X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 82


Chapter 82

「It’s completely occult now」

It’s too late with the case of the insect user now but I instinctively muttered while looking at the right arm of the insect user.

Rikka and I went back home but I decided to negotiate with the insect user to counter Kamuro Hizuki immediately.
Just to make sure, I ordered Rikka to eat up food at home…
Perhaps, she’ll eat everything.
But still, will that be enough?
When I say that, I took out the right arm of the insect user from the parts from the black plastic bag Rikka brought.
Though it’s separated from her body, it’s abnormally fresh.
As if just the right arm is alive.

「Just what principle does it use? Even if I use my ability, I can’t understand it. Even though blood circulation is impossible」

Her arm being separated obviously means that her blood vessels are also separated, so her arms should be in necrosis state. And yet, the insect user’s right arm is still fresh like it’s alive.
Or rather, when we cut her body to half, she should normally die from the amount of bleeding but the insect user is allright. And even when her heart was destroyed, she didn’t die.
This is no longer human.
Furthermore, it seems that the insect user doesn’t understand about her own immortality.
When I looked in the mind of the insect user, she only knows that she’s contracted to a wonderful insect that made her invulnerable, she doesn’t know the reason at all.

「According to the insect user, the insect living in her womb seems to be the source of her power. Then there’s three insects assisting that somehow」

There’s a total of four insects that maintain her immortality. The insect on the womb is the center

「This one?」

I took out the lower body from the plastic bag and looked inside the womb.
Both her legs are cut so it’s just waist, or rather, waist, pussy and anus, there’s definitely an insect inside.
It’s rounded like a fetus inside the womb swelling more than usual.
Since the heart is on the upper body, the circulation of blood is naturally done on that part.
But, the insect is alive.

「I’ll lose if I stick to common sense I guess?」

No choice but to think that way.
It’s possible for the insect user to live even if her her blood isn’t circulating.
Her body structure looks like they’re the same as humans but it’s completely different actually.,
As long as the insect living in her womb is alive, the insect user won’t die, and she’ll continue to live even if her body’s dismembered.
In exchange, the insect user will follow the same path if the insect in her womb dies.
To prevent it, the three remaining insects are assisting.
Even if a problem occurs on either insect, the remaining insects will reproduce.
In that case, it’s definitely unlimited and near immortality.
But when I destroy the weak points of the insects I found, perhaps the insects under the rule of the user will leave. Then, the insect user will die.

「Hmmmm, I see. We can do something about this」

I mutter while looking at the pussy of the insect user.
In order to oppose Kamuro Hizuki, I brought the insect user even though she’s in pieces but I thought of how to use the insect user.
As of now, the head and upper body of the insect user is still inside the black plastic bag.
She’s alive but she’s only moving slightly and can’t even speak up.
She’s afraid of death that she keeps silent so I won’t get be displeased.
In short, her mind broke.
It’s possible to enslave the insect user in her current state.
But I don’t know whether she’ll betray me or not when her willpower recovers.
Though I know her weak points, suppose a small insect is buried in my body and sealed my movement, that would be troublesome. Therefore, I’d like to be in a state where I can destroy the weak point of the insect user anytime.
With that saidー

「If it’s possible for her to live even if she’s dismembered, it means that we only have to separate her weak points.

That’s the conclusion I’ve reached.
But I’m not confident about it to be honest.
There’s no problem with her arms or feet but it’s possible that the insect user dies if her weak points separate from her.
What will happen if I separate the weak point? The insect user doesn’t know it herself so it’ll become a roll of dice.

「Well fine. She lived as she want until now, killed humans like they’re garbage and roll them on her examination table. She should have the resolution that it’ll be her turn someday」

Muttering so, the plastic bag made a sound then I hear a crying sound from the inside.
She probably is unbearably scared about death.
I’m sure those who she killed didn’t want to die. There must be those who begged for their lives.
Then, this one surely smiled and cut them to pieces alive. Then, she captures those strange looking like Rikka and sell them.
You had fun doing that didn’t you? Then you should steel yourself as your turn will come.

「Don’t worry. If I think you’ll be useful, then I’ll do my best so you won’t get killed. For now」

Talking towards the plastic bag, I hear the cry growing bigger.
“While you’re useful” That’s the same as saying that I’ll kill her sooner or later.
Or rather, if it wasn’t for Kamuro Hizuki, I’d destroy her weak point right now.
That’s how much I hate this one.

