X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 79


Chapter 79

Kazahana woke up immediately I immediately decided to gather information about the insect user. Butー
Naked like earlier, Kazahana sits on the sofa, hugging her trembling self.
Her mind is in awful confusion that I can’t get information even if I read her mind.
There’s no time but it’s meaningless to be impatient. On the contrary, it’s dangerous to move recklessly.

「Just what does this mean?」

Kazahana mutters to herself while trembling.
Contrary to the boyish Rikka, Kazahana’s white hair is long and her red eyes are honest, she has a much more girlish impression than Rikka.
It’s not just her hair and eyes but her body as well.
It’s hard to understand since she’s sitting but she’s somewhat taller than Rikka and there’s much more useless meat than Rikka.
Those are breasts, ass, and thighs.
She’s much more luxurious and plump than Rikka,
In short, her body is much lewder than Rikka.
On top of that, there’s her animal ear and tail.
It’s said that the insect user sells off demi-humans like Rikka and Kazahana but unlike Rikka who looks like human, Kazahana who has an animal ear and tail is filled with youthful loveliness and appearance that she’ll definitely sell for higher.
Hmm, I want to see Kazahana and Rikka’s mother. Her mother seems to be amazing in a particular meaning.

「Why, why has the wounds in my body disappear? Did I use my super-recovery? Then, why am I alive?」

Kazahana seems to be frightened of me a while ago but when she realized that her wounds have disappeared, it seems that her consciousness has returned.
Time is precious but it’s inconvenient to let Kazahana stay confused.
If I use my ability to read minds, even if Kazahana hides it, I can see it as long as she thinks of it. But, her mind is incoherent and it’s very inefficient.
With that said, I have to explain every detail to Kazahana in order to get her calm quickly.
The more we haste the less we progress.

Kazahana’s mind is getting discomposed as she listen to my explanation.

「…No way」

Hearing that Rikka has destroyed the insect digging in Kazahana’s heart, she opened her eyes wide and mutter.

「I-It’s impossible. No matter how much ability Rikka has, it’s impossible to kill the insect before the use perceives it. The insect is invading my body, biting into my heart. Before the awl reaches the insect, the insect will surely eat away my heart. Also, how did you destroy it? The insect’s vitality is abnormal」

Kazahana’s red eyes are shaking just like her voice, she stares at Rikka sitting beside me.
Kazahana is Rikka’s sister but she’s not my ally. I helped her because she’s Rikka’s sister but that doesn’t mean that Kazahana’s an ally.
Kazahana knows that I have a special ability but she doesn’t know the details.
That’s why I’d like to hold down the details but it’s hard to explain about destroying the insect.
What should I do?

「Nee-san, I will explain it then」

Rikka speaks up as if she read my worried mind. Then Rikka stands up and sent me a glance.

ーPlease leave this to me.

Rikka asks me in her mind.
It’s not she’s guessing or something like that. Rikka is sympathizing my mind.
Rikka. It seems that she has began to grow rapidly when she exceeded the obstacle.
Well done! Well done!
Rikka who receives agreement from me who didn’t say anything, she took off the yellow parka she’s wearing.
Her young naked body became exposed. Rikka’s wearing a leather belt around her naked body securing the large knife on her back just like when I first met her.
The leather belt wrapping around the naked young body is quite arousing.
Kazahana’s womanly body is quite lewd too but, hmm, I think I’d rather have Rikka.
Oh, I want to fuck Rikka.

「The piercings on my left and right nipple and clitoris are given by my Master」
「So what?」

Showing the body piercing no her nipple and clitoris, Kazahana asks Rikka. Rikka asks back Kazahana who looks suspicious of what she said.

「There’s no point of attaching that in normal condition. But, if you put this while the super-recovery is active, what do you think will happen?」

Saying that, Rikka pulls the body piercing on both nipples with her hands then she grins looking at Kazahana.

「While the super-recovery is active…no way」

Hearing Rikka’s words, Kazahana mutters it in repeat then her eyes opened wide.

