X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 83


Chapter 83

「Ohyuhinfafa. Fahifafafanfuefufa?」

Rikka who swells her cheeks like a hamster approach me while holding a large amount of canned food.
I ordered her to eat everything she can find in the house but Rikka’s not eating without much thought.
She eats the canned food that’s about to expire.
What are you made of?

「This has gotten slightly troublesome」

I answered Rikka while looking at the insect user shaking as she sit on the sofa.
Rikka who stuff the packed ingredients in her cheeks like a hamster swallows it down then tightened her expression as she come to me.

「No problems with filling your energy?」
「It’s fine. I didn’t consume that much energy today. Besides, we can go without food for days, I can go on full power without supplementing energy in our current situation」

Oh, she can go without food?
The reason why she ate everything at the restaurant was because her energy was almost exhausted.
Since I saw that, I thought that Rikka has a very bad energy consumption but in fact it wasn’t that bad.
Furthermore, she can work full power for five days without being supplemented.

「Then, what happened?」

Looking up at me cutely like a puppy, Rikka asks in a sweet voice then glanced at the insect user.
It was only for a moment but the expression of Rikka as she stare at the insect user is a cruel hunting hound. But, Rikka’s expression when her eyes come back to me returned to an adorable puppy.
Rikka’s fawning on me but she’s not lowering her guard even for a moment.
After her fight with me, then the insect user, she’s experiencing steady growth.

「Kamuro Hizuki might’ve awoken some troublesome ability」

Rikka twitched when I say that.
Rikka’s definitely shaken. Of course. Kamuro Hizuki is her former master, the human who reached out her hand to her.
But, Rikka didn’t shake. Even if she’s shaking, her heart isn’t.
Her sister is beside Kamuro Hizuki after all.

「I’ll prepare for interception」

Rikka mutters with a serious look, she immediately made up her mind fighting her sister.
Kamuro Hizuki’s aim is me. Then, she judged the possibility of her sister coming in as well.
I feel happy about that if Kamuro Hizukiu marches in with her dog, Kazahana, they will definitely kill each other.
Kazahana and Rikka, both of them won’t back down.

「We don’t need to intercept. We’ll receive it headfront」
「No! If you worry about me, then that’s unnecessary care! We’ve already finished our farewells! Therefore! Therefore, please let me bear the full brunt!」
「I’m Master’s dog! My sister is Hizuki’s dog! It’s normal for the two of us to protect the two of you! There’s no grudge! It’s the dog’s pleasure to fight for their master!」

Rikka desperately clings.
Rikka no longer has jealousy nor inferiority complex to her sister.
For the sake of protecting their masters, they will fight.
Surely, Kazahana’s the same.
The two won’t go back. They’ll fight until death.
Then that’s a waste.

「I-I was seen…」

Wondering how to persuade Rikka, the insect user mutters while trembling. As a result, I take a look at her mind.


I felt my skin feeling goosebumps, a terrible chill runs up my spine and cold sweat pours out.
The insect user supplemented an insect to Kamuro Hizuki.
The eyes captured that insect.
Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes who hold the insect looks at us.

「T-The heavenly eye mediating eyes, that mans it opened the third eye. I-I’ve read it in the documents. H-However, I didn’t know what the third eye is. B-But, is that so? I-I’m sorry for letting that happen」

Embracing herself, the insect mutters as she tremble with her face turned pale.
Well, this is much more dangerous than I thought. It’s not unreasonable for the insect user to be freaked out.
We’re being watched.
Kamuro Hizuki’s watching us through the insect.
Kuku, I give up.
I’ve told Kamuro Hizuki before. Your ability is small. I feel like I’ve been retorted with completely the same words.

「Tamamushi, get away from the insect right now. If not, your spirit won’t last!」

Kamuro Hizuki’s looking at me through the eyes of the insect user. Though I can endure it somehow but the insect user’s spirit connected to the insect is looking directly at her eyes
The insect user allowed Kamuro Hizuki to interfere with her mind though the insect but her spirit will collapse if this continues.