Returning the part of the insect user on the black plastic bag, I go to the bathroom with it.
I entered the bathroom and reeled out the contents of the bag. As a result, the pieces of the insect user is scattered on the tiles.
The bleeding has completely stopped, her pale skin is dirty with blood.

「P-Please. I-I will really do anything, please, don’t kill me…」

The insect user whose both arms and lower half is separate from her body desperately pleads for her life in tears while looking like a daruma.
Even though she tried to torment us to death, how dare her flip her attitude this clearly.
It’s admiring in some sense.

「If you’re useful to me then I’ll let you live for a bit longer」

Holding the knife I brought with me, I look down at the daruma inset user then point the knife on the weak point inside the separate part.
I poke my left hand on the wound from the chopped lower half, grabbed the internal organ obliquely right under her heart…then I chop it with the knife on my right hand in a way it won’t be damaged.
The insect user trembles in tears, she didn’t show any resistance.
In the first place, she has no hands nor feet to resist.
Also, even if she uses insects, it’s impossible to slip through my eyes, she’ll definitely die this time if she resists.
She can’t resist even if she wants to.

When I look at the separated internal organ, I thought.
To be honest, I don’t know whether this really is a weak point.
It’s a part that’s different from normal people after all.
But, the insect user doesn’t know it herself. Even as a bluff, it has enough effect.

「As expected, you’re not die even when it’s separated」

I asked the insect user while packing the separated internal organ to a plastic container.
There’s a same part on the brain but it’s hard to take that out. Also, it would be troublesome if the insect user becomes more of an idiot if I do badly.
Therefore, I just separate only one part.

「P-Perhaps, perhaps it’s related to distance. T-Therefore, I-I’d like that to be near me if possible…

The daruma lying on the tiles pleads with a shaking voice.
Oh, distance? This means that the chopped arms and foot are fresh because it’s near the body?
No, rather than her torso, should I think that it’s related to the insect living in her womb?
In short, if the insect that lives in her womb is separated, then the arms and feet would go necrosis.
As expected, it’s versatile.

Obtaining a material to threaten the insect user by securing a weak point, I decided to return the chopped body of the insect user to whole.
I don’t know if it would return though.
When I tried sticking her arm in to her torso, it sticks in easily.
This healing ability is frightening. No, it’s suspicious whether it’s actually recovery.
Though I obtained a material used for threatening, I’ll never let down my guard.
Persuading myself, I connect her chopped pieces the same way I did to the arm.
But still, this defragmented loli is more interesting than she looks. She’s much more loli than Lolihina, furthermore, she’s a complete washboard.
Her hair is silver and her eye’s colored green. Her face is quite lovely but as expected, it’s a brat.
It’s almost the same as Lolihina. She’s too much of a brat that it won’t even move a finger.
But, she’s on her twenties despite her appearance.
Though the insect user’s accurate age is vague, when I peeked at her mind, it turns out she’s 27 years old.
If this body grew up, then she could’ve been a dazzling adult.
In the first place, I don’t have the intention to stick my dick inside this one.
When the insect user’s body returned, she crawled away to the wall then sat holding down her knees. Then she looks at me with frightened eyes as she tremble.
I took the shower then sprinkled hot water on her head to wash the blood.
When I sprinkled hot water, the insect user got clean to some degree.

「You said about distance but how far is the safe distance?」

Asking her, I take a look at her mind.
Just how far can the weak point be separated until it becomes dangerous? It’s better to know it.

「I-I don’t know that much. When I made contract with the insect in my womb, it had a restriction of never parting away. T-Therefore, I don’t know the clear distance. I-In the first place, I never planned to separate that」

The insect user answered vaguely with her shaking voice.
Uwa, she’s an idiot. Making a contract of an insect that gives restriction like that? Doesn’t that just mean that the insect user will die if the four insects in her body is taken out?
Apart from the weak point I cut out, I found a new weak point.

「Y-You, just who on earth are you?」

The insect user asks while trembling.
Who? What’s that? Philosophical question?
Or rather, I’m the one who wants to ask here.

「I’m just an x-ray user」

When I answer her, doubt appears in the green eyes of the insect user.

「A staff of nature conservation organization?」

Nature Conservation Organization? What’s that?

「Is it wrong?」

The insect user who saw my expression seems to have been convinced.

「Officially, the nature conservation’s aim is state organization. It’s not just this country, there exists international organizations all over the world. But, the nature conservation is just a surface facade. They’re an organization that aims to protect different ability users and demi-humans. It’s my competitor so to speak」

Though she’s frightened, the insect user begins to speak.
She was talking even when we were fighting, does she love speaking?

