has something digging in it. It looks like an insect but it’s not an ordinary insect」

I talk to Rikka while staring at Kazahana.

「I know an insect user」

Rikka answers while looking at me and Kazahana.
Eh? You do know? Then that makes it easier.

「Mother was killed by an insect user. And then the one who sold my sisters too…」
「Hmm, Then, is she strong? How many people are there?」
「Very strong. I only know one insect user. It seems that their job is catching demi-humans like us and sell them to humans」
「Oh, so a guy working behind the scenes. But, only alone」

Rikka said that it’s strong but I wonder.
As of now, there’s nobody taking suspicious activity within my ability.
Even if they conceal themselves, I will see them. After all, I can read minds. Disguising is also meaningless.
That said, it just means that there’s no enemy within 15 meters in radius of me.
I extend the limit on one side and try to look for someone that seems to be an enemy but I didn’t catch any.
I can’t make conclusions but I don’t seem to have the ability to detect danger. I don’t have the confidence when using it freely but this ability somehow reacts when someone turn their hostility to me.
With that said, I can guess that the main body of the enemy is not in the vicinity.
But, no matter how much they underestimate us, I think they’re watching.
Then how do they monitor us?
It’s something like the insect digging in Kazahana’s heart. If this has the ability to collect information, I can agree to the current situation.
Then, next question.
Rikka said that the enemy is an insect user. They control insects as the name says.1 The insects doesn’t seem to be the ordinary ones though.
Anyway, assuming that they’re using insects, how many can they move at the same time?
It would be troublesome if it’s numerous. But won’t that be too almighty?
The insect embedded in Kazahana’s heart has the ability to gather information and kill Kazahana in response to her behavior. That’s done remotely.
Can they really perform such a thing with large numbers of insects at the same time?
It’s only one person that processes it. Then, there’s definitely a limit to the processing power.
Let’s examine it and adjust our response.

「How many insect can the insect user use at the same time?」
「I don’t know but they seal the enemy’s movement using a poison insect. Then they bury an insect inside your body and take your life with that」
「Like they’re digging inside your flesh?」
「No, I think it’s like they’re inside your body before you notice it. I never fought it directly however」

Fumufumu, It’s not the type that overwhelms in numbers but releases a small number of insects freely.
Furthermore, it’s possible that the insects can’t act on their own judgement.
Because if they can understand human will, they will obviously have minds too, in that case, I’ll be able to read the insect’s mind. But, I can’t see those.
Then the insects are mechanical objects that take predetermined actions, or they’re operated remotely.
Either way, I don’t believe that they can use a lot of insects at the same time with their ability.
For example, even if it’s a small number, insects are troublesome opponents. Insects are everywhere after all. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish an ordinary insect from the controlled insect.

“Normally” though

As far as the bugs I see in Kazahana’s body, it’s obviously not ordinary.
What’s not normal? It does have organic systems but it doesn’t have things like heart and brain. In exchange, a stone can be seen inside the body of the insect.
It’s such an easy to understand insect that I can understand it in at the instant it enters the range of my ability.
This might have the worst compatibility with my ability. Of course, it means worst for the opponent.
The merit of using insects that it won’t be noticed by the enemy. When you turn it over, it’s done once it’s noticed.
However, that’s a troublesome enemy for me. Even if I notice it, I can’t respond when they move in high speeds. But, it’s possible for Rikka to get easy victory for that.
Anyway, it’s whether or not Kazahana will be saved. The answer will come out there.
If I can save her in this situation, then the opponent’s ability is just that much.


Then Rikka who’s been silent laughed suddenly.
Why is she laughing? I know as I’ve read Rikka’s mind.

「So pitiful. The insect user meddled with the person they should never make an enemy of」

Rikka mutters confidently.
Oh, go on say it. The opponent might be listening. Make a fool out of them.
They’re the type of enemy that will kill the enemy without making their hands dirty. That kind doesn’t oppose the enemy directly but beats them one-sidedly. That’s their only experience.
Then, they’ll think that they’re strong and have high pride.
If you fan them, you can easily catch them in a trap.

「For the sake of telling the enemy that I’m their worst enemy, why don’t we crush the insect inside Kazahana immediately? I think Kazahana will die if we fail but well, Rikka right now should be fine」

I speak to ridicule and look down on my opponent.