「Your super-recovery is always active?!」
「That’s how it is. It’s Master’s invention. The energy consumption is intense but in exchange, it’s active for always. My physical strength and concentration is several times stronger than normal. Therefore, I can disable the insect」

Kazahana raises a voice of surprise and Rikka explains with a smile on her face. But, Rikka didn’t explain about my ability at all.
Emphasizing that her super-recovery is active all the time, Kazahana’s consciousness has turned to Rikka only.
Well done, Rikka. You’re doing great. I’ll make love with you a lot later.

「T-The use of the super-recovery is…」
「That’s right, super-recovery is the power we need to mate. Furthermore, since the energy consumption is intense, we never thought of having it active all the time. If Nee-san tries it an understands, your world will change. However, it’s dangerous if you get overconfident」

Rikka speaks to Kazahana who’s stunned.

「This way of usage is practical since it’s under Master’s control. If I don’t swear my loyalty to Master from the bottom of my heart, I’d probably run out of control and self-destruct. Also, I think that you’ll go mad unless your libido is released regularly. But, it’s not good to just climax for releasing that desire. The forced estrus is also active for always. If your womb doesn’t take in semen and the estrus doesn’t go away, I think you’ll get crazy in the end. Master is a man and he’s making love with me properly that’s why it’s effective」

Rikka who’s explaining to Kazahana blushes her cheeks then gives me a side glance.
Rikka who pledges her absolute loyalty to me has been locking off her endless extraordinary sexual desire with her mental power.
Just look at those pained eyes. Don’t worry. I’ll make love with you after cleaning up with the insect user. This is already more than needed.

「That’s ironic…」

Hearing Rikka’s talk, Kazahana shows a self-tormenting smile then mutters as she look at me.

ーFor that Suzuhara Motarou she yearns, the Susuzhara Motarou Hizuki wants more than anything chose Rikka.

Looking at Rikka who became my dog and admitting that I know Rikka, Kazahana seems to have gotten depressed.
For Kazahana, her absolute master is Kamuro Hizuki. I deny Kamuro Hizuki and accept Rikka, well, it can’t be helped that she’ll feel depressed.
But look at that. Kazahana’s also honest. Especially, it’s easier to understand looking at her animal ear dropping and tail hanging itself.
I think her personality is more troubling than Rikka but they’re really sisters after all.

「Suzuhara Motarou. Let me ask you one thing」

Kazahana asks me, staring at me with her red eyes and masochistic smile.

「Correct it」

It was a moment, no, it didn’t even take a moment.
Rikka who was standing next to me is now standing in front of Kazahana.
I didn’t see it at all.
Furthermore, Rikka’s stabbing the awl in her right hand in Kazahana’s right eye.
She’s not trying to stab. She’s stabbing her.
Red drop of blood travels from the awl stabbing Kazahana’s right eye through her cheeks.

「Don’t say Master’s name thoughtlessly. Calling him without respect is absurd. Correct yourself and apologize. Apologize by prostrating yourself. I won’t kill you without Master’s permission but I won’t forgive you for mocking Master. Even if it’s Nee-san, or even Hizuki」

Stabbing Kazahana’s right eye with the awl, she looks down at her with cold red eyes then Rikka speaks to Kazahana in a freezing voice.
Hey hey, don’t scoop out her eyeball suddenly. Not using honorifics is no big deal.

「You’ve gotten splendid in just short time, Rikka」

Kazahana doesn’t show any pain nor scream even though her right eye is being scooped out by the awl, she shows a soft smile and mutters while red blood drips on her cheek.
But her soft expression turned steep in an instant and she glared at Rikka with her left eye.

「Rikka, thinking about your master is splendid. You’re okay. But, that’s the same for me. My master is Hizuki only. Therefore, I won’t flatter anyone except Hizuki. Even if you kill me, that feeling won’t shake at all」

Glaring at Rikka with her left eye, Kazahana speaks in a dignified tone. Rikka’s looking down at Kazahana with chilling eyes and push the awl piercing the right eye further in.
Kazahana has a super-recovery ability but it turned out that she’ll die when the insect we destroyed disrupts her heart. Then, she might die if it reaches her brain.
And yet, Kazahana’s not shaken at all.

「Rikka, back off」

Rikka pulls out the awl immediately when I tell her but she jumps back to my side then she aims the awl in her own heart.