「I-I’m trying. I’m doing it even if you don’t tell me. But no good. I can’t avert from those eyes. I can’t run away from those eyes」

Holding her head with both hands, the insect user mutters while trembling.
Shit. Her mind’s been captured.
Is this the power of clairvoyance? It’s not just watching but also interfering with the spirit?

「Tamamushi! Put your consciousness on me!」

I speak and rush towards the insect user, I kneeled and grabbed her shoulders to match our eyes.


Shit, her pupils are completely opened.
Her eyes are open but she doesn’t see me.

「Tamamushi! Run! Throw everything at me!」

I shouted while shaking her shoulders intensely.
No matter how strong the ability is, even if you’re immortal, it’s over if your mind dies.

「Tamamushi! You’re older than me! You’re timid and villainous! You’re a sore loser who fell to the darkness! Then, show me that you can run away!」

As I shout, I look through her mind then forcibly snatched what she sees.
A huge eye glaring at me.
There’s another different eye apart from Kamuro Hizuki’s two eyes.

ーSuzuhara-kun ♡

I’m being seen. Everything.

ーYo, aren’t your eyes improved so well?

I answered Kamuro Hizuki who sees through all unfathomable fear

ーAre you scared of me?
ーFufu ♡ Aah ♡ you’re really stronger than anyone ♡
ーI’m only cunning and unfair
ーI love you
ーI hate you
ーI know
ーThen how about backing off
ーI love you ♡
ーCan you just listen obediently?
ーThat’s why I can’t forgive that woman
ーAh? H-Hey, bitch, no way.

Suddenly, as if the TV turns off, Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes disappeared.
On the verge of cutting off, I saw what Kamuro Hizuki sees.
Tap, something hits my chest and I returned to my consciousness.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

The insect user fell on my chest, breathes roughly while trembling.
It seems that her spirit didn’t die.
But, the insect user was peeped by Kamuro Hizuki.
Everything is seen though that she feels extraordinary helpless.
No matter what method is used, she knows that she’ll get an overwhelming defeat.
In a sense, the insect user is killed.


Rikka who’s standing behind me asked uneasily.

「Kazahana’s fine. Also, Kamuro Hizuki won’t be coming here」

Kamuro Hizuki turned her consiousness away from me and turned it to someone else.

「She’s going to Asahina」

Anger and chill rushes up my spine.
Rather than aiming at me, she aimed at Asahina.
No matter how much power she has, in the end Kamuro Hizukiー

「So you’re escaping that way?」

I’m disgusted at Kamuro Hizuki to the bottom of my heart but if she challenged me straight ahead, then I intend to accept it.
It doesn’t matter if she’s crazy or not. If she went straight ahead then I intend to acknowledge her.
It’s another talk whether I’ll accept her or not but at least, I intended to confront her right ahead.
But, she went towards Asahina.
I don’t like it by all means.
It’s not an opponent that can win. There’s no power to oppose Kamuro Hizuki right now. But, that doesn’t matter.
I don’t intend to defeat Kamuro Hizuki at all.
But, I won’t make it. Even if I chase Kamuro Hizuki, I won’t make it in time.
Asahina’s no more. Her spirit will definitely be destroyed.
Since I won’t make it in time, I should abandon her. Butー

「Rikka, stay here」

I let the insect user lie down on the sofa, stood up then ordered Rikka who’s behind me.


Rikka answered clearly.

「I order you to stay behind. Is the dog going against her master’s order?」

Rikka nodded without hesitation.
Kamuro Hizuki has Kazahana.
If Rikka comes with me, Rikka will definitely fight Kazahana.
Then, someone from them will definitely die.

「You will kill your sister」
「As expected of Master. Master intends to win against Hizuki」

She will kill her sister. It means that Rikka will win against Kazahana. Then it means that I will beat Kamuro Hizuki. Rikka realized that.


I turn back and called Rikka’s name, Rikka looks up at me then replied.

「Then, you will come with me everywhere I go!」

I look down on Rikka then ask her.
Rikka opened her eyes wide from those wordsー

「Fufu, Master’s very strict.」

Troubled, yet she said it with a soft smile.
She understands what I meant by that.
Come with me wherever I go.
That means that she must never die.
Because, she won’t be able to follow me if she dies.