「If Master says that it’s okay then it should be」

Rikka speaks without hesitation. Good, very well, say more of that. Make a fool out of that insect user.

「I’m sure that the insect user is an idiot」
「If Master say that then that should be the case. The insect user is an idiot」

In addition, Rikka also adds fuel to it. Then, the insect biting in Kazahana’s heart moved slightly.
It’s just a slight movement and yet, it moved.
It definitely reacted to the words we said. And the main body is listening to our words.
As expected, it’s really a remote controlled type insect. The will doesn’t have will but the main body definitely can see.
It’s gathering information. Then, let’s not fan it anymore.
Since the other party is on a remote place, they may think that we’re just dogs howling. But, it should be somewhat irritated. Kazahana might get killed if we fan them further.
With that said, I raised Kazahana’s body from the sofa and have hear lean back. Then, I let Rikka stand in front of Kazahana and got behind Rikka.
Now then, just how much information is being sent from the insect to the main body? If it sensed Rikka’s attack beforehand and dealt with it, then you can say that it’s transmitting quite a lot of information. But, if it can’t, then it can only recognize the voices around it.
Thinking so, I put the awl in Rikka’s right hand then I hold her hand, Then aimed at Kazahana leaning on the sofa.
Rikka doesn’t need explanation. She knows what to do from the practice. That’s what Rikka’s mind tells me.
Perhaps, the insect will react when attack, it’ll take a predetermined action. In other words, destroy Kazahana’s heart.
Then, I should just destroy the insect with the awl fast.
I know where to aim. A stone-like object inside the insect’s body. If you destroy it, you can neutralize the insect.

That should be done if we do that.

I move Rikka’s right hand and made minor adjustments.
Rikka’s completely relaxed, leaving everything to me.
If I decide it here, Rikka will decide without hesitation.
Rikka slowly breathes, I also adjust my breathing.
Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.
Our body sway slightly from breathing.
Our movements overlap.
Rikka, do you know? Right now, we’re connected.

ーDo it

At the moment I try to say it, there’s already a small hole inside Kazahana’s heart.
The insect biting into Kazahana’s body has the model stopped, and the stone in it’s body is destroyed.
The killed insect, no, the main body controlling the insect shouldn’t have perceived what happened.
After all, even my eyes couldn’t even catch it.
Fu, fufu, fufufu, this is unbearable, hey. Rikka, synced with my heart and attacked with my will not needing for a signal.
Furthermore, it was much more accurate and faster than the practice.
There was the danger of destroying Kazahana’s heart along with it but her heart is beating without problems.
Perfect. You can say nothing else but perfect.

「You’re a genius!」
「If I am then Master is much more of a genius」

When I say that trembling in pleasure along with chill, Rikka answers with a composed smile.
She understands. She broke through the wall.
That’s right, youー

「You’re already stronger than me」

Saying that, I pat Rikka’s head then caressed it.

「If that’s what Master says then that surely is the case. Then, I can protect Master now」

Blushing, Rikka speaks and laughs embarrassed
She doesn’t think about beating me nor exceeding me.
If she became stronger then she can protect me, that’s all she thinks.
Looking at Rikka, somehow I feel horny.
Rikka’s slippery loli pussy’s tightness is the best after all. Furthermore, she’s an eternal virgin that will break her hymen every time I pierce her.
I’d like to do it immediately.
This girl is mine. Yes, I want to satisfy my monopolistic desire of tasting this best tight pussy.


Rikka’s breathing roughly before I noticed, she’s looking up at me with her bright red face and moist eyes, then she’s caressing my erect penis over my pants.
Since she concentrated to her limit, Rikka seems to be in heat now.
No, Rikka’s always in heat because of the body piercing. But, it’s clear that it’s much more than necessary.
Rikka is dying to fuck me too.
Fufu, what a cute one.
Yup, I want to do it. I really want to do it. Butー

「I’ll make love with you as much as you want after we beat the insect user. That’s why let’s hold off for now. We’ll be beating up the insect user this evening」

Holding my desire in painful reluctance, I tell Rikka that then she replied with a full smile on her face.
Can you endure it? I can’t bear it that I want to do it soon though. And yet, you’re that happy, and even answering with full energy.
It’s like, “Just a bit more, I really want to do it with master so much but I’ll endure it even if I die”?
Well fine.
Anyway, I have to confirm if the insect digging to Kazahana’s heart is already destroyed.