「I had a dream of becoming a member of the protection organization before. I’m a part of a family with unusual powers. There’s the time where strange looks are discriminated by humans and the reality of getting killed troubles us. But, I’m someone who can’t keep up among the insect user clan. Unable to succeed as the family head, unable to become a member of the protection organization, when I noticed it I’m already soaked in the underground world. In short, I fell in the world of darkness. Laugh」
「…I-I didn’t think you would really laugh」
「You’re the one who asked me to laugh」
「Y-You’re right but…」

The insect user felt depressed when I laughed at her then she pouts.

「What’s with you, do you think I would forgive you if you change your character」

I look down and asked the insect user who suddenly turned meek.

「N-No, that’s not the case. I just never lost to anyone after making a contract with the insect living in my womb. But, you defeated me」
「I’m not the one who defeated you. It’s Rikka and Kazahana. I just supported those two」
「Isn’t your support the most troublesome? If it wasn’t for you, I will surely win」

The insect user stares at me, pouts her lips and sulks as she criticizes me.
True, if I wasn’t there, Rikka and Kazahana might lose. But if the insect user fights that way, she’ll be defeated sooner or later.
It’s just coincidence that it was me.
That said, she’s talking and turned sulky, she’s the type that get’s cheeky easily. It’s dangerous.
I thought I can use her to oppose Kamuro Hizukiu but I don’t know when she’ll betray me. Though I’ve secured her weak point, if she manipulates a small insect then she take it out anytime she wants.
Also, it doesn’t mean that Kamuro Hizuki will be killing me. It’s the opposite. She’s only trying to fuse our flesh and blood. In short, she intends to die herself.
That way of thinking is gross though.
It’s troublesome but I’d like to do something about Kamuro Hizuki myself but should I get rid of this one?

「A, aha, ahaha…your eyes, your eyes are scary. H-Have I said something that rubbed you in the wrong way?」

The insect user got cheeky but she turned pale when she saw my eyes then she trembles while showing a cramped smile.
If you’re going to be afraid from just a glare then you shouldn’t have gotten cocky.
She’s an idiot so she looks easy to use.

「Ah, T-That’s right! I was talking about the protection organization」

The insect user averts her face from me then show a cramp smile on her pale face, desperately trying to gloss it over.
When I look at her mind she’s seriously scared, it’s no doubt that she’s easy to use.
Should I take a look for a bit more?

「As an ability user, I’m at category D. One rank above the lowest. The lowest category, E, has a qualification to become a member of the protection organization. But, qualification and suitability is different. I was judged that I wasn’t suitable」
「You’re D? Then the protection organization is a monster den」
「No, I was D before. But the current me is C or B. I should be classified as an ability user with a high rank」

High rank. You say that yourself. Well, I do agree that she has quite the strong power.

「Then, you should’ve entered that protection organization. You were stronger than before weren’t you?」
「Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But…」

The insect user shows a masochistic smile from my my question then she nods embracing herself.

「After making a contract with the insect in my womb, I obtained great strength and I knocked at the gate of the protection organization again. That’s when I knew the meaning of suitability. The contract with the insect in my womb is a forbidden method. I’m not suited. In short, I was judged as an ability user with a dangerous ideology. But, they ignored me as I was category D. But, I used a forbidden method. Therefore, I was turned to a subject of elimination」

I peek at the insect user’s mind while I listen to her.
Subject of elimination, the young girl runs away in the forest desperately.
The pure girl who just wanted to protect the ability user like herself became the hunted prey, she kept running away from the fright.
Then, she fell in the darkness.

「You did well to survive until today」

As far as I can see in the insect user’s mind, there definitely are people who have stronger abilities than her. So it’s natural for her to escape.
As I asked, I remember the answer in the insect user’s heart.

「Though it’s quite a high rank, at most it’s C or worst B. Besides, I may say it myself but I’m timid and slightly rascal. I didn’t have the capability to spare on such things as protection organization」
「Are you saying that you judged that it’s not a big problem even when you’re thrown away?」
「You’re right. I am myself even if I use forbidden methods and fall into darkness. That’s the extent of my existence」

The insect user doesn’t lie at all. She’s spitting out what she thinks.
Also, I thought she was killing humans but it seems to be wrong.
The lump of flesh rolling on the examination table is something called a homunclus.
I don’t know it but it seems she’s trying to produce an artificial human.
I thought that she’s just a reckless belligerent but it seems that she simply got cocky. She’s just filled with bluffs.
It’s true that she captured irregulars like Rikka and sold them off however.