「Master, I’m sorry. I did something selfish If you tell me to dieー」
「Well done Rikka, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll reward you later. But, stand by for now」
「Thank you very much!」

Rikka speaks her gratitude from my words then she sits on the spot, fixing her posture.
Rikka will show her fangs for my sake, even if the opponent is her sister. And Rikka tries to apologize with her death for doing something without my order, but she didn’t do anything wrong.
I feel it’s an overkill but Kazahana’s not an ally but it’s wrong to scold Rikka. Rather, I have to compliment her that she did well.
After all, Rikka acted normally as a dog.

「As expected of Rikka’s sister. You’ve got unwavering loyalty to Kamuro Hizuki. I don’t hate that kind of person. You can call me whatever you want」

I tell Kazahana who’s sitting down while red blood drips from her cheeks, not shaking one bit.
Then, Kazahana’s expression turned bright for a moment.

「T-Then, then, can’t you also like Hizuki!? Hizuki’s a very cute woman! Handling her isn’t that troublesome! Also, Hizuki is a woman that devotes herself!」
「Ah, no, this and that are different」
「I-Is that so…」

I forgive Kazahana then she tried to sell Kamuro Hizuki to me desperately but I rejected it immediately and then her tail dropped again.
Her head is filled with Kamuro Hizuki that she doesn’t care that her right eye is scooped out.
Well, it would be big if the injury activates the super-recovery ability.

「Sorry Kazahana. Kamuro Hizuki is, how should I say it, I can’t accept her physiologically. I admit that she looks beautiful and that her body arouses me but that’s no good. Do you want to know the proper reason why?」
「I-I’d like to know if possible」

Her expression stiffens from what I say, then she nods.
She’ll ask why then tell Kamuro Hizuki, then she intends for Kamuro Hizuki to correct it. Even so, it seems that she wants me to accept Kamuro Hizuki by all means.

「She should get me by herself is she wants me. I guess it’s hating the same kind. I’m unfair and sly. Therefore, I tend to prefer a woman who dares to challenge straight ahead. On that point, I can’t feel disgusted at Kamuro Hizuki who’s just like me. That is the reason」
「T-There’s nothing to retort to…」

Hearing my reason, Kazahana’s somewhat convinced as she remembers Kamuro Hizuki’s actions, she shows a cramped smile and dropped her shoulders.

「But well, she’s Rikka’s former master. I’ll help her」
「R-Really!? I’m grateful! I’ll never forget this debt! I’ll do whatever you tell me as long as I can do it! I’ll fulfil your wishes even if that costs my life!」
「Oh, then, after helping out Kamuro Hizuki, do something so you can keep her away from me. Do something about it, seriously. I’m begging you」
「…I-I’ll take proper measures」

Even though she said that she’ll risk her life for my wish, Kazahana averts her face and answer me with cheap words.

ーW-What should I do? Will Hizuki obediently retire if she knows that Suzuhara Motarou helped her? She probably won’t back down. There’s no way she’ll back down. To be honest, I’m not confident. But, I can’t break my promise with Suzuhara Motarou. Then, I’ll borrow Suzuhara Motarou’s power then save Hizuki by myself. I can’t repay kindness with gratitude.

Hanging her head, her animal ear and tail flats down, her expression’s stiff, Kazahana’s desperately thinking while her eyes are shaking, she seems to have reached the conclusion to refuse my aid so that she won’t break her promise.
Ah, geez, that’s unfair. Won’t you make me like you if you reach such conclusions.

「I get it. I get it already. Ah, geez, I’ll do something about Kamuro Hizuki. I get it already. I’ll help you Ah, shit, dammit」

When I pat her head and speak, Kazahana’s ears stands up then she looks up at me.
Ah, I’ve done it. I’ve answered Kazahana’s heart.

「Nee-san’s an idiot. Master is saying that he’ll save Hizuki free of charge. Master is saying that he’ll deal with it even if Hizuki comes to make advances on Master. If you have time to tilt your head, you should express your gratitude and kneel」
「O-Oh! T-That’s right! Sorry! It was so sudden I didn’t understand! I didn’t mean any harm at all! I’m really sorry」

Kazahana who’s in panic from Rikka’s frustration, she gets off the sofa then sits on the floor. Then she bows deeply. Kazahana’s ear is twitching in happiness and her tail is flapping showing it’s delight.
If you look at her ears and tail, you’ll understand Kazahana’s mind without looking at it.