「Where’s your response?」

When I ask with a grin, Rikka shows a troubled face then smiled.

「I-I’ll try my best」
「I won’t allow such a half-assed answer」
「Protecting master is above everything」
「Then what? That’s not the answer I’m looking for」
「Ehehe…please don’t bully me」
「What’s wrong on bullying dogs?」

Looking down at Rikka who’s smiling though looking like she’s about to cry, then she snorts.

「Do I really have to answer?」

I nodded at Rikka who tilted her teary eyed head.
If she answers, Rikka will have to follow me no matter what. She’ll never be allowed to die.

「Then, I’ll stop being Master’s dog」

I leaked out a sigh because of Rikka but I can’t scold her.
Rikka doesn’t know how much power Kamuro Hizuki obtained. Well, I don’t know it either.
But Rikka’s skin, no, she felt with her her other senses; vision, auditory, olfactory, taste, and touch.
If you fight against Kamuro Hizuki and then Kazahana, it’s difficult to survive even if you win.
Then, Rikka’s judgement is probably right.

「It feels like I lost to you for the first time.」

Saying that, I pat Rikka’s head and then stroked her head.
Rikka blushed her cheeks gladly squint her eyes as she’s tickled from my head patting.
Rikka said that she’ll stop being my dog but she intends to keep following my orders until the end. No matter how desperate the situation, she’ll protect me then she’ll survive.
But, when nothing can be done, she won’t hesitate to die so I can live.
When I saw Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes, to be honest I give up. I can’t think of any countermeasures. No matter what I use, I can see no future but her seeing through everything.
But, I’ll manage somehow.
But, though she’s far higher than me, I’m fully aware that I’ll be enemy with someone with the same ability type.
It’s really a troublesome ability.

「I-I’ll go with you」

The insect user who’s lying on the sofa said while trying to raise her trembling and pale body.

ーT-That girl was too much of a monster. I don’t want to be involved as much as possible but it was me who made a move on that girl. I’m sure she’s having a grudge. Then, the probability of surviving by going with this man named Suzuhara might raise. That girl is charmed by this guy.

The insect user doesn’t think that she wants to help but but how she can survive.
This small villain, goes beyond amazement, it feels refreshing.
Also, she’s someone that moves on the feeling of gain or loss, she’ll betray me calmly once she’s at disadvantage but she won’t when she’s at advantage.
She’s easy to use in some meaning.

「If you want to come then you don’t need my permission」
「I-I’d want to run away if possible but I feel like I can’t run away from those eyes. I’ll be in trouble if you don’t work hard. That’s why I’ll lend you my power」

The insect user answers me with a cramped smile.
Able to hide her true intention of using me for her own survival, she’s so honest I’m amazed.

「Is this the sincerity of a small villain?」
「If you accept it as such then let’s leave it as that」

The insect user shrugged her shoulders when I asked her.

「Master. I hate this one」

Rikka glares at the insect user from behind, then she raised an unpleasant voice.

「Well, don’t say that demi-human lass. I’m useful. It’s better to have useful things next to you」

The insect user grins at Rikka then laughed sarcastically. Hearing those words, Rikka frowned her eyebrows to show displeasure.
These two have bad compatibility at glance but it may be unexpectedly not.
The insect user have high pride but in fact her personality gives priority to surviving than her pride.

「Tamamushi. If you want to be our ally then you need Rikka’s consent. If you ask me, shouldn’t you kneel to beg?」
「Umu, very well」

The insect user puffed her chest from my question, she gets off the sofa and sat on the floor. Then, she looked up at Rikka with a tightened expressionー

「Lass, this is what you call adult manners」

Saying that, she knelt in front of Rikka without hesitation.
Rikka looks at the insect user. She’s quite displeased but Rikka’s character can’t just attack someone who’s kneeling.

「What do you think demi-human lass! Have you lost your words to this superb dogeza?! If you want I can lick the hole of your ass! Or would you like to step on my head?! Now now, what will you do demi-human lass! Do what you want!」

Raising a laugh while kneeling, the insect user is praising herself.
It’s my first time seeing someone flattering majestically.
Rikka looks down at the insect user, she frowns her eyebrows without saying anything.
She’s disgusted that she can’t say any complaints.