「There’s a reason why I’m talking about this. A wolf demi-human, the elder sister is on Category E, the lowest rank in short. The younger one is probably a mutant. But, the ability value is too high for just a demi-human. She’ll be on category B based on her potential. I think she’s at C on her current state」

The insect user talks about Kazahana and Rikka then looked at me with a cramped smile. Her green colored eyes are clearly frightened.

「X-ray ability is generally an unusual power. It’s usually classified as category F. In short, it’s outside the frame. The reason is that they’re just normal humans outside of it. But, since it’s outside the frame, it’s possible to enter the protection organization as long as you have the aptitude. Though the body is weak, it’s a useful ability. However, it’s only limited to those with wide range.」

Oh, so my ability is on the lowest rank?
Well, I guess you’re not a normal human if you can fight someone stronger than the insect user.

「So, what are you? Your range should be narrow, right? In short, that you have a defect in your ability. And yet, something’s different from you. Is your ability really “just x-ray vision”? Just what on earth your eyes see?」

The insect user is clearly afraid of me.
Even if you tell me that it’s different, I don’t know anyone with this ability other than me.
The one’s I know are only Kamuro Hizuki, Rikka, Kazahana, and this insect user.

「X-ray vision is an ability exercised through eyes. But, I’ve read an ability that resembles it in a document before」
「A resembling ability?」
「Yeah. Though it’s close to x-ray, it doesn’t use the eyes. From what I’ve read, only a few have developed this ability. Furthermore, it’s too strong that those who have developed it has their spirit collapsing and they became disabled」

The power is too strong that they became disabled. That’s very unwelcoming.

「That ability is called heavenly eye1
「Is it too confusing? Then how about this?」

The insect user’s sweat run along her cheeks when I tilt my head.

「Heavenly eyes, it’s other name is clairvoyance」

The insect user mutters gently, then she shows a cramped smile as if she’s frightened, afraid.

「Ah, I’ve heard something about clarivoyance」

I don’t know Tengan but I’ve heard clairvoyance. I’ve heard about it but I don’t know it well.

「Clairvoyance is an ability located at category A. It only manifests on humans. In short, the top ability is located on a weak human. Just how frightening is that? But, there’s hardly anyone able to manipulate heavenly eyes. As I’ve said earlier, those who manifested it have their spirit collapse and turned crippled」

Weak but the highest ability. If I’m going to be crippled for something that silly, then I don’t need that ability.
But since she’s talking about it, the insect user thinks of my ability as clairvoyance.
As far as I can see in her mind, it’s also beyond her judgement.
Or rather, I think it’s different.
My ability is just to see well more than I thought. In short, X-ray is more than I thought.
It’s all that much.

「I honestly don’t understand your ability. I feel like it’s just an x-ray vision but I feel that it’s different. But, was it Kamuro Hizuki? It’s highly possible that her ability is heavenly eye」
「Suppose I’m right, if that girl’s ability is heavenly eye, then it’s a threat that her spirit will collapse in a year. But, well when I caught her, her spirit starts breaking down. Perhaps, she’s already no good. I think that it’s a matter of time until she turns crippled」

Wait a moment. Just wait a moment. Her spirit breaking down you say…?
That might certainly be the case but when I saw Kamuro Hizuki’s mind in the basement, her mind has completely gone crazy. She’s crazy but she didn’t break down. On the contrary, she has a clear purpose, she’s stable in a sense.
Also, now that she say it, Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is too incomplete. The range of her ability is unusually narrow, and even when she read minds, it’s just fragmented.
What if it was suppressed? Then you can avoid the collapse of her spirit that way. Then her ability awakened when I came to help.
Then, could it beー

Isn’t that really really dangerous?

「It doesn’t matter whether the girl’s ability is heavenly eye or not」
「Eh!? It’s not good!」
「Either way, she has no future but to be crippled」
「What will you do if she awakens and didn’t turned crippled!」
「No no, It’s impossible」
「Like I said, what will you do if it’s not impossible you idiot loli!」
「I’m not an idiot loli. If possible, call me Onee-san. I’m still in my twenties」
「Shut it idiot! Even though your age is rounded to 30」
「W-Why do you know that!?」

When I told her that her age will be rounded to 30, the insect user speaks up in surprise.
No good, I can’t talk to her. Even though she has such an amazing ability, she lost.
Your ability is a horrifying ability depending on how you use it.