「Rikka, use the knife and slash Kazahana’s body as I tell you」

Even though I’m telling her to cut her sister’s body, Rikka replied without hesitation.

「You’re not hesitating to slash your sister’s body?」
「Master’s orders makes no mistakes. Even if there is, that is right for me」
「…Is that so?」

Rikka answers without hesitation, she replied vaguely but still I pat Rikka’s head.
Well, that, it made me a bit embarrassed.
I’m always right, not, even if I make a mistake, Rikka is fine with that, that’s her answer.
Rikka’s face turns red in pleasure when I pat her head.
I order Rikka to cut down from the center of Kazahana’s chest down.
Rikka stabbed her sister’s skin without hesitation.
Does blood gush out normally or do they scatter? But, when she cut it with her knife, there’s hardly any blood.
Then, I thrust my right hand on the wound made in Kazahana’s body.
My right hand invades her internal organs. It feels slimy inside, it’s unbearably unpleasant.
Seriously, this isn’t my hobby.
But still, my ability is convenient at times like this. After all, I can see everything.
My right hand reaches her heart and I touched the insect biting it.
There’s no reaction. It seems that we succeeded in destroying it.
Rikka’s piercing was divine but there’s still time to deal with it. And yet, it was nullified by us.
In that case, the insects used aren’t that versatile.
Holding the insect with my right hand inside Kazahana’s body, I carefully peel it off.
I pay attention to not wound the heart more than necessary but, the insect is biting in Kazahana’s heart so it got some scratches. But, that’s no problem. It won’t kill her instantly.
Pulling the insect with my right hand, red steam begins to rise from Kazahana’s body.
Did her super recovery activate?
Pulling out my right hand from the wound, the wound where I put my right hand in closes in a moment. Then the holes in her whole body got blocked in a moment.
This is an amazing ability no matter how many times I’ve seen it.
And since Kazahana’s exhausted, I’d like her to stay down like that but I can’t let her.
I have to extract information from Kazahana.
If the insect user knows where we are, then we have to fight back immediately.
This is a race against time.
The main body should know that the bug inside Kazahana’s body is already destroyed. Then, they’ll definitely take measures.
It’s troublesome if they run away but they probably won’t.
It would be hard if it was a cunning and tough opponent but they let Kazahana go for enjoyment.
The enemy definitely has high pride. And, a sadist that enjoys harming others.
They’re angry as their pride is hurt, and it’s possible that they’re moving to crush me now.
Then I’ll throw a counter with all my might.
Let me see what happens when the hunter gets hunted.

「Master, you’re making a very wonderful face♡」

Laughing instinctively, Rikka speaks in a sweet voice.

「Fufu, it’s a bad face isn’t it?」
「I-It’s so wonderful it makes my womb ache♡」
「You’re a masochist」
「No, I’m Master’s bitch♡」
「Very well said!」

When I tell her she’s a masochist she answers that she’s a bitch. Furthermore, she’s sitting and barking like a dog.
Rikka’s in high spirits.
Our morale here is the best.
Also, I confirmed it when Rikka tabbed the insect biting Kazahana’s heart with the awl.
Rikka’s in sync with my mind.
Rikka read my will and moved.
That’s what it means.

「It’s the best」

It’s that three words.
Grinning and patting Rikka’s head, Rikka who’s sitting up corrects her posture.

「Wanwan♡ Waoon♡」

The dog barks, expressing the delight in her whole body.
Wait you insect user. Our hound here is ridiculously strong. Furthermore, it’s worked up really greatly.
However, don’t think that it’s just a counterattack.
I’m angry.


A scream echoes suddenly.
Kazahana who woke up looked at me and screamed.


Her shaking red eyes look at me then she mutters while trembling.
Hmm, what a good reaction.
But sadly, I’m not a demon
I’m the devil.


  1. They have different Kanji in JP so this sentence makes sense there, not much when it comes to English however