「Okay, let’s go then」
「Master asked me! Don’t answer!」

Leaking out a sigh, Rikka speaks out her criticism to the insect user kneeling.


Criticized by Rikka, the insect user raises a low voice while in dogeza, then Rikka took a stance with a stiff expression.

「If you don’t mind it then fine. Try stepping on my head!」

The insect user speaks proudly while keeping her dogeza.
Rikka was in battle mode for a moment but her mind was chipped down, she looked at the insect user while hiding behind me.
Well, courage is needed to abandon pride. In a sense, the insect user is definitely an adult.

Though I know I won’t make it on time, I ran towards the school.

「Master! I should go ahead!」
「Stop it lass. It’s too late to turn the tables even if you go ahead. Besides, clairvoyance is the worst compatibility against the body reinforcement. In the first place, it’s good when you make friends with it but that ability is your natural enemy if you antagonize her. That’s heavenly eye. There’s no need to be pessimistic since the opponent is too difficult」

When I try to answer Rikka, the insect user replied instead of me.
She really likes talking., Well, she’s not wrong.

「Didn’t I tell you! I’m talking to Master!」

Rikka got angry at the insect user who talks without permission, she shouts at her exposing her displeasure.

「Then there’s one thing for you to do. Listen carefully and don’t fail to listen your treasured master. Only your master who has the similar ability to heavenly eyes is likely able to compete with it」

Rikka frowned and looks like he’s about to complain to the insect user but she didn’t reply.
She thought that the insect user’s reply is justifiable.
She’s annoyed to agree. She looked away and pouted.

ーEverything she says is annoying. I hate her.

Rikka’s mind complains while she sulks.
As expected. It’s not that Rikka and the insect user’s compatibility is bad.
It can’t be said as good but it’s not bad either.
After all, Rikka hasn’t hit the insect user yet.
The two runs in with me in between. Rikka and the insect user is running smoothly but I’m at my very limit.
Rikka aside, the insect user is the type with physical strengthening, searching ability, and long distance attacking ability. In short, she’s versatile.
In other words, I’m the slowest among us.
In addition, I’m the weakest when it comes to fistfight.
It feels unpleasant somehow.

Arriving at school, we go to the back of the school building that’s about to close down, we rush towards the forest and to the empty space.
The sight I sawー

「I don’t like you」
「Is that so? Then? I don’t care if you hate me though」

The two girls face each other and exchange a conversation Asahina and Kamuro Hizuki.
Furthermore, it’s not just a conversation. Their foreheads are banging each other.
Their foreheads are pushing against each other, Kamuro Hizuki stares at Asahina with dead shot eyes.
On the other hand, Asahina pushes her forehead undauntedly but shows a fearless smile, she’s looking at Kamuro Hizuki overwhelmingly.

「Why are you」

Pushing her forehead, glaring at Asahina, Kamuro Hizuki curses Asahina as if she’ll kill him.


Asked by Kamuro Hizuki, Asahina pushes her forehead and asks back with an overwhelming arrogant attitude.
To be honest, I don’t get it.
Why is Asahina okay?
Though I’m using my ability, I can’t see the minds of Asahina and Kamuro Hizuki. Perhaps, Kamuro Hizuki’s nullifying my ability.
In short, Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is definitely overwhelming me.
And yet, why is Asahina calm after seeing Kamuro Hizuki’s eye? Why can she smile? Why can she still be straight?

「W-What’s with that girl? Why can she smile looking straight to those eyes? Could it be that she’s an idiot」

The insect user can’t understand it just like me, she asks me while trembling in confusion.


Startled by the voice I heard, Kazahana was standing in front of me.
Kazahana is looking up at me with a nostalgic smile as if we haven’t seen each other for years.

「Suzuhara-sama, thank you very much. Hizuki, my lord has finally decided to face herself. In order to obtain you, she decided to confront the existence that she must beat alone. Everything is thanks to Suzuhara-sama」

A calm voice and smile.
Face herself? Face it alone?
What is Kazahana talking about? With Kamuro Hizuki’s current power, it should be easy to collapse everyone’s minds and obtain me.
There’s no need for a confrontation.