「Master, please forgive my sister’s rudeness. Is what I want to say but I’m afraid that this is too generous? I do like Hizuki but if Master saves her, she’ll definitely bother Master」
「Well, I guess」
「Then, after helping out Hizuki, we should make sure that she’ll be monitored and have her nee-san promise to be keep her away from Master so she won’t give Master any inconvenience」
「Well yeah」

Rikka’s stating her opinion thinking of me while submitting to me.
I really want to do that but as far as I can see in Kazahana’s mind, it looks like she can’t do anything about it.

「Rikka’s opinion is reasonable but, well, yeah, it’s that, it’ll be free of charge this time. To be honest, I don’t care about what happens to Kamuro Hizuki but I like your sister’s stubbornness」
「Thank you very much! I’m also sorry for expressing my opinion!」
「No, it’s okay. Say your opinion if you think I’m wrong. That way’s better」
「Master’s so generous ♡ Just how far do you keep on captivating me ♡ I love you master too much that my head wants to do something about my womb ♡」

Rikka’s nipple and clitoris got erect in an instant, her body’s flushed as if it’s burning and her smooth loli pussy’s dripping with a large amount of love nectar.

「Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡」

Then Kazahana who’s kneeling down leaks out hot sighs, her clitoris and nipple got erect and her pussy got wet. Furthermore, her ears are twitching and her tail is shaking violently.

ーN-No, don’t waver ♡ My master is Hizuki only ♡ B-But, however ♡ Suzuhara Motarou ♡ What a generous man ♡ Is this the feeling of falling in love ♡ My whole body is so hot that it’s burning ♡ My chest is tightening that it hurts ♡ I want to feel at ease ♡ I’d want to be fucked by Suzuhara Motarou and feel at ease

Kazahana’s conflicted while in dogeza but looking at her tail shaking violently, you can only think of her heart shaking.
Well, Kamuro Hizuki is a woman and I’m a man. Kazahana and Rikka taught them to prioritize getting pregnant than everything and that has been passed to generations.
In short, Kazahana’s driven by her instinct to want to receive my sperm

「I don’t mind」
「Eh ♡」

Kazahana twitched from my words then looks up at me with red face.

「There’s no need to serve me. If you want my dick then I’ll give it to you. I like you after all. There’s no problem embracing you. It’s okay to keep your loyalty to Kamuro Hizuki」
「B-But ♡ That’s not logical ♡ I’m very grateful for Suzuhara-sama’s offer, however ♡」

Kazahana doesn’t seem to be convinced by my opinion but she speaks with honorifics, furthermore, she’s calling me “sama”
Should I say she’s rolled? She’s already fallen though.
Furthermore, well, her tail’s swinging that much.
Hmm, taht’s cute


rikka who’s sitting down stares at Kazahana’s swaying tail and clicked her tongue.

ーNee-san is stupid for troubling Master who’s too tolerant.

I thought that she’s envious but it seems that she’s angry at Kazahana’s ambiguous reply to my offer.
Kazahana heard Rikka’s tongue-clicking, she looked at Rikka trembling then she lowers her ear and smiled.
It seems that she lost her dignity in front of her sister, but not knowing what to do, she just smiled to gloss it over.

「Well, if you feel like talking then call me. If you seek me then I’ll gladly embrace you, only that. I won’t tie you up other than that. But, if you’re going to say that you’d want to stay faithful to Kamuro Hizuki, then that’s fine too」

It’s not that I want to bang Kazahana that much. I did say I like her but I can embrace Rikka if I want.

「U-uuu…I’m very glad for your offer, I’m very delightful for the offer, but, it is really a wonderful proposal but…」

Cramped face, Kazahana looks at me with a shaking voice.


Rikka who’s looking at Kazahana clicks her tongue again.