「Anyway, that girl’s disabled so it doesn’t matter, what I don’t know is you. The heavenly eye girl is completely charmed by you. Even the wolf sisters. Also, it’s weird to say it but I’m also attracted to you. It’s hard to put it to words but how should I say it, that…」

Saying that, the insect user sent me an upward glance.

「I feel like you can manage to do anything. If I stay by your side, what ever happens I will be saved. It feels like I’ll be wound up on something long, I thought, or something. No matter how strong the enemy is, it feels like you’d win somehow, or something. In other words, I feel relieved to be by your side」

The insect user sends me up a fluttering upward glance.
Even though her body was chopped to pieces and she turned to a dartboard. Could it be that she’s seriously an idiot?
Also, sorry but I don’t like you.

「I don’t know it myself but I feel like you have an ability to charm or something like that」

The insect user who’s looking straight at me isn’t lying in her heart.
If that’s the case, don’t mind me if I use you for my convenience.
That saidー

「Just in case, assuming that Kamuro Hizuki has the clairvoyance ability. Suppose she awakens it and became able to manipulate it freely, what will happen?」
「No no, that’s impossible」

The insect user shakes her neck.
Even when I look at her heart, she only thinks “Impossible!”

「Hey you idiot loli. We’re making assumptions here. Just answer it. Do you want your hands and feet cut off and become daruma again?」
「Please spare me from being a daruma. Also, if possible, don’t call me idiot loli but onee-sanー」
「Hey, bitch, do you want to die?」
「I’ll answer」

The insect user turned pale when she saw my eyes in an instant, she sat formally then nods.
Then do that from the beginning. I’ll seriously go and kill you off next time you get cocky.

「The individual with the heavenly eye isn’t that much of a threat. The biggest disadvantage of the heavenly eye is that they can’t use the ability on themselves. Therefore, it’s used in support, the threat won’t me measured. Heavenly eye, or let’s say clairvoyance, it’s the ultimate ability to see through the past, present, future, all events and phenomenon, the ultimate support ability. Using on someone other than oneself demonstrates it’s true value. The real threat is the person recognized by the heavenly eye user and the person who gains that power」

Listening to the words of the insect user who’s sitting naked, a girl appeared on my mind.
The girl who thinks of her master more than anyone, a beast girl who’s prepared to devote her life to please her master.

「There’s still hope」

It might be lucky for me that Kazahana stayed in that place.
I don’t know if Kamuro HIzuki’s not complete, if ever she wakes up, and her ability turned to be clairvoyance, she should be able to see everything in Kazahana. Then, Kamuro Hizuki might accept Kazahana in the truest sense.
At the same time, the risk of Kazahana becoming an enemy, well, I have to do something about it.
It’s too late to have Kazahana and Rikka fight.
That’s good.
If ever Kamuro Hizuki is a clairvoyant, and she can perfectly manipulate the ability that awakened, then the insect user’s insects won’t be useful.
Even if Kamuro Hizuki can’t deal with it, as long as it’s perceived, Kazahana should be able to deal with it.
Thinking about it, isn’t it bad that I taught Kazahana various things.
But, well, I strangely don’t feel regret.
Anyway, to see whether Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is clairvoyance, to confirm itー

「Hey, idiot loli」
「That’s my name. I’m Tamamushi If you really don’t want to call me Onee-san then call me Tamamushi」

The insect user speaks with a seriously.

「Then, Tamamushi」
「Fufu, Umu!」

When I call her name, the insect user nods with a triumphant look.
This bitch, she really gets cocky so easily.

「Then? You want to ask me about something don’t you?」

The insect user tilts her head asking that.

「Use a flying insect. A small one will do. Embed it Kamuro Hizuki’s body
「I’m bad at manipulating small insects but I can increase the accuracy if I only use one. Got it. I’ll send one」

The insect user shows a slightly hateful face when I tell her but she nodded for the time being.
As expected, she’s bad at manipulating small insects.

The insect user come out of the bathroom and made preparations for a small drone beetle like insect.
The insect flew within my range but shortly came out of it.
What’s left is to leave it to the insect user and wait for the results.
I had no choice but to beg that the insect user won’t fail.

After a while, the insect user’s triumphant face turned pale, she turned trembling then I realized it without even looking at her mind.
Oh, the situation turned to the worst.


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