「You’re too selfish. You think that it’s normal for Suzuhara-kun to want you. You believe that Suzuhara-kun is obviously wanting you. Why are you so selfish and arrogant?」

Kamuro Hizuki mutters while glaring at Asahina.


Unaffected by Kamuro Hizuki’s gaze, in fact, Asahina snorts as if ridiculing her as she push her forehead.

「Are you an idiot? Why am I selfish and arrogant? I know that you love Suzuhara-kun. But you see, I don’t remember asking Suzuhara-kun to like me. Suzuhara-kun selfishly fell for me and raped me. In my case, it’s nuisance to other people. I-have-never-said-that-I-want-him-to-like-me!」

Showing a fearless smile, Asahina speaks with an overwhelming arrogance and haughtiness, she forces her forehead against Kamuro Hizuki.


Kamuro Hizuki groaned, desperately pushes her forehead but gets gradually pushed back.

「N-Nee-san Nee-san, why are you smiling?」

Rikka who can’t understand the situation just like us, asked Kazahana with a trembling voice.

「Eh? Why you ask? Isn’t that obvious…」

Kazahana looks up at me then looked at Rikka who tilted her head. Thenー

「That’s because Hizuki seems to be having fun」

She said while laughing happily
Fun? That?

「If you want Suzuhara-kun then go get him. I don’t mind. Because I don’t even think that I want Suzuhara-kun at all. He just longed for me without permission and pursued me without permission」

Asahina pushes Kamuro Hizuki gradually, she spits out words without hesitation.

「Don’t joke with me! You’re just being arrogant」

Kamuro Hizuku shouted then pressed her forehead and retreated quickly. Then, she raised her right hand and swings it swiftly.,
Asahina’s cheek captured her palm.
A dry sound echoes, the palm that was caught by Asahina’s cheek was swung down.
Asahina staggers. But, she wiped the edge of her lip with the back of her hand, looked up and smiled.

「You’ve done it. Very well. I’ll take you on」

Asahina who was hit by Kamuro Hizuki hard raised her right hand.
She aims at Kamuro Hizuki’s cheek then swung it down vigorously. But her slap cuts the wind.
Kamuro Hizuki retreated to dodge Asahina’s slap.
I feel chill running up my spine.
It wasn’t just chill. Unbearable chill with pleasure.
Kamuro Hizuki retreats with sweat coming down her cheeks. Asahina’s defenseless in front of Kamuro Hizuki.

「What’s wrong? I hit you. Then it’s your turn next」

Asahina who pressed Kamuro Hizuki opened her eyes wide, lift her mouth then raised a voice, laughing from the bottom of her heart.
Asahina’s eyes stare straight at Kamuro Hizuki no matter what.
Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes are shaking, she retreats while trembling, Asahina steps forward and presses.

「Y-You didn’t. You didn’t hit me at all. I dodged itー」
「Then what? I hit you. It doesn’t matter if it touched or not. This is an exchange rule. I definitely hit you. It’s your turn next」

Asahina’s palm cut the air. Kamuro Hizuki dodged it.
No, should I say that she ran?
But, Asahina who claims to have hit Kamuro Hizuki urges her to hit back,.

「If you want to run away then run. I won’t tell Suzuhara-kun that you have backed off. You should just do what you want with your feelings」
「T-Then, why are you blocking me…」

Kamuro Hizuki asks Asahina back. Hearing that, Asahina forced her forehead to Kamuro Hizuki and pushed it.

「Don’t play dumb. Now, it’s your turn next」

Asahina just moves forward and Kamuro Hizuki goes backwards under the moonlight.
It’s obvious for everyone who’s the dominant.
Oh I see, I thought.
Even if you can see through all of the events, there’s nothing you can do if there’s ho hesitation.
Even if the future is despair, Asahina keeps stepping forward, she tramples the despair aiming for the future.
No matter what method Kamuro Hizuki uses, Asahina will never shake and just keep pushing forward.

「No matter how amazing it is, it’s never versatile?」

The victory nor defeat isn’t decided already.
Everyone in the place thought so.