「Nee-san, let me tell you, if you want to be embraced then answer clearly, I won’t forgive you to make an excuse saying that it’s not your will, that you were pushed down by Master」

Kazahana’s shocked by Rikka’s words, she averts her face from Rikka then laughs while sweating coldly.
Rikka seems to be irritated at Kazahana but there’s no signs of her jumping. And Kazahana who’s being glared by Rikka shows a forced smile.
Something changed.
This must be the true figure of these sisters.
Kazahana had to be a strong sister to protect the little Rikka. Rikka exceeds Kazahana, she feels jealous and inferior but her feeling of wanting to protect her sister as the elder is definitely there. Then, Kamuro Hizuki picked them up and the sister’s relationship wasn’t good, it turned terrible.
Kamuro Hizuki was a woman so it turned to a disaster.
A woman can’t get a woman pregnant.
These two will be stable by obeying a male master.
Rikka and Kazahana are very different from a while ago actually. Kazahana’s attitude relaxed and Rikka’s inferiority complex has disappeared.
It seems that she finally is relieved by being dominated by a man that can get her pregnant.

「If Kamuro Hizuki isn’t around, everything will settle peacefully」

Should we abandon her then? I don’t care if she dies anyway. Rather, I’d feel relieved.

「T-That’s! Suzuhara-sama! Hizuki is a woman with a kind heart!」
「M-Master! Hizuki is a really kind person!」

The two twitched from what I said then both defended Kamuro Hizuki at the same time.

「I know I’m joking. If I say I’ll help her, I will. There’s no need to worry」

Saying that and squat down, I pat Rikka and Kazahana’s heads.

「Kuuun ♡」

Having her head patted by me, Rikka turned red and raised a sweet voice and leaned her body to me.
That’s cute.
On the other hand, Kazahanaー

「Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa」

Breathing roughly like a dog, her animal ear twitches restlessly, her tail sways violently and she lowers her face and lick my feet. Furthermore, she’s not just licking it but also sucking the fingers in her mouth and crawl her tongue in between.

ーAaah ♡ A man’s taste ♡ This is a man’s taste ♡ A man’s scent ♡ My head’s filled with a man’s smell ♡ Delicious ♡ So irresistibly delicious ♡ I want to lick more ♡ I want to lick more and more ♡ I want to be filled with a man’s smell ♡ I want my womb to smell like a man ♡

Kazahana has completely forgotten herself licking my feet fingers, it’s dripping love nectar from her slippery pussy similar to Rikka.
Hey, she’s completely submissive already. Do your best on showing how stubborn your faith to Kamuro Hizuki.
But is that it? Having animal ears and tail, Kazahana’s much more instinctively obedient.
It seems that it’s okay even if I forcibly attack Kazahana but I feel sorry for her so I’ll attack her later.

「N-Nee-san ♡ Master’s penis is much more delicious ♡」
「D-Do you know? ♡ Rikka, do you know Suzuhara-sama’s dick’s taste? ♡」
「Un ♡ I sucked his penis ♡ It pierced through my womb ♡ He let it out inside my womb for five continuous times ♡ My uterus looks like it was about to burst」
「A-Amazing ♡」
「Un ♡ It was amazing ♡」

Kazahana’s sucking my fingers like crazy but she’s shaken from Rikka’s words then, her overflowing pussy turned to a flood as she show an ecstatic face.
Rikka speaks to Kazahana proudly, the thorns have completely disappeared.
It seems that the sisters goes down further the drain by the same purpose of serving me.
This is good.

「Okay, let’s get ready. Kazahana, give me infromation. Rikka, bring tools according to my instructions」

The two has obviously forgotten themselves and in heat but they got tense in an instant I order them then they freezes over.
We wasted some time but considering Kazahana’s fighting potential, there won’t be any problems. Furthermore, it seems that she’ll cooperate with Rikka.
Rikka will attack and Kazahana will defend. There’s no better sword and shield if the sisters cooperate.
I gave Rikka instructions and I got information from Kazahana, then we decided to start immediately.
I have two ferocious hounds with high performance searching capabilities.
If possible, I’d like to entomb Kamuro Hizuki along with the insect user but that’s that. Shouldn’t we save face for these two cute hounds.
Now then, I presume let’s make a